Tuesday, January 29, 2008

大扫除 this year has yielded a few lost-and-found items! including mo's ultraman alarm clock:


this weekend will see more dusting wiping moping sweating as we clean out my bro and oli's new abode.

and look at the komodo dragon we found by ra's pool:

been seeing a couple of these, esp since sunday morning runs at macR (and breakfast after that, which explains why the belly is still there) is becoming routine- whee.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

i can now read.. 한둘! albeit painfully slowly, without understanding.

ok, so it is obvious that i've just learnt to type chinese/japanese and even hangul characters. :) ..it'd be nice to study 日本語 again but it's daunting, just thinking about how the xmas card to おかあさん is still half-written for the lack of vocabulary, on top of cacat grammar.

friday flrball was comforting, and therapeutic. tgif. it's always good to talk to raihana. and then the evening ended with buddy waving goodbye with (rivulets of) tears literally rolling down his cheeks, laughing.

and i found old school tennis and badminton rackets at thieves' market! heavy, but so handsome looking. i wish the skies would hold up.

it's time for some serious spring cleaning. and too soon, it'll be time to take the books out for the exams.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


so i headed out for a short run and sat by the canal for the longest time. saw an old man jogging, pushing his wife in the wheelchair in front of him. talk about love and companionship.

later at night, the handphone beeped and lit up with this msg:
"Heh. Saw you running today. I was on the bus. Hope everything's well for you, cos as far as I know you don't usually run unless.."

so maybe my friend is not entirely accurate about the relationship between my mileage and happyness, but today he was quite sharp(-eyed), and in any case, very sweet. ..be well!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"너를 사랑해.. one more time: 너를 사랑해.. ?hamboto: 너를 사랑해..! 哦 哦 哦.." ~20 hours of watching the coffee prince later, my shoulders hurt, my eyes are tired, my heart aches. swoons. 有一天,我也想说: "开心死了"。(because i watched the show with chinese subtitles :D..) oh and Broom, the Dulux dog, is so damn huggable, as well. all this, after raising eyebrows at my aunt who'd first urged me to catch the show.

managed to tear myself away from the computer for a while to visit chinatown with my parents. there was that festive feel after all, what with CNY goodies lining the streets flowers everywhere and the fragrance of grilled/charred pork. but there wasn't that festive cheer. anyhoo, we ended our chinatown traipse on a good note meeting these two well-groomed, well-behaved dogs.

collie and labrador in chinatown

happy happy birthday, yemily!! 사랑해..

and it is also fatty tan's birthday today. these are my neighbours. my mom will be lonely when some of them migrate/leave..


Friday, January 18, 2008

jupitans, in the finals vs sim

med-law challenge rugby

Thursday, January 17, 2008

pants of peace
pants (attached) of peace. it was a good two hours of fun at the botanical gardens with the 412 babes. shan't divulge which part of the park we lounged at. and there goes laulau back to columbia and isthatsya to valencia..

crop the left corner
crop that building in the left top corner. haziwani is so happ-y to be going to valencia As Well.

"?damn youuu.."
i wanted to cartwheel (i dont think i can though :( ) in the quadrangle. so green! anyway, i was saying..

mark "helping" hon's nurses
of course it hasn't been All play these few days- chpgroup2 was doing our data entry. big mark was much help to the nurses i surveyed!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

such good madness.

no monday blues despite reaching sgh at 0630 hours, for in between surveying some of the 1,900 nurses, a bunch of us hit chinatown and ate from breakfast to lunchtime. the next day, we worked off a fraction of the calories (add the aeroplane bak kwa to my cal count) by running (and later walking) up mount faber and then trekking to the nursery where friendly bangladeshi workers overfeed Blackie "No Bite" Doggie. and then some crazy girls got crazy high on martinis beef loud Queen music pouring out of the little orange car as it nosed through the evening traffic. it was.. crazy fun :)

it was sobering to later watch the guys' floorball team fight so hard for 2 hours only to lose their place in the finals by a penalty shot. heads up, boys! i am also looking fwd to the jupitans' match.

and today, my hei bi hiam nonya zhang craving was satisfied, fortuitously! and furtively!, at macD's.

now i go over to yemily's with the crazy queen crazy girls to test the yet untouched fondue set. there is much activity, but even more food this week. hip hip.

angry like fire
angry like fire monster

Sunday, January 13, 2008

i walked past a couple of incubators in the neonatal ICU before realising that they were inhabited, by the tiniest humans i've ever seen- each could be completely obscured by a sheet of A4 paper, including one little girl who's been there since she was born tipping! the scales at 485 grams two months ago. fight on, little ones!

i've been really tired the past coupla days.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

i am finally! finished with my cofm epic write-up. it's six pm. i have wasted a perfectly lovely sunshiney day. my fingers are blistered from all that typing. ok, i am going to brush my teeth and eat breakfast.

addendum 10.30pm: i was resigned to a boring evening after such an exciting! day of doing the damned write-up, until i quite literally ran into jirong, or the other way around, and caught an awesome floorball match tonight. the equalising goal was scored with 00:03 seconds to go. good game, boys! ..i wish i hadn't placed my floorball stick in coldstorage.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

ten of us gathered at sang's today for a hearty lunch, 5 years since we'd first met at that classroom on the second level near the ghim moh market exit. (i miss the campus muchly.) 5 years. explains the familiarity and comfort. it was really nice. :) after that, when i was heading home, i took a detour and revisited upper peirce reservoir aka teletubby land-

you cant quite tell, but that is one mother steep slope. it was cool it was breezy the sun was setting the grass was damp but not soggy i was in heaven for half an hour today.

Friday, January 04, 2008

b.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a pie! from that backtothe'80s mall is so very yummy. thanks, "daniel climbing"!

i have been inexplicably tired. i need to get quite a bit of shopping done- my wardrobe is pitiful/i have outgrown too many items -gasp!- but just one hour browsing in town, and i am reminded how i once exclaimed with much seriousness that i wish we could all run around naked. at least sizes * & * people have to, if they are late in attending the great sales cos all the sizes left over after the new year are odd. odd as in weird. not as in 1 3 5 7 9 ! i am also looking for a gift for (the parents of) sarah ashley tan, my niece, who will emerge wrinkly and grumpy sometime in the midst of my final exams. (which are in February, oddly.)

currently, i am back in school with a timetable that suggests that we be working from 8 am to 6 pm, on this really!! exciting!! project- a study on the prevalenceofhealthcareworkersworkingthroughminorillnessesandthereasonsbehindthat. obviously most of us are not there at 8, nor are we there at 6. with some luck, my group will manage a decent grade. though my sub-group did meet with a super senior nurse today to get some things ironed out; superseniornurse quek is a godsend! oh i didn't mention that i had a Patho test on 2 Jan? and lectures/tutorials stretching into the evening, an hour after that paper ended. happy new year!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

at midnight, the ground throbbed and the skies lit up and the kiddies went wild. it was quite quite spectacular. (and suddenly i am brought back to ?camukkale, turkey, where fireworks sprang up on us when we were by the swimming pool and though they were just a sprinkling, imagine the beauty for it was so dark.) and then i go to sleep barely an hour later while the air is still sizzling from the fireworks and the kiddoes are still high.

happy new year, folks. it's got to be a good one.

aufstieg 2
aufstieg (ascent/climbing); anic sends new year greetings from the mountains.