Wednesday, May 28, 2008


i have forgotten why! i decided not to go a-trippin' this break, (except maybe for the immediate neighbouring countries) and the travel itch is unbearable.

and why! did i stop running a month ago? qy has some hypotheses.
okay, so the knees are GG-fied but it might be the mind that fails first (choyy. anw i will be sleepy, you know that.) in the wee hours of sunday morning as i try to make it to join the boys for a good breakfast. (yes the sundown marathon that sounded coolio, my friends, draws dangerously near.)

and there is no reason why! my patience keeps running short. and why! i say ^YA to mark the end of each section (maybe i got it off dr ^ehhh? in cgh) in my long case presentation.

btw, i learnt a few other things during the ortho long/short cases test which was alright la.

i sound grumpy. but i am not! listen! red light yellow light green light go!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

meet scaramouche sonica sharps-box. roseanne is about the only one who can stroke her without her bristling up and bouncing towards the offending hand.

chinook in nus
a few days ago, a chinook landed in the src field.. ?

.. and today marks the end of our short short posting at ttsh. tian and i (finally) joined our very friendly (and hospitable, haha) team for a call but we were wimpishly tired out after less than a quarter of it. after so many weeks of orthopaedics, i am feeling not-much the wiser, sadness. good luck for the test next week.

in worldlier news, it is so good that the junta's resistance to help has weakened. too damn many people have suffered/ are suffering. in china too. someone said, a lot more poetically in mandarin, that in this time of disaster, the flowers still bloom and life goes on- life has to go on. :'(

p/s: the complaints about the breadtalk peace pandas looking anguished are bloody ridiculous. if you cannot bear (ha. ha.) to eat the buns, just donate the money, woman.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

trishaws at bugis
blurred as he probably prefers it.

it was still a bit warm but the balmy breeze was pleasant- at the bridge, and when we sped along the roads on buddy's trishaw. nice..

Saturday, May 17, 2008

a little fluttering, like the beating of the wings of a little yellow bird* enveloped in a handkerchief; i am feeling alive again.

TGIF! the hockey boys' nostalgic tales were very funny and then there were the angstier meddie stories.

by the way,
mickey mouse's ears are globular. (they show up circular in his side profile too.)
and he has four digits on each hand.
the things consultants teach us.

haziwani writes, no puedo enviar un chico en corroes para tu. which babelfish has vaguely translated as, i am unable to send you a boy through the post. haha!

*think of a canary in a coal mine.
maybe the new phrase should be, a chicken (cruelly named Kung Pao) in iraq.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

:( it is so very sad, the news reports everyday..

a hand above the water
an angel reaching for the sky
is it raining in heaven -
do you want us to cry?

and everywhere the broken-hearted
on every lonely avenue
no one could reach them
no one but you

one by one
only the good die young
they're only flying too close to the sun
and life goes on -
without you

and now the party must be over
i guess we'll never understand
the sense of your leaving
was it the way it was planned?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

red hot chilli pepper. serious capsaicin intolerance this week, sweating vigorously over dinners with folks chanced on on various trips two seasons ago. lingwan made this awesome sunshiney card using photos and various bits and pieces. looking at it, i can almost feel the sun beat down hard, feel the fibreglass rub coarsely into my legs ugh, and taste the sea spray. and talk about flipflops- uncomfortable shoes are very upsetting.

dad's colono-and gastroscopy were unremarkable :) the retrograde amnesic effect of midaz on him was quite hilarious. later, going around block 15 (this 4-storey block of drive-thru food suppliers) in the industrial park was fun. kinda reminiscent of drives in m'sia looking for durians and bakeries.

halfway into the week, i am feeling quite far removed from clinics even as i sit through tutorials; my eyes glaze over despite bestest efforts to shake myself awake. WHY. why this lethargy!

the recent spate of events has been quite overwhelming- the cyclone, the earthquake, bombs, damned politicians. closer to home, handicapped buskers and long-suffering patients with debilitating pain invoke some sense of helplessness.

oh man!
wonder if he'll ever know
he's in the best-selling show.
is there life on Mars..?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

confusion in her eyes that says it all,
she's lost control.
and she's clinging to the nearest passer by,
she's lost control.
and she gave away the secrets of her past,
and said i've lost control again,
and a voice that told her when and where to act,
she said i've lost control again.

love to the beat of the show.
and we could dance.
dance, dance, dance, dance, dance to the radio.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

ling's (francis' sister's) wedding dinner at grand shanghai was 复古-nice. there was a lady in cheongsam belting out classic oldies to sweet accompaniment and many of the older generation found themselves singing along, stumbling over the lyrics they hadn't heard in a while. we got comfy (some maybe drunk) and soon cousin caijun and i were enthralled by colourful stories of our elders that included secret societies, brawls with british soldiers and loansharks, spike shoes, accordians, singing and havoc-dancing.

yammm... seng!

Friday, May 02, 2008

mayday. (anybody wants a mayday concert tee? size 40-42?. contact me. price negotiable.)

for lunch, the goat drove us to >3 places only to have waitresses say, the kitchen has closed. !!. finally we had a plate of eggs, sausage, bread for $21. better value for money next time! :(

then the love club met in the arab street area. coincidentally, there was the 'balik kampong festival' going on so it was all very jolly. first there was nasi padang at hajah maimunah, later washed down by teh tarik with karaoke on the side.

mat rock gangsta
then there was Mat Rock Gangster rocking into the night.

tongshui ad
and tongshui ads were shot (we'd won $1,000 worth of food vouchers at that cafe btw.)

ahmad says, "i feel you, mag."

anyhoo, the night in that area sorta ended with the vespa spluttering through the little street. helmutless, both legs swung over one side, retro.