Sunday, June 25, 2006

the skyes didnt quite hold up - missed one dive as icecold rain pelted us with a vengence. cloudy skyes almost all through, but rather pleasent weather nonetheless. more importantly: my tummy held up. nothing more therapeutic than a dive trip, i say.

viz wasnt fantastic this time round nor was aquatic life as active. (buddy eugene's and my hearts turned q cold after the first dive in the barren land of crocodile rock.) but! the whole experience was good of course. was later wow-ed by the feeding frenzy after pieces of cooked chicken were thrown overboard. all the fish fightfightfighting down to the seabed. another feeding frenzy ensued when zhenjin barfed. saw also the iridescent cuttlefish! in the coldcold night, was grossed out big time by millions of translucent worms (synaptidae?) that came out to feed.

not much activity between dives, besides that one time we skipped stones for an eternity after breakfast. havianas skip the best.

two dingdongs.

looks like they patched up in matrimony.

listened to more stories on the journey back, psyching up for the next trip even before this one had ended. yibin's adventures at the kuantan wreck were believe-it-or-not reality-tv material. imagine finning for 9 hours in the sea!! WOW. more trip, to build more confidence for s&r?


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