Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Frustration, Incorporated.

i marvel at the incompetence of some -no, scratch that- Many interns and postgrads in this hospital. lazy, unmotivated, useless fools who taint the profession ought to be... (help me think of terrible things that should happen to them.)

that being said, there are Gems around- clever, inspirational, efficient, caring doctors. with them around, i despair less for the poor patients.

india is otherwise, really, a very beautiful place.

though the poverty is heart-wrenching- it's worst when a glass window (lit.) separates opulent fatty people heavily-laden with ghee and gold from the gritty, dirty, impoverished folks on the streets. too many sad images come to mind.

okay, to speak of happier things (i am usually much happier! esp on weekends!! -we travel outside of Chennai on weekends) i shall retrace my steps since arriving in india on the 4th day of CNY:

in the north, we visited Delhi, Jaiphur and Agra. Delhi's bustling with activity! the elephant ride in Jaiphur was very surprisingly enjoyable. Agra is where Taj Mahal is- need i say more?

then we came down south to Chennai (which i really dont like, most unfortunately, cos that's where i am based for 5 weeks) and we covered much of the city centre with Varun and spent a day with Rifa (girl from B'lore) and Kameesh. on the weekends out so far, we've been to Kalpakkum, Mahabalipuram, Pondicherry, somewhere else along East Coast Road (the highway) and Bangalore. fun, fun, fun.

well, this is a poorly thought out post (it's not a good idea to talk about happy things in a post that stems from Fire/Anger cos the grumpiness just clouds jolly feelings, doesn't it.) that shall remain till i find (positive) motivation to write again. (in this Stuffy, dimly-lit internet cafe where people surf porn, eeks.)

speaking of jolly feelings, hello, i am chubby ?bubbly tubby!

Friday, February 13, 2009

i am in india, and loving it.