Tuesday, May 30, 2006

night out with the 412 babes, happiness. everything was extra beautiful with the most happyfying girls ard. stuffed our faces, only to eat more cake later, Boom. swapped plenty of stories, laughed lots. it's been terribly long since i last saw ohsopretty!peiyan, crystal, (whose hair is shorter than sunny's, oh my.) and laulau. of course the night would not have been complete without all the other girls! it was oh-so-secondary-school when we made a detour, and when we strolled that short distance down orchard road. till the next cook-out and sew-up!

the boys of sentosa dropped by during dinner, and supper, with 'exciting' news for me. thank you, wenjian and kristanto for the kind thoughts. i cant believe that they are indulging my silliness. but ok, enough applesauce.

i got just a wee bit jealous watching the others play their hearts out on the warm sand as i sat in the shade with ice mountain propping my foot up. but. it was therapeutic to just vegetate, and to learn to appreciate comics. my goodness, the graphic novels i've read thus far are violent/gross: zombies+vampires. sherman's lagoon was a welcome respite. whoa, nelly!

mini bao
xiao bao

coolio bro
coolio bro

stripped. lucky the waters in spore are murky!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

thank you, hazwani, for sending the cripple home.

barely 10 min into the game, i fell (on a ball or a bee, we will never know) and Creak! i twisted my ankle. this must be retribution for Complaining/Whining nonstop about the weather. yeah, god has ears too. i shamelessly swore for a full minute after that anyway. jen and haz bore it (my complaining, whining, and cursing) well. thank you, my dears.

last night saw the last friday flrball session for a while. (and my first in a while) sir was as Shen as ever, oh man. rjc loses a great teacher, coach, mentor. we are lucky shits to have had him. all of us wish him the bestest of wishes! of course, friday flrball lives on, right? sweating it out on court with the teachers, seniors, juniors, and my batchmates! and panting, catching up at the benches, is.. Fantastic. shit. it was really fun whyohwhy have i not been going. oh and yesterday, lu(yi) went! as did skinny shit renji and samebirthday-er sx!

my bag/s were so mother heavy, after lugging them ard the whole aftnn looking for the elusive wedding dresses, i slept on the train till i felt rested enough to head back to bishan. it was really sweet of the two rj girls to offer to help carry stuff when my face fell when they told me that no buses run to the busstop right in front of the school gate. (wth?) meeting chloe was another rafflesian delight.

..R.I.C.E. and voltaren. and then? it hurts! :'(

happy bday to a fellow 26-er, li.
caught xmen (so violent!) at the cathay after the party. disappted with the cold frigid building after all that hype in the papers. but. it was so happyfying to bump into friends there mwahaha.

looking fwd to happy meals in the new week.

goodbye, and thanks for the fight, shufang.

Friday, May 19, 2006


all geared up


plunging boys 2

one more dive trip, please!

oh, more food for thought from the pdcp course.
yem's and suriya's instructor was discussing tom cruise and katie holmes. the burning question: 'will this marriage self destruct in fiivee years?'

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

'the lost art of healing' by lown has been my reading material on and off the past week, coinciding with the badly-timed course we've been coerced into attending. reading anecdote after anecdote that the good doctor narrates, makes my hair stand. don't get me wrong, it's not a negative response but more of a standing ovation for the good doctor, whose style of healing (note: not treating) must be emulated.

kumaran 'brought a blush to [my] cheeks' when he asked why i was skipping the lectures despite my fervent protests tt i actually am interested in psyche. right after hearing about hypocritipay which i snorted at, simply because it sounds so clumsy!

more talk about the johari window. my plot points are (28,28). a turtle is lurking furtively in the open window. damn, i wish i kept the window i drew 10 years ago, for comparison's sake, to check how i have been socialised.

tutorials are strangely reminiscent of primary school lessons. :). ok, twenty-year-old students also chatter ceaselessly while the instructor tries in vain to engage the class. i am ashamed of my unbecoming behaviour, that i so condemned when it surfaced in the kids in my charge. if there really was hypocritipay, i will be rich.

much gripes about us not being allowed to take arts modules to open our hearts and minds, but when a chance is thrown at us, we complain even more. but not unreasonably, i insist. blame them for hardening the course by making it exam-oriented. come, let's learn about how to deal professionally and compassionately with our future patients/colleagues by looking at past year questions. blame too the baaddd timing!

then again, if i hadnt returned to school, i wldnt have been hit with a high, so unexpectedly. :). go ahead, laugh at me. everyone's allowed to choke on chengtng once in a long while.

may the boys leaving the country return quickly for more rounds of flrball medness before the hols fly by. i promise to be cheerier the next time haha.

dinnered with mom, dad and uncle sunny (another sunshiney person! whom dad looks damn cute walking with, cos both men are paunchy and like polo tshirts and bulky pockets) at rex, terminal 2. cheap!cheap! food, inc mee rebus tt tastes like auntie's, oh man. and roti john i swear i didnt pay for, but the stall owner insisted i just Take the Plate and Go.

Friday, May 12, 2006

pulau dayang
close my eyes. breathe in breathe out.


tired out despite having caught sm sleep last night while the rest burnt the road in br's car, screeching songs out into the wind. watched transamerican - kevin zegers is so ohsohot i was very awake, after a short period of lethargy following the post-dinner high. (someone spiked my drink/food, i swear. it is not in my nature to run ard pushing pple onto the road and laughing at nothing, all the while with a crazed look frozen on my face.) i finally see why itkz is so smitten by destiny's child. beyonce Is ohsohot too. time with 3stan is, as always, happyfying. really happy tt sudipta came last night, she is Hilarious!

but of course the life of the party was still rou, that Ding Dong. she slipped behind the wall to rearrange the limbs of the mannequins in the large display window of f.o.s such that the mannequins were doing the kallang wave. naturally i wore a quizzical face and boomed rather loudly: oi u Ding Dong! loud enough for the salesgirls to scuttle towards us and force us to make a hasty retreat with our tails between our legs. but of course i let rouan run ahead while i tried to look as unrelated to her as possible. haha. maannn.

breakfasted at macs this morning, with nyps kiddos cheryl, rachel, juanda and jasper! had a wonderful time prattling with them, most comfortably. jasper has grown so much taller in the past year! but the others (inc jd hahahaha) have remained pretty much the same. jasper is as barbaric (kidding!) as ever, attacking his apple pie with a balled fist and sucking up the syrup with a straw, only to return the straw to the box by the order counter. of course i was civic-minded enough to berate him and made him dig ard and retrieve that straw. chances are that he picked out a random straw just to satisfy us. so. drink fm the cup if u are ordering coke fm macs, serene centre these two days.

mag-woman and i had q a fun time changing in and out of ill-fitting (picked by guys la) clothes fm royalsportinghouse during the IT gadgets photoshoot. mag's photographer bro said i ought not smile in photos. ended up taking sm shots of my scarred stumpy hands la thankyouverymuch. haha. xq and pudgey kok got to wear really coolio soccer jerseys that they shld have just upped and ran away with.

squeezed in sm time at mount e. sadly, most clinics turned us down(/out) though there were very nice guys once in a while who made that snotty smug smartass who peeled off a ten dollar note and held it out as if to wave us away with that look uglier. alright, i appreciate the $10, every penny (including the $2 we picked up on the floor) counts towards meeting out lofty aim. but i really wanted to wring that guy's neck and wipe tt smirk off his face. granted i was tired and prolly just out to nitpick on a victim.

Zzz... i guess the energiser bunny in me has yet recharged fm the mother chiong flrball medness. turnout was great, and the games were sut-sut fun! woosh.

one thing that is getting tiresome: dayindayout talk abt the wedding! enough la.

Monday, May 08, 2006

disappointed, disgusted, disillusioned, tired. all in a day's work at the neighbourhood primary school. what the hell are some of the teachers thinking!? all i can do is inhale sharply and hold my tongue. i am not a trained teacher after all. screw it.

well, after another lousy day in school, i joined the rest of the sponsorship crew soliciting at private clinics, to rather disappointing results. then again, we cant quite expect much can we. money grubbers are bound to be snubbed. rounded up a hard day's work with a round of martinis and steak sandwiches at mortons, yumyum. lazing in the dimness, sleepiness was conquered by funny stories and endless prattle.

lost in transition. i think i left my heart behind, somewhere between pulau dayang and mersing, nearer dayang of course.

this dive trip was a priceless experience. right from the 4-hour boat trip in the dead of the night blanketed by millions trillions of stars, to the humming return trip in the stifling midday heat with the merciful wind howling, driving the humidity away, three letters sum it all up: W-O-W.

arrived before dawn at the jetty at dayang. scrambled up the wooden planks, and subsequently rolled into bed in the dorm as if in a dream. woke up a few hours later, and tripped to the beach. it took a lot to keep from running back to the room and waking everyone up to share the joy. the cold clear blue water. pristine white fine sand. the clear morning sky. the lonely jetty. the singular volleyball net. emptiness/ space.

after a hefty breakfast (we sure were well fed) we set off for out the check-out dive at pulau lang. just popping our heads into the water almost made me choke in excitement. so! much! fish!! schools of fish below us, and vibrant coral, all so clear! visibility was Great. predive jitters though, i admit, and i did have trouble equalising, but i made it down slowly, and boy was it Wonderful down there. having conquered hantu, dive-buddy eugene and i didnt have much trouble with buoyancy, haha! so we could relax and enjoy the marine life comfortably. pure elation. all jitters dissipated.

made a total of 6 dives, including a night dive and a deep dive. each dive in itself was memorable for the various things we saw, felt, and did.

navigation dive at capt's point was a flop as eugene and i were hopeless at finning with regular kick cycles, and keeping the compass level, respectively. sebastian was exasperated, obviously, clinking on his tank everytime we made a turn, to correct our direction, after flashing a no-no sign vehemently. :'( oh well. bday-girl-lijia, yiuming and kumaran moved in near perfect squares!

after surfacing from the nav dive, it was sheer hell (but bloody fun) getting back to the boat, for a storm was brewing, and the waters were so damn choppy. hanging onto each other's tanks for dear life, we managed to get to the current line, and pulled ourselves to the boat. yiuming and eugene each lost a fin in the process, but of course sebastian went back down to retrieve them. kumaran and i were valiantly trying to clamber onto the two ladders, but the waves bobbed us up and down and slapped the boat violently down so water splashed into our faces most cruelly. i had just one hand on the slippery ladder, cos i didnt want to lose the loose fin in the other hand, when a giant surge/swell pulled us away and i embarrassingly shrieked Kumaraaaannnnn!!!! as if that wld have helped. haha. but. we all managed to get back onto the boat safely without injury. though everything and everyone was rolling on the deck most dangerously, and one (cute) man fell overboard. haha.

deep dive at rayner's rock down to 30m. eugene came closest to showing signs of nitrogen narcosis, hahaha. but otherwise it didnt feel much different than diving in shallower waters. of course marine life varied. woo, i am no longer panicky abt 'deep diving.' :)

night dive at crocodile bay wasnt 'scary' either: at least once the torch shines, we can see, a lot, unlike in hantu. my torch died three times over though and dennis gave me his, so i had a good time scanning the reef for fish/eels lurking in the coral after all. saw a scuttling crab carrying anemone on its back! and hungry murray eel. and so many cheerful parrotfish flipflapping ard. and various fish in stages of sleep/hunting.

and in the day: dangeroustriggerfish. humongousbumphead (luohan)parrotfish. seaurchins. lionfish. worms. starfish. clams. turtles. shrimps. bigbaracuda. schoolofbaracudas. crocodileneedlefish. manymany creatures amongst pretty coral that i cannot identify, but simply gaped at in wonderment.

oh and seacucumbers! are such ugly things. but i learnt more about them on the boat ride back, and i must agree that they are quite cute. :). my favourite fish are still the tinytiny (really tiny!) black nemos frolicking in the little clumps of coral. and my favourite slugs are the xmas trees! that schuup! retreat into the rocks when u poke near them. nudibranches in spore are much more colourful though, surprisesurprise. must learn more abt marine life meantime. marine bio students were on the same trip as us; the things they know and do: funky!

i love the serenity of diving. the quiet: only my own -slow, deep- breathing through the regulator, and the crackling sounds of the fish scraping at the coral. the hustle and bustle - schools of fish zigzagging ard, seacucumbers slowly squirming?rolling? along, xmas trees disappearing, etcetc- happens in silence, with water all around. life seems to take on another dimension, i cant explain it. but it is acutely felt when another diver is below or above me. ok, weird i know.

the serenity spills over outside of the water, when we sit at the edges of the boat taking in the wind, sun, sights, reading/chatting or merely spacing out. pump in some frisbee/soccer/vball on the beach for some action, if wanted. the lack of handphone reception definitely helped us settle into a surreal life where time loses meaning except for different colours of the sky. no rush to do this and that, and meet so and so to do more of this and that. a bitter taste mounted as we headed back to the city.

thank you, my awc coursemates, and all the meddies whose photos will be up in a bit + newly the ord-ed. for the very lovely trip.
having gone onandonandon, i am eagerly anticipating the next dive. in fact, i'm aching for the next one.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

the skyes held up today!

nus vs ntu
nus midgets vs ntu titans (ok, so only one guy there is very tall/big)
vballed with them as well, and soccered with sm law students. (ooh blue speedos, rou.) such a friendlie-s day.

frisbee chase

having 3 nice sikh tourists join in our vball game was most killer though. for starters, they werent dressed for the beach: long sleeves, long pants, leather shoes. and turbans. very cool striking colours, uncommon in spore. but. suddenly, for the life of me, i cant rmb the other colours besides the green one. because. the green turban flew off that man's head when the ball flew by.
. -and then there was silence-
all was well, until i turned ard to look at itkz, and i wanted to Die choking on my laughs. it wasnt funny, at all! now, the significance of turbans?

sexy i(bra)him
this would have been a very boring photo, if not for sexy i(bra)him striking that classic pose.

i will be very miserable when i get tired of sentosa. halfbaked at the games, but maybe, possibly, will get better. :).
globetrotter, i am not, sadly.

the air within the freshly painted gates is heavy, again.
artificially cheerful, like those plastic fruits. they always look wrong somehow. a tad too bright, too light?


surprises from friends: in the mail, via sms, received in person (hugs++) are so.. happyfying. thankyoudears!