Friday, June 30, 2006

got the grumps. worst thing is, i cant quite place my finger on the source/s of frust.

kudos to the exco for the smoothly-ran ogl camp!
really enjoyed talking to stephrene (best friends in p4!) into the night. sharing memories, filling in blanked out events that happened 10 years ago.

the best (only good, actually) thing about superman is the tune superman jr plays on the piano.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

the skyes didnt quite hold up - missed one dive as icecold rain pelted us with a vengence. cloudy skyes almost all through, but rather pleasent weather nonetheless. more importantly: my tummy held up. nothing more therapeutic than a dive trip, i say.

viz wasnt fantastic this time round nor was aquatic life as active. (buddy eugene's and my hearts turned q cold after the first dive in the barren land of crocodile rock.) but! the whole experience was good of course. was later wow-ed by the feeding frenzy after pieces of cooked chicken were thrown overboard. all the fish fightfightfighting down to the seabed. another feeding frenzy ensued when zhenjin barfed. saw also the iridescent cuttlefish! in the coldcold night, was grossed out big time by millions of translucent worms (synaptidae?) that came out to feed.

not much activity between dives, besides that one time we skipped stones for an eternity after breakfast. havianas skip the best.

two dingdongs.

looks like they patched up in matrimony.

listened to more stories on the journey back, psyching up for the next trip even before this one had ended. yibin's adventures at the kuantan wreck were believe-it-or-not reality-tv material. imagine finning for 9 hours in the sea!! WOW. more trip, to build more confidence for s&r?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

moaning and groaning at home for the past two days, after a failed (gallant) attempt to board the train after bravely walking to the mrt station, which left me covered in a film of (cold) sweat. damn the 4 muffins :D i ate after dinner and/or the shitty kueh made of fermented rice the memory of which stimulates the gag reflex. or is it the bloody influenza virus going around. in any case, my abdomen is distended- i look like i'm far into the first trimester (oh man how to get into the wet suit!) i keep gagging and i have yet toileted since the 4 muffins and there is colicky pain and chills.

haha. am in a surprisingly good mood nonetheless, cos the good doctor (who will be loved even more if he had given me laxatives) told mom tt i prolly can still make it to pulau aur without much trouble. but. hmmmm. x-es fingers (everybuddy, together!) that i get well soon. pleasegodpleasegodplease, as saus babe puts it. gd luck for driving!!

my flickr pro account expires in half a month's time, tsk.

i cant sleep without my redmogu! cant find it anywhere. wonder if shawn hid it somewhere. if so, that imp is never coming over to play with his (silver!red!yellow!black!) car-cars and ruin my jigsaw puzzles.

baking more muffins now, to fill with house with nice smells. i will resist. :).

8 hours 3 doses of eno 2 little bottles of yakult 100 ml of yoghurt 3 doses of sm meds later, oh shit, oh shit doesnt quite say it all.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

fondant de natalie. what better way to end a coldcold dive than with delightfully chocolatey gooey cake, made by the funny french boy with the infected foot. (that bite since the dayang trip hasnt completely subsided, yes. not surprising considering he walks barefoot Everywhere) my air tasted like mould/crap btw, haha.

went to st john's island with the intention to help set up racks for eugene's marinebio sedimentation project. ended up crashing around like a blind elephant relying almost completely/desperately on him, who did all the work, to maintain a poor semblance of buoyancy. hammering under water is a video clip that plays at 2 frames/ second. scrubbed at the table (coral farm!) and brushed dirt off baby coral (nubbims?) neatly grown on golf pins. therapeutic: little fish/crabs came out to play. also saw a fish high on Ecstasy: the juvenile (smth) sweetlips. hahaha. it was trying hard to look like a flatworm? must take a video of these little crazy jitterbugs. missed the remora though. mohsen must smell/feel like a shark.

the boatmen on the mudskipper caught 20 fat shiny snappers while waiting for us. woah! we didnt (couldnt) see all those fish in the water though. a few other species were also caught along the way, and marco the witty swiss fish expert whipped out his wonderous fish book and identified them all. mostly, we oohed and ahhed and nodded approvingly/agreeably. two med jrs completed the party today, good, they'll inject much activity to the m1s.

will switzerland win tonight? haha.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

the dhl balloon

a good day: got a mask, (and ugly booties) ate wasabi icecream, watched a grown boy run/slip-slide through the water fountain twice, ascended 150m into the skyes on the dhl balloon, (ahh!! skydive ok, but i will neverever bungeejump) got seats at the beautiful onerochester. thank you, ugly. an unconclusive conversation at night, during which the candle got snuffed out. then again there just arent answers to all these questions, no?

same line of conversation with kailun earlier this week. now that's one man who's prolly more clear-headed than most of us. it's been one year of communicating via the net; i was accused of merely reciting my daily schedule. shit, he's right.

more talk with saus babe, finally, after that nepali kidnapped her. ;) (i love them both.) bumped into seth and his mom, and a with mere hello, unwittingly got saus and i entangled in a long lament. about gep. sigh. morosely repeating that a particular decision was a mistake does no good to the subject's morale. that boys mature later than girls may/maynot be true, and isnt quite the issue anyway. some people just (choose to, do they?) live it up, good for(/on) them! am useless in passing constructive comments. hopefully we helped a little by listening.

happy chatter with itkz on his return from the land of lotr with kteristically funny stories.

dad's visits to the doctor (am thankful to kenneth (K) for all his help!) always ends up with him/us indulging in lotsa food. on thursday, i bravely (as ra might insist) made my way to geylang to meet the lastminuterouansaysletshavesupper gang at laomuji where we got bellyaches from eating and laughing so much. i will never forget one boy's expectations of his toilet paper wielding spouse.

ask me what i did this long hols.
i ate and talked. .

happy fathers' day.
to uncle leong's for crabbeehoon, mm.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

we cry when something is sad. then we often shed a tear when something's beautiful as well. when something's funny or ugly, we laugh. perhaps we are sad when something is beautiful because we know it won't last for ever. then we start laughing when something is ugly because we understand that it's only a joke.

clowns are funny to look at because they're so dreadfully ugly. when they take off their clown masks in front of the mirror, they become very handsome. that's why clowns are so sad and unhappy everytime they go into their circus caravans and slam the door behind them.


the bus i was on banged into the pick-up that banged into a motorcyclist. the motorcyclist was lying pinned under his bike, face down as my bus rolled by. f-ed up. these things shldnt be allowed to happen. (x-es fingers toes and squeezes eyes shut tightly, and prays very hard.

stepped off the bus to see a crippled man sprawled on the ground. heard the blind man strumming his guitar, and the handicapped old man puffing on his harmonica. saw the wheelchairbound malay lady with her cupfuls of pencils and pens.

a huge leap of faith, to trust that higher being who created trials and tribulations and puts some people through them. harder still, to believe that therein lies a good reason for all this shit.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

'this day i will marry my friend,
the one i laugh with, live for,
dream with, and love.'

the bride was gorgeous. :). and you know what?? walking down to aisle to 'you raise me up' isnt hair-raising at all. in fact, it was quite quite touching.

welcome, oli. :).

besides just oli, we've got ourselves hooked up to an extended family, of the warmest, most colourful people.

met cute cousin-in-laws (ring-bearer and violinist) who flew in from oz. funtabulous. caleb is just like calvin. and hobbes wld hafta be represented by andrea's pooh-bear.

love, love, love.


as the world rejoices in the fact that the world cup finally begins, (fanfare matches that of the opening of quiditch?) yogyakarta is in distress. wtf.

Monday, June 05, 2006

pumped up with 3 cups of coffee/tea today, for tuition. more green tea courtesy of the two prom kings. all that caffeine is leaving me bug-eyed now. prattling with the two sji boys, trying to come up with quick retorts in a drugged state, was fun-ny. the (ch)indian is the smoothest guy yet.

called ra as my train zoomed past her place, and we made it to chompchomp after many stops along the stroll to cluck at dogs ranging from a feisty little idunnowhat to a moping huskie and a growling uglyshitibetitisillegalinspore dog. zhenjin was freaked out by the fat cat brushing itself against our bare legs too. (and by horror stories too of course.) then again, so were butches and a big man in a Ready to Rumble canterbury shirt mwahaha.

after sneaking a peek at zj's hot neighbour, and his hamster, we drove down to longhouse, dropped by ai's place and i finally left the thomson gang after discovering cheese brownies as i flagged down a taxi with a zar-bor for a driver. took forever to get home. any connection?

acting cutesey hat
the dingdong :D

signature pose
thomson gang.

gonna flip my pillow and pat it three times before settling down to read The Beach. (must visit the dicaprio beach, soon! and manadomanadoredangredang?) x-es fingers tt the horrid back/neck/headache will disappear tmr, after the (painful but so! shiok!) massages by ra.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

tattoo stall (phuket)
ripped this off, hope the guy doesnt mind. anw. wish i was with the chen siblings at phuket now. getting fat and sad in the city. though lunch with (notfatbutabitsad, plsbehappier) ugly was enjoyable. :).

shall not break any promises no more. otherwise i really deserve to go to hell.

the wedding planners sat down to a shiok dinner (musaka! mustard lamb! spicy giant prawns!) at azhang on friday. shit, i am not doing enough for my brother. was great to meet qunwei, who's been ge's best friend for.. 20 years! after so long.


icecream with (hockey!!) buddy was Hilarious. got conned, then chionged up and down orchard road, laughing at deadpan pessimistic remarks. oh man. my bud's da man.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

into the month of june. already. oh my!

busy day smack in the middle of the week. beginning to worry that i have bitten off more than i can chew.

finally got to eat duck pizza, with the promiscuous gay boy (hahaha) after the hooha in the morning: i got locked out of the house! grew increasingly frust as ticktocktimeflew but i still cldnt find mom after combing part of the neighbourhood. camped outside the lifts waiting for mom to return; jumped in joy, like shawn, when she came into view, lugging groceries and my peanutbutterwaffle. love her. (not just because she unlocked the door and bought me waffle laa.)

it's been one year: i rmb eating rice dumplings at delwyn's place last dragonboatfestival! it's difficult to tell a junior to study harder, when playing hard is part of the R. experience. :D.

aft tuition: virgin clubbing experience: chey. haha. had the lovely company of 412 babes kai, laulau, sunny (chingchiang makeover, can!?) sixuan (makeover artist) mag3, and associates. was amused by mambo moves, had sm fun singing along to the oldies while just bob-bob-bobbing ard. mindless, senseless, smokeful.

headed to the far east after drinking plastic, (flaming lamborg melted the first straw i absentmindedly waved ard) leaving sunny and gang to party on. tata, zouk. was expecting tauhuay with the meddie easties, but. we got conned and led to the old changi hospital instead. 0_o then prolly at d's suggestion once again, the 3 cars circled changi village before we alighted for dessert. much talk about sexuality these few days, stemming from ra's experiences (niakniak this sounds so scandalous) in phuket, yukss.

to ubin we must go soon! deargod,pleasehelpmyanklerecoverSoon.

the seaweed is always greener, in somebody else's lake.