Sunday, September 30, 2007

cant buy me lo-ove, lo-ove!
cant buy me lo-ove!

i've been a very lethargic (why??) grumpy fart; thanks for making me feel loved still.

pulau ntu
this week, mag-woman and i made the ardous journey to ntu to meet the boys sans maulanar. we wrinkled our noses the moment we stepped out of the bus, what is that horrid smell?? mat insisted that it was the smell from the chocolate factory nearby. good god, i wasn't imagining this smell when i was watching chocolat/ charlie and the chocolate factory.

finger linkin' good
well, dee sure made the chocolate at 2am look yummy. the churros were soggy but good service (and a fresh plate of slightly crisper churros) pretty much made up for it.

happy bday, pohyong
one of the youngest in 3stan, pohyong, turns 21 this weekend. happy bday, ah lian! btw ms carlyn lee went to the party as well, looking like 3 years hadn't passed by for her (except that she had her little kiddo in tow)!

happy bday! also to backsideboy suriya. check out his cooli(ng)o shirt.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

i thought of thetis dipping achilles into river styx when i saw an indian mother dipping her 1-year-old (just his ankles though) into the water; it was the first time he was entering the sea. his wide eyes were screaming fear, poor kiddo, he's lost that innate ability to swim. i hope he overcomes his fear soon. and me mine too. i'd meant to go a distance out beyond the buoys, but insecurity (the murky water'd brought back horrid memories of trng :(. ) seized me and i scrambled feverishly back to the people lounging around exactly as before, as if i'd never left. maybe i'd imagined the fear. maybe i'd imagined swimming out.

'tina says, you are strong only when you allow yourself to be weak, something like that. it applies outside the religious context too. we've got much to learn from mok. i'm going to miss this cg- who else plays icebreaker games, just for kicks, in the resident room 13 weeks after getting together?

anyhoo, it was a pleasant sunshiney chatty afternoon at the beach and then at night, we saw the most huggable dogs Ever- old english sheepdogs. (the dulux paint dog.) !!.

old english sheepdog

Sunday, September 16, 2007

diagnosis wenckebach

the sherman lagoon's strip today started my morning right. check it out. man, i'd so love a weekend dive. (- the rain of course.)

it's been a busier weekend than i'd bargained for. i have yet started on the tasks i've pushed back because fatigue sets in uncermoniously every evening; i should have known better. the past coupla evenings have been cool, and perfect for walks in dempsey/ songs at timbre (where the crowd is so young) with the cgmates and the onceuponatime trackers. spent some time in mt e (little indonesia) with the extended family as well, adding much chatter to the comfy room that is such a far cry from class c wards i am used to. we all can only hope that our dearest er gu will have a speedy recovery and as alarm bells ring and the aunts rush to get mammograms done, that they will be uneventful. x

Saturday, September 15, 2007

hahaha <-- check this out. (eternal clerking)

last night, our cg made our cofm (community, occupational and family medicine) home visit to mr toh, a diabetic patient with left above knee amputation and nephropathy. the typical cofm patient, you say. atmosphere was convivial, and we even had dinner there. but in the three hours we were nosing around, sobering issues were also raised, and we learnt much about patient care that we do not learn in the wards.

mobile clinic
we ran into a volunteer TCM mobile clinic at the void deck. (it was quite stunning to walk into old men sitting down with acupuncture needles in their backs) so very altruistic. the people in rural areas in our neighbouring countries need help, and so do our folks back here.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

"the Invisible Pink Unicorn is a being of great spiritual power. we know this because she is capable of being invisible and pink at the same time. like all religions, the Faith of the Invisible Pink Unicorn is based upon both logic and faith. we have faith that she is pink; we logically know that she is invisible because we can't see her."

it's been a horrifyingly shagging week, despite the long hours of sleep each night; i dont understand why. there is so much to learn! i am loving it, much of the time. recent spate of events has left me a bit jaded.

it was so warming sitting in the kitchen over a homecooked meal by the two hot cousins, (thanks for the trouble!) listening to travel stories and more. later, with their two lovely boyfriends, we headed down to one rochester where there are no mozzies! for a drink- no, i am not about to bemoan the lack of a sixth person in our company. i am not being defensive ok.

i suspect i am in a horrid mood because of the horrid weather. where is the sun, hello??


this the hairy man that stands here
who brought the sun and caused it to shine
it rises and sets
rises and sets
the sun shines!
-- ka mate, translated

the momoboy visits! watching the all blacks cream the italians was a rather quiet affair as the crowd didnt seem interested in the game, weird.

went to miss clarity (thomson) to eat. verdict: fail. the decor and fishy seafood are unforgiveable. service is good, but we wont be going back, except for the twin bliss cake which is so. damn. shiok!

Sunday, September 02, 2007


it was 31st august and many cars had flags (not torn! unlike those on boats) attached to them, flapping in the wind as they tore down the highway. after 300km of rather smooth traffic, we turned into KL.

KLCC. oh yes, we caught a glimpse of the fireworks by the twin towers at night.

komuter (midvalley station)exploring a city with the parents is such a very different experience. we spent a lot of time in the Huge shopping malls, ate shitloads, and spent a cursory fifteen minutes in petaling street. granted, it was very hot outdoors and there really wasnt much to see at that hour.

putra mosque
we swung by putra jaya; it looked like some town planning gone wrong with all those colossal buildings sticking out awkwardly in the largely undeveloped land. then again, it was a Sunday and wide sleek black roads look weird empty.