Monday, March 31, 2008

Team Love Club won the foodhunt!

it was a gruelling 8 hour long race to eat at various places in the east, west and central parts of singapore, with various little games to pass time in the buses and trains. we relied heavily on ivan's and ahmad's familiarity with their hometowns and mag's sudoku skills, ran at almost every opportunity (after my sunday morning run with the boys, omgg), climbed across barricades, had a friendly uncle bring us through his garden by the railway tracks (awesome) and advise us to cross the highway just like that!, had hewlett packard guys 'escort' us through their premises, etc. not to forget our very enthusiastic facilitator who was coincidentally my primary school classmate, eugene q. we were still mother hungry after the race though..

this day goes down in the annals of craziness with these lovely folks. :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Hon, i tried calling you.. but i heard bubbles."

"Hello is this the toilet bowl?"


a tragic comedy. or a comic tragedy. :'(

let me bemoan the demise of my samsung U700. it's short-lived purple glory went down in a splash in toilet 03-1062 in NUH. my loss was cruelly confirmed by the maniacal roar of the AUTOFLUSH. i'd always thought that auto-flushes were a waste of water (and the door lock/knob is still a formite anyway.) but now, i hate them with a vengence. ROARR. (embarrassingly, for the rest of today, every unexpected flush set off palpitations and muscle tension.)

thanks everybuddy, who was sympathetic (yilin really was, aww :) and tried to muffle their laughs even though i said it's really okay to laugh cos i also thought it was funny, even if morbidly so. and qy is indeed a friend in need; he plunged his forearm into the depths of the toilet bowl in a last ditch effort to retrieve the phone. but it was too late- the phone had prolly flowed three storeys down to the basement by then. byebye.. oh, sadness!

Monday, March 17, 2008

grumpy in pink
grumpy goblin in pink. any dandy leprechauns for company?

"i've just seen a face,
i can't forget the time or place
where we just meet.
she's just the girl for me
and i want all the world to see
we've met, mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm."


Saturday, March 15, 2008

cloud iridescence
iridescent clouds
at 5.30-6.00pm today.
hope everyone outdoors looked up at the skies.

Friday, March 14, 2008


one night of energetic groovin' in the heineken green room, to reggae (starting at 10pm) with desmond foster and papa dee! and that awesome keyboardist and the other good band members was.. wicked.

ya man!

simmer down, oh you hear what i say
simmer down, a- that i'm leaving you today
simmer down, can you hear what i say
simmer down..

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the worm
the worm

picture yourself on a boat in a river
with tangerine trees and marmalade skies
somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly
a girl with kaleidoscope eyes

i'm doing my psyche posting (at changi, 1h 20min from home) now.
there is realisation that some things about psychiatric illnesses are myths.
there is reaffirmation that these illnesses are so debilitating. frustrating! stigmatised. (there isnt enough awareness.) "damn poor-thing".

Saturday, March 08, 2008

sunrise at angkorwat
sunrise at angkor wat.

bayon watercolour
watercolours of the faces of bayon.

cambodian-canadian cousins
cousins watching the sunset from angkor wat. their grandma waits for them at the foot of the hill, possibly 'pissed'. the elder was lucky to escape the khmer rouge as a baby and plans to sponsor the education of the younger boy in canada.

shot of a shot
shot of a shot of monks, also at angkor wat.

swing swing
kids swinging from the tangles of giant trees

more kids swinging from the tangles of :)) the saus is a mountain goat, ra exclaims. ..i have almost no photos of chriscyw -who likes 'interesting light' and saus' and rose's (the flower!) arms.

sugar cane juice with grampa
and a crybaby drinking sugarcane juice with his grampa.

one week in cambodia.. (expect a lengthy post)
and my farewell gift from the street vendors was a nasty lurching stomach and intermittent chills and rigors which left me exhausted and in deep slumber for >36 hours (such a lot of time wasted!) in between. now i am wobbly-legged but otherwise well enough to combat the dust and heart-pain, the two things that bothered me, for some time more. alas, school restarts too soon and i am back in clean a/c-cool cingapore. i'd have loved to spent a whole lot more time in the small town of kompong t'mor, and a little more time time in kampot. shit, i'm back home way too soon.

bodhi villa, kampot
this is bodhi villa in kampot, a little town near the base of the misty elephant mountain. this is the platform from which we four jumped into the kampong bay river to swim to the other bank when it was hot, and from which the roseanne jumped to drive the bioluminescent plankton nuts and produce a show of phosphoresence when it was dark. really pretty! (blanca, the spanish doctor, squirms as she tells me about her paranoia of schistosomiasis.)

kompong t'mor is in the kompong thom province, 1 hour south of the k.thom market, between siem reap and phomn penh. not 60 km from siem reap in the direction of the thai border, where i was almost sent after 2 germans who went to that kompong thomor to birdwatch. so i bade farewell to the angkor ruins-traisping trio and left to find jiayang in his element at the orphanage. the kids love him.

fatty and friend
the fatty (he's got a belly from being fed by everyone) in red is alise, the baby of the children's home. sad stories.. but these children are probably the luckier ones. bear hugs!

fave kid
this is my favourite kid. he cried that night :'( though he was all cheery the next (freezing) morning.

listening intently
it was sunday when i arrived, so dr/pastor castro, from the phillippines, headed out to the neighbouring villages to oversee sunday school. (the orphanage is run by a christian organisation.)

kids at andrew's village
it was quite overwhelming, the droves of unkempt kiddoes. when the wind blew..

the sunday rounds ended with a relaxing evening eating goa lang ph'noom (literally: 'cow climb mountain', this very yummy teppanyaki-like dish is margarine-soaked) at the dam. not before we had a splashing good time. i managed to get a ride on a motorcycle, whee. but it did not go as fast as those which had drenched us earlier in their wake.

going back on pho's bike in the breathtaking sunset was a much less bumpy ride than the journey in 4WD earlier.
darkness descended quickly, and it was almost surreal chatting as saruon and hatly? strummed the guitar and then i saw a shooting star. amidst the gazillion stars. gazillion. stars. stars!! the milky way! at 3am, thinking it was 4am, a mistake i'd been specifically reminded not to make, i woke jy up to catch the 'kokodai' the boys were talking about. no kokodai :(, no spectacular sunrise, but still it was nice to have the light creep up steathly in the cold! crisp morning. too soon, i had to leave the children.

vit b12 is yellowand then i visited dr ?png's clinic for a short while and was awed by the simplicity and ingenuity of the microhematocrit centrifuge, however ironic that sounds.

blood bank, sihanoukville
and this is the blood bank in sihanoukville. ..we also visited the kanta bopha children's hospital in siem reap and watched a documentary on dr beat. it was depressing, unsettling.

mind blowing graffiti in phomn penh
boy, was it mind-blowing sometimes, these 7 days.

princess poop
still, it is good to come back to see Princess Poop :))