Sunday, April 27, 2008

as happy as a birthday.

thank guys, for 20-inch pizzas, <3-ed cakes, 日本料理, 日本料理 and 日本料理, fun in the sun, chatting (dozing, in my case, as usual) into the night, many happy returns, ... thanks for that warm fuzzy feeling which made me feel younger, less like an old witch. very much appreciated! :))

nose job
bonk! joel got a nose job.

and sarah ashley throws another stinkbomb. luckily my parents did not bring her into the SF capsule. (p/s: do catch the sunset on the SF if you are going, cos we are just a tiny city of unremarkable twinkling lights at night, they say.)

unsually sad-looking in this photo. other times, she looks absolutly crazy happy when she gurgles :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

at the asia dive expo, i met the seaborne folks whom i havent seen in forevermore. two years has passed by in a flash. flash! imagine how quickly i feel the last two months has flown by. there is a sense of disatisfaction, of inadequacy. anyhow: manado. sipadan. bali. guam. sulawesi. palawan. ningaloo. sarawak. ..the list of beautiful places stretches long and i get disillusioned about ever visiting all these places by the time OA sets in the knees

which are creaky and aching now, after running down town; there were 8 of us today, a nice crowd. yes, the weekend warrior makes a return.

anyway, this week it was TGIF with lots of laughs at/from bedok block 85 with the boys as our night call got truncated at 7pm by the beary nice but tired doshi saying, 'let's discuss this case.. another day. i am.. resting.' that nicely rounded off a day that started badly with Heavy Traffic Along the CTE. next week, we are banned from the hospital as the staff wayang through the JCI (joint commission international) assessment. it was very funny sitting through the pep talk for the junior doctors.

this week i also repaired the rusting car (finally) and also somehow managed to pick up old friendships while crippled by the lack of a handphone both days. as always, i respect how people managed to keep in contact and meet up etc.

when it wasn't TGIF

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

还是哥哥最好。he sent me home through the constipated traffic on the PIE, BKE and SLE, while it was raining cats, dogs and elephants. i feel like i've got an orthopod banging nails into my temples now. and retroorbital pain ++. the nasty flu bug i caught last week is doggedly causing trouble. i need a good night's sleep.

today, we visited the children at the cerebral palsy centre as part of the orthopaedic posting. (i am posted to changi hospital again. and then to tan tock seng.) a disabled child is a disabled family indeed. sadness. trivia: 1 in 10,000 are affected here, and about 4 in 10,000 across the causeway are.

Friday, April 11, 2008

is this the real thing
is this just fantasy..

there was no yellow jumpsuit in We Will Rock You @ the esplanade but mig ayesa (galileo galileo galileo) and sivan raphaely (scaramouche) and annie crummer the killer queen were good stuff. and i really liked Pop, the librarian, singing 'these are the days of our lives'. the story was somewhat tacky, some songs were shoved in ruthlessly, but. the awesome music more than made up for it. plus, i sat right smack in the middle of the stall seats. :))

don't! stop! me! now..

one by one
only the good die young
they're only flying too close to the sun
and life goes on-
without you..

no use in sitting and thinkin on what you did
when you can lay back and enjoy it through your kids
sometimes it seems like lately - i just dont know
better sit back and go with the flow

mama.. oohoohooh..

Saturday, April 05, 2008

we got to stroke blacktips, hug/wrestle leopard sharks, stuff a playful dugong with seagrass, and swim with many other fish while waving at tourists peering at us through the thick glass in the underwater world. of course it was quite unnatural, unreal, but still quite incredible. the dive itch is back with a vengeance, burning like the sting of a hydriod.

the highlight must have been feeding the beautiful eagle rays, touching their soft smooth white bellies and listening to the crunch of the cockle shells. it was also awesome to stroke the murray eel, possible because this one was old, ?toothless, ?jaded. it was so soft and velvety.

meeting gracie
in gracie the dugong's tank. we were calm before we noticed the kiapkiap murray eel squirming (eek!) freely in the water and we yelped. yes, i heard aileen's shriek in the water.

feeding gracie
patrick (the starfish) feeding the messy eater who has a bad habit of eating upside down.

and then there was the upside down jelly.
there were also baby jellies kept upstairs, along with lotsa other baby fish, sick fish, shark eggs, turtles etc. maybe, just maybe, unlikely as it is, the underwaterworld will need tank cleaners for a short spell in june.