Monday, May 25, 2009

barely 2 weeks into the cardiology posting, and i lose... heart. pardon the pun.
i lost steam so damn quickly, i worry about how i will go through the final year of school. this new year, (and good lord, for the rest of my working life !!) i must not (can not) take off/ hibernate whenever caffeine doesn't deliver a kick when it's needed.

for now, what looms ahead is another 3 week break, and i am raring to go again. (laos?)

and i will be looking out for the little drummer boy's adventures in france.

stairway to/from heaven
cool beans, eh? a pity the photo turned out a little fuzzy.
the water level in the reservoir has risen since ten years ago...

Monday, May 18, 2009

"Hon 's undies fell onto the floor in the MRT train this morning (from her bag; what were you thinking!?) and she was torn between stuffing them back into her bag or ignoring them."

on sunday, i had lunch at a veggie farm, visited frog and goat farms, and went kite! flying!. good ol' kampong daze. and that wasn't all- the day ended in a not-so-mini blaze of fireworks.

posting at the heart centre has been jolly interesting too. it's the most clinical work (brain-numbing consults aka blue letters in pennsy not counted) i've gotten done since... last year.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

always turning to run
from the people i should not be afraid of
and darling, you should know
that i have fantasies about being alone
it’s like love is a lesson
i can’t learn
so i make the same mistakes at each familiar turn

Saturday, May 02, 2009

New Orleans- The Big Easy

"where ya at?"

i went to New Orleans for 5 days, on a whim, (got the tickets 1.5 days before leaving) mainly to catch Jazz Fest and enjoy some good food. now, i've got a crazy story involving a naked mannequin, a swell vietnamese family, floral arrangements, cabinets and granite tops, car/van rides with not-my-kind-of-music that grew on me, beignets/ spicy crawfish/ crab/ charbroiled oysters/ hugeass illegal burritos/ po-boys/ gator meat/ lamb ribs with twins Ella and Hudson/ jazz fest!, dogs, much care, concern, incredulity and laughs. kinda reminiscent of the time i met Saa and Jacky Ponthep in south Thailand, but to another different level- i ended up staying with the Vus for five days!

"i wake every evening
with a big smile on my face
and it never feels out of place
you're still probably working
at a 9 to 5 pace
wonder how that tastes"

- steve's song

i realised that i have indeed fallen deeply in like with Philly-

i slept fitfully on the flights (layover at Atlanta) to NOLA. was badly lacking sleep again- 3h at ludlow the morning before rushing with Peng Fei (off to San Diego then Latvia with the other three) to the R1 line at 30th St (via the Market-Frankford blue line westbound going to Frankford) from 40th St station which has become so familiar (i take the subway every morning; it's sad that i never once ran to work, (but i do jog to the subway) and only cycled twice- i stopped cos it was too damn cold, and i guess i was always too late after that, after gchatting, to do that again in warmer weather and i kinda didn't want to be riding home in the dark at 8pm, which is the time we knock off sometimes after wasting much time! :( )

disjointed thoughts as i was awakened repeatedly by the child thrashing in the seat behind me- recollecting the events just past ie: cookout/dinner with the girls/ the birthday cake Fiona lugged home from Chinatown/ buddycast!/ lunch with Chris (off to Botswana) at University Hall/ HeyDay (this dirty, drunken event where juniors march down the campus while getting pelt by eggs/sauces/etc and officially turn seniors at the end of the route)/ dinner at Bistro Romano with eternal chatter that's always so fun/ Penn relay (where Olympic champions competed too)/...



yup, "happy birthday, Hon." thanks a mil for the greetings- that's all i need/want- they make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. really, my birthday isn't a big deal at all to me- it's just another day. though it is a big deal that... i spent it @ Jazz Fest in New Orleans, Louisiana this year!

btw i am feeling detached from the big hoo-ha regarding the swine flu alerts in SG. it's good to play it safe, but it seems to me that we might be exaggerating matters/putting on a show. then again i am biased by the much more laid back attitude here in the states. (no one can believe that i will be ?quarantined for 7-14 days when i return!)

talking about that- i do not want to go back. i was already fearing feeling stifled and claustrophobic as it was -and now they slap on that quarantine on me. the past 3 months away from home has been a jolly good experience and while i am away, ties with mom and dad have strengthened in some ways, and i appreciate that lots too, among many other non-material gains that makes me feel all swirled up inside and rethink my decisions.

well with regards to material things- oh damn, i shopped too much for my own good! i came with 10kg of baggage, and i leave with 28kg- 25kg magically stuffed into a bagpack which i miraculously managed to carry for 9 blocks in Philly, (thanks be to Yingheng for handling my carry-ons and sending me off- and thanks, Jerome and Liyang, for running to the station with cookies! obviously i can't thank Fion enough) and another 10- 15 blocks in SoHo/ Greenwich village. in NYC, folks were most encouraging as i tottered uptown to meet Tian, as stoically as i could, with all the load, as night descended. it was good to see the boys- ZJ, Jerry and Tian again, and other other meddies too for dinner- let's not forget that i bumped into two other RJ folks on the streets and my cousin was roaming around not too far away. "welcome to sg in nyc" indeed.

i met Huda for lunch, by the Rat (inflated giant rat, symbol of the union workers' protests), and she was so right to say that there were ten things happening around her at the same time. i <3 NY for all that bustle, life, and freedom. and yes, i <3 Philly, and the folks and jazz in NOLA.

i am leaving all too soon!