Sunday, February 26, 2006

AM to PM (of canoe polo) indeed. (though i really hate that song.)
the medicine ifg canoe polo men's (well, medicine And dentistry And soc? had our men:) and ladies' teams fought HARD, but were unlucky (really) in losing the semi-finals in the tussle for sudden death, and in the finals, by that little bit.

but!! it was So Much Fun!!
after three explosive games, our arms were feeling the lactic, but the girls still plowed through the water and fought damn vigorously for every single ball and tried to bulldoze the very strong rowers from the science faculty. fantastic shots by debs! and life-saving goalkeeping by forigh imports kim and ariel.

mag and debs in action
mag-woman and debs in action

gunning in for a shot

studious zengsy
trying to study by the pool is futile.

hunks of medicine

kudos to the very friendly ivp canoe polo players who painstakingly organised this ifg, and for making us feel comfortable always, helping with the tough sprayskirts, capsized boats, etc etc.

Friday, February 24, 2006

a hi(gh) a day. haha!

to suriya, i said, 'you didnt come yesterday! i was so happy!' of course i meant tt i missed sharing the high-ness with him, my bro.

before the concert, unsquashed groupies: wenjian, big darryl, celene, cel's bro (terence?), ugly, kai, hon.

roll over and Die of embarrassment
and hello, it bloody hell isnt syphillis i've got.

the crowd
during the concert, all squashed.

psychedelica. (shaggadelic?)

one wld have expected more highs last night, what with Oasis finally in town, and a bunch of us going down to the indoor stadium damn early, (4pm- only to realise tt singporeans are all very un-on) getting prime standing positions when the doors opened at 7pm. but! it is so bloody tiring to stand through a concert!

although the gallant boys (minus ugly who simply couldnt hold his place, and especially big darryl who was quite a solid rock protecting me from the surges from the back) formed a wall ard us girls, it was still very traumatising with boobsy buttsy angmoh girls and very sweaty boys butting their way into us and gyrating unrelentlessly. it was kinda cool how the people who fainted were bodysurfed to the sides, and it was Hilarious to see oldish angmoh men letting loose and jigging to catchy songs, and of course it was Heavenly when they played "that Sally song." and the crowd just went Wild. too bad ge cldnt hear the songs, and the goat is so lucky to have a good friend like me; i am still waiting for my flowers. :).

blast tt un-glam lucky girl who got to go up on stage! haha. (un-glam cos her undies kept slipping down La. (and i hear itkz going on abt 'stomach-roof's and pinklycrashirts.)


a weekend of splashing ard in the src pool, oh dear! while we are Terrible at this new funky game, i hope enough ladies turn up tmr to form a team, just to show face for medicine. oh dear! because i really need to study. but so does everyone, so. ..enough whinging - i was kinda peeved by a fussing tut kid earlier on today, so i shall take my own advice: just shush and study harder.

it's ge's bday tmr. hoorah! cos i bought him a damn chio shirt.
'for my brother,' i inanely, very happily, told the brazilian tourist.
'for my son,' he nicely replied with an equally toothy smile, pointing at the watch. 'my son is 13; you are 20? you look like a child!'

Sunday, February 19, 2006

surf n sweat
surfin' sentosa

surfin' sentosa

hoho! more fun-in-the-sun.

despite all the whinges, saus and i (and nic! his virgin biathlon) completed the swim and run, and still felt pretty a-o-k. (haha. we'll see how it goes tmr.) was too chicken to do freestyle-breaststroked all the way, and then the 10km was q a nightmare. ended up plodding along, with strides smaller than my 3-yr-old neighbour's. antagonised this angsty woman who kept blocking my way to the water points, but we made up and ended up encouraging each other the rest of the way, :). also crossed paths (ok, sorta.) with two rafflesians on the run today. a friendly senior, and another encouraging junior: two claps!

oh my. timings are out: swim: 40:13. total: 1:41:59 (almost half an hour behind the first woman.) q terrible, tsktsk. ok, i am psyched to run now! and take more swimming lessons. haha.

was wonderful watching the ivp team ie: kok, chionging out of the water, and going full steam ahead. wonder how i'd have survived in that team of determined sportsmen. yes, i am feeling just a bit lost without a cca!

catching up with nyps people here and there these coupla days. great how after having lost contact for years, we manage to slip into easy conversation, and surprise each other with snippets of information/trivia we retain about the other person. dinnered with shihao, after 6/7 years, mind you. whatever happened to that reunion we were so vigourously planning? gotta dig up that oasis song alvin loke (lorong pisang!) recorded way back!

Operation Study Damn Bloody Hard, with mag-woman, commences tmr. at least we meant it to start tmr. but my dear zhu-peng-gou-you-s jen and rou-an have better ideas up their sleeves, no good! :D

happyily tiring day, having played hard first, then worked hard later (no dozing off during tuition ok!) so it's time to skip dinner with the family and Zzz..

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

love-ly day, with swinging singles!

a rose fm hansumboy-eugene to remind me tt i am a girl, and ought to feel loved on a special day. thank you! yes, flowers make Every girl happy. and hey, roses over genberras (howeveruspellit) anytime ok! well, promises of flowers after v-day, fm the goat, ironically, also makes me happy. guilt-tripped harun into serving the girls milo fm the milo van, which looks like it might to going ard campus to nourish underfed university students, like milk-trucks of yesteryears. very sad tt i broke nikhil's candle the moment i got my hands on it, but tt is no omen! touched anyways, by nice boy friends. :).

spent much of the aftnn with other singles (ok, some not) bemoaning (haha) our fate. sadandlonely (some not) m2s are Hilarious. no studying done as the aftnn wore on, and the library began emptying itself of people-who-have-dates. (last one out is a loser!) but i cld have stayed there forevermore, laughing at darren insisting tt a chocolate heart looks like an inverted scrotum, at jianbang getting high on smelly tea and counting down the time left for him to find a date, at renjun's idea of winning the top prize in coffeeground's v-day special lucky draw, at yama's funky fashion sense, and at jasper's canNOTmakeit genberra, of course.

dinner was a rowdy affair with the eusoff girls! an rgs singles party. (/support group!) poor ah-beng-boy was badly tekaned, what with mag-woman posing as my girlfriend and being absolutely rude/ 'ji3 xiao2'. i realised tt i have plenty of bad ideas, which shine under the instigation/cover of mag-woman. but no malice meant! i hope the dives under the stars went a-o-k! and yes, who needs a dozen sizzling hot dates with happyfying gal pals ard?

a coupla (gets fewer each year? haha!) other singles out there who certainly werent enjoying swinging alone tonight.. i hope tt tinge of sadandloneliness was merely transient, and tt everyone found like-hearted friends to hang out with, and feel loved.

15.02.06 is creeping in on us.. but who says only 14.02.-- is special? but yes, may happy couples be happier today. :).

love, love, love.
i need a hug!

kiss my feet; resorting to pouring toner all over my ankles which are terribly red and itching fm the vicious sea-weeds! am still lost in dreams of losing (ok, NOT literally) myself under water, with beloveds!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

certified diver!

OMG. had funfunfun. had a blast learning to dive with mag-woman, ivan-man in tow, blueandpurple-eyed des, (whose dog really licks) happy eugene who has an interesting hey-hey, and my dive buddy (dr) dedrick chan kok hong. happyfying, these pple are. many laughs, groans, and photos. arent we all glad we squeezed out time to spend this weekend together!

the pool sessions lasted till past 10pm on friday, during which i shivered like hell and had trouble equalizing (my sinuses were so compressed!) going down just 3 metres. but! all was well the next day at pulau hantu. well, almost. the first dive went smoothly as we performed the basic skills and realised how very lovely! it is to be able to breathe under 12m of water. didnt manage to see much marine life, not surprising considering how we kicked up lotsa sediment, in waters that had visibility of merely ~2 metres anyway.

dive 2 proved a little traumatic for me though.. i ran out of breath doing the CESA (controlled emergency swimming ascent) and tried to cheat by catching sm air, but i ended up gulping seawater and choking. then i did the big No-No: i spat the regulator out. so there i was flailing arms and legs looking for my air supply with bubbles blinding me, and trying desperately to reach the water surface which was actually farfaraway. thank god for wilson; the golden buddha stuffed his alternate into my face. listening to myself gulp air sure is therapeutic. thanks to ah-beng-boy edward too, for the gloves when i was quaking from cold at 13m down there and getting myself scratched, and looking out for me otherwise. guess brandon is the first one we must thank for this successful trip, for tailoring the course for us and making the trips just.. perfect, even in local waters.

well, dive 3 and 4 today were most funtabulous!! viz was better today, and it helped tt we managed to kick up less dirt. spotted more than just starfish today: angel fish! spanish dancer! some slug! crab! and oddly coloured coral (?) here and there. didnt get to see a school of fish, but hey, we spotted a tuition class. (joke courtesy of my dive buddy.) got stung a couple of times by ferns/weeds? but no biggie. gosh, imagine the clear clear inhabitated waters of tioman! redang! aur! and more lovely places! seeing life under the sea with ur own eyes is just wonderous.

lazing ard back on the deck completes the whole package. the sun beating down on us, as the breeze blows, and the yacht rocks gently, is perfect after an intoxicating (nitrogen narcosis, haha) dive. peanutbutterandjelly sandwiches, and food thanks to the chef on board only made it more comfy. i think we ought to have interacted a lil more with the others on board both days though. mag-woman is a xenophobe! haha. but it was gd learning just a lil more abt the rest. :).


we all dreamt of owning: (1) a yacht with a dive deck (2) a yacht big enough to hold a smaller speedboat for wb (3) and also a jet ski. funky names my boat could go by include: Martian, (inspired by spaceship-looking attachments on the White Rabbit) Sir Ducer, (-eugene) CoastLaw (inspired by the Shaw Brothers' SeaShaw) and Hon-Lyn of course.


and it only fills me up with more warmth ending a day out by rushing home to have steamboat with the rest of the family to mark the end of 15 days of the cny. the trip to genting highlands suddenly feels very distant.

also managed to squeeze in a few things in btwn the 2 trips out, but i failed to catch bean at the airport! called sangsang up early in the morn, and yes, for the first time, i talked to her 'at length'. (trust me, i am terrible at phone calls.) ilu, babe. :).

back to school tmr.
i feel like i've been in a time/space warp.
back to earth, having rambled onandonandon abt it all.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

just because it's v-day next week..

one boy, one girl - colin raye

he finally gave in to his friend's girlfriend
when she said, "there's someone you should meet"
at a crowded restaurant way cross town
he waited impatiently
when she walked in their eyes met
and they both stared
and right there and then everyone else disappeared but

one boy, one girl,
two hearts beating wildly
to put it mildly it was love at first sight
he smiled, she smiled, and they knew right away
this was the day they'd waited for all their lives
and for a moment the whole world revolved
around one boy and one girl

in no time at all they were standing there
in the front of a little church
in front of their friends and family
repeating those sacred words
preacher said, "son kiss your bride"
and he raised her veil
like the night they met time just stood still

one boy, one girl, two hearts beating wildly
to put it mildly it was love at first sight
he smiled, she smiled, and they knew right away
this was the day they'd waited for all their lives
and for a moment the whole world revolved
around one boy and one girl

he was holding her hand
when the doctor looked up and grinned
"congratulations, twins"

one boy, one girl, two hearts beating wildly
to put it mildly it was love at first sight
he smiled, she smiled, and they knew right away
this was the day they'd waited for all their lives
and for a moment the whole world revolved
around one boy and one girl

down the slippery slope, woosh. got a rush of adrenaline slipping down the stairs leading to the science foyer on a wet gloomy aftnn. squeaked most helplessly, then jumped up double quick to hide behind a pillar as my dearest friends rallied ard, to laugh. ha ha ha. sat thru prof peterhwang's tutorial in soggy shorts and undies, eeek! but peterhwang is how very lovely; the wrinkles of his corrugator scream out for smoothening.

the week's Zoomed by, what with two PDP sessions, during which we met 2 oedemateous (?) patients: one friendly msian tzechar uncle who has a faulty valve, and one lil girl who is cushingnoid (matchsticks on a lemon) due to steroids taken for her nephrotic syndrome. talked to her father, and came out of the paeds dept feeling most touched, by parental love: joan's parents hafta weigh her, check her urine, and monitor her health otherwise Every day - they have been doing that for the past 365 X 6 days, dammit. (..and then in the lt, we also learn that 3-4% of all newborns have significant malformations at birth. oh Dear.) bean said smth abt sick children and parents tt drove home the point tt we shld all be grateful for our health, and tt we must, we must, do our utmost to relieve the kids, and their parents.

was most inspired, again, to be a Good student, (good doctor comes later) esp after listening to an m4 explaining some things abt joan. all that integration of information, wow! was also wowed when kenneth and ge discussed ecgs and cases while lounging over the swimming pool (where kok was zipping ard, haha!); i want to be able to do that, coolly and collectedly, too.

then, there are happy progressions in the hospital: junren is looking better; atmosphere in his room is light, and happyfying. may laughs speed up his progress! am most touched, by brotherly love.

yeah, 'love is all around'.

sat down to dinner (just like a wedding dinner, without the wedding. quote unquote tan weili whom i really miss talking to (/arguing with.) the cny truce didnt manage to last through dinner, haha) with sm 3F people, namely sang, weili, amERICa, and bean of course, and very excitedly chronicled the (mis?)adventures of hk-kun, before Fu Yong Dan came by with a very tired yingheng (i wish the load on his shoulders lighten soon!) slipped comfortably into conversation and laughs, and in the 3F tradition, we lao-ed yusheng, and ran out of four worded phrases before the veg was well mixed. that marked the first time we had fresh veg, and YU, in our yusheng.

i love u all. i wish we could re-live valentine's day at palawan, all pretty in pink. i know, with a fuzzy warmth, that sang wore my friendship band till it almost snapped. :).

and yes, i love ge very much too. for rushing out of the house and going the extra mile thru Shitty traffic to send me to school for the 4th time in my life tt i overslept on a school day.

i dont use the word 'love' too loosely, do i.

anyways, TGI(A)F! (again!)
looking forward to.. diving! lessons. may i too lose myself in the world tt astonishes ugly, and my hhappyfying counsellor.

my hhappyfying counsellor ate a ramly burger today.
now, this is smth to chronicle. haha.

time to hit moore, and catch up with itkz! and yemily who is hopefully getting more studying done, than mulling over hey-heys. ;). well, i shall kick up the dust tt has settled since moses stirred it up a long time ago. (wang4 chen2 mo4 ji2 doesnt quite describe the situation accurately, haha.)

Sunday, February 05, 2006

feeling totally wasted. it must be true tt sleep cannot be 'accumulated' nor can sleep debts really be 'paid back'; the 12 hours of sleep starting friday Evening was a Big waste of time!

tried my hand at canoe polo, for IFG since med girls are so extremely un-on. well, it's an interesting game i must say. my legs were terribly restless though, and big yellow balls boinking my head reminded me tt i prefer palm-sized balls, haha. met sangsang's friend, Kim, the friendliest girl ever. her enthusiasm is contagious! mag-woman and jen were creeps in the pool after tt, laughing Behind my back when b.ben was helping me change my stroke. >.<

but mag made up for it for going with me to catch.. Electrico! The Suns! West Grand Boulevard! and a coupla other local bands (impression of Ronin slipped down the drain. tasteless.) along with other medmen, ugly, and other jFOURs. god, The Suns rock. 'Let's make LOVE!' 'LOVE!' 'LOVE!' electrico was disappointing, then again, acoustics Really sucked. in the evelyn norris hall. ;)

i was delighted to discover that the watercooler in the left side of the canteen still dribbled so one has to drink fm the bottle filler, and that the lock in the corner toilet near the bookshop is still spoilt. had the PB room to ourselves for a while: it looks 90% the way it was. :). a place to laugh and cry. sure, i felt old. images ran through my head at every corner. so many. sure, i miss rgs. very much. my classmates, batchmates, juniors, teachers, av techies. just too bad i cant connect with rgs girls these days. the hue of the blue of the pinafore, the way they wear their belt, socks, shoes, and the way they carry themselves.. phooey, sometimes.

anw. it was surf n sweat today. haha. saus got 6th! and i got 9th. damn slack, disgusting, haha. i walked up the slopes, and dropped to a trot whenever, all the time. i put in more energy into running for the train methinks. but, it was for fun, and it was fun. quite la. but the atmosphere was sorely lacking, somehow. hope jen is psyched up for more such beach activities after this. many pple were at the beach too, inc the chindian who really ought to come running everytime i say 'teh tarik'.

wld have been lovely to doze off on the beach, but weekends are too short for that. (shit, another one just bulleted past.)
talked myself hoarse abt LCM and HCF; i hope i made sense in my groggy state of mind. delwyn's grandmama and dad were too nice! and yes: hello, cny isnt All abt the red packets. grow up!

Part-Time Student no more!
i'd better pull up my socks if i want to enjoy the hols proper.
i do, i really do.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

who gives a shit?


many reasons to love mag-woman:

woman was there to scratch the part of my head innervated by the lacrimal nerve, when i was groggy and falling asleep in the shit uncomfortable seat. was Most grumpy as i woke up feeling unrested. and then that perve in the train cldnt keep his eyes on his book, so i shifted to the next carriage, only to be shoved ard by equally hot and irritated people. the world is over populated. esp by a certain type of pple, perhaps. which explains the main targets of virulent diseases like SARS.

barely managed to survive anat prac (yes, prof ling was wonderful, as usual, and shared his exciting life story, but the cold took too much out of me.) and then lunch was a very happyfying affair, with crazy old men, yingen, and mag, of course. techniques of milking various mammals was one subject tt got us roaring. god, i miss laughing with you.

without mag, i prolly wldnt have dropped in to visit junren, though i wanted to. great to see him looking cheery! lotsa pple were there to add joy on a friday aftnn, inc the law hockers and ben. mag-woman prolly doesnt know it, but she said smth tt made me want to hug her.

looking fwd to spending saturday with her, haha! back to the pb room tonight.. the tears and laughs i shared with the prefects thru the years cant quite be left behind like tt, though i must seem hardened to that.

looking back at things we've done
and memories we have had
all these years,
we have come to love each other
thru the laughter and tears

stand tall do not ever be afraid
we'll be there
just right behind
.... (?)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


dying dying to crawl into bed. but grandmama is coming over, so i'd better stay up just a lil while more. yes it is only 2223 and i got home 8 minutes ago, and it's still 37 minutes to bedtime, but! i am So Tired.

flrball medness the whole afternoon, till i violently cramped several times in the poolbarely covered 10m in all before giving up. after 2 hours of shitty short half-court games, we finally expanded the court, and had garung jappo/chinesemen-looking m3s join us, shiok! (sorry jen, didnt expect the courts to be available, and for fresh legs to keep the games going. funfunfun guaranteed next time!) yishan joined us too, boy, it was really nice to talk to her. i miss the jupitans, for sure. may more medmen also get addicted to the game! many thanks to the regulars who never fail to keep the ball rolling.

wasted the workout with lemak laksa and degutong icey muddymudpie. half fell asleep over dessert, and sat down on every bench i saw in queensway: tt's how Very Tired i am. but i am Very Happy too. happynewyear.

discussed in my semi-conscious state how sm people how sheltered some pple are. (and how ge and i are actually sheltered too.) and hey, i learnt a bit abt zen thinking, amazingly fm uncle lau too.

and Project Ta Teochew Wei begins. forcing dad to speak to me in teochew, and i will halteringly, with effort, speak teochew tt is less hokkien-tainted.