Wednesday, February 28, 2007

F pushes his arms forward and to the side, Going swimming?
H shakes her head, points out the window and wiggles her fingers, No, it's raining.
F pounds on his chest, ...(oryeeor!)

H raises her eyebrows, ..What?

at the med lib, craziness unleased happily; it's great to see everybuddy again and catch up on stories of yellow boxes pink underwear boys who dont fit into cars et cet tera. the half piece of honeydew from ronnie nice tan, whom i never take advantage of cos that would be so terrible, quelled the rising panic. then chen held my hand for longer than the usual time taken for a handshake and sat next to me and katzung for the afternoon. felt like a small kid misbehaving in class when my Wake Up! paper ball i'd thrown was confiscated.

the RTA involving a birdie while i was on the handphone discussing p values (and subsequently screaming like a stuck pig) while crossing the road was ominous. (i am reminded of the nyps No Talking While Walking mantra.) ..and i did screw up the coF!m paper.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

barefeet and a dead flower. whee.

+10 points on the unglam chart for taking off shoes in town, to relieve blistered feet. +10 points on another chart for removing shoes from unblistered feet.

Iwo Jima Kara No Tegami wa kandooteki desu. it only reaffirms that war is.. f-ed up. (link-link: some men are really f-ed up.)

more cny visiting this weekend, in the far east. the three kiddoes that convened at aunty jane's were dizzying. nikisha, the latest addition, is cuteness to the max!

AHH! the music of duke ellington, ella fitzgerald and louis armstrong!! at the mosaic music fest. tix are sellingtoofast hurry callmeifyouwannago!


my back is aching crazily. i need services of the roseanne. :D. it may be recall bias, but i think the backache resulted from sitting down for too long trying to appreciate cofm in a caffeine induced stupor instead of from flrball/ keeping the boards after that. damn, my play is not improving..

anyway. City of God is a must-watch. it is devastating that life was so cheap in that part of rio de janeiro. :(. the cinematography is great and all the cast (except one) arent professional actors by the way. yes, the kiddies were really smoking.


happy bday, ge.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

we cancelled our trip to KL at the last minute, and i am really glad we went back to pa's hometown, Pontian, instead. it has been many years since we last spent cny there. easy banter; the relatives are hilarious and so fun to talk to. lao tzek was so sunshiney, though he must have been very tired that night with the house overflowing with visitors. (the tentage outside the house was quite melayu, pretty. but the atmosphere was unmistakenably chingchong when an uncle turned up in a gold qipao. yes, he looked like the God of Fortune.) i am wishing very hard that lao tzek will recover. i miss my grandfather very much. and i am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the wave of family-warmth-feeling rraa my vocabulary is damn limited i am at a loss for words there is too much colour too many conversations people malaysian and singaporean and animals to talk about. (yes, animals too: ah-hao has a 80kg st bernard and a fighting dog and a garfield cat in his house!)

(photowhoring with the parents is weird.. haha! but as aunty-green says in teochew: with a [brand of camera] you regain your youth.)

with a sony,

the cousins photowhoring- cute ah. (that is my pa.)
and this my ma.
0_0 haha!


and then, at cny, we visit our friends too..

i was lucky (weili was unlucky) at blackjack at bean's place. unfortunately, at Casino Namly, abintan was the luckiest. well, his fortune cookie announced that he 'might win a lot at the mahjong table.'

the boys
the 3F boys dressed to scare away Unluck.

Friday, February 16, 2007

raise a glass to love!

had a funtabulous time at maulanar's place, ROC-ing. an oz cookout: one tub of butter, one tub of icecream (amazing banana smoothies!) heaps of onions, and quicksale! meats left us very stuffed. spent the whole of vday in holiday mode, with much laughs and much love which thickened as the buddies streamed in slowly. "one vday when we are old, with no husband/wife, and sad and lonely, we know who to call. that is what the love club is about." or smth along those lines. <3 happy vday.

monster maulanar
the two ivans: monster maulanar and chef hongyi

lunched today with ugly at togi at mosque st. there, the kimchi noodles are really yummy (like papa's favourite kimchi instant ramen) and there, somebuddy lifted his shirt proudly to show off his fake tattoo. (above frank? haha!) and then scalding hot taro paste oozing onto my chin woke me up proper. thanks for the flower; i will ignore the pity behind the gesture ;)

ayam penyat dinner later with the friday flrballers was another ROC (literally) affair. easy, comfy chatting, sweating over sangat pedas food. shiok. happy bday, raihan-a. i am really glad to re-establish contact, with leerenji too, and to discover another auntie in aisyah.

well the CNY is peeking out from the corner, and soon i will be bundled up in the car forced to read a road map (the power is my hands, hiakhiak) as we embark on my father's grandplan of a roadtrip. KL here we come, to conquer the ampang yongtaufoo etcetc.

xin nian kuai le! may everybuddy be
kai kai xin xin
kuai kuai le le

seriously, and most importantly,
zu da jia shen ti jian kang!
be well, phyisically, emotionally, mentally. please.

oh mama! i am dead tired. Zzz....

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

went for gab's flrball party after all and enjoyed the game lots after a frustrating tuition session. the poor boy twisted his ankle! :( in any case, the 'love gabriel' extravaganza stretches on..

i am feeling festive after the dizzying bright (red and gold) colours and loud buzz kterisitic of the annual chinese new year walkabout with bean and weili. as usual, i was touched by the sri mariamman temple spreading the cny good cheer.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

i didnt fall off!

was very highhh, after getting very windblown whenever i dared to sit up straight and take in the road as we hurtled past the other cars. raihan-a rockies.

another joyride in the sonata the previous night with yanweiwei and ra, comfortably curled up on the backseat listening to a commentary on classical music as we cruised ard spore for >1h. i was warm, dry and happy. earlier in the night, i was shivering/spas-ing in the F-ing (F for Freezing) cold water and disappointed by my lack of cool- i wasnt confident (learning how to) teaching the 20 skills. poor roseanne stunned us with her attacks and i am v glad all is well now. comply with your meds please!

ifg frisbee with my noobie team (+ a guest star player) was q a bit of fun in the sun as we muddled along not understanding frisbee verbiage. respect to everybuddy for running forevermore. congrats to med1! i am sorry i kb-ed loads in the morning when i was unfairly angsty and feeling a tad cheated for having to agonise over decisions and time scheduling when it could? have been avoided. i still get to go to salu this weekend, though that means i will miss the flrball party, and catching (!! shitloads of fun, i'd bet!) in rj. :'( something's gotta give, i guess.

happy bday, marcjoe. and everybuddy loves gabriel. and joyce!

die! i think i dont have enough time to study for the upcoming cas. i really should start associating other places besides the med lib with studying. but for the past coupla days, the house has been steeped in peanut butter (yummay!) and other fragrances and i am always stuffed with cookies/bak kwa. and wanting to Zzz.. shiokness.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

the eager beaver gets the laughs.
(wenjian's offer to pay the toilet troll (me) toll in kind was witty i must say.)

and 'pbl.. woosh!' we ended the madcap pbl session outside the LT with a bang.
it feels like this semester is drawing to an end prematurely.

no monday blues with lotsa sleep and happy friends to prattle with. much hype about the upcoming holidays. x-ed fingers that the finalised timetable will be a friendly one. (let's go manado.) wake up your idea, nusyllsom admin!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

the weekend should span 3 days long.
much harried journeying between places this weekend, but at each destination it was rest&relax- i like.

the highlight this weekend was heading out to pulau hantu to.. talk. it was fantabulous lounging lazily around on the boat. we did only one dive; viz was shitty, we kept losing our buddies, and i was a wuss. had much trouble equalising cos of the cold/cough but the clincher was when my jaw dislocated/misaligned -just a bit. i couldnt quite talk/laugh without that part of the mandible? jutting out disturbingly. ra's attempt at pulling my jaw forward and letting it snap back was worrying, though i definitely didnt doubt her anatomy. (100x more accurate than mine.) in the end, mrseacucumber(one of the many eugenesims)'s magic touch did the trick and i could stop worrying that i would not be able to eat. oh and i found it insanely funny that jiahui's screams when she got entangled in the seaweed could be heard in the water. and yanweiwei looks like a TMNT.

in the evening, after an hour on the road with raihan-a and going to a wrong hotel first, we finally made it to ashraf's- not a void deck k. happy bday, dude. it was heartwarming to see his diverse yet very close-knit family sharing all that love, and of course it was very nice to see the hockers&friends. and as always, the audience was enthralled by his flying fingers.

ashraf fights the pout!

ashraf ivan
this is more normal.

surfnsweat today was a hazy affair. haziness perhaps due to the lack of a morning cuppa that i have gotten used to in the past month, shit. chowsaus wasnt there, and i missed her. hung out with the friendly canoepoloists and then the relaxed race started and ended before i realised it. bumped into the nice boy who ran the army half with me, and numayama jyoji and marie were playing beach volleyb but i didnt have the chance to say hello, tsk. and! i met.. j-en!! my god. it's been a bleeding long time.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

the helmut hair has conferred superstar status on me.
lotsa photos with the cheery crazy seniors, whee.

clockwise: wengyan (new name?:) ! kerly chan ah lian ! scary giant dehan ! freddy (em will say, 'the frog!') !