Sunday, March 26, 2006

despite the skies being overcast today, (so wrong!) everyone was most sunshiney, and i really enjoyed the sunday morning. it was so very friendster, as mccurdy put it, with so many friendly people there. in true friendster fashion, a bunch of us (jen ugly-guacamole nic and chew. all of them in the navy i realise.) replenished our energy stores with the biggest (becoming boring) burgers in town. now, i feel like a Prata! (*this means i feel like Having a prata, :D.)

ok, the swim was Terrifying today. what with whackos who do the freestyle and zigzag through the water blindly, irritating the shit out of you and backwash that makes u go woahhhh. one whacko kicked my goggles off my face, and for a moment i panicked. came to a complete stop and gropped wildly for my goggles. yes, i found them, luckily. unlike poor poor jen who lost her shades! on land! the run was strangely relaxing. i think it's got to do with running on flat land with veteren men on a cloudy day. fantabulous to (be able to) see familiar faces along the way so i was a bit more inspired to hold in the pee and keep going instead of repeating last year's stunt of running to the loo halfway through. so. swim time: 44:36. run time: 55:28. mm.

looking fwd to school tmr! finally i'll see the other 200 odd people who have been holing themselves up in secret places stocking up for the war. haha. oh shit, battle begins just one week from now. my ammo is low! how now brown cow. low does not rhyme with cow.

fishcake. i only found out that one men was struck by a fatal heart attack at the bi when i got home in the evening. so much for thinking that the medics wld have it easy today cos incidence of heat stroke wld be low. wah. shit happens. everyone else was so very happy by the beach, it sorta seems wrong, though i guess feeling bad wldnt have changed anything, but. oh but but. i am tired.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


of all the damn things to remember. (thank you, yemily.)

lazy evening out with 3stannis. it's been a while since i last saw some of them. solitude has made some of us very verbose, haha! thyroid boy never fails to amuse me with his outbursts directed at rouan, and then his geniality towards mo-mo. open mouth, close mouth, a lot of talk about the upcoming pros though.

ooo, thyroid boy
ooo, thyroid boy.

intriguing hat-hair
hat hair, nosy love machine, hoho!

love machine

gay bros
gay bros

lovely sitting ard in a circle of trust, after a gloomy rainy rainy day which left me so disoriented i repeated my order for kopi, da-pao, siew-daithrice and then stood wondering why the uncle gave me coffee when i had intended to buy milo. if only the night stretched on forevermore, and i could teleport myself home, instead of relying on nice taxi drivers to do illegal u-turns for me cos i fell asleep and didnt direct him to my ulu-ulu home.

the warning light blinks, indicating the low energy level. at 9pm.
you know hon is tired, very, when there isnt a peep out of her.

mid-week.. funny, i havent been looking forward to fridays in a while.
i wish there was still school. it is ridiculous to have totally empty days that you are expected to fill with self-study.

so many wishes, so demanding.

even the wrong words seem to rhyme. hello, you born poet. according to thyroid boy, poetry 'is english, but doesnt sound like english!'

i don't think i'll be brave enough to say yes: give me general anesthesia! (ok, ok, no one does.) IF the occasion ever calls for it. (choy!) slipping into dark unconsciousness.. eeks!

Zzz.. happy dreams tonight, please.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

10. Deep tendon reflexes: root supply ยท God designed body reflexes according to a nursery rhyme:

One, two-- buckle my shoe (plantarflex)
Three, four-- kick the door (extension)
Five, six-- pick up sticks (flexion).
Seven, eight-- shut the gate (push the gates/extension)

S1,2 = ankle jerk
L3,4 = knee jerk
C5,6 = biceps and brachioradialis
C7,8 = triceps

how cool!

and you know you are warped when you find this joke Hilarious:

'which nerve likes to gamble?'
'le vagus nerve.'
-donald, who just cant quite beat rapheal yet.

alma latino. cuban madness. fell in love with keyboardist, this oldish unassuming spainaird whose fingers just Fly across the keyboard! the lead guitarist, gonzalez was sut-sut too of course. as was the sporean auxillary drummer who did the job of two men. it got real groovy after the cubans came in and got everybuddy off their asses. the lively sporean awakens just before midnight. my circadian pattern is surely getting reset.

later, the latino band did a damn sut rendition of this song..

ain't no sunshine - bill withers

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
It's not warm when she's away
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
And she's always gone too long anytime
She goes away

Wonder this time where she's gone
Wonder if she's gone to stay
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
And this house just ain't a home
Anytime she goes away

And I know, I know, I know, I know, I know
I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know,
I know I know, I know, I know, I know, I know
I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know

Hey I'll leave the young thing alone
But ain't no sunshine when she's gone
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
Only darkness everyday

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
And this house just ain't no home
Anytime she goes away
Anytime she goes away

i know!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

my head is filled with Dust, i swear. when i train my eyes on the thick stack of notes, all i see is the big bad wolf huffing and puffing away in my head, only to stir up the Dust. so he, the big bad wolf, gets blinded by the thick miasma of Dust. then smhow or another, the big bad wolf and i get confused, and my eyes glaze over, and i am blinded to my notes now.

obviously, the wolf got hungry, and ate up what was left of my brains under the Dust. which is why i am talking nonsense, and rambling. air-head. too many.. ethmoidal air cells! (i am confused. :D.)

at least i feel less restless now: (it's so very terrible when ur head is full of Dust, but ur arms and legs are twitching from the lack of activity.) after a long (i mean time, not distance.) run interjected with a longish conversation with funky-haired sangsang (i am NOT elitist!) and my hot redhead of a cousin whom i don't talk to enough, and a bit of soccer watching. psyche up, medicine! and of course, i was most happy to jog with suriya, my bro.

just took some time teaching mom the basic functions of a handphone. cant quite believe that she's had her phone for close to a year already! and she still cant lock the keypad haha. amazing how mom can churn up the most complicated dishes and have the yummiest recipes (Wah! the funky pineapple dishes she has been conjuring up are wahbiangshiok.) at her finger tips, but she has to write down instructions To Call, To Receive Call and To End Call. :D

speaking of food, i have been thinking of momoboy's fried rice! without the 'synthetic' carrot cubes, corn, and peas that must Never be ingredients for thai fried rice, he adamantly said.

tummy ache, again. (hint from the omniscient one tt i'd better tackle the GIT notes that i never quite did justice to, soon.)
bish to you who always asks me, 'womanly tummy ache, or (normal) tummy-tummy ache?' haha!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Karmeleons are very social lil creatures with fixed rules of which colours to be: Green or Brown. If they stand beside each other, each one checks the colour of the Karmeleons beside it once every minute. At the end of each minute, each Karmeleon behaves accordingly to the following rules:

If it is standing between 2 Green Karmeleons, it changes colour, it doesnt move.
If it is standing between 1 Green and 1 Brown Karmeleon, it remains the same colour, it doesnt move.
If it is standing between 2 Brown Karmeleons, it runs away.
If it is standing at either end of a line, it doesnt change colour, it doesnt move.

If we start with 5 Karmeleons lined up like this
then the changes over time wld be:
1 minute B X G G G
2 minute B X G B G
3 minute B X X G G
4 minute B X X G G

where B, G and X stand for Brown, Green and Runaway Karmeleons.

(a) 10 Karmeleons stand side by side in a row. The first 5 are Green, the other 5 are Brown. What will eventually happen, how long wld it take?

(b) Is it possible to arrange 10 Karmeleons such that there are still 10 Karmeleons in a row 10 minutes later? If possible, show how. If not, explain why not.

(c) 6 Karmeleons stand in a circle. Is it possible to arrange them so that there are always 6 Karmeleons? If possible, show how. If not, explain why not.

(d) 12 Karmeleons stand in a circle. Find an arrangement such that every minute, at least one of them changes colour, but there are always 12 Karmeleons.

pssst. if anyone's bored enough to do this, (it was quite fun doing the questions with delwyn ok :) and can explain part (c) coherently, drop me a mail pls!

surprisingly alive 21 hours after waking up. had a decent saturday morning, heading down to sch for a splash, only to see the weekend peace and quiet of the campus disturbed by throngs of prospective, fresh-faced, students. welcome to nus. ('welcome to bei3-da4' isnt applicable today. ..gosh, i miss lindatok!)

stuffed myself silly with cloyingly sweet desserts with the goat today. i learnt to be more tactical. onto hana-bi in a month's time!:)

then it was off to sentosa for Jazz by the Beach, q q spontaneously. the setting sun, straw mats, beer, and relaxedly chatting people was happyfying, but the performance was q baaddd. i think the major turnoff was the act cutsey lead singer. go figure. then we had more baaadddd music at acid bar by the fat man who ruined all the all-time favourites. the bartender gave mag-woman a pretty tissue rose which inspired some of us to furiously try our hand at origami too. kok's and d's attempts just looked like.. crumpled tissue paper.

i blew angsts through the night though; sorry for the moodswinging, i was just so very tired (lousy excuse i know) and feeling.. a tad empty fm time to time. jazz has that effect, perhaps. anyhow, we had a really good time laughing at big mark's remarks. laughed hardest later at 7-11, of all places, with big mark cracking all of us up endlessly. hilarious, bro!!

girl, don't tension.

a good day in any case. :).

Friday, March 10, 2006

i might as well go join Vertical Marathon. there was a power trip in Lucky Plaza today, and so all the lifts werent functioning. i had to climb TWENTY NINE STOREYS!!! to get to my tutee's place. TWENTY NINE STOREYS!! breathing in a lot of dust fm all the renovations going on at almost every level. TWENTY NINE STOREYS!! in a black (ok, lycra, shuddup.) shirt. TWENTY NINE STOREYS!! with a busted knee. TWENTY NINE STOREYS!! with funny construction uncles lurking in the dusty stairwells. TWENTY NINE STOREYS!! (storey-s not stories right?)

otherwise, it was a very uneventful, quiet lone-ly day, most of it spent in my favourite hideout in town, after a short review of the spots paper, which happened to draw a lot of groans. read Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go. science fiction it is not. reminded me of Oryx and Crake, but much less gruesome, thank goodness. interesting interesting.

another feeble pick-up line goes: 'can u give me a call tonight?' [namecard gingerly waved into girl's face as girl shakes her head.] a bit of talk abt pick-up lines these coupla days. (so sad tt the one very funny line tt left mag-woman and myself with twisted grins on our faces was said without any intention at all to make a girl happy.)

had a lovely time at sentosa yesterday, learning how to play vball, splashing ard/ getting bullied, and of course the ultimate: frisbee. i left early; didnt have enough fun. looking fwd to the next outing to the prettiest place in spore! (before all the hotels and drunk gamblers ruin it.)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

it's not a car.. it's a BUS

vw in eusoff

OMG. there is a volkswagen minivan in the eusoff carpark!! and another one at the yongsiewtoh place!! saw the minibus when i came back fm a glorious morning run, got damn high and dashed back to the room to get the camera, and happily jogged ard the bus taking photos, not knowing tt the carpark was in full view of the dining hall. and so liling and belle, and the rest of the world, thought i was nuts. junior also caught me peering through the murky glass into the car and thought it was mine. if only. i wldnt let it be in such a deplorable condition! (yes, this stay at the hall will not be the last.)

sleepy sleepy, but am waiting to go sentosa with funky ozs, the kok/kumaran/lee/lau anat grp, and the dancers. so i am ploughing thru jen's laptop and digging up some old photos.. ching-chiang!

wah biang, such an ah-soh picnic at sentosa! (in the Pouring rain, i remember.) kudos to kai, for having brought angkukueh and.. charsiew rice!

happy bday, jen. my other love: yemily. who must be happier soon.

us again, at cirque du soleil, looking damn stoned.

i havent had so much fun.. in a week! haha. am now very awake past midnight, in hall. night hockey with the eusoff boys is a lot of fun! as much kick as flrball medness, i must say. though it wld have been so wonderful if we had tt today. :'( withdrawal, withdrawal. haha.

watched Munich with 3stanis just now. another depressing show. the movie was so heavy, i actually felt nauseated. damn the violence in this world.
catch up on ur sleep debts, my loves. and be happy!

ok so the last two papers this CA were quite bitchy. nonetheless, it was enriching to discuss the physio questions with ge and oli, and to have them tell me tt i am actually not so very dumb feels good, haha! spots aka OSPEs was well, quite fun la. sushi on a conveyor belt, we were. over a hundred of us seated barely 100 cm away from each other, rustling to move one seat down to the next specimen/ microscope slide/ rest point every 30 seconds (i swear we werent given the full 45 seconds.) when the buzzer sounded can be quite hypnotic.

Zzz.. in the hot hot room.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


suffering from withdrawal symptoms. yes, withdrawal-from-studying(ok,-in-the-library) symptoms, just before the last of 3 papers. includes looking at my pencil case and its colourful contents minus one item that never was there, and (half!-) wishing upper-motor-lesioned mag-woman with contralateral-lower-quadrant-paralysis was here to laugh with (/at) me.

it's actually been quite fun this past week, cramming one sem's worth of work with the woman in that corner of the library we've marked our territory. thank gdness it is just the CAs now, not the pros smack in our faces. (prep for pros shall start on thursday. haha!) funtabulous also to listen to the ah-pek (of Darren's Disease aka Fragile X Disease) expound on various subjects over meals.

i know there is so much more i need to know, despite all the tips the helpful profs have given, but.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

and sundays can be spent studying too!
drove to school today, after a hiatus. rolled out of the car legs all jelly, but otherwise the car, ge and i came away unscathed. (though i almost, only almost, hit a barrier cos the horrid bully behind me was tailgating and i tried to make way for him.)
legs turned to more jelly after that, haha.

mag-woman and ivan-man are the loveliest friends who gulped water, and did other little things that made my sunday very happyfying. hmm, they really shldnt egg me on. :D

well i hope it isnt too hot tonight so i can sleep in the living room as grandmama fills the room with resonations. she's really happy this weekend cos ge's wedding dinner plans are underway, and we all met the In-Laws for the first time last night, in a long, long, very heavy, but q q yummy dinner. cant quite understand the big deal abt the menu for the night though: the guests are just going to eat the food once, and they'll prolly not eat everyth anyway, so. but ok, back to my argument for studying 'so hard' this last week: get everyth done as well as you can, if it just takes a lil more effort.

it's cool to wear spectacles, ok. (pushes frame onto bridge of nose.)


ok, do check out fmr1gene. cheers to my famous anat groupmate. you da moses. :).

Only Moses (sung to the tune of Only Love by Trademark)

2am and my head is nodding
Here I am at my laptop once again
You're telling you're so confused
You can't make up you mind
Is it FSH?
Or is it LH?

With only three more days - try again or walk away?
Should i start mugging for the PROs
And give up on CA?
They're just 3 weeks apart
Wish I had studied hard
But I just cannot make it through
That's something only Moses can do

In your arms, the radius is breaking
Facial nerve splits into five parts
Don't know what's phospholipase C
There's no hope, referred pain
Didn't study enough, i must i must..

With only three more days - try again or walk away?
Should not have gone for Biochem review
Should have gone for Bae
When swallowing starts
Epiglottis closes shut
So the food can make it through
That's something only Moses can do

I know if I could find the words
To describe you your insides
It'll give my grades just one more chance
To not kiss my ass goodbye

With only three more days - try again or walk away?
Plicae circularea
Chorda tedinea
Can't tell them apart
One of them is in the heart
Shuts the valves, blood can't go through
That's something only Moses can do

That's something only Moses can do

Friday, March 03, 2006

did you know: friday evenings can actually be spent studying. haha!
i didnt try, but i wldnt have minded staying in the library longer today; abandoned my last ditch attempts to finish up the pile of notes i set aside when the friday evening Alarm Bells rang at 6 pm. happily dilly-dallied, and most happily ended the day on a high note. :). albeit ditsy-sounding, my god.

wonder how the wedding photoshoot turned out today. they are still in sentosa! funny, for two non-beach goers. they really ought to take photos in the medicine library. where it all started. hoho.

prof ling!
prof ling! verrry goot! rouan's being an ass! haha. :).

prof ling!
graduation (hopefully! onto year two..) photo. moses gets blessed by the skeletons. no wonder..