Sunday, July 27, 2008


frisbee/ prata + murtabak with rose and vic/ auntie jama's dinner/ steamboat with 15! 3F folks + pkhoo and carlyn/ friday floorball jio and dinner/ night fest where there were crazy moral police/ $10,000/ sentosa jumpin', cake, and jazz by the beach with the 412 babes/ bandung at seah im with ilupchu sya + koolman and josh/ mimolette lemon hotcakes + that dollop of cream with F/ holiday inn dim sum with the tans and wijeweeras

sustained a few bruises, seabug (what are these itsy bitesy creatures?) bites, a ?jellyfish sting and maybe 2kg of blubber but so what; it has been crazyhappy time. thanks, guys.

and the weekend is not over yet. what luck.

incidentally, i am doing otolarnyngology aka ENT..

happy bday jen


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

"piss for peace, or smile for peace, or go to school for peace or don't go to school for peace..-john lennon