Monday, January 29, 2007

when i was a young boy,
my father took me into the city
to see a marching band.

he said,
"son, when you grow up,
will you be the saviour of the broken,
the beaten and the damned?"

the weather today was Amazing. nobuddy should be kept indoors on a glorious day like this when the he-sun unleashes his megawatt smile but the she-wind pinches your nose and fingers.

(i hate my hair! fux-ing uncoolio. then again, what's new; shall not sweat the small stuff.)

happy to snatch some time off ge's (rather) busy schedule. he knocked off at 3.30pm on a monday can.

oh happy day. happy to be happy.
(it is more difficult to speak of happy things because one is often too caught up in the excitement to sit still and pen down thoughts? it is sometimes difficult to point out what exactly was happfying; because happiness is cumulative? what was happyfying must seem insignificant/stupid* (not just silly, which is such a kind word) to others? ah, i think the lattermost is the case today, and 'insignificant' is the option to strike out. except if u are one other person -the gal pal, perhaps.)

and so it is that 1/12 of 2007 has rumbled by without me doing anything to be proud of.
i have yet bought my organizer; the year ahead is under a shroud of fog which i shall swipe at, to present more beautiful days like this.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

they call me Queen of the Road. (RAWR!)

learnt a lesson or two from the incident with the silver hatchback and the man who hides a dagger in his smile. i was impossibly stupid but still the boys were nice about it and helped me through the mess. thanks, guys. and thanks ra, for offering to bump into that car for kicks; i (and everybuddy in your car) am glad you didnt. anw, Hup Tee at AMK Ind Park 2 gets the thumbs up for service. ..all tricksy car matters are settled, hooray.

met up with abt a third of the rgs prefects (33 survivors) last night. the prattle was seemingly endless as we moved from th*i xpress (which poisoned 3 poor girls!) to menotti, then finally to inna's lovely place with sweet anna and mag-woman. it's been 5 years, but the banter and shrieks were all too familiar. tales of heartbreak and lovefound too.

and you give yourself away
and you give yourself away
and you give
and you give
and you give yourself away.

or not, with padding thick enough to dull conversation and block out colour.

oh singapura. vs malaysia. siapa boleh? it'll be wild watching the match with the funny sonnies, even if it rains (choyy) and we have soggy bottoms. psyche up, hon! ..time to wake leeliling up and join the sausbabe+other runners who have heART, in the charity run organised by the medsoc/meddies. (good job, guys.)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

happy bday, yemily. ilu.. tons.
i havent hugged mon petit ami so many times in a minute before. haha!

everybuddy @ em's 21st
everybuddy loves emily.

these two babes esp-ly.. juub!

primary school buddies
nyps buddies. it was, and still is, so comfortable talking to you.

blue you.

it's a certain sinking i've been having for a while whenever i am not feeling hollow. (or very hungry!) a sky dive would rectify the problem: my stomach would lurch and my heart would be lifted up to my mouth and then everything will later fall nicely back into place when i finally land in a tangled mess and get a wet sweet tobacco tinged kiss. and for days after, i shall close my eyes and dream of floating above the yellow, green, brown countryside, above the .s that are cows and men.

i think i need those blinders to keep my focus (forkoose! as the spanish lecturer cutely says) everywhere, from the courts to the roads.

btw! i am very proud of the jupitans for making it to the finals. way to go, babes! may friday end in a blaze of glory.

i am looking fwd to friday flrball. nothing much else getting adrenaline/endorphins coursing through the veins. anws, zhenjin and i visited rj spontaneously, much to the annoyance of rous and joel?, and we are now proud owners of new pe tshirts. bumping into alfie and having a machine gun convo with him as he rushed off was so.. typical. haha.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

my aunt (who has asked me to climb a mountain with her in nepal) went up to kota tinggi with her friends to help the flood victims. on the drive back to jb, they made a pit stop at a coffeeshop. the friendly boss welcomed them warmly and on hearing where they had just been, he announced that all the coffee and toast was on the house, because that was the least he could do for his countrymen in need, never mind indirectly. malaysia boleh.

in spore, there is much whining when it pours cats dogs and elephants; the only ones not complaining are perhaps the taxi drivers (correct me if i am wrong) or giordano and newurbanmale (these i am very sure are running a brisk business selling brollies and havianas) but most of us really are q fortunate, fortunate enough to be able to get home to a warm shower and then curl up with a hot cuppa within an hour or two even in bad traffic. from the bus on one particularly stormy day, i saw an old uncle pushing his trolley laden with soggy cardboard boxes and newspaper. it was an f-ing cold heavy pelting rain. dear god.


anw! i am damn touched that my neighbours have asked for suggestions for names for their new baby. it's a boy! another kiddo to entertain my parents, in 4 mths time, when they return from their msian hometown.. we will miss this family much-much meantime.

Monday, January 15, 2007

sung loudly, warningly,

dont you dare to phone me
dont you even have me on your mind!!

-omd/ i said

1. taboo. 2. polar bear. now, we can add 3. saboteur to the list of games we play at class gatherings. thanks, andy, for rounding us up at the mind(s?) cafe. i am looking forward to the customary cny lo hei in a few weeks time.

..reminising jc times, again, dammit. i want a blastothepastometer to bring me back to when everything was simple and bad feelings were easily ran away. chinkailun tells me that i once told him: sure, look back at memories now and then, but never hang on to them, cos they will prevent you from making the most of the present. thanks for the reminder.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

overwhelming lethargy.

i have been waking up in the middle of rem sleep the past coupla days with vivid dreams bothering me as i rushrushrush to get out of the house in 8 minutes. (enough time to shower. but not enough to brush teeth :B) winning dream #1: yun and jo are back in spore, and boy, are they Fat. esp yunlei mwahaha. #2: weili died. (inspired by the wake at the void deck i suppose) i cried forevermore. aww..

friday flrball was a swell way to end the week. enough people from my batch to form a line, shiok; the canteen flrballers were there in full force. as always, it's lovely to watch sir fly and spin on the court.

p.s.: make reservations when you want to swing by the ps cafe. even if it is raining cats dogs and elephants and you think that everybuddy must be comfortably curled up at home keeping their toes dry. because chances are, they and their toes are freezing at the cafe. (and forget about eating at yen living 'even' if u earn $65/day. i can cook better. hopefully.)

scratches x 2 + slight dent on the purple car this week, oh mama. the first when i was rushrushrushing to get to school, and the second when XX's brother was rushrushrushing to get to work, (so not my fault but i am still the jinx) Alamak.

strolled around the b.gardens in the balmy breeze with one of my oldest friends who wants to take wedding photos/ hold a wedding? there, failing which (choyy!) taichi with me sounds good too la. ..more squirrels have broken loose from the science lab, hooray.

uncle tan! what are you doing? everyday watch tv ah. let me come into your house.
-the 4 year old neighbour (who is becoming less cute hehe)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


dead tired after the bbq@kels'. started with marketing at shengsiong where skinned frogs lying in awkward positions induce shrieks and bunny hops. the food turned out pretty awes-ome, after the long afternoon of preparation with the much-missed mag-woman, and the donssimskels trio. shiok, to have the people stream in and mill around the pit, then settling down with beers by the poolside when the rumtumtum is satisfied.

'my mother say..'

a long packed week lies ahead. while i really just want to laze around reading a book, the blurring flurry of activity is welcome. may the energiser bunny awaken.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

i am unhappy, mostly with myself, mostly for being unhappy. quite a fix, ennit.

(i am a bit unhappy also for having not studied as hard as i promised myself to. tsktsk.)

anyhow, driving ard the past coupla days (with the windows rolled down- hot and sticky. train of thought interrupted by the thundering truck/ferrari brushing past) has been quite therapeutic/mindless. (same thing?) horribly disappted with the scale of bottle tree village.

bottle tree
the bottle tree

it is disconcerting that there is no recollection of part of our outings; we simply cannot piece the fuzzy bits together. anyhow, the well-intentioned dinner (over arabic/morrocan food at kandahar st- khulfi 'ihra, mm.) was nice. thank you weili, i am touched. thanks more than apologies, perhaps?, are in order.

the afternoon at rou's pool was reminiscent of studying for the 'A's with jen. the hot heavy air and hard wooden seats that kept us awake, and the cool water that provided much relief just two steps away. imu, babe.

the first day of school for all the kiddies saw me finally settling down to study hard. (for self worth.) when colourful stories of first day horrors were exchanged in the evening, i was too exhausted to add my 2c. besides, my day was just a dirty grotty beige, while theirs were a happy technicolour: red and yellow and green and brown and scarlet and black and ochre and peach and ruby and olive and violet and fawn and lilac and gold and chocolate and mauve and cream and crimson and silver and rose and azure and lemon and russet and grey and purple and white and pink and orange and blue

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

veldie and a million balls
happy 21st, veldie.

beautiful party, for a most radiant babe. yamyamyam..seng!
was great to see 'fellow same birthdayer' at another gathering. didnt quite catch up enough, but i know he makes great company. same goes for b**** hottie saus-babe- xx

for the cousin/s
'for the cousins', -one of whom was indulging in dessert at my secret garden too!

and then a late night sit-around at azhar again after Lor payah and menotti's disappted us. thanks, guys. :).

we're just a million little gods causing rain storms
turnin' every good thing to rust

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

medley; let's see what itunes bleats tonight.

(sarah mclachan sings,
memory seeps from my veins
let me be empty
and weightless and maybe
i’ll find some peace tonight)

a momentary stunned silence- before hastily clumsily bumbling along once more.
'bumbling' is a happy word. as happy as the beatles. that should be the way- yosh!
(george harrison sings,
and i say, it's alright)
(and i say, it'll be alright.)

the cure sings,
but i just
keep on laughing
hiding the tears in my eyes
'cause boys don't cry

james blunt sings,
and i still hold your hand in mine
in mine when i'm asleep

bobby mcferrin.. well, he coos nice.
and i will look at happy slippers and cheer up. hoho!


sabishi ku omou desuka.
then again, mai ben rai kaa.

(in this new year,
i wish you love.)

Monday, January 01, 2007

caught the fireworks at the esplanade with mum and pa.
when the first ones shot up into the sky, mum hugged us tight.
happy new year. i love you.

(that was after kerkan & yarli's wedding. a pity many people left for their nye countdowns before the dinner was over. lesson: dont hold your wedding on nye!)