Monday, October 30, 2006

the high hit in the evening, after a stoned afternoon of studying with ronnie nice tan outside the library, after i did the laundry in the morning <--ha! bobo was also nice and let me throw peanuts at him, thank you. tan ah seng was not so nice cos he told everybuddy (the norweigian in particular) that i do not check my blind spot when i drive (which is not true! i even have a neck/backache now. i shld have eaten all the singapura bakery buns.) and i guess jp was nice to provide information, oh but at a price! :D

yes, nonsense la. but anyways tt lead on to a happy night of laughs with aileen and the most!manly! soft-cheeked boy. then it was great too see mom and dad back from their trip refreshed and full of stories.

caught up some and reminisced the gandhi days with raihan over breakfast. man, i'd love to re-live those days. vroomedvroomed for a really short distance on the cagiva, rush!

anyways. thanks guys, for being so incredibly nice. i -x-ed fingers- really hope everyth falls nicely into place. it felt like initiating a breakup: chronic tummyache and a million in retrospect, it's still shitty. but thank god for lovely friends.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

beautiful day.
almost haze free!

had a relac, easy night with the love club. there's always this kampung feel when i'm with them. :). tennis with coach+partner ahmad mubarak (=blessing) was fun. we (ivan m to be specific) lost 50% of the balls. learnt a bit more about the game, and how to execute coolio hi-fives. the search for halal food, after we emptied ivanhongyi's treasure tupperware of mozart balls, on the eve of hari raya finally brought us to adam rd where we gamely ate tongue soup-yummy; we drew the line at brain: czd! till the next work-out, eat-up with these truly easy going people, before maulana heads off on the southern journey. teh kadai-sweeswee! will slowly kill my sweet-teethed friends. then i will hafta join the other old pa ciks drinking teh haliah.

woke up tired, but to a happy (highlighted) tuesday. selamat hari raya, friends. lunch at aunty zaithun's was sumptuous. Boom. happily, festively crowded cozy home. am touched to be included. and we all watched high school musical. hahaha. touched too, by raihan's offer to share goodies. anw, honey and sugar, the two cats, are beautiful creatures.

did sm supermarketing at thomson plaza. the thrill of 'thomson yaohan' is long lost. but i appreciate having the shopping basket carrier for company. :)

the last of my tuition assignments is coming to an end soon, for this acad year. kinda glad- am tired of the travelling. (am spoilt!) but suddenly there will be too much time on my hands. (and too little $. hoho.) am also very sad, that one of the kids didnt do ok at all. i feel like i dun deserve the pay, getwhatimean. well, hope the rest do ok.

Monday, October 23, 2006

flrball medness
friday flrball medness. am down with a URTI thanks to the (bloody) haze so flrball wasnt as vigorous as i wld have liked it to be after q a long period of inactivity due to the haze too. but still it was a nice way to spend a friday afternoon. :).

viva la vivo
headed down to vivo city after that. die- each time i visit vivo city, i wolf down a carl's jr burger. big burgers cheer me up.

jailbird kristanto
jailbird kristanto

lake vivo
a less enthusiastic second photo at lake vivo (i wanna go back to the salt lake!) after i decided that the first happy photo was to be censored.

happy deepavali. lunched heavily at indian aunty's place. mm.. :O curry makes dogs shed hair la.
been overeating junk the past week what with two times carls jr, (guacamole!) one times popeye, (biscuit!) one times macs, and many times icecream. i sure make a good greasy hamburger. (like how samzambak makes good kongbak(bao).) healthier happier eating places anybuddy?

di mana dia, anak kambing saya.
anak kambing saya dimakan harimau.

:'( haha.

rather unfortunate that we didnt quite understand sya's dance (but hwah action packed!) but it was so gd to see her. and lij and josh. and to catch up with mag-woman; we were so caught up in exclamations ('Guess who i spent the night with!') that we yelped embarrassingly loudly when we finally noticed with a start that keatloon! was stalking us.

sipadan plans are frustratingly frozen. it is unreasonable to demand that everybuddy commit so early, but. time and tide and tickets wait for no man, buddies. am sorry for having put underwaterloverboy through all the trouble. well, next time, maybe, hopefully! for now, other eggciting plans sound pretty good too. x-es fingers that the hols will be a blast no matter what! hoho.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

night time slows, raindrops splash rainbows.

it's been a while since 3stan gathered for a chillout. rousann's bday was a good excuse for all the lazyheads to wake up early on a saturday. happy bday, ra! ended the day with a warming dinner with ra and ai after a long day of buahlonglonging in town, with kaizhu and yem too, which has definitely left me drained. fervently wished that i could teleport myself to blueskiesclearwaterswhitesands when overwhelmed by the buzzing crowd. waiting for the night to begin- when the car returns from across the causeway.

happy bday, kristanto! too. didnt stay long enough to see the pinata get smashed to bits. but it was nice to sit ard talking to the meddies inc ga, shawn, edwin(?), lazily on a friday night at william's lovely place. (finally got to see X,X,X (animal la.) so cute! joel scared the shit out of one of them.)

yes it was TGIF, i tell you. even though the week flew by; i dun remember very much distinctly atm: visited vivocity with bra and engulfed a guacamole burger like a python before splashing ard in the warm pool on the roof. tt's gotta be the star attraction of the vivocity- elsewhere, it's just like the rest of town. ultimate-frisbeed with ra as well. Hot Box! was so fun! choyhoon most patiently taught me to pass properly, thankyou. Hot Box! was tiring, but not as tiring as trying to squeeze myself into a new wetsuit one size too small. ra and i sweated like stuck pigs! felt piggier after stuffing ourselves at al-ameen (byebye loveclub?) after that; wilson's too kind. ok so i rmbed everyth aft all. hoho.

the week did fly by. ironically, every day seemed lazy, hazy and well, happy most days as some time was whiled away with light conversation/ games in the late afternoons.

stumbling upon more conversational blackholes/ hazy conversations with acquaintances but realised that the lack of conversation anywhere doesnt equate to awkward silences; everybuddy's chill. which is good methinks. trying too hard makes oddities stand out more, so just let it lie la.

have gotten the knack of easing into a snooze very quickly in the library since we came back from tioman. got almost nothing done this week, shite. have also been kinda disoriented, flippant, uncollected generally. disappointed in the lack of cool.

it's all Dust in my head again! blow, wolf, blow.

needing an oiling, a kickstart!
psyche up!

Monday, October 09, 2006

a million mooncakes beaming at me still, everytime i peek into the fridge. (bak-kwa and walnuts in mooncake, anybuddy?) it's as if i expect new food to miraculously appear every half an hour. will hari raya please come soon! so it'll be kueh lapis etcetera greeting me in the morning instead, like smth small and white, clean and bright. and mom and dad are going to visit chang jin over hari raya.

maf at yem's with the meddies was pretty fun. despite being obviously tired out and grouchy with a headache after landing hard on my tailbone, and now purple elbows, hard on the netball courts before that. (aside: violet-the-hoon and wengyan the star shooters came to play today! a pity we didnt have a proper ifg game. the business girls were very cheerful and the friendly was well.. friendly.) at em's grandmama's instigation, hamtaro, ultraman? and pokeHon lanterns, amongst others, shone through the haze and illuminated our path to tchs track which is strangely unlit at night. (even the rj track had lights la.) a vietnamese family (i very embarrassingly shouted: welcome to spore! before the rest pointed out that they prolly have been living here for a while) was intrigued by our hyperactivity and took a video of some of us trying to seduce their kid.

ifg flrball is also over. the boys are champs, expectedly. girls are 4th. play wasnt good. but everybuddy had some fun i hope. was gr8 to see all the peanutbuttercornflakedmonsters and the seniors on the court. the finals was woah kinda intense. good play on wei's part, just so unlucky. i miss the jups. wld be lovely to join them again, but. inertia etc, y'know. (hokay. lousy excuses.) perhaps just more flrball medness to make up a lil for the (obvious) lack of trng? or..

ok. the most memorable thing this weekend: watching a boy flash headlights and honk at an iguana; and so we conclude that lizards do not have ears. cute.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

shout: let's go a-go-go!

melancholic, not mellow.
i need a hug to fill up the void. on a lazy hazy (uncrazy) saturday night. with no good book to beguile the long night. (beguile!)

sing like no one is listening.

just like every cowboy sings his sad, sad song.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

:). :).

yups, after recovering from the post-liveonboard-groggy spell, it's been the Happy Bunny bouncing around the past coupla days. (ok, with Occasional dips in mood Maybe. with good reason!) amazingly alert even for 4lecturesinarow- laughing incredibly loudly at the lousiest jokes; convulsing helplessly during the longbutsoentertaining pbl, when gideon presents on the mammo(snigger)gram; getting cheap thrills out of (forced) compliments scribbled on my notes. eg: 'indah tak terkata.' beat that! [actually, smth more happyfying has got me spinning away in a tutu, haha!] all these have helped the days pass by in a blur. thanks also to ugly, for the company i requested so last minute. nice too, to catch up a lil with sang, chowsaus and other happyfying people. ILU.

on a more serious note, i've been putting studies on hold for too long! since..

aside: my taxi-driver today was an Afghan! he speaks urdu, thai, malay, hokkien, mandarin, etcetc.

okie looking fwd to friday what with the evening looking stuffed with activities. mmm. :).

happy MAF.

happy bday, lau-lau!

lousy pufferfish jokes, but oh!
pearls pufferfish

sherman's pufferfish

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

the whole island of spore is swaying on the ocean, i swear. suffering a lil from land-sickness now, after 2D2N of rockrockrocking on our self-sufficient boat. (the food a(s)man whipped up in that little corner was jolly good stuff. and with watermelon and a million cups of steaming milo to warm the soul after each bloody cold!! dive -and at all other times- there really wasnt much more we could ask for.)

a pity a tropical storm was brewing out at sea, (in the capt's cabin, the radio was blipping bad news of 3m tall waves and the boat men took great joy in telling me we wont make it back -to see my horrified face- but i was cool, nyuknyuk, and said it's ok, saba(h):). (guru ibosh, terima kasih.) so we had to seek refuge in the marine park that night and missed out on some other dive sites. prior to that, the looonngggg 12h? ride to tioman was Killer. tried very hard to sleep on the freezing cold deck where the wind whipped at us mercilessly, curled up next to the compressor, but failed miserably. woke every so often. envyied sleeping-mat sharer kelvin who was happily fast asleep most times.

but! dives were happyfying anyways! what with that indignant pufferfish whose tail dave pulled and hung on to, and the Tiny boxfish at night, the poseur turtle who came to us x2 and made a show of surfacing for a gulp of air! and many bluespotted rays, and the schools of jellyfish that got rousann using up her air shrieking silently into her reg. i love the jellyfish. (not because they scare rouan! haha.) made rayner rescue one from the grasp of some anemone, but it was too late: the jellyfish was lifeless :'( also saw some fish attacking another jellyfish- rouan was Rejoicing, dammit.

liveonboard is pretty good fun; time flys by with everybuddy lounging around (a pity there wasnt sun!) in between dives and at night, dozing, or sharing stories and incredibly racist jokes and getting massages by our very own masseuse tt i've been lucky to have had on.. 3 trips this yr! :D

raymond was a kok-shit of course (saying this with all the love in me. :). ) but oh so fun to have around. onto the rescue course together! zhulongbing wilson (please be well) and ewan brought us out too; two Good people. also had the company of some sim dive club members, funnyenglishphotographers adam+joel who were lucky to see sharks and seasnakes and cuttlefish and more! and biancamarcdavid.

cant wait to dive with the dugongs next! hoho.