Sunday, April 30, 2006

ugh. slept more than 20 hours in the last two days. still groggy, after much chills. thank gdness the body has stopped aching. :).

and jen got her schship, hooray!

after much photowhoring..
cool dude
check out the cool dude

popeye! after one year, we three, and more, are gonna be working tog for medicamp '06. hoho. i finally signed up after a long time of want-dunwant-ings like a typical indecisive+lazy shit. glad. :). zongxian in the middle is the nice boy who opens the room door 4/5 times while the other two young punks -itkz and raymond, who is simply hilarious in a slap-forehead kind or way- (pretend to) sleep on.

forlorn tianloon
sadandlonely tianloon

before karting, the best we cld manage was the rickshaw. which rouan and i toppled with our sheer weight.


Friday, April 28, 2006

back from batam, wooshswoosh? a day of cableski, in a bigbig freshwater pond, under gloomy skies, leaving most of us aching like old men and women in this rainy weather. leaps from 8/9m? into the water sure didnt help matters. then some go-karting to shake the joints and muscles loose the next day, after the few early birds went on a walkabout ard the lonely ghostly town and had cheapcheap breakfast and a splashabout in the pool. gancheongspiders, we were, when the bus failed to turn up on time for us to catch the ferry back to spore. but, with some running, (guided and hurried by the friendly bus driver) we made it with just some minutes to spare.

dudes + dudettes
all of us. joel is the cableski king, and awards must go to zhenjin and tianloon for tirelessly going again and again. there's just smth about the ord guys, eh?


THANK YOU, EVERYBUDDY! i had a lovely birthday. :).
the day started right, after falling asleep amidst beeps and calls -thank you for remembering! and sorry for sleeping!- and waking up to a cheery sunny day. lunch at banana leaf apollo with 3stannis proved tummy bursting, and plenty of warm feelings not just fm the spice (thyroid boy was drowning in his sweat!) and Operation Make Hon Demure is obviously in full swing with a dress as my present. thanks to the other two boys for swinging by too!

happy bday, hon
the cake baked with love by yemily and itkz. full of sugar crystals, but still (only) i ate every bit of it! and loved it.

exotic suriya
suriya was tour guide for the day. he led us to a very friendly, cosy shop where the girls, including itkz, got pretty hennas.

..not before getting caught on camera though! sorry, bro. this photo just screams for posting. it was real sweet of you to carry my bag for me cos it clashed terribly with the dress. haha!

tickled itkz

hon and bao

a brief recording of the national day ticketing hotline blahblah was over in no time, thank goodness, and then it was off to borders again before dinner with the sweet girls. i got flowers! from kai. and more clothes! from jen and hazwani-my wardrobe is obviously malfunctioning. well, the rest of the babes all over the world will be back for a proper meetup, soon!

cheesecake party at home, with papa ! getting the annual mom+lyn bday cake tt was gorgeous, and the Perfect cake from lulu. really, that was (note the past tense) the most solid cheesecake i've eaten yet.


feeling like a lousy shit, cos i am bad with birthdates and more, and essentially not a very nice friend. hmmmm. thank you all, for being so forgiving, and loving, and making me feel special! when that day could very well pass by just like any other.


happy bday, mummy.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

lake como

lake como. where fauziah will retire. in view of the Alps and a pretty lake. where there will be a permanent guest room for me. thank you, fauziaahhh. do u read me.

such a very RGS day.

went back with hazwani, to look up the teachers, and apply for a teaching position. while teaching prospects are bad, it was Wonderful meeting the teachers! first one we spotted was ms zhang, and on closer inspection, she actually recognised me too. harried, but nonetheless helpful and ever warm, she made us feel welcome, and ready to take on the rest of the campus. ran into ms may tan, and had a most fufilling (cant find the right word) talk with her. maannn.. she remembers all of us! and our antics. well, at least she held her tongue for 59 seconds before blurting out: honlyn! u are so feminine now! >.< called up tanjenfu, and she bumblebeed out of the office to meet us in the most striking sunflowerprint skirt, and with the cheeriest disposition. her laughs! so damn contagious. also bumped into mrs cheriyan-so elegant!, mdm kohbeeha, linlaoshi, mrs prama, and spoke to mrs lucilleyap; yikes, we really ought to have visited her! ..and all the canteen vendors are still the same. didnt spot any soonkiat though.

yes, i do miss rgs, the tight community, the girls i was close to back then. how are you, j-en?

oh and: happy bday, ms neo.
sleeping over/ cartwheeling, whee! in the dramat, (after climbing over the gates in the dark of the night haha) sharing stories, made sports day that year all the more memorable. the tarbet juniors won, our relay team kicked ass, songs and greetings through the day, (from momoboy too:) track dinner, house dinner, and another sleepless night following that, haha! i face turning 20 with a much heavier heart. my life's path's already mapped out, albeit sketchily = less thrill of uncertainty? maybe not. but still.

i wont feel any different when i wake up tmr, right? (x-es fingers.)

Monday, April 24, 2006

playing taboo on the esplanade rooftop, never felt less strange. glad to see that the members of 3F (those still in spore, who have not bleached our hair a radical blonde viz wangning!!) have not shed their idiosyncrasies. mumbles x2, unanimated baritoned baoluo-san, sleepyxhui, o.p.r.a.h-singing baorong, laaattee bingrui, pebble-throwing hon, chauffeured telle, calm bean, and funky sangsang etc; Typical.

lotsa laughs also when we (minus sangsang) turned Shelock Holmes in a bid to solve the Mystery of the Missing Taboo Buzzer. (no prizes for guesses which b***o had dashed off with the buzzer in her hand.) chinese dinner at imperial treasure was more of a cny reunion dinner than the one we had earlier this year.. thanks for the unfurry bikini, tan sistas and bro.

another dinner, with older friends tonight. travels in a new littleredcar. em and i were very well taken care of. thank you, amos. BOOM. i have surely been overeating.

in a bid to 'make hon more cultured', i caught burn the floor ($188 for $10!) and fell in love with the waltz. of course the lindy hop was happyfying as ever. highhhh energy level man! will i ever be able to jig. (not jiggle.)

anw, my love was nagging me to blog. so here i am. just to make my love (sexless ie no indication of a him or her) happy. HAHA.

Operation Demure is back. i do not want to buy over gelatissimo.
i will say 'whoopsydaisy!' instead of the usual, even if i am watching the Hostel.

words that have grown on the easily influenced:
'NA-NA-NA!' 'LYPS' -itkz
'hey-hey' - bean
'wah biang!' -yemily
'no worries' 'rraaa' 'bloody hell' - hon
*burp* -ra

Friday, April 21, 2006


ian airborne
itkz airborne. wallpaper material!

cat fight!
cat fight! where is the ball??

eye for a guy III - hon
eye for a guy III

Thursday, April 20, 2006

i love you through sparks and shining dragons, i do
now there's poetry in an empty coke can.
i love you through sparks and shining dragons, i do
now there's majesty in a burnt-out caravan..

sut-sut sandcastle
grand, eh? a lazy aftnoon sculpting this sandcastle, (ok, not me. i wld have crumbled all the walls haha.) after vball in the intermittent rain.

cool dude!

post-3stan+ladlewieldingjoel;)-iceskating, with bean-wet-bummmms and yemily.

back side boy suriya
backsideboy brother.

back side boy chen
heehee. backsideboy chenliwei.

attn all rafflesians
very badly, i miss..

Monday, April 10, 2006

it's been a blast.

i do mean to say that the week of studying was a blast too. there are just some things that i'll rmb abt the end of m1: the frenzied rush to skim through all the notes; googling mysterious (important) long words that only surface just before the exams; hugging myself trying not to shiver despite the many layers of clothes and hot milo siew-dai; happified by munchies supplied by pudgey's suppliers; crinkling foreheads trying to figure out cheem shit with mag-woman, pudgey, gideon and the few others who might have visited the freezing study room where sunbrowned people study most disciplinedly, most motivatingly; and getting a lot a lot of sleep cos doing anyth else induces slight pangs of guilt haha.

it is disturbing to see how many of us crumbled, or came close to crumbling in the last two (or more??) weeks. 90% of us are overachievers, and while it brings out the best in some of us, it costs the health of some. we must all learn to carry ourselves coolly through the various legs of our longlonglong journey, and emerge cool and collected as the doctors in Trauma man. may we all be happy and well this hols. :).


so it was that i felt no thrill after the invigilators released us after 8.5 hours of exams. many activities since then to celebrate the 'freedom' that i do not acutely feel, but. i've had helluva good time anyway. spent time with meddies: (besides the 3stanni loves whom i havent seen enough of) wsfed in the shittiest wind/tide conditions but dinner and serene little walktalk in ecp with the boys made the day happyfying nonetheless. sentosaed today, with a pleasantly large gang, all of whom i admittedly havent had much contact with in the past year. but. plans of more fun stuffs are promising stronger friendships. sucking vigorously at tsu-tsuks at dinner might well have been more fun than it was yummy, haha.

post-exam is always an excuse to catch up with the oldest friends too.

Love Club (plus assoc member ahmad mubarak) had our AGM, which involved trans-island driving in the night -the chauffeur was yours truly, be amazed- during which the loving passengers polished up benandjerrys and fueled the driver with some, before they fell asleep. ORA the next day was the shits. perhaps impressions of this year's was worsened because i went with high expectations of meeting manymany batchmates/seniors/juniors. was absolutely delighted to bump into the few other bacthmates who went back with the same hopes, and chat with juniors/superjuniors. but it was disturbing, (this is turning out to be my favourite vague word) to see how the school bowed and scraped to prepare to receive bigshotswhoarentevenrafflesian. ok, i was just bitter and petty and so very cranky. dont sue me. till the next love club rendezvouz. love! *juub*

hours spent shopping with jen, talking to lu, are some things so familiar. caught westside story with jen, wasnt too impressed, but still worth a watch (jen got the tix free btw, haha) for all the effort the cast put it. laughing so damn hard with 3stan girls and the two boys, with chance visitors, make me wish nights like that extended forevermore.

today, i felt that time had stopped for us. the hoots of laughter in the sun, sand and water live in us forevermore.
hello, my colleagues. hoho.

cheesy twins
scary or not, to bump into ur brest (haha!) friend dressed like you!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

no wet attire on this deck please

no attire on this deck please

all geared up

mag and hon

artyfarty shot

all dogs go to heaven
all dogs go to heaven