Saturday, October 25, 2008

the dark skies have effectively blackened out all the sunshine accumulated over one week.
i'd think that even the happy pink of soda gembira (lit. 'happy soda') might look a sickly murky concoction in this weather.
perhaps, there are some 'butterflies in my stomach' making me feel a little unwell.

eat drink man woman
well, still, it was nice brisk walking in the botanical gardens with these folks, and working up an appetite playing beach tennis in semi-darkness. though it was probably the yummy-looking food in the movie (eat drink man woman) that whetted our appetite.. and it was also nice to come back to pinky-promised icecream treats, and a lesson of meddie/muddie touch. the new week of paeds will be upon us before we know it.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

kuta jimbaran ubud ayung river sanur (dreamland) padang padang seminyak legian tanah lot

it was difficult keeping track of time in bali as it passed erractically- the first few days were action-packed as we moved from kuta to ubud to sanur at whim, trying our hand at boogieboarding, surfing and whitewater rafting. and then suddenly time came to a standstill when taxi-driver wayan dropped us off at padang padang. (where the view from the bridge is breathtaking with waves breaking perfectly and we decided right then that we could stay there forevermore, which was not to be of course.)

when i think of padang padang, i hear the chuckles of the americans loud clicks of Fat geckos and rapid bahasa speech, see the tattoos of charlie-the-tuna mola-mola dugong and hawaiian islands, smell the sweetness of saporeinas, taste the rugged mix of marlboros and bintangs, feel the eskimo kisses and smiles, and the substantial warmth of peanutbutterhoneybanana jaffles in my belly.

it was hot hot hot everywhere in bali, and the coolness of the indian ocean was most welcome everyday. it's great just battling the waves.. it was way too cold though, in ayung river where strongman wayan navigated us through the rapids and threw us some chilling surprises and carried me over sharp stones when i yelled, sakit!. and i hate the damn mozzies in kuta! that kept me up on two hot muggy nights when the fans failed to stir the heavy air and are still making me itch madly.

but those are but a few gripes. bali's a beautiful place with great folks; good memories. jumpa lagi!

kuta kites
kites in kuta are huge; the belgians thought i was mad when i exclaimed wildly. but there just aren't any large kites here, are there.

uluwatu, where the pools of water at the foot of the tall cliffs are pretty and waves so very Tall and tumble and crash so beautifully.

padang padang
sunset from the hut in front of padang padang sari. later, stars dotted the skies.

tanah lot
tanah lot. (is too crowded. perhaps just looking at other tourists' photos would suffice..)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

:) :) :)
(rotate [your phone] clockwise for desired effect.)

once i had a love and it was a gas
soon turned out had a heart of glass
seemed like the real thing, only to find
mucho mistrust, love's gone behind
- the gucci ad on TV brings this song back to life

..the series of OMG tests are over, thank goodness. i have been most uncool about it, sadly.

anyhoo, halloween celebrations have started early and it was all very festive in an ulu part of singapore.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

do not think about a PINK ELEPHANT.

ah-hah, there you go-
now that damned pink elephant fills your head and everything is pinked out.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

but it's bad and it's mad and it's making me sad-
all this rumination/distraction/erm, destruction.

so okay, it's been a really dreary week (o+g is drawing to a wildly anticipated end) with a few jolly moments of jalan raya + sedap makanan, chance encounters with funny happyfying folks and meetups, with the meddies, and..

virtual sweets
fatty tan and family who are freezing in oz, on skype.
here, leon is trying to grab a virtual sweet- sweets that the kids on this side were holding up to the webcam.

hello hello
hello, hello ??.. -my dad..
i know where my (crippling lack of) aptitude for IT came from! (/didnt come from.)