Tuesday, January 31, 2006

pretty nice cny, despite longlongLONG car rides that came with the full package of pitstops at smelly toilets, meals at fly-infested rest points, and slow traffic as thousands made the annual pilgrimage back to their hometowns, or to fun spots to fritter the holidays away. thousands thronged in genting highlands itself, (6000 rooms in hotel first world!) and it was a royal painintheass looking for members of the family who had wandered off and were oblivious to buzzing handphones. then again, heads buzzed in the crowds.

this year, 8 of us fitted comfortably into 2 cars. surprisingly, i didnt miss ge all tt much. haha. was really funny seeing grandma's enthusiasm for the jackpot machine. dad managed to sneak me into the casino this year, and brought me round the tables to check out the various games. i was most fascinated by the deft fingers of the dealers. besides that, i didnt quite enjoy the gambling: too much depends on luck! and i dun know enough to hazard intellectual guesses.

despite the thronging mass, i managed to bump into Robin Hood on the second night. pumped his arm up and down vigorously, and he automatically replied with a 'happy new year' before registering who it was, haha. i must have seemed q an idiot anyway; i was rushing to the theme park (right after dinner, as it was so crowded in the day i managed to read half of (half of) a Murakami book while queuing for the rides, which had no kick.)

tripping through the park, half-jogging at times because it was cold, and pink lycra giordano shirts arent good insulation, taking in the cold crisp air in the dark night (stars aplenty as the fog cleared up!) was quite romantic. too bad i was alone, haha! scared myself half silly before going on the ride tt's just like the Tower Drop in oz and i think i was chattering 50% fm fear. (50% fm the cold la) but the view fm up there was so pretty, i had to go a second time. and i sure got high, running thru the park later as i was late to meet the rest of the family. missed lau, kai and ugly! wished for a couple of other pple to be there too.

also bumped into zhihon having breakfast near 'home'- he stays in taman sentosa too!! no more cornrows, but ergu still thought tt his hair was funkymonkey. everyone thought his mom was his girlfriend, haha. and boy was she so very nice! msians are certainly hospitable: his mom bought us breakfast. also, the waitresses we encountered were all most tolerant of obnoxious behaviour tt sm sporeans (so easy to pick them out: they draw attn to themselves!) displayed. true, service is slow, and it's easy to get frustrated with the way they operate sometimes, but their sincerity makes up for their inefficiency i guess. in any case, these malays ought to be lauded for the long hours of work they've had to put in this festive period! (imagine catering breakfast for guests of 6,000 rooms!)

oh, and while it is rude to cut the (toilet) queue, i think it disgraceful to shout loudly and jab a finger in the air at that person.
patience, singaporeans. and grace, please.

time to visit mom's side of the family tmr! inevitably:
'xinniankuaile! zunixueyejinbu!
wah! so tall already! why so dark??!'
but it's nice to see the pple whom i wld otherwise never know. even though we only make small talk, and return to that conversation once, twice, or thrice if we are lucky, a year, i am glad for cny visiting, for the familial warmth, and the feeling of being connected to these people who are somehow tied to us; traditions must be kept alive.

and hey, thank you all for the greetings and smses tt made sure i wasnt too lonely. lovely to get msges fm pple all over. too bad those in msia didnt 'bump into (each other) at the checkpoint'! haha.

yes, xinnianKUAILE!
sya? be kuaile too, my bundle of joy!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

off to msia in a coupla hours. keeping myself awake tonight by catching Memoirs of a Geisha with ge (hmm. yes, i concur with zhenjin that little chiyo-chan wa totemo kawaii desu.) and i shall slap myself and finish reading Fight Club. just so i will be exhausted enough to sleep for most of the car ride tmr.

xin nian kuai le!
shen ti jian kang!

yeah, do be well in the new year.
dropped in to see junren two days ago; lotsa thoughts from that visit. well, i just hope for the bestest to happen to him after all tt he has gone through/is going through. life can be so f-ed up, so unexpectedly.
mag-woman, and nikhil are most sweet.

and i am a shit. i am sorry, but enthusiasm ebbs and flows.
shitty tt we half-heartedly stab at making an effort, just to make ourselves feel better.

rraa. 'what-what la.' too spaced out to put thoughts to words, but i feel like talking to somebody now.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

eeks, backache.

prayed too hard for wind: we got swept away and gallant efforts to return to the bay were futile, for 3 of us who had to get towed back (so.. sad!) in the end; yes, i was defeated by my 5 metresq sail which proved too heavy for my pudgey arms to constantly uphaul as it (and i) got thrashed ard by the Insane wind. tried swimming back to shore but the sea was a bloody treadmill.

but eyy.. still q fun! looking fwd to more time with medmen (and ugly, of course) as more join in the wsf craze.
and tennis! ..it was most satisfying returning xq's and yj's (and itkz's and lw's and yem's :) solid killer balls. i must i must be a nicer person and stop getting frust on court. thank you, my patient, relaxed friends.

the energizer bunny runs out of batt.
but pinapple tarts, haha! are a good source of fuel. i still havent eaten particularly fantastic tarts this year. (mainly cos mom hasnt/isnt gonna make, haha.) the search for good tarts (and kueh lapis! hmm.) goes on.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

fuck. getting the car scratched warrants more than an angsted 'Fishcake'.

dearest ge tried very hard to cover my shit, spending a lot of energy vigorously rubbing the Bright Green paint that came off the wall onto the car; i love him very very much. too bad he couldnt do magic, so the flank of the car didnt reemerge unscathed. :'(.

well, papa was nice abt it: he'd expected a much worse scrape (if he only saw the huge green mess) and so i got a tiny chiding (what else can he do right?) and a lesson on Driving and Parking safely, with remote controls as props.


Saturday, January 21, 2006


anat lect was, once again, entertaining, and while my levator labii superioris alaequi nasi contracted when i saw the bloodied heads, my zygomaticus major was most active when prof raj said that people close their eyes when they laugh, because they trust the other person who had made them laugh. aww.

more uproars during prac, esp when prof ling made itkz the model of facial expressions.. (>.< was included-so act cute!) and to test for laceration of the facial nerve, make ur patient: (smile) (close eyes) blow, kiss, and show his/her teeth. ..well, well! learning the chinese cranial nerves poem was funfunfun; suriya can recite it too!

post anat: more time with part of the anat grp as a bunch of us finished making yem's present, which turned out q q pretty! proud of it. :D. was great fun just lounging ard after that, with mag-woman!-who-always-makes-me-laugh. great to have caught up with haz and sx too! a happy night of laughs shrieks and subtle bitching, and a pseudo-jollyshandy-induced high, haha!

well, may em dear have a funtabulous bday weekend! ILU.
THE box
THE 3stan box.

i am hooked on The Hobbit. :)!
may u be warm and happy in middle earth!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

the high of 4 hours of flrball medness manages to seep out beneath the Mother of all headaches. a gd workout, injected with shouts and laughs, was uber (how did this word come abt?) shiok!! these 'onz' guys, and zhi and veldee, really made my day. :). next time, we must all enjoy a good lunch together after all the fun on the courts!

bottle up old love, and throw it out to sea.

'beloved love', i miss you.
caught myself looking out for you, oh dear!
'twas like.. a surprise showering of fireworks!

too much time on my hands;
the girls are right: i need to get involved in sm activities. incidentally, the season for wsf, and Diving is here! really excited aabt the upcoming course, though i have more than a niggling feeling that The Parents wont be sharing the excitement.

then again, i prolly shld channel more time to studies! it isn't good to procrastinate doing tutorials, esp when there are so few!

Monday, January 16, 2006


dear buddy, i hope u are well on tekong, haha! i mourn the loss of ur cool hair. (anyhow, i patiently await my gelatissimo. :D.)

for sunny and all overseas: (we miss you all!)
NYE at bean's place.

all of us
ALFIE! fitting in with the rest of us.

hon and weili fighting.. again
no prizes for guessing who were fighting.. again, haha!

yingheng mediates
who else, but the council vpres, to make peace.
notice that xhui the slob is burrowing into the sofa in both photos.

calling capt planet
earth! fire! wind! water! heart!

huddle before the sparks run out
this photo is misleadingly peaceful. All Hell broke loose before and after this!! (these were explosive Fireworks i tell you.)

Friday, January 13, 2006

at the mercy of the sky's caprices, [suffering and hoping irrationally..]

the sun finally came out today, HURRAH! 'the sun is out, dammit!' was exclaimed most happily several times over. dunno why the 'dammit' though.. it just expresses my Happiness in this case, ok.

yes, i run on solar power. :).

...!!! the glorious sun leaves the solar-powered grinning like fools, speechless.

and so i finally swam. but the cold cold water left me with a leaky nose the whole aftnn and now: an impending eye infection. horrors! but I Feel Good (aw!) anyhow.

anw i caught a cold aft rb (yes, RB) in the rain (the Depressing Rain That Is Bent On Getting Your Toes Wet) and so the most of harirayahaji passed quite quietly. ..until evening. almost crashed the car into the wall as i stomped on the accelerator instead of Jam-ming brake. well, thankfully, the dormant schumacher reflexes awakened and i managed to shift my foot fast enough for the car to screech to a stop centimetres from the wall. nerves (not just mine) were shattered and dad had to take over the wheel for the rest of the night. eeks!

well the rest of the week was eventful in a more positive, more happyfying fashion, thank gdness.

squeezing ard tables, that are barely 50cm above the ground, in the kids' corner in the ikea eatery wolfing down food while sharing the most horrendous Names To Go By When You Buy a Frapp From Starbucks is a great way to beat the lunch crowd. eg: Umadict, howeveruspellit, a perfectly legit indian name suriya must try out. then sharing the most horrendous racist jokes was unfortunately condoned by suriya too. eg: how do u make asaidrace self destruct? ..tsktsk!

hooking up with the hockers let me catch up on on happenings; (not gossip ok:D) it was great to see the hung and stinko aft so long. babes shldnt cry on their 20th/21st bday!

bananacrumble is never complete without itkz and the friendly waiter. to say tt the three of us (me, itkz, and em, not the friendly waiter la) had Major Trouble splitting the bill is an understatement. so much for scary math teachers.

oh. i heart prof L. wahhhhh. anat prac has never been such a breeze. i baulked when i first espied the sawed heads lying on the dimsum trolley though. oh and prof R says, 'women let men be the head of the family; they are content playing the supporting role. (of the neck) the neck controls the movement of the head.' (inaccurate quote, but. idea there.) subsequently, csi was very exciting and it was hard to to refrain from making hypotheses out loud, to a most sombre audience who was intent on watching the show frigidly. oh, and i am such a froginthewell, tsktsk!

and finally, after all the rambles abt the weekthatzoomedby(likealmostallotherweeks), the week ends with a typically girly (haha!) ooh-ing and ahh-ing (abt sweet things: dessert and good boys) session with the 412 babes.

in the pan

TGIF! i hope happy fridays are universal.
oh, and we learnt a new word today that means thephobiaoffridaysthethirteenth. (and yes, that one word sounds like it has as many syllables) ..the things we learn as we get trapped in the school carpark cos the cranky barrier refuses to rise.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

CRAZILY, we rollerbladed in the unceasing rain.
it was so SHIOK! with the rain pelting our faces, irritatingly drip-dripping into our eyes and mouths (as we, ok more correctly: i Shriek) and the wind chilling to the bone.
rollin' good fun!!!

undoubtedly, the rain IS a big spoiler. shuttling to and fro in the intermittent rain (i think the endless drone might drive sm pple nuts) getting ur feet wrinkly and gritty is a damper. not to mention getting soaked to the skin again after changing into dry clothes and after a warm lunch. and then getting drenched Again after drying off in the Freezer of an mrt train/ bus.

but!! the best thing abt being out getting ur toes wet when other less valiant souls are curled up in bed is that other less valiant souls arent out competing with u for Space, and Air to Breathe! so. ECP was prettily quiet, save a few other semi-valiant souls eating breakfast, or fishing, and.. a Very Valiant Hiap Luh who was Crazily Running along the coastline! with a few other Very Valiant souls.

yeah we all had a funtabulous time at a 'strange place, time, and weather'. :).
thank you rou, itkz, and the very pro kenneth.

oh. i fell down less while rollerblading than during flrball. i credit this to the less valiant souls hiding at home. though i undoubtedly fell with much more commotion (i am sorry, Operation Demure shall resume shortly.) and all over rouan. (i am sorrier abt this.)

well, coupled with a delightful roti-prata-and-teh breakfast at casuarina followed by adrenaline-inducing card games during which we hollered so much bean's mom looked into the room just slightly disapprovingly, and an evening out, 3stan ended this hols for me with a happyfying weekend, woosh.

rouan's lifeline: teh (tarik)
rou and her favourite teh (tarik?), at casuarina. this shirt of hers says 'unlock the secret to fashon' in front; there's a print of a key behind. 0_o ...

hi hi
walking to bean's place.

fm a few days back, at the glass house where we welcomed (not 'welcame') bean and suriya back fm their motherlands.

sleazy itkz
sleazy itkz, with ITKZCHY HANDS, wah lao! the beanies are from bean, from china. (haha. as in the beanies are fm bean. though sm wld argue tt bean is fm china too.) sleazy beyonce calendar from aileen and..

OH!!! and there was a short spluttering of FIREWORKS last night!! the dull thuds in the distance were most distinctive, and then, WOW! the skies lit up, and we Ran out into the drizzle to gape for a minute or two, or less? was horribly disappted with the local band we caught later on at the waterfront though. eeks, the lead singer Has got to go!

sch restarts, and ha-hap-happy bday, momoboy.

Friday, January 06, 2006

if u have a tender msg
or a loving word to say
do not wait till u forget it
but whisper it today.
the tender word unspoken,
the letter never sent.
the long forgotten msgs,
the wealth of love unspent-
for these some hearts are breaking,
for these some hearted ones await;
so show them tt u care for them
before it is too late.

nostalgia, dreams, disatisfaction. the danger of opening ur eyes, and more importantly, ur heart.

thank you, friends, for the laughs and fuzzy feelings.

paul khoo's baby girl: Mikayla.

a (hug)mug of milo and pineapple tarts in the dead of the night,
to stand in for the laughter and fuzzy feelings companionship brings.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

SELFFARs, do cherish the next two years.

i went back to rj today.
my heart burst.
i miss (that) school so damn much, my heart and head hurt.

i am a j4. gawd. indulge me, let me whine.
it was so Nice to bump into
-batchmates who feel equally old, and who miss school so damn much too, probably.
-juniors, who hung ard those tables, who are now out of school and feeling old too. boo you! i'd rather be j3 than j4, haha. (but heyhey, my buddy is a new man! :)! )
-superjuniors/students whose various expressions of shock/realisation are quite comic.
-teachers. like alfie and ericlee who never fail to make happy conversation.

(i am stuttery tonight, boo.)

and so it was that amos emily and i hung out together today. we go back a long way. despite me having not talked to amos in.. years, conversation Flowed. then again, we used to talk/rumourmongre on the phone almost everyday in p6, haha! amos clocked a lot of mileage today, coming all the way to ulu woodlands then back to bkt timah and beyond; i am so very touched! my third time driving since i got my license was under his patient and careful instruction. hurry yem, pass so U can drive us ard in the cute red car nxt time.

caught up later with keatloon, another brave soldier boy going for cresendo tonight. may they all return stronger men. and yes, sji produces most gentlemanly boys. oh, but, 'on closer inspection', other boys are really Good Men too. :).

reading tuesdays with morrie again, to appreciate life/death a little more.
u be strong, dear girl.

412 babes '06

in the summertime - mungo jerry ost the wedding crashers

In the summertime when the weather is fine
You can stretch right up and touch the sky
When the weather's fine
You got women, you got women on your mind
Have a drink, have a drive
Go out and see what you can find

If her daddy's rich take her out for a meal
If her daddy's poor just do what you feel
Speed along the lane
Do a turn or a turn an' twenty-five
When the sun goes down
You can make it, make it good in a lay-by

We're no threat, people
We're not dirty, we're not mean
We love everybody but we do as we please
When the weather's fine
We go fishin' or go swimmin' in the sea
We're always haaaappy
Life's for livin' yeah, that's our philosophy

Sing along with us
Dee dee dee-dee dee
Dah dah dah-dah dah
Yeah we're ha-hap-happy
Dah dah-dah
Dee-dah-do dee-dah-do dah-do-dah
Dah-dah-dah do-dah-da

When the winter's here, yeah it's party time
Bring your bottle, wear your bright clothes
It'll soon be summertime
And we'll sing again
We'll go drivin' or maybe we'll settle down
If she's rich, if she's nice
Bring your friends and we'll all go into town


Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006 was ushered in amidst shrieks (ok, i am a wuss.) yells and hops as we lighted Explosive sparklers on a hill top and sent arrows of sparks shooting up to the skies beckoning captain planet to grace the occasion.

prior to that, we played monopoly, mahjong, which was ok. but weili's 'brainless game', ninetynine, left us with more wrinkles as we frowned hard trying to add up simple numbers on poker cards. taboo (!!) showed how we have lost the gift to express ourselves glamourously, and how warped some (ahem) of us are now:

'u (dun) put ur finger in a..?' (wide eyes all on andy)
'two people come together and make/have a..?' 'BABY!!'
'weili takes this everyday..' 'STERIODS!'
'girls like to eat this kind of food..' 'CHOCOLATE! ICECREAM!'

(the words on the cards were Socket, Conversation, Multivitamins, Low Fat. incidentally, verbose hon was the one shouting Baby and Steriods, and giving the clues for the last word. i havent learnt from the past 2 years of taboo not to shoot my mouth off; yes, i am still sorry for the lousy joke i made at eric's expense two CNYs ago. haha!)

so. almost all the people fm 3F who are in spore (ie army boys and armyboytobe and med/pharm/vet students and andy back fm jhu!) turned up last night. i was most Happy to see everyone. we have grown onto each other, no doubt abt tt; the connection is still there despite us having left school more than 1 year ago, evident from the ease with which we stream into bean's place, lounge ard just talking. there is no need to run a backgrd; just a quick slide into comfy conversations leads to laughs and fuzzy feelings. familiar old jokes/antics/tussles surface, and that only makes it all the more.. happyfying. gosh, i wld give anyth to relive jc.

oh, and alfie swung by last night too!! :). tsktsk, sitting on the discipline comm with flaming hair!! funny to hear him call bean's parents 'uncle' and 'auntie' too. then again, he is xiao-al aft all.

was nice to have one-on-one time with bean after the crowd left.. it's been a long time.

new friends have come into my life, and i love them very much. at the same time, i am most unwilling to lose the old friends who have seen me through so much of my 'formative years' (haha.). ushering in the new year with old friends is most meaningful. i love u all. i am looking forward to catching up with those overseas come the long summer break. yes, i harbour hopes tt tianjiao and xuxu will visit too!

i miss everyone, everything abt 2003/2004. so much.
but 'tis the time to look Forward too!
a couple of new year resolutions, that i think will make me a better person. ;).