Wednesday, August 30, 2006

took nearly 2 hours to get home thanks to the sopping rain. waited Bloody long for 961 -which has never failed to get me all riled up since primary 4- to turn up, only for it to speed off without stopping.

so wet and so Cold and tired and hungry. thank you, saobao, for the listening ear! on the coldcold (longlong) ride back, thinking of many happyfying people made me feel at least warm and fuzzy inside. sadness is contagious though.. may my dearest friend bounce back with a vengeance!!

and oh how i have been happyfied. :).
this week, school has been more about just surviving lectures. everyone in class seems to be in high spirits, especially on monday, when lecturers were good-natured and the students reciprocated by responding enthusiastically.

but. we were mean today. it's easy to push a joke too far/guffaw too loudly in crowd. let's just hope the poor girl+friend dont hear of it!

412bbq@parbury was great! coolio laulau orchestrated everything, prepping all the food too. you rock, babe. her (homemade!!) green tea icecream is todiefor. even better than the meiji icecream (that i could find only in rgs and taka hahaha.) so good to see selene, anna, sya and yun! after such a long time. and mag, jen, hwying of course. and yun-tan drove mother far on the long highway to get me home :D i REALLY must start getting hold of the car.

finally met fauziah after one year. so many stories! Lovely to chatter about nothing and everything.

happy. no mid-week crisis.

happy bday zj! (mon) weili! (wed) malaysia! (thurs)

Saturday, August 26, 2006

singapura bakery and confectionary is such a happyfying place: brightly-lit, mandarin oldies blasting, happy uncles and aunties always throwing in extra bread and.. endless trays of warm buns dancing and waving their arms, singing.

was nice to see hk-kun! but. tt was a bad rushed, hungry meet-/catch-up session. but. everybuddy's still the same; it really doesnt feel like the eleven mths he (or sunny or the rest for that matter) has been out of spore happened, like he said. taking things for granted. must remember: 'today's special!' god, i miss rj, hockey, threef, the canteen, the hockey table, the track, the japclassroom, the slow walks at night, the brisk walks in the morning, the uniform, all the people.. again!

the other meddies have hit the books, it's time to clock some hours in the good :D library. x-fingers that the plan to knock it down screws up big big.

the bestest notes i made during cofm lectures:
'skew you!'
'you are skewed!'
'JJ is skewed!'

i miss fighting sleep/the urge to pee during lectures with mag-woman. (yes, i am decidedly against change in study places.)


no woman no cry - the fugees/ bob marley

say, say, say
i remember when we used to sit in the government yard in Brooklyn.
oba-obaserving the crookedness as it mingled with the good people we meet.
good friends we had, oh
good friends we've lost along the way.

in this great future you can't forget your past,
so dry your tears i say
and to my peeps who passed away,
no woman, no cry.
no woman no cry, say say say.
hey little sister don't shed no tears
no woman no cry say say say.

i remember when we used to rock in a project yard in Jersey,
and little Georgie would make the firelight,
as stolen cars passed through the night
and then we'd hit the corner store for Roots, paper, and brew.
my drink's my only remedy
fir pain of losing family, but while I'm gone Shorty,
everything's gonna be alright, everything's gonna be alright,
fugees come to the dance tonight, everything's gonna be alright,
o everything's gonna be alright,
the gun man's in the house tonight,
but everything's gonna be alright.

oh ah oh ah

no woman no cry, no woman no cry.
hey, little sister, don't shed no tears

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

unhighlighted today. but. happy anyways.

ended the day nicely with a very yummy dinner at raj thanks to niks. lorenzo's longlong life story: econs student in italia to vegetarian in indian/pondicherryan ashram to underwater videographer and q a few things i missed out in between makes an eggciting adventure. a long eggciting adventure. well, dons was evil; i had to escape to the toilet to laugh out loud and saus was Dying. but really, that's one well-travelled dude who miraculously makes ends meet. (and even affords to dive!)

bloody tired from fighting throngs of people in trains/buses.


welcome, hairy lee
welcome, hairy lee zhenjin, to the club.
initiation ceremony at ghimmoh. strong waves of nostalgia, as always.
The Frontier just cannot cut it.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

was good to catch up with the msian cousins/uncle/auntie over dinner. k'teristically loitered outside the restaurent and laughed loudly at various embarrassing stories. we should do this more often. chunying and i have repeatedly said that we would meet for lunch on campus. it's been one year and now it's the btc shuttle for us.

am touched by the card delicia made, aww.. and so i was swayed, and will continue to tutor her till i find a FEMALE TUTOR who can TUTOR a P4 kid ALL SUBJ, at NEESOON. (please contact me for more details.)

and Pig wrote,




Sunday, August 13, 2006

gingerbread men must be eaten one whole piece at a time; maimed gingerbread men on the cooling rack are inspiration for nightmares.

Boom. impromptu dinner with er gu and uncle lao at chat masala was good. it's gotta be one of the most healthy indian food we've had. dad took readings for his bp before setting out, to find out how much he could eat later :D

well, kudos to the rag&flag team, for medicine finally won Best Presentation after a long drought.

feeling absolutly unprepped for the new school term.
resolution: i will print my notes before the lectures. scrambling for the photocopiers in between lects is hypert-inducing.

Friday, August 11, 2006

ever had one of these days?

sch's officially started. (yes, on a friday.)

the timetable is too colourful; too many boxes are shaded. already, i cant wait for m2 to be over. the trans-siberian rail beckons. as does diving.

wangning showed us photos of his school/dorm/travels. funky. was nice to have met up with 3F. everyone's still the same. :). (k'ter wise i mean. appearances wise, oh mannn.)

didnt spend this national day watching fireworks with the (3F) ghim moh club this year. (you all are sorely missed!) caught them with the lbbc instead, a newly formed club of lustful bachelors and bacherlorettes -yes, we are/will be the Lust (wo)Men Standing- from our cozy corner in the axis at the oriental hotel. the display was rather spectacular, as is every fireworks display, (even the one in turkey) but watching it from behind glass panels, in a cool air-conditioned spacious quiet room left much to be desired. i think much of the Ooomph come from hearing and feeling the explosive boomboombooms and hearing exclamations/ sighs of satisfaction from the big sticky crowd. nonetheless, had a wild time with the (not)sadand(not)lonely people.

funny that the istana is closed on national day. perhaps the saf boys in charge of security there were deployed to pick litter at the kallang stadium. cheap, reliable labour. cheaper than bangladeshi workers perhaps.

there has been a murder case at the apartment block next to mine! men in blue say: hush hush.

Monday, August 07, 2006

the 412 girls are surely growing up. catching up on happs- stories and filling each other up on gossip in loud voices and cackling over the silliest jokes as usual, no less. but when talk swung to our future with regards to our careers, it is clear that we are stepping out into (ah, the irony) the big world, some faster than the others, some with greater ease and grace.

i feel a little like a horse with blinders by the sides of my face when the girls share their various alternative paths/plans. but. now, i see no other place i would like be at. (besides the hotel school still maybe mwahaha.) it is heartening to see all my girlfriends happy with their choices, and all set to max out their abilities. i am proud of each and everyone of them. despite some of them being/ going to be flung across the globe, i think we will never fail to catch up every now and then. it's always easy to pick up where we left off, as emily says, simply because we share a special bond.

till the next get-together. :).


finally ate at juju w ugly. q yummy, but. it's not the same as sydney's juju which is definitely unbeatable. a walk to giraffe after that, where funny secrets were uncovered, (i must get hold of the documentary of dogs in the (viet?) war.) and where greg is now working. horrid uniform.

surf and turf is no substitute to morton's. (the bar) getting turned out for being underaged is most embarrassing/aggravating esp when we previously got sitted without fuss. but heck, good company's what matters.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

the kite runner is a diedie-must-read.
(dr) khaled hosseni is a powerhouse.


the image of that african kid in an over-sized, worn tee standing on dry crumbling dirt with his dog next to him on a ratty piece of string is killer.

mother depressing, the constant gardener.
as is 1 litre of tears.
especially so if watched alone.
but okay if u watch it with others (emotionless guys) with rich rich chocolate fondue to interrupt the show.


meddie trivia spreads like wildfire: some people shoot themselves in their own feet, both of them. 0_o" well, good luck.


attrition rate is high, too high. the new acad year will certainly be different.