Friday, November 30, 2007

overnight ambulance run from woodlands fire station saw a carpopedal spasm, RTA, drunk pregnant woman (echo: "irresponsible!") and early morning 0530 stroke/TIA. it wasn't all that energy-packed, but still quite an experience i guess. paramedic nazim was a jolly good fellow.

at 0700, after the final run, i watched the firemen do their drills. blurrily, i saw many maulanars stamping their feet, shouting manythings guttural and jogging/lumbering around, elbows flexed at a weird angle, rolling and unrolling hoses, just like how i'd imagine m would. <3

it is perhaps more debilitating to catch snatches of sleep (i started to dread the siren after 3am) than to keep a certain level of caffeine coursing through the veins. the last bit of life ebbed out of me in the pool at 0830. i am now going to c.o.l.l.a.p.s..e...

just one year of love
is better than a lifetime alone
one sentimental moment in your arms
is like a shooting star right through my heart

-- queen!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

it has been rather quiet. (let me jinx it by saying this!) the only thing i have done is set one plug, so let me say again that it's been rather quiet, too quiet. even on a saturday night. i guess that is a good thing, but still.. (some people harm themselves doing such silly things.)
the tutors are amazingly kind, patient and relaxed, contrary to expectations. the past week in the ed has been invigorating. i <3 emed.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

family medicine draws to an end (i still have writeups to do) and it's emed@sgh next. sounds like action.

it was TGIF indeed, because after getting highstrung over the community health project, it was a girls'(inc em's mom) evening out and then supp with the northies inc cj whom i have not seen for >2! years.

happy bday!

crazy random rush
happy bday, bean!
the 3stans doubled up in spasms laughing uncontrollably every few minutes as stories flew/grew. it was so damn good to see everybuddy.

and yes, i am finally rid of the horrid bug that was keeping me miserably blowing my nose indoors.

Friday, November 09, 2007

feeling hot hot hot

fridays arent meant to be lousy.
i am still damn sick, Rraa! honk! goes my nose. my cheekbones and forehead hurt and i have a fever. but kinda resistant to going to Q up to see a doctor-i have seen enough people waiting at the polyclinics (and gp clinic) to know i dont want to be part of that sluggish. (sluggish is used as a Noun here, i insist :B) there must be smth that can be changed, for those poor old sick gramps and kiddies. and well, the harrassed staff -if they are, that is. on a happier note, i finally filled in the gaps of bend it like beckham today.

olé olé, olé olé
olé olé, olé olé
sab doondho
sab doondho
feeling hot hot hot
feeling hot hot hot

Thursday, November 08, 2007

campervan sun sea sand
i want a campervan!

i am under the weather again. again!! i've been averaging 2x sorethroatstuffednoseFevertummyache every posting this semester. it is distressing in that i have been deprived of some fun, and quality sleep. i keep waking up almost gasping and absolutly miserable because i am so. tired. maybe i should steal papa's CPAP (continous positive airway pressure) machine.

happy deepavali. curries wont be quite so yummay this year, because my olfactory nerves are obtunded, sadly.

but oh all the neighbour-kiddies have come a-visiting today, inc fatty tan from KL!

vw campervan
think of the beach boys.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

smoke in the kitchen smoke in the living room smoke in the balcony smoke in the toilets smoke in the rooms smoke in the clothes smoke gets in your eyes

the mushrooms were sliced, the herbs shredded, the cheese getting soft, the oil heated but not yet evenly spread over the teflon, (please do that friends, heated unbuffered teflon is carcinogenic) when i realised that we'd run out of eggs. i shoved bread into the oven before running downstairs to the convenience store. five minutes later, eggs swinging in the red plastic bag as i huffed up the stairs, i smelt something burning. as i got closer to the house i sniffed again and thought, no way.. but, hola. there was smoke in the living room. smoke in the kitchen. smoke everywhere. ge emerged from his room disguising his laughter as chokes as i surveyed the burnt bread dismayedly. sadness :( ok, so it is quite funny. haha!

so the windows are all thrown open and the fans are whirling madly but the stale smoke lingers. it makes me think of cigarette butts in toilet bowls.

i have talked to all the experts,
all the psychics of love
i have prayed for all the answers
to the game of love above
they all say it's unanimous..

his eyebrows shot up to Heaven
the only part of him ever likely to get there
(i laughed out loud. i was munching on a David's Bun.
i am quite lost in the.. 'multiplicity of time and truth' of j.winterson (a bit off), musud and neil gaiman!!'s stories. hip hooray for the timely doubled/quadrupled library book loan quota. clearly, this gp posting has been a good breather. but! that is not to say i did not learn anything ok..

weixiang and i did palliative care housecalls with dr chong last week. it was sad, to see dying patients, patients dying. it was touching, to see the good doctor try to maximise relief and comfort of the patient and the family when to cure is no longer an option. is it not a bit ironic, to talk about quality of life when the patient is confronting death?

the gp i was attached to has the reputation of being good with kids, (he really does) so the patient load is largely paediatric. cuteness!)

anyway anyway. i was caught in the mrt (north-south line) delay yesterday. i wasn't in a big hurry, so it was quite refreshing watching people streaming out of the trains when the lights went off and then out of the station and then jostling onto buses heading to town and being part of that buzz, part of a general consensus on whattodo- to wait for the tracks to be repaired or.. not.

happy bday, leo! never hold a bday celebration at fish&co, if you are the bday boy.
and here is sapa, in colour, courtesy of the bday man.
sapa in colour