Saturday, December 30, 2006

the funny silence; we burst out laughing with perfect timing. :).


off tangent. rambling, bumbling along trying to steer clear of some topics, but stumbling anyway.

pierced by a sudden premature sense of loss- of company.
then i ask myself, what am i doing- and why-


..Whateverman to the rescue!
superhero Whateverman: 'not an action hero like Superman or Spiderman, but an inaction hero, a hero of resignation.'

(whoever said 'there is a hero in each of us' is right. this hero has gotta be Whateverman.)

whatever, man.

Friday, December 29, 2006

budak jumps over the wall.
one hour of jokes, spoofs and great vocals ended all too quickly. the budak pantai was a hit tonight. thanks, ra.

just yesterday evening, i was moping at home speculating that it was prolly the rain that was getting me down; the warmth generated by laughing had dissipated too quickly in the past coupla days i thought. but all is rosy and happyfying now.. hooray, the magic of good company, refreshing entertainment.

quite a few post xmas gatherings, all quite different. it was chaos in itkz's kitchen trying to get dinner going, then a quiet sit-ard at gabe's with the hockers.. wish more of my team mates were there! tonight, the meddie gathering at jp's saw an insanely long lineup of cars. (hurry ge, win toto! i've been dreaming abt my vw bus more often these days. [rainyrainy -> lotsa naps/ daydreams.])

met up with the hot/glam (phweet) cousins in the afternoon. as always, colourful stories of their boys cracked me up.

even though my stick is in coldstorage, i feel a tad less unwanted:

[XX-i shall protect his identity] says: (PM 11:53)
i've always wanted a hockey girl as a gf
[XX] says: (PM 11:54)
so id feel safe when she carries her hockey stick with me when we're out

hi ili hi ili hi ili!!! of a video made years ago is embarrassing. motion-sickness.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

dear friends have sent their love this xmas. a friend wrote in a stirring card last year, 'thank you for being a part of the warm and fuzzy feeling i feel at christmas.' well guys, thank you all.

maulanar called to arrange a meet-up at the great barrier reef. (-alas! that isn't happening.) chronicles of his southern journey has been a delightful read and will continue to be for yet another two months as he extends his trip- lucky shit. regards from him to the rest of the love club. regards to ivan m from pataya also, from ahmad. mag-woman's lost in taiwan/hongkong. ivan hongyi.. is in i forgot where. hon is here to redistribute seasons greetings, so make contact!

moshi-moshi. thanks, hongking. for greetings from.. (ok, you told me twice! but i forgot.) the ghim moh club met last night at sang's cozy place, hk was missed. i arrived in time for love actually, and promptly fell asleep after that, sorry. but i trust the rest had fun. :).

..and the tan family joined the wijaweeras at their annual xmas eve gathering. there was an incredible spread, to fill my ill-cut (dear frank spencer. everyone else just said it was.. cute.) dress which andy used to wipe snot on. (he had the cheek to say: save tissue paper!) and the other incredibly friendly relatives filled the house with that warm fuzzy feeling. nice.

a little melancholy, as always, in the full swing of festivities.
interestingly, this time, i actually have a good idea what's making me feel blue.
i haven't been good this year!

but wont santa overlook all that, and send me my graham/ jude law please. :).

Thursday, December 21, 2006

the flurry of activity when the skies cleared up in the morning (beautiful!) after two whole days of torrential rain is so.. Happyfying. woke up to mom and the neighbours throwing the windows open and chatting, without the background drone that has kept me up the past two nights. floods in various parts of singapore: thigh-deep at fareastflora, ankle-deep at the covered walkway (these havs were made for wading) killed some plans, but still (too) many people braved the rain to hit town.

a night of hainanese food, starting with the chicken rice steamboat where the chilli wasn't half as shiok nor the food half as yummy as i remember/expected. but company was good, and we had q some laughs; the norweigian was a kok as usual. :D. kopi & kayabread later on taokay bobo, sorta. learnt that hainanese boy quanyao has had quite a colourful job history, wow!

the first few xmas cards of the season have been dropped into my mailbox. sweet! a few more days to work up the xmas excitement, which is sorely lacking this year.

..oh the weather outside is frightful..

happy bday, yin.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

a quiet walk around the b.gardens. the dog would have injected more laughs, perhaps. my turn to be quiet and antisocial.a bit blue today. though that isnt a good excuse. nonetheless, i rather liked the serenity and enjoyed the afternoon. i hope the nature lover did too; the nature-loving side uncovered today, cool.

spent the evening listening to the nus jazz band. (jacob on the sax.) music was pretty good. 'little brown jug' starring guest performers lifted my spirits. bravo! but the MC-ing spoilt the evening, harshly put- the weird intonations, garbled, incomplete sentences are cringe-inducing. wafts of beer-breath and the sweet scent of fruity cigarettes (like nagile!) made the heat and humidity more bearable. jazz by the beach, shall we?

much talk, some food for thought, with aileen on the long ride home. thanks, babe. now i am quite quite awake, looking forward to stulang mee rebus for lunch >10 hrs later.

the past coupla days have been a nightmare. ever had a dream in which you are stuck in white space? it doesnt matter which way you turn, or how long you run for- you are still stuck in that emptiness. i feel like that; i am just waiting for time to pass, waiting for things to happen - i have no clue what, though. dammit.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

a fun, slow-moving but we-got-things-done,-hurray! day with the saobao. despite a minor scare by trennies, (derogatory term?) we ate heartily through the day in between several comfy trips in the car. managed to turn out very chocolatey cookies for ai, the bday girl to be. yummy. although we tried hard to salvage the gooey mess, our first scones could not match up to cedele's. better luck next time. haha.

r&r at Brown Sugar last night, after the long smwhat stifling meeting. sticky date pudding drowned in that brown syrup lived up to its reputation. but the other dishes were rather disappointing. nonetheless, it's a nice quiet evening hideout.

time to start on xmas cards.
i really dont wanna do xmas shopping this year. been getting a headache from crowds. a serene r&r holiday (ok, or rollercoasters!) would be fantastic.

'grumpy is a state of being.'
-the wise weili.

i am not a sai-kang warrior. but misled, i am ankle deep in shit that i find hard to get out of alone when my friends in it too, most of them unwillingly/unwittingly too. by no means am i bitching about lililililizx k. he is a very lovely person! it's just the whole disorganised, lack-of-focus, lack-of-passion, everybuddy-doing-it-because-we-have-to-(our-conscience-says,-because-it-is--for-charity-and-our-faculty?) and everybuddy-seems-to-be-bitching,-who-actually-Wants-to-do-this-huh? affair that has made me all Frustrated. frankly, i am frustrated x2 that 1) i cant get out of this, but 2) i cant do a good job (-i actually dont 'want' to! -ok i am not cool enough to explain it properly. it's just like that ok; Rraa!)

take it that i am a lazy shit la.
i am sorry tanrouan, i tried. but i am still Unhappy.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

dinner at da paulos at rochester was beautiful, good food and nice ambience. thank you, uncle lau & er gu. wasnt impressed with the starters, but there was much to ooh and ahh over the mains. had the grilled tuna sashimi (oxy__moron?) beautifully half-cooked to near perfection, as were the steaks. king prawns were well, king-sized. as chuan said, so asian. -how the 7 of us had a taste of each other's food. service wasnt consistent; the plump version of denise keller (yeah this waitress heard me say this, quite loudly) had such a sour face >.< (sour even before i made that comment k) but the rest was quite gracious though they all looked tired.

cries of no time, no time were funny, when thrown back at me. friday, saturday, sunday. spending time slothfully with a gal pal :D each day is happily comfortable. indolence, inane laughs. twilight draws on halcyon days.


shots from the sunday bday brunch

bday girl saus
the bday girl. who takes horrid photos of others. :D

bday brunch @ ps cafe
(yummy fries dip)

was quite the emo-nemo, with slow sad songs that itunes spun out adding to the melancholy.

but today was a happy day. Oh Happy Day.

fell in love with a shitzu at the s.p.c.a. the huge bull mastiff and alaskan ma...smths and some mongrels were scary man, but the others were quite adorable. it was therapeutic having molly and mike lick and nibble on my fingers. (but there is still that inate fear that the less cute dogs might just decide to chomp on my fingers, to be honest.) more Misadventures of rousann: her havianas got chewed on and dribbled all over by a frisky (ugly) dog. meanwhile, brother susie was stranded on some highway somewhere as his car had bled dry of petrol. what a kok! ;)

(also saw a horse being transported today. a few days back, ra and i chanced on the saddle club and went crazy when horses crossed our paths- silent screams behind the windshield.)

whiled the afternoon away at rou's; joel dropped in to fling her into the pool. two goondus racing around shattering the tranquility of the poolside was such a comical sight, all too familiar. em, you missed the show.

lounging around trying to read some more after that proved difficult as i was accused of being antisocial. hehe. was happy to put the book aside and attempt conversation. lazed around some but could have done w more snoozing for i almost knocked out (yikes so terrible) at ugly's bday party- nice and relaxed and k'teristically pizza-y/meaty. am glad for bryan's company esp at the start in any case. later, taboo and crazy-snap proved too challenging for my muzzy mind man.

looking fwd to breakfast with saus (@ the P.S. cafe!); it's been a while.

Friday, December 08, 2006



Wednesday, December 06, 2006

next year, i will Run My Own Race.
and try very hard to hit 06:00:31 00:43:41 02:12:34 02:52:36 04:19:23. which really seems daunting. but i can! do it.

a coupla ripped-off photos of some meddies.

powerhouse quanyao, our fastest man. hats off!

saus babe. respect, my girl.

hons/me. it'd have been more shiok if kok had been running too.

coolio enming!

dons! ..take your time to recover; each step you take will remind you of the satisfaction of completing your marathon. (or smth like that.)

ningyan! who was kind to pace me for the first bit.

uncle bobo! muesli bar was his carrot. haha.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

the 6 am adrenaline rush is undescribable. you've simply got to be at the start line yourself, to be washed over by waves of anticipation, excitement. i was bobbing up and down, on a lack-of-sleep (2.5h, oh mama) high, between ningyan and yingheng at pan 2. (just behind the pros, craziness.) the ten minute countdown to 6 am felt 2 weeks long. when the horn went, boyohboy! we're off!

(yes i am talking about the standard chartered singapore marathon.)

* * *

ok, i can feel a longlong ramble coming up!:

the whole morning started out happyfyingly. woke up at 3.30 to crazy fellow-runners/supporters smses, dozed till i hadta brisk walk to woodlands stadium to catch the 4.30 shuttle. bumped into kums once i hopped off the bus, and then groups of friends just kept popping up; there were 30,000 runners today- it's quite amazing how so many of us bumped into each other. (many many meddies ran today, it was warming to sit with them under the bridge waiting for the rest to come in. hoho quanyao was damn pro! coming in just past 3:30. respect! to everybuddy, for each ran his own race, and won it, respect. the meddies, off-hand: saus-babe, niks, dons, alvin-kun, josh, ivan, teokokann, enming, kumaran, ningyan, wenbo, leonard, jj, ronnie, yingen, jianhong, vik, dehan, hanboon, jianbang. and to all the others.)

* * *

i quickly lost ningyan and yingheng, but met many people along the way. it's most happyfying to hear cheery shout-outs from friends on the other side of the road, and call out brightly when u spot them first. ('suriya' x5!) as usual, there were interesting runners to spice up the run: bat-woman (?) a lady trailing cans, bare-feet runners (respect!) and many boys peeing along the way (not that i found them intriging la. but ningyan was q tickled haha.)

and: the visually handicapped runners and their running partners. incredibly inspirational. *hand to heart*

calls of motivation along the way helped a great deal. and when i was sitting out cheering the other runners on, it was nice to have so many of them acknowledging the cheers and responding positively. good going! ..met chirpy risa supporting at 38km.

ok, the million dollar question: did i do the full, the half, or the ten km?
well, i signed up for the full, expecting myself to train very hard with saus-babe. but that wasnt the case, :(. today, with pudgey's help, i ran through the finish line. i was dying after running 16km.. chomping on a banana helped somewhat, but the thought of tagging pudgey just a little further down was really what kept me moving that bit more. thanks, kok. i will complete my own full in 2007! for an M-sized shirt maybe. hehe.

in short: a good day. could have been sunnier, but am glad there werent cases of heat exhaustion.

oh and wahhhhh i must gush abt the international runners a bit! amazing! as always. but still, the handicapped runners amaze me most.


my legs arent aching too bad (yet! d.o.m.s. hehe) but my arms are! rescue diver evaluation yesterday was vigorous. rescuing panicked-diver wilson 2x was a nightmare. after the first round of intensive rescue drills, we were wasted and chose to stay rigged up to the tanks. somehow, rou managed to threathen ewan's chastity (hahahaha) while rescuing him, and then fall from the boat while casting the buoy.

all in a day's work.. well done, team.

i later dragged my hypoglycaemic self to cityhall to meet the tansistas (weili included, quick ask itkz why.) and qianli. was really nice to chat. may 3f meet up over xmas!

the night before, plans out were axed as kev wasnt feeling well and i was just Tired, of the crowd especially. was happy being a homebody; i could doze forevermore. 'tis good to wind down after a long week. beginning to think that fridays ought to be spent quietly, comfortably, at home. oh my.