Thursday, June 22, 2006

moaning and groaning at home for the past two days, after a failed (gallant) attempt to board the train after bravely walking to the mrt station, which left me covered in a film of (cold) sweat. damn the 4 muffins :D i ate after dinner and/or the shitty kueh made of fermented rice the memory of which stimulates the gag reflex. or is it the bloody influenza virus going around. in any case, my abdomen is distended- i look like i'm far into the first trimester (oh man how to get into the wet suit!) i keep gagging and i have yet toileted since the 4 muffins and there is colicky pain and chills.

haha. am in a surprisingly good mood nonetheless, cos the good doctor (who will be loved even more if he had given me laxatives) told mom tt i prolly can still make it to pulau aur without much trouble. but. hmmmm. x-es fingers (everybuddy, together!) that i get well soon. pleasegodpleasegodplease, as saus babe puts it. gd luck for driving!!

my flickr pro account expires in half a month's time, tsk.

i cant sleep without my redmogu! cant find it anywhere. wonder if shawn hid it somewhere. if so, that imp is never coming over to play with his (silver!red!yellow!black!) car-cars and ruin my jigsaw puzzles.

baking more muffins now, to fill with house with nice smells. i will resist. :).

8 hours 3 doses of eno 2 little bottles of yakult 100 ml of yoghurt 3 doses of sm meds later, oh shit, oh shit doesnt quite say it all.


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