Sunday, April 29, 2007

l-o, l-o, l-o-v!-e!

at 1am, i opened my front door to see 4 people lined up in the corridor, limbs flailing, spelling the four lettered word. and then ivan thosai did his dance for me. my god! this amazing crazy bunch of friends had spent a good half? hour outside the door trying to wake me up without rousing my whole family.

so, they had had it all planned out. to make me feel :( (i really was miserable.) and then spring a surprise house call. insane! i love them so. supped at al-ameen woodlands, where we later made a grand exit: ahmad murtabak had to adjust his car unglamly while blasting mat music with the windows rolled down; the rest of us tried very hard to hide under the seats. later, mag-woman and i had an adrenaline rush running through a muddy field, encumbered, while the boys went home to sleep.

l-o, l-o.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


i am choking with emotion. let me ramble!

on wednesday evening, the beloved 3stanis and co had dinner and shiok desserts with me at pscafe. also, the hanoi gang gamely swung by and we later traipsed over fort canning hill in the moonlight. i'd thought that that was The bday celebrations, and went home very happy after the lovely evening out.

ooh rouan
ooh, roseanne!

ningyan navigating
ningyan navigating.

..kena conned..

thursday was an insanely long day; we left the wards only at 6pm. i was bushed after having slept <20h the past 5 days but happy to be spending the evening with my two cgmates who'd 'chope[d me] for dinner' when i was in hanoi. (i was damn touched then la, reading that sms in the cafe overlooking hoan kiem lake, i remember clearly!) the two boys took forevermore to get out of school, what with william having 'diarrhea' and then us just relaxing in the carpark. i believed that the 'restaurent' reservation was made for later and was happy to rest my feet in the car. i agreed that it was more economical to park one of their car's at william's and take tian's out for the night. i believed that jess got picked up in the med library. i listened to the bullshitty story tian spun out of the air. i believed that there was a commotion at the poolside and turned my back to the darkened glass of the function room at william's place without noticing my sneaky friends sitting in the dark inside. i was reading comics on the newspapers that were plastered over the thin piece of glass that separated me from them. shit i bet i was gullible on more occasions over the past week but i didnt and still dont know. damn i feel stupid.. everyone kept asking what i was going to do on thursday when they all knew! (even my family knew!

wishing very hard for..

some of 3stan.

ian and ai
a cute photo of ian and ai.

well. well done, guys. it was a successful surprise! i was speechless when i saw everybuddy in the room. i didnt know what to say/do. many many thanks are in order; i think i did it badly last night. everyone who made last night's surprise possible, all the meddies cgmates 3stanis pudgey loveclub 412babes flrballers hanoigang nyps i didnt miss nobuddy i hope, thank you for making my birthday memorable.

the birthday bouquet, birkis, and photos that came in through the delivery boy, delivery man, and mail, were such pleasant surprises too! the scent of lilies permeates the house, i have happy feet, and the 3M sticky board comes in handy.

this evening, i was sad because friday flrball was cancelled. but then the flrballers met up anyways and four hours flew by just like that, over dinner and much cake. and then, i (just) watched the video the hanoi gang made for me. i died when all the meddies popped up with 'happy birthday's. (the background music is by the beatles!) everybuddy was so happyfying. and died also when the five viet folks closed the vid. these dear friends sacrificed much needed sleep for the video and the photo collage, macham making smth for gfs like that hahaha; i am bloody touched! gan en. there was some magic in this trip eh.

happy without chethan hahaha
happy without chethan hahaha.

everybuddy, thank you for the well wishes. it is a lovely warming feeling when people are thinking abt me through the day and let me know, haha!


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

on the way to school on monday morning, at a traffic junction near my house, we saw

cow and calf in woodlands
a cow and a calf! on the way to slaughter.. (in vietnam, the road shoulder is the designated lane for slow moving.. animals.)

kristanto's pride

the goods
today, william collected his new peugeot partner. tian, ningyan and i had fun taking turns clambering into the front seat to drive it round and round the science carpark. it is very roomy, perfect for camping/roadtrips, even though it goes tingtingting and can stall. (..i want my vw minibus!)

bo jio
oh, the bo jio-ed hijacked my camera last night.

i am very very tired. i need a break after the hols.. but i so love seeing everybuddy in school!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

we woke up to this:

sunrise at sembawang beach
sunrise at sembawang beach.

this month, the love club decided to camp out. we wanted to re-live obs! but we are now old farts and lazy lousy campers who just sit around the fire eating. no need to lay out the tarps/ hammer in pins, etc: we had a pop up fun tent. no need to scrub out mess tins in the dark: we did the most of that in the morning. no need to dig holes for the toilet: we climbed into bottle **** village to use the toilets. (disclaimer: we asked for permission!) the fishermen uncles who kept ahmad and i up the whole night chided us the next morning for being so lazy. still, we endured mozzies, the stickiness of OFF!, the wet cold dew, tight sleeping quarters, snores of fellow campers, and we inhaled shitloads of solid fuel. once in a Long while, this feels good.

practice cast
this is the uncle doing a dry run of net-casting.

scrubbing mess tins
the ivans scrub out the mess tins

the night before:

yummy3 i've got love in my tummy
yummy yummy yummy i've got love in my tummy

hongyi setting off rockets
ivan hongyi sets off rockets wheee.. pop!

waving to wuyuetian
and ivan maulanar sings along to wu yue tian

pop out fun tent
this was home for the night

river crossing
to get to the campsite, we had to pick our way through rocky slopes and a gazillion creepy crawlies. the river crossing was no biggie.

photo spam!

Friday, April 20, 2007

one week in hanoi..

it is a bit strange to wake up to quiet, without the other five folks around me and a fresh new day of discovery ahead. chao, vietnam.

the past one week tramping around hanoi, sapa and halong bay has been eye opening. the people of vietnam are poor, but the culture so rich; the activity, colour and noise speak volumes.

traffic. is crazy. a million motorbikes/scooters (vespa heaven!) throng the streets of hanoi. traffic lights are ignored. the first honks begin at 5?am in the morning, and do not cease till midnight. bus rides on dangerously narrow strips of road on steep slopes are shitloads of fun- you think the road is just wide enough for one car, but then you disbelievingly see an on-coming car whiz past your bus on the left as the bus overtakes a bike on the right side, as you drive round a bend.

road side stalls. are aplenty. the food is yummy and slurping up our food perched on footstools, the atmosphere is simply fantastic. through tien, a local guide, we found a secret haven you can only access through no. 11 hang gai street, and bun cha at no. 1 hang manh street. the french cafe chocolate and baguette in sapa was so good we ate there 2x in a row.

bia (beer) hoi. looks and tastes deceptively mild. we knocked two glasses back double quick in the sleazy-looking side alley reeking of male machismo (drinking starts at 6am!) and the tipsiness kicked in a while later. friendly hanoians bought us one more round of beer, but we just couldnt down it no more.

scenery. in sapa took my words away and i fell silent on the both days we trekked. in halong bay was very happyfying when the mist lifted and blue skies screamed, xin chao! welcome to north vietnam!

people. the vietnamese are most friendly, and we didnt feel threatened despite the decrepit surroundings we often found ourselves in. the h'mong and dzao tribeswomen tugged a lil too much at our sleeves (the kids tugged at our heartstrings) to buy their handicraft but some of them proved to have a great sense of humour. oh, their command of english is impressive.




the first kiddoes



Saturday, April 07, 2007

Love is always patient and kind; it is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited; it is never rude or selfish; it does not take offense, and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people’s sins but delights in the truth; it is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes. Love does not come to an end.

tofu. every weekend the past few weeks, i catch an old movie and end up with a wobbly (fat) chin and a headache. tonight, i watched a walk to remember on tv. i hadn't expect much from mandy moore, but ended up q touched.

tata hongking-kun wa denwa wo kaittekuremashita. he is so sweet, to always call us before our exams. today, i also met xiz. it's been very many years since the suffocating bearhugs, tripping along the corridor, coughing up beehoon, shrieks in tanjenfu's chemistry classes etc etc. flooded over with funny memories, and then acutely, i saw that it isnt good mulling on the past too much, too long. in any case, i have her, and all the 412 babes in my heart. cliched, but. filiae melioris aevi.

i am closing in on the bellowed phrase YOU SHALL KNOW OUR VELOCITY in the book; craning my neck towards my own trip. in 4! days time.

answer the phone and tell me you're all alone
i saw you everyday i'm begging you to don't go away

Thursday, April 05, 2007

neighbour baby leon from a few doors away was dropped off at our place for an hour? or so. i came home to my flustered babysitting parents cradling it (ok, him) and crooning, persuading him to sleep before its parents came home. well the kiddo finally fell asleep and his myoclonic jerks in his early stages of sleep were damn cute la. (i have a friend who twitches in his sleep too! i kinda miss seeing that.)

i am happy tonight cos suddenly in a span of 24h i catch up with a coupla of old friends- lu! mo and kev. and fuzz sent cheer along with 'blood and peanut butter'- what kind of title is that! i marvel at technology and forget for a moment how frustrating/confusing it gets often-times.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

macs, muffins, margaritas, meesiam* and other little treats have been quite happyfying, and leaving me quite quite wonky. the margaritas went from growling stomach to stuffed head too fast and sloshed up everything up there. i hate it when everything starts mov i n g s l o w l y . . . eugene observed that i was moving very quickly though. i guess i overcompensated.

*ok not the meesiam itself, but the whole warming idea of the medsoc sweetly providing tummy-fillers for the (lovely!) people studying in school.

thank you, ganesh, the god of travel?, for taking care of my friends, allowing them to climb out of the wreckage nerves frayed but otherwise unscathed. tsk, be more careful!

sorry i havent been replying to emails.. i will soon!