Tuesday, July 31, 2007

hey there delilah

tuesday at mortons makes up but little for fuxing frustrating tuesday lectures.

i am pooped.

happy bday, lee tian tian! and pudgey!
merry xmas, weixiang.

lawn bowling
lawn bowling at the src.

boat quay
many people were running along the river.

we are going to miss ivan m. much.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

give a monkey a cream bun and watch him split it, slowly lick clean the cream and set the bread aside. he'll do that to a couple more buns, before cramming all the bread into his mouth eating like kobayashi. watching monkeys go about their business (uncannily human-like) is strangely therapeutic; their nonchalence to your presence makes you feel that maybe you arent there after all. i would like to see a monkey eat oreos. i dont condone feeding wild animals btw!

"okthankyou." (the hongkong accent is infectious.)

girls, the next time you take a ride in william's blue beast, do not complain about how it shudders/chokes/dies sometimes. just play with the many toys strewn all over the seats, and appreciate the smoothness of the drive. very sadly, i could not subdue that wild beast on the hills of Moulmein even with chenweilian's encouragement and his stepping out to threaten a fellow road user, when that ah-beng threatened me with unfriendly (justified) honks.

the weather has been Horrid this week. i really should not be complaining that it is too gloomy here, when elsewhere in the world, people are suffering a lot more. looks like you've gotta pray harder, folks.

on a cheery note, it is difficult to keep from laughing out loud when a senior dr clambers over a patient trying to elicit shifting dullness, and when another nods gravely to 'deng duo liu ge yue, wo jiu si le!' when actually, he didnt quite understand what that meant. disclaimer: this is called style. and hey, these patients really are being managed well.

anyway, it was nice at kai's, helping ibosh brush up his image for when he gets introduced to.. and then laughing so. damn. hard with the 412 babes, and listening to alex's (larvae migrans) and ra's crazed stories.

412 babes
yemily and sunny.

i love this mad woman. do not be fooled by her elfish cutsy demeanour- she pinches harder than i do!

tan yun, gambling queen
yooonlei, gambling queen.

also present were serene and jamie. the other girls are missed!

happy bday kai
happy bday, kai. that is marcus, kai's chubby nephew. kailyn-mama is way cooler a boxer than kai! hahaha.

happy bday, jen babe!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

leon tan dua pui
meet fatty tan. i dont mean my dad! fatty tan is my kid neighbour who has developed a taste for marks and spencer crisps.

today, i had a good day in ah, running on a caffeine-induced high that lasted late into the evening. (the seniors and tutors and patients have been very inspiring and encouraging!) of course it was hard to fall asleep when there was a surprise! awaiting in the lobby for bday boy joel halfway through our nightcall.

happy bday joel
happy bday, joel.

we wanna wear uber comfy scrubs everyday.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

the blurps of water against the sides of the pool was a surprisingly good substitute for the quiet lapping of the sea against the side of a boat. coupled with the slight breeze, i think that if i'd imagined hard enough, i might just have tasted the salt spray. quiet time by tanrouan's pool is a good way to wind down after an eventful day/week. it has been lovely meeting up with old friends, even the grumpy one(s), but oh i am shagged out. but nobuddy can possibly feel dumpy after swinging by a place that is blasting chinese new year songs tonight.

the arts house, old parliament building
the hanoi gang caught sophie scholl at the elusive (damned traffic in the city) arts house. hans' and sophie's fight for their Idea was so passionate and inspiring.

the show was depressing, but we cheered up considerably as we pottered by the river and managed to catch the chinooks flying overhead for the ndp rehearsal.

rgs tnf
rgs tnf - smells like team spirit.
coincidentally, we gathered on ms zhang's bday and so we called and put her in a spot, hoho.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


while there is a general bleakness that can be attributed to the Post-Holiday Blues, (plus i am sick! again. the sniffles sorethroat headache tummyache heartache.) i must say that i have had quite a lot of good moments. i am in a narrating sort of mood:

this week, my clinical group comprised of only 4 other members: tian yilin justina and newman, as william and mok party away in hk. cg bonding consisted of lunches outside the hospital and muffling laughs in the wards as we shamelessly tell each other ridiculous tall stories. and then there are such jovial patients from whom we can all learn positivity and how to spread good cheer. one man yilin and i call datuk, (aka, suprapubcath) another is mr n, (venous ulcers) and there is 2-minute ah pek, (hernias) (cf 10-second tom in 50 first dates) and a couple more.

ugly with his slr
i also had a wrist-licking-good meal at trattoria italiana where, ugly keeps reminding me, the chef from les amis goes to eat regularly. (how did we get (bloody good) carbonara sauce on our wrists?) dear ugly, study hard! dont go a-drivin' down hunter valley with cute girls every weekend.

and beef (happy bday!) bean and i met up with hongking, the one boy who will never change. i am looking fwd to the next big class gathering.

happy bday hazwani
today, it was sports day at haziwani's. well, we ate lots of ili's mama's famous rendang before playing a short-lived game of captain's ball only to troop back into the house before long. it was funtastic to catch up with huifang, and sya and i ended up howling on the floor as we argued over the names of meat (amir, veal is not from pig!) and how a goat looks. perhaps we should all go visit bean at the goat farm.

i am cheered up merely talking/thinking about happyfying things. plus maureen and sean, my neighbours, just swang by with a bowl of steaming hot dumpling soup. TLC.

happy bday itkz
oh happy happy bday, saobao!

puisan says, everybuddy gets horny in november; look at how many july babies there are!

a lil chocolate and a good cry
have some chocolate and a good cry, lil guard duck.

Sunday, July 01, 2007


not the hip wednesday night event, but the happy feet penguin. caught the outdoor screening of the movie at the botanical gardens today with very many families sprawled out on picnic mats around us. while waiting for the sun to go down, we got high on frisbee before half-heartedly attempting a game of monopoly. and then the bday boy got to blow out a candle stuck into a roasted chicken lying in a bed of crisps. later on, more frisbee and the splash of ice cold water got us into the mood for doing aerobic moves to l-o, l-o, l-o-v-e, much to the chargin/amusement? of the few families/couples left sitting in the dark.

botanical gardens


happy bday, ivan hongyi.

and happy happy bday, fau-zi-ah!!! and kemmy!