Thursday, May 31, 2007

hokay. last weekend, the viet (dont mention this word in front of my papa!) gang visited the national museum..

singapore national museum, fort canning road

it was shiok lounging on the grass patch under the sun with ra till the boys came along.

there happened to be a ferrari party to celebrate the 100th ferrari in spore. elitists.

where fish are kept in sinks
the stairway leading up to a cheery shop along haji lane. the boys who rent the place keep their fish in the plugged-up sink.


angor amini

i have a back pain radiating to my shoulders. i think it is just the nerves. jitters. humji-ness. dread. weili's sympathetic laugh when he hears me whining about yet another predicament, all too familiar since jc days, is laced too heavily with disapproval and disparagement. thanks dudes, for bearing with my being keyed up and sullen all at the same time.

i am sorry, papa! it was stupid (to say the least) to have refused to heed the warning signs that were flashing dangerously. how now. ..actually, i know what i should do.

Friday, May 25, 2007

21 haji lane
21 haji lane. felt a tad touristy tripping down that colourful street in kampung glam, with sya. (ilu!)

at night in haiji lane
what looks like carpets/scarves on the ceiling of this shophouse.

macbeth gets the thumbs.. up
macbeth gets the thumbs up..

ugly bridge
ugly bridge! two nights ago, ivan hongyi and i were like lost (male) tourists too stubborn to ask for directions, walking in circles around robertson quay after we snuck out of maulanar's play.. ivan m is acting in macbeth! "drink, sir, [...] provokes the desire, but it takes away the performance," a tutor quoted in a tutorial today on urogenital disorders.

sà-baai dee măi.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

'you mean you passed your anatomy exam?' a horrified tutor asked, something along those lines. that friday afternoon was a horrid one. i fled the wards double quick after the tutorials to catch the ferry to pulau ubin. not surprisingly, ahmad and maulanar kept the other irate passengers waiting in the stifling heat. but they didnt care: they had had to take 2 taxis, one bus, one LRT, and still run a good 3? kilometres to meet the boat, 8 minutes late.

settling in
it was happyfying sunshiney when we reached the island

ubin town
dusk fell quickly as we headed to the town for dinner

my acrophobia acted up again when we had to walk the (short) plank to reach this boulder

fat cat in ubin town
fat cat doesnt mind maulanar's bau, hahaha

this aint a scene, it's a god damned arms race
the boys ran back to the chalet, freezing in the cool night, after the chlorine in the jazcuzzi ate away at their skin, shouting this damned song. in the tub next to ours, an r(a) rated scene played, yuks!

puaka, highest point on ubin
the next morning, we hiked 60m up, hoping to catch the sunrise from ubin's tallest point, puaka.

quarry below puaka
puaka overlooks the largest quarry on the island. beautiful.

approaching the quarry from below
trespassing, fine: $1,000. note ivan's muddy bottom. another casualty was ivan hongyi who tumbled when his skatescooter broke into two when he was hanging onto my bike going at topspeed. but he is a brave boy la.

thanks, mag-woman! for putting this weekend getaway together.

back to mainland
the cina not minah!

mud and ivan
the mat and the munjen, on the ride back.

happy birthday, ahmad!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

to cure sometimes,
to relief often,
to comfort always.

sometimes, the lattermost is all you can do. it isnt quite enough, is it.

today, i met mr L who has fascioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (a rare muscle disorder) he is a brave man, fighting a dreaded prognosis with such sunshiney attitude. he gave us each a firm handshake for good luck. (dear god, why! how!)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

uncle leong's crab beehoon tonight. we waited TWO hours for our food after placing our order! it was quite yummy, (but you realise that food always tastes/feels good when you are damn hungry after waiting) but the folks at ah orh should come over to give them some advice on how to be efficient and make big $ big $. and better prawn rolls. until they run a brisker business, verdict: Fail.

so damn random but. i had a lot of trouble trying to spell the word 'business'!

(a pregnant silence. and then we burst out laughing with perfect timing.)

thomson road is one of the roads i've driven down most often these past coupla months. as tuition with the two kiddoes draws to an end* and i no longer need to rocket myself down that road on sundays, i guess drives home will be as i know it best: at night or ungodly hours post-flrball or supper, quiet. and i will remember how we burst out laughing with perfect timing. unless

retro fever rock and roll eighties loud happy kicks in:

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!~ Love Potion No. Nineee~ Sugar Pie Honey Bunch!~ I Love You More Today Than!~ Fun Fun Fun Till Her Daddy Takes Her T-Bird Away~ In The Summertime, When The Weather Is Right~ I Would Walk Five Hundred Miles~ I Dont Care If Monday's Blue~ She Walks Like She Dont Care Walking On Imported Air~

*felt a rush of freedom as i stepped out of the house for the last time today. and maybe a greater sensation of loss. of income; it's the first time in 4 years i am not working and there is a slight sense of insecurity hoho. then again with my papa so against me traveling (why!) i guess i dont hafta get back to tutoring too soon.

my teeth rattled in my bruised skull as raihana plummetted down the road. ahh! the long, long (read: running around the hospital, literally. chasing a high?) friday ended on a high.

swing, swing.

today, yingheng swang by woodlands for maybe the 3rd time in his life so we had to meet up, especially since the rule of hundred has limited our catch-ups the past coupla years. we sang along to swing3 by the all american rejects. later, swinging in renji's garden was therapeutic despite loud protesting squeaks the swing made with each oscillation. skinnyshitleerenji is a lovely crazy boy. my butt is sore. unrelated, (tutors shld not call students 's&m girl'!) i am happy. i'd love to have my own place (with swings, preferably) and have friends come over often.

X-ing fingers and toes that a sopping wet blanket will not be thrown over holiday plans..

happy mothers' day.

Monday, May 07, 2007

the viet gang went to neil road. we made a beeline for the viennese (not vietnamese!) kaffeehaus, a pretty place. it has a giant coffee bean roaster which rouan would prolly have stolen home if she was strong enough. sadly, the coffee was quite terrible! and g(o)ulash thin, salty. schnitzel was ok. the chirpy german-speaking lived-in-vienna living/working-in-singapore australian waitress doesnt redeem enough points for that place.. maybe other stuff is good. tell me if that is so. later, we sweated it out at maxwell market and bloodied our hands eating the cockles that we missed out on along Hang XXX, one of the '36 streets' in the Old Quarter. i almost jumped out of my skin when a dark stranger stepped out suddenly from the shadows in the chinatown area. i am thankful that there are few alleys in spore and they arent all that long, narrow, dark and sinister.

hon wannabes
fail la, these hon wannabes.

man, i want to live in one of those very homely shophouses (with a courtyard in front; not in a noisy street) and drive a small (brit) sports car like an MG Midget or MG something anything along those lines, roofless. and if all is very rosy, i will have my VW minibus on top of that.

(partly because we saw an mg mini on the roads, and walked past many retro shophouses..)


i heard you on the wireless back in '52
lying awake intent at tuning in on you.
if i was young it didn't stop you coming through.

oh-a oh

they took the credit for your second symphony.
rewritten by machine and new technology,
and now i understand the problems you could see.

video killed the radio star.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

uploaded some more vietnam photos..

jumping off the junk in ha long bay
jumping off the chinese junk on the bright and sunny day of our ha long bay trip. i was chicken before that but.. so shiok! when they finally pulled me down.

misty in ha long bay
misty outside the sung sut caves on the first day on the junk. (the grey skies made me miserable.)

hours before that, we'd just returned to hanoi from sapa..

hanoi railway stationat ha noi railway station. catching the 9pm train to sapa 3 nights earlier. the two bagpacks are liwei's and abin's. thankyou chenliwei, the bag was very comfy. and abin's goretex saved ra's life a million times over.

arrival in sapaarriving in sapa at 5am the next morning.

refreshingly cold river
a refreshing rest stop on our first trek through?/to?/past? cat cat village. there are water snakes! earlier, the boys were huffing and puffing behind a bus trying to push it out of a rut it got stuck in while making a hair pin turn down the hill. we have a video of the final successful manoeveur.


rice terraces in sapa
rice terraces cut into the slopes of sapa.

sapa tree boy

back in the city,

traffic in the city
the traffic is insane. honk honk!

eating in hanoi
food is very yummy. squatting down eating with the locals made the meal feel even more wholesome.

eating in sapa
oh, food is also great in sapa. here, we had very yummy glutinous rice in bamboo sticks, dipped in salt and peanuts. and.. an embryonated egg! (note leo's face abnormal oral facial movements. caught on camera!) the hawker is from some other village and speaks a weird dialect that sounds thai. (he very patiently tried to teach us how to count.)

warning: embryonated eggs!
warning: embryo in egg! was not understood.. i think i hid my horror very well when i broke open the egg and saw the developing duck. it didnt taste bad la! very nutritional, i would think.

eclinics has been very tiring. many times, we rush to wait, and wait to rush. we are incompetent, and pests to the seniors, nurses and admin staff, and we feel that acutely too. but! i am loving it. there is much to be learnt, and there are scattered in every ward, some seniors who take time off to dole out advice and tutorials thus far have all been too short. my cg has been slack, but recently motivated, we are slowly revving up and it feels good. hoho.

at the beginning of the week, some meddies gathered for a labour day chill out at jeff's bday party at cafe del mar. i was very happy to be at the beach and cannot! wait for the next dive trip. perhentian?

113 girls
113 girls.

funfair at woodlands
funfair at woodlands. view from the overhead bridge where bloodcurdling shrieks from those taking some of the scary-looking rides can be heard.

on labour day, some girls my batch attended the rgs evergreen lunch at mandarin hotel where old girls from the class of 1993 and before gathered for a good meal and catch up. it was coolio to see ladies in their 40s, 50s, 60s still so boisterous, filling the ballroom with uncontained laughter and rowdy cheering. rise sisters rise, the world is all before ye, fear not to grasp what fortune sends.

i just spent four bleeding hours trying to format my hard drive to make it compatible with both the pc and my mac but no! it is not working. RRAA.

on a very different note: am off pontian. will be staying the night, for lao jek's funeral tmr. be strong, lao sim and family.