Saturday, November 29, 2008

jana gana mana
fk-ed up, this bloodshed in india.
or for that matter, any frenzied madness anywhere else.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

after 890 pages of 2mm-tall words held 20cm away, my eyes are screaming bloody murder. wally lamb's 'this much i know is true' is epic. if only i am as intense, and make as swift progress, ploughing through stacks of academic notes. omg it's already sunday. tomorrow, i bring to nuh bugs from kkh that cause a nasty nasty URTI. it's another 4 weeks of sick kids before a 3 week (study- :( ) break.

friday night by kah heng's poolside with 3stan and more was really nice. happy birthday, bean.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


愛轉角遇見了誰 是否有愛情的美
愛轉角以後的街 能不能有我來陪
愛轉角遇見了誰 是否不讓你流淚
將寂寞孤單作廢 讓我來當你的誰

DSC01644.JPG is a happyfying photo taken with dieter-boy. thanks, tom!

it's not even 4 weeks since the paeds posting started, and i really like the kiddoes and the vigorous amounts of information the nice tutors share with us (geekspeak!) but there is this mad ache* to go somewhere sunnier, somewhere with more open spaces, somewhere with a little less metal. oh, if nick had thrown in an air ticket along with the invite to his birthday party in Maui. !

*it's a bad habit i know, not to mention a waste of time, always thinking about going places.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

a morning run down town with the ncrs kickstarted the sunday. followed by a bellyachingly scrumptious brunch (that negated all effect of my earlier efforts) at mimolette with the family, and grocery shopping to jolly christmas carols, i am unsurprisingly in a festive mood. and right now, sarah ashley tan is babbling (bilabial sounds) away in her new playpen, aw cuteness.

still, there is an overwhelming woozyness; i have a niggling feeling that the weekend caffeine washout plan is going to Fail.

pa rum pum pum pum...

anyway, rummaging around for a blank cd-r yesterday, i found the cd of photos from the post-junior college trip to oz. this actually is my first time viewing all the pictures! good memories.

only sky divers know why the birds sing
"only skydivers know why the birds sing."

Thursday, November 13, 2008

an onomatopoeia!

(for want of a more specific word to describe my fear of certain crowded, pulsating cities.)
googling New York City and then the other large cities, trying to figure out how to decide where to go and how to get to wherever from wherever set my insides writhing.

and a question!: are the casenotes in india written in tamil/hindi/etc?

it's my dad's birthday today. *beams*

beautiful, ennit.

とにかく、"笑いたがる人にはキスをあげましょう。"と聞いた時、be quick to laugh. :)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

it kinda makes you wanna..
break into song?

i love the mountains
i love the clear blue sky
i love big bridges
i love when great whites fly
i love the whole world
and all it’s sights and sounds

boomdeyada boomdeyada
boomdeyada boomdeyada

the m4 and m5 performances at Playhouse were immensely enjoyable. much laughs. much meddie lovin'. add other meddie lovin' activities (like happybirthday,leo) and happy time with the family to the equation and the world seems quite lovely this weekend indeed.

but you know, i feel a bit hollow;
this (the advert/ the song) kinda makes me wanna..
go on an extended holiday.