Saturday, March 31, 2007

i blasted the boys on friday and i am feeling pretty darn bad about it esp after receiving an apologetic sms that warmed my cold frigid insides and made me feel a lot happier at the same time.

oh this is gonna be a wretched rambly whine about having not been very happy for a prolonged period of time in a while..

damn microB. my brain might as well be spongiformed- holey like a sieve, not absorbent like a sponge. i have been so negative and always looking for an escape that studying has been most unproductive. i hate it that it is just memorising^3. freak. how can anybuddy sit down for >2h at a shot and still get stuff in.

smack this giardia
the giardia lamblia trophozoite looks so happy i want to slap my notes everytime i see it. (it is such a sucker) it gives me a tummy ache. ooh, punny.

i am grateful for the sweetest people who have bore with my broken smile and the heavy heart on my sleeve the past coupla days and who have tried to cheer me up. and for the inspiration they have given me by just being there, ploughing through their own notes possbily feeling as shitty as i do but with the decency not to add to the gloom.


oh so out of point but cioccolato speziato (pepperonchino)/ spicy dark chocolate is very shiok. oh mama mia. (or is this.. spanish?) anybuddy going italia?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

a purple bruise is spreading over the ribs after a sharp twack that knocked the breath out of me. ugly! but no biggie; it doesnt hurt and kels is forgiven even though he didnt assist my goal. quick! which abiotics predispose to thrombocytopenia? it was hilarious exchanging challenging questions, even on court. i am happy that both my cgmates shared the physical, mental and emotional (it was hilarious and scary at the same time, forgetting stuff we'd just read) exercise with me at the m1 virgin flrball medness session. i hope everybuddy went home/back to the library? with some endorphins coursing through their veins. catch the flrball fever? ..i know/think i am studying too hard when some lame-ass bacteremia --> pyrexia joke bubbles within. oh mama.

tomo (eat?) chocolate.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

will you talk to me? the birthday boy said, starting a laughing fit that lasted forevermore. happy bday, ronnie! and quanyao! -our golden boys. merry xmas, weixiang. it was funtabulous at island creamery last night. conversation was fast furious and punctuated with much rowdy laughter.

leo and gohwenyang, U05.....
leo and U05.....

read some david mitchell the past coupla weeks and i prefer number9dream to cloud atlas, but maybe only after chapter 1. john lennon says, the ninth dream begins after every ending. (?) chapter 9 is a blank page in the book.

on sending ge's car in for a much-needed wash, the washer uncles asked if i'd driven through the jungle. although raihana begs me every friday to wash it, guilt was the major driving force today: i scratched it :( (again) last night. story: the bleeding carpark fee was $6 (!!) but both my cash cards had only $5.90 in them. gohwenyang, U05..... came to my rescue but help came scratches too late - i couldnt quite wriggle out from behind the barrier with cars behind me! hai. i broke a stranger's cup yest too. klutz.

Friday, March 23, 2007

three beeps and the calm i'd found on a quiet friday morning after the therapeutic dose of caffeine* was sloshed up as elvis bleated: blue suede shoes go cat go blue blue blue suede shoes so out of point and then bono emo-nemoed: and if your way should falter along this stony pass it's just a moment this time will pass. (trivia: this song was written after bono's friend the guy from ixns committed suicide.)

*it was insane bouncing off the walls turntables in my eyes when i O/Ded.

do the spanish swing with nat king cole, senorita!

oh i am very excited for the m5s. goodluck! for the last exam tmr. impressed with their cool; it'd be worrying if they were panicking though- how to be doctors like that. dramatised (or not) hospital anecdotes got me positively psyched for pre-clinics come april. first stop: ttsh.

bacteria are waving their flagella excitedly welcoming me into their world. hello.
(i've been reading too many tables. excuses the bad syntax punctuation maybe but not the senselessness of this post.)

impatient for fflrball to start. bye.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

dog tired, but too full to sleep :( dinner with my ugly escort was yummy nihonlioli which would have made a healthy light meal if only we didnt eat so much. i still dont know the name of the restaurent. at tanjong rhu/ kallang where we tried to walk the meal off, the air and water was strangely still tonight. postcard perfect, almost. imagine the post-prandial drowsiness.

die, just two days of studying and i am so very restless still/already. should have made a short trip somewhere last/this week to quench the wanderlust somewhat. well, three weeks to one weeek in hanooiiii.. (sing it!) is not that long a wait when i think of what we hafta drag ourselves through before jetting off.

swam hard to clear the caffeine from my system while the afternoon rain pelted the pool till the blue lines were almost undiscernable (do you know that when the lines disappear, everybuddy has to get out of the water) worrying like hell that the restaurent by the pool would be serving honlyn soup with mantous for dinner should lightning strike. red sky in the morning, sailor's warning.

(off ra's..)

We Should Talk about This Problem

There is a Beautiful Creature
Living in a hole you have dug.

So at night
I set fruit and grains
And little pots of wine and milk
Beside your soft earthen mounds,

And I often sing.

But still, my dear,
You do not come out.

I have fallen in love with Someone
Who hides inside you.

We should talk about this problem--

I will never leave you alone.


Monday, March 19, 2007

here (in your arms) - hellogoodbye

i like,
where we are,
when we drive,
in your car.
i like,
where we are;

cause our lips,
can touch,
and our cheeks,
can brush.
our lips,
can touch;

where you are the one, the one that lies close to me.
whispers, "hello, i've missed you quite terribly."
i fell in love, in love with you suddenly.
that there's no place else i could be but here in your arms.

i like,
where you sleep,
when you sleep,
next to me.
i like,
where you sleep;


"..the voice isn't comp generated - what they do is use sth super cool
called a vocoder, which lowers the resolution of the human voice. it
divides our voices into 16-28 pitch ranges (vs our ears, which can
hear from 20 to 20k hz haha), measures the volume of each pitch range,
and then reproduces the sound, so there are less (only 20+ vs 1000s)
possible overtones and harmonics-- hence the "purer" computer-y
sounding voice. queen uses it in killer queen-- when freddie mercury
sings "laser beam" the sound gets all zappy!!"

Sunday, March 18, 2007

it was l.o.v.e.l.y meeting sya at matthew's (mag's bro) place tonight. muah..

vespa dreamin'

it was l.o.v.e.l.y too of course, to have the love club gather! ahmad's hot chick, nadia vespa al-alzhar, is a real swell ride, phweet. matthew lives in a shophouse marked out for conservation so imagine how retro we are feeling. add boys swigging beer from precious vintage tigerbeer glasses and girls playing chapteh along the street to the sepia picture.

great to see everyone else too. hello, banter.

after a cheery loud hot sticky evening, sober folks convened in the darkness under the fan that tried in vain to stir the heavy air and spoke of.. r/ships-yada-tiresome-yada. well, Whatever Makes You Happy!

feeling alert, surprise surprise. and craving roti prata badly. but i really need to sleep before gasp! six hours of tuition on a sunshiney sunday. may the kids do well in their exams. (me too!)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

canteen floorball. madness! happyness.

the advance party was worrying at 3pm that we wldnt have enough players in the evening. by evening, ~20? people had gathered in the canteen. a few tables were laid on their sides, green rubbish bins were dragged out, and the crazy rumble began! reminiscent of canteen flrball daze with renji chethan mj johnsamuel when we were (supposed to be) studying. i am really glad the halls were occupied today.

now, it hurts to sit down! but. (you guessed it right,) shiok. :). (william suggested wrapping the thigh. like ham.)

last night w the meddies i was semi-conscious i think. so very tired! but it was great to see everybuddy relaxed and having much fun. the roseanne was the only truly tickled by monty python and the holy grail. the rest of us were tickled by her self-indulgent chuckles.

opposing views on monty python
the roseanne and joel who Really hated the show.

alvin-kun to honlin-chan
alvin-kun to honlin-chan. hai, chiizu!

after this weekend, it is my turn to rev the engine and get going for the finals. oh mama! daunting daunting. i'd love a dose of sunsandcuttlefishturtle alittlepieceofheaven next week but. :(. but. nvm! i am really happy to have been missed, haha! because imu too.

and i am happy for that midnight prattle, kev. even though you wanted to talk about.. breasts. i wish for your unspoken troubles to melt like lemon drops.

and then talking to the saobao always has that calming effect and the cloud of gloom disperses. and i have more trust in boys.
bang, bang! the sb's shot.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

idle chatter near the jetty where the breeze blew sticky, a tedious walk (koala bears have it easy) and more idle reading/dozing in the library in between visits to giant (and not so giant) clams in the marine biology lab constituted a restful and quiet day on st john's island. eye-opening, to see the marine bio student hard at work, to see how water snails right themselves when placed on their backs, and to feel squirming (squeal!) giant clams and the powerful jets of water they squirt when threatened. mucho gracias, mr seacucumber.

bang, bang. short, and sweet- sweet to mean 'kind, gentle and friendly; gracious', not short and sweet to mean 'pleasantly short'.

the L word?

happy bday, mag-woman. love, love, love.
i know what it means here, woman. otherwise, i am lost.

my heart aches a sorry ache. ouch. i am sorry for the unhappyness.
be strong, spartan.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

murder at the soup spoon. shit happens. has it hit the headlines yet?

chenkaizhu was very excited that we were at the crime scene. i was too woozy -sugar OD? from saccharine sweet umeshu that has been surfacing everyday since thursday- to be curious then. i was very alert when we were eating at gyukaku though. fat in the wagyu beef/ pork belly/ cow intestines (appendices epiploice) melted over the grill and we lapped it all up. the tofu avocado salad was mindblowing as well. minna totemo oishikatta desu, mm..!

(i havent had a fall-out with a friend like that before methinks. i was all riled up, but i was at fault too. let the dead dogs lie, shall we. i am not talking abt the chenkaizhu la. V!! )

on replay through the night, by saving jane:

spell it out in a song,
bet you never catch on to my weakness
i'm singing every word for you.
here i'm thinking i'm sly
then you're catching my eye, and just maybe
you're thinking what i'm thinking too

and then dinner with the (brother's) in-laws at xin cuisine was also quite mindblowing, and stomachbursting. woah!

Monday, March 05, 2007

the phone rings in the middle of the night
my father yells 'what you gonna do with your life'
oh daddy dear you know you're still number one
but girls they want to have fun
oh girls just want to have..

i'm a little deaf in my right ear now, after blasting loud retro for the 1.5 hours i took to get home, in an attempt to cheer myself up. a quiet acoustic lifehouse song (crooned into my left ear) distracted me more from the blue blue unconstructive day i put myself through though. sweet. i am a bit swirled up, not quite liking that feeling of not quite knowing how i feel. but away with these thoughts for now- i have a stack of foreign-looking notes to read! so much for having grand plans to read last sem's stuff to back things up! respect, to those who had the discipline to do that.

pull up your socks, hon! pink, purple, or otherwise.

'cos it's you and me
and all other people with nothing to do
nothing to lose..

addendum 1.30 am: i am blogging too damn much these days. in any case, i have been woken up by the throbbing in my big toe. it is a rich purple/red, swollen, and feeling very hot to boot. in fact, my whole left foot is warmer than my right. please not let it be a bad infx by one of those multi-resistant bacteria. oral amox doesnt seem to help. please please please dont let it be nec fas or anything else scary. :'(

Sunday, March 04, 2007

hooray, the medicine girls won canoe polo ifg today!

damn shiok la, even/especially when we were playing in the heavy (cold) rain. i am very proud of the fact that we were the only girls team comprising purely of members from our own faculty. laughed shitloads when the music got everybuddy (esp the tanrouan) grooving- it was Mambo in the summer rain! lynette and roseanne were insane today, i couldnt have asked for more crazy company. :). the m1 girls and other facs must have been taken aback by all that flashing of swimsuits/tummies/6pacs. may the boys enjoy their games lots tmr too. thanks xinrong, zongxian, abin, hanjie. (and the rest of the team- i am always impressed by how close they are.)

liverpool!-manutd match at raihana's promised to be a good way to rest the tired, unfit body. ROC, ahh. but no! the boys and aisyah were so fired up, it was hard not to get excited too.

i'm tired. quite unreasonably irritated that i rushed home, leaving the two boys to walk, to nobody. then again, they dont deserve a ride after scaring me with horror stories and shadows in my blind spot!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

lucky socks: bright pink, with pink apples all over them. many thanks to the trio for this symbol of love that got me on fire, for a while.

flrball today rocked my lucky socks. big time! it's the best fun i've had on the courts for a really long time. edwin was taken down by a phantom elbow? blood gushed. but: play on, man! towards the end when jianhong set the boards falling like dominoes, it was difficult to stand up after bending double falling over laughing. later, leerenji and i were too tired to eat and when we did we felt sick. but. still shiok.

selamat hari jadi, ibosh!
selamat hari jadi

she wrote my name on the red telephone box
when i got there she'd already rubbed it off
in the morning..

Thursday, March 01, 2007

today was happyfying; the library was warm and cozy with all the funny/+friendly people milling around. felt so very at home, geeky. the great exodus to the leftovers and medsoc welfare snacks see people moving with more energy than when there was a fire drill. (haha!)

i am tired of cramming. cramming answers to a test we have been given the questions (and answers) to. darren says, no pride! but i am glad for my friends who have helped make this test less effort-ful. though we really all should also know everything else that we aren't going to be tested on tmr.


the nano was on shuffle when a succession of 6 songs, each one reminding me acutely of 6 persons, played:

collide - lulu (yishun, after tennis lesson)
strangers in the night -xhui (that last evening in rj)
i wanna hold your hand - yemily (kbox, oh mama)
just like heaven - yauhong (ost just like heaven)
imitation of life - fau-zi-ah (i cant rmb when!)
sway - momoboy (at corona?)