Tuesday, December 25, 2007

where mozzies rule and the silence is louder than the really catchy 881 songs that were ringing in my ears since i (finally) caught the movie- it's great!

?vw van
?vw van. spotted at great world city.

er gu fed us snippets of the '50s, '60s, and the '70s; there are so many things about my papa i want to hear from him.
(btw he used to drive a vw type 2.)

and mag's granny fed us damn shiok nonya curry- thanks for spreading the family love at xmas, woman! and then i snitched in on more xmas family warmth with the wijeweeras at aunty janet's place. (a stone's throw from my maternal grandma's house; seeing that pet shop and chinese medical hall i walked past ?weekly >10 years ago, i also smelt the aroma of coffeemadewiththesock and heard those loud hokkien voices that made the flat seem smaller than it was.)

well, it's hard not to miss my parents who are in china this xmas. hoho.

odd maybe, but this song's been on repeat this holidays,
too much love will kill you
just as sure as none at all

i cant wait to catch the Queen musical.

happy xmas, everybuddy! have a love-ly one.

Friday, December 21, 2007

"i came all the way here to watch you sleep, question mark!" the monkeys were contrastingly more awake, coming out to play in the light drizzle while tayjieming slept his life away.

sought solace/rest at em's room again before we went to william's place where the meddies had quite a lot of fun exchanging mystery xmas gifts. cheers, bobo. (he got beer) and i got a Fortune & Fengshui 2008 TIGER book from kenrick. it reports that with regards to romance, i will have a month of low ebb, and also another month of infidelity. other months are less dismal, thankfully. and wei-lian gave me not one, but three, happy vw campervan models! i am very glad that anic joined us! she showed me her room in the sisters' quarters where she lived for 3 months and tonight, she returns to switzerland. take care!

it is so damn sunny today! :)) <-- that's my double chin.
you know, i really want to go to sipadan or manado.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

hello, little one!

hello, little one
this is my youngest cousin. (not my niece. that one will only take her first breath in two months time- and set my bro panicking.) she smells gorgeous and has such lovely tiny ears and hands and feet.

and since i despairingly went through lotsa strange brown things in the pots today, for the damned patho test, here's the Chronic Peptic Ulcer to make you also poke suspiciously at your kway chap: (oh don't worry, i did not put up a picture of the Teratoma -eeks!-)


Monday, December 17, 2007

from the esplanade powerhouse

the 4am tutorial was rather dreamlike. i drifted off several times on my feet as we stood around the computer in Resus going through a gazillion (48) slides. that, and most of the other tutorials with the good doctors was very.. good. then while the rest fuelled up on mac's after that, i knocked out cold on the trolley and lost half the stuff learnt that morning.

on saturday, we went to lau pa sat 'festival market' where the food is terrible. thank goodness for good company. and then the next night we caught some of jack and rai. it didn't rain! siva will be happy to know i bought the cd.

big eyes big teeth
this is anic (switzerland) and andy (london) who were with us half the posting. great folks. such big eyes/teeth we've got.

today, i did 7 (short, but still, 7!) case writeups. my arm and neck are very sore now. and i miss the ED; i returned the scrubs with much sadness. i think selvia will call william to return that set he koped. (HAHA)

and there is a new addition to the family! congrats, susu.

and xmas is coming. i didnt feel the magic one bit until okaasan and renyu spread a bit of festive joy through their cards today. xmas is coming!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

(i have been egging papa to buy that nikon camera. i cant wait to lay my hands on it!)

the second, and last, ambulance run was a slow and quiet affair.it being the dayshift, the paramedics were a lot more garrulous and they regaled me with awesome and awful tales through the day save for one really dull lull when even yummy jembut jembut couldnt get my spirits up. at 8pm, we got another call and i decided to go for it before calling it a (long) day. we went to block 3, and i saw another side of woodlands. and then at the hosp, i chanced on the team examining a gentleman in the iso room. i dozed off uneasily in the ambulance after that wishing that i had spent a little more time talking to him, after he'd quietly lain through all that ausculation, tapping and poking, in that narrow bed.

it is now eerily quiet. it's finally stopped raining. Finally!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

fields of gold
if all that dried grass wasn't prickly..

i've been nursing a sore foot these coupla days. i can only hope that it isnt a bony problem, and that i will be back in action soon. that said, i haven't been very active lately, have i.

the monsoon rages on and it gets too dark too quickly these days. the days feel too short and unsatisfying. and i haven't read a good book in a long time. i need to read my ecg and emed books which are actually very interesting OK. (i saw an ecg of brugada syndrome today. say wow!) but today, i read the pearl with my tuition kid hip hooray. i really hope he does well enough this weekend to get a transfer to a decent school.

a few days ago, 'pharmaco' was on everybuddy's lips and that was so damn irritating.

it isn't nice when some people worry that singaporean(meddie)s are autistic.

oh dear! i am in such a grumpy kb mood.

(it's raining and my toes are cold. and my foot aches.)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

DNF. sigh. missed pudgey at nicoll highway -how did that happen!- and ran up and down to 19km looking for him only to return to find him at that spot. by then i was bushed and so we breakfasted instead. much thanks to qy for sticking w me for the first bit and bearing with my whines about the cold: starting earlier prolly made it more condusive for the pros to set new records, but it was seriously too damn cold till the sun rose! cold or not, this was my most uncomfortable run ever; i really should have done some running this year, even if i hadn't intended to run (half of- well i guess i was never prepared to run more than that, qy.) it until a few days ago. TSKTSK.

nonetheless, the highly charged and friendly air at 5.30am was incredible, as usual. :))) all that life pulsing down the road.
good job, everybuddy who completed the run!