Saturday, January 27, 2007

they call me Queen of the Road. (RAWR!)

learnt a lesson or two from the incident with the silver hatchback and the man who hides a dagger in his smile. i was impossibly stupid but still the boys were nice about it and helped me through the mess. thanks, guys. and thanks ra, for offering to bump into that car for kicks; i (and everybuddy in your car) am glad you didnt. anw, Hup Tee at AMK Ind Park 2 gets the thumbs up for service. ..all tricksy car matters are settled, hooray.

met up with abt a third of the rgs prefects (33 survivors) last night. the prattle was seemingly endless as we moved from th*i xpress (which poisoned 3 poor girls!) to menotti, then finally to inna's lovely place with sweet anna and mag-woman. it's been 5 years, but the banter and shrieks were all too familiar. tales of heartbreak and lovefound too.

and you give yourself away
and you give yourself away
and you give
and you give
and you give yourself away.

or not, with padding thick enough to dull conversation and block out colour.

oh singapura. vs malaysia. siapa boleh? it'll be wild watching the match with the funny sonnies, even if it rains (choyy) and we have soggy bottoms. psyche up, hon! ..time to wake leeliling up and join the sausbabe+other runners who have heART, in the charity run organised by the medsoc/meddies. (good job, guys.)


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