Thursday, June 15, 2006

we cry when something is sad. then we often shed a tear when something's beautiful as well. when something's funny or ugly, we laugh. perhaps we are sad when something is beautiful because we know it won't last for ever. then we start laughing when something is ugly because we understand that it's only a joke.

clowns are funny to look at because they're so dreadfully ugly. when they take off their clown masks in front of the mirror, they become very handsome. that's why clowns are so sad and unhappy everytime they go into their circus caravans and slam the door behind them.


the bus i was on banged into the pick-up that banged into a motorcyclist. the motorcyclist was lying pinned under his bike, face down as my bus rolled by. f-ed up. these things shldnt be allowed to happen. (x-es fingers toes and squeezes eyes shut tightly, and prays very hard.

stepped off the bus to see a crippled man sprawled on the ground. heard the blind man strumming his guitar, and the handicapped old man puffing on his harmonica. saw the wheelchairbound malay lady with her cupfuls of pencils and pens.

a huge leap of faith, to trust that higher being who created trials and tribulations and puts some people through them. harder still, to believe that therein lies a good reason for all this shit.


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