Thursday, February 28, 2008

mother tired. and i've got this blooming red-flagging headache.
but we're happy! -sarah ashley peed (and pooped) today. significant event, since she was dehydrated earlier.

we hit the streets of phomn penh tomorrow night.
and then we cover ang kor and sihanoukville, most likely. we'll see how it goes.
travel buddies: rouan, sauyee and chris chan.
it''ll be nice to call on jiayang there as well.

Monday, February 25, 2008

happy birthsday! to my brother and tomato-face!
next to oli, (thank you!) sarah ashley tan looked like the ripest tomato.

quotes of the day:

"this is too visual for me!"
--qunwei, who puked on my bro's bag when they were both in primary 1, as he scuttled off when the baby girl was being unwrapped so that we could gauge her size properly.

"nah," when offered the baby to be carried, "i dont want my paternal instincts to go into overdrive.."

Sunday, February 24, 2008

we only hear what we dont want to hear it seems. yes, dont. the bystander gets frustrated and that is one more upset person added to the mess. but maybe it relieves the tension somewhat when the mediator ends up in wreck herself. crazy labile emotions. omg so uncool.

but still, i am insistent that tomorrow shall be a Happy Day. (-no vivas ok!!!!!!!!)

Friday, February 22, 2008

matrix- the kids chase each other crazy round the sofa. now the OCD in jerlyn tan 怡静 surfaces as she packs my room into ziplock bags and urges me to throw everything that doesnt fit into the bags Away! Away! kids should be fast asleep at 11pm. my life is strangely centred around home these days.

it's horrid when everything doesnt fall into place nicely and i darent nudge too much lest it all falls apart. figuratively speaking, of course, and exaggerating it a little. sighhh

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"heavy traffic"
"heavy traffic" along the bke/pie in the 7 o'clock hour. but
it (was) a beautiful! morning!
ahhh, i think i'll go outside a while, and just smile.
just take in some clean fresh air, boy!

getting off the highway, i was rather bowled over by the skies.
is this a "mackerel sky"? google that or "clouds" and look at all those gorgeous images if you havent been out in the sun these few days. the (young) rascals continue singing,
it just ain't no good if the sun shines
when you're still inside,
shouldn't hide, still inside, shouldn't hide..

the traffic in the evening was much much worse; it was a stormy drive back >.< but
it was home to a belly bursting steamboat dinner with the neighbours and i guess fatty tan's gurgles and slurpy kisses (yuks! haha) blunted the tiredness.

oh and! i met QQ today! it must have been about 3 years since i/most of us (haha) last saw her. i hope tianjiao and xuxu are well too..

Saturday, February 16, 2008

too much love will kill you
just as sure as none at all

i heart saus
muruku heart for chowsaus.

happy vday, loves.
this has got to be the most uneventful vday- ever, hopefully. but i wasnt grumpy. or sad. really. >.< it was nice and serene. doubtless, i missed the love club. "raise a glass to love!" i hope everybuddy had a lovely day :)) whether or not you think it's a massive commercial gimmick.

but a day later, on total defence day, :(. flrball was cancelled. but later, 3 v 2 in eusoff was fun-ny and bday raihana managed to score into the rotating goalpost. i was reminded of good ol' canteen- and LT2.5-floorball at mount sinai. but skinny shit rj stepped on my stick and produced a crruucckkk sound that made my knees go weak. but still, much thanks, to jing and jac too, for quelling the fire.

and tonight, i watched トニー•滝谷 (Tony Takitani) with the girls. it was strikingly muted and.. dreamlike, somehow. hello girls- i am certain it was the same actress acting as both wife and wife-lookalike, and the same actor acting as tony and his dad.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

it's been really nice and fuzzy the past coupla days as throngs of family and friends visit each other. :)) i <3 the fat babies.

glenda tan yan en
this is glenda koala tan yan en, my youngest cousin, who fell asleep while my dad was burping her.

all the cooks (and dishwashers too, ok) deserve more than a pat on the shoulder for their hard work- give them a massage! i think my mom is amazing. and so are auntie zaithun uncle lionel and auntie jama. i really should learn to cook- from them.

today is 4 days since the reunion dinner and i must say i am very tired from all that visiting. and i am stuffed. CNY run this morning at macR was blistering (lit.) but so needed and i was so high from the lack of sleep. this new year, i vow not to be a weekend warrior. 祝大家身体健康!心想事成!

sarah ashley tan , will breathe her first in <<20 days!! oli's belly is huger than ever and she has sausage toes. i am counting down!!

my exams too will hit me, hard (cofm! i'm scared shitless!) in <<20 days. i am going to study so friggin' hard starting tomorrow. because

i'll be in cambodia in <20 days. !!