Friday, December 30, 2005

(ok, perhaps merely moodswinging.)

i think it all boils down to having too little things to do, and not wanting in the least to do what i am spozed to do. or just a lack of an avenue to release all energy till i'm too wasted to be angsty abt the lack of things to do and places to go to.

my phone is feeling pent up too.

unfair question, but. were u and ur handphone Pent Up the slightest bit?

TGIF? when we are all spozed to be happy as a birthday?

gone gone going gone
gone be the birds when they dun wanna sing

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

had a little adventure trip today to yishun safra with jen and qianli, the northies with balls. (tsktsk, xhui!)
tried to build confidence doing the canopy challenge walk and parachute simulation. fun fun.

scaled the 25m tall rock wall, but sadly we all didnt reach the top.
well, funnest of all was the very happyfying bouldering gym!! check out the happy colourful photos, haha!

all three of us!!
the three monkeys bouldering

bingquan and ms tan!
LBQ! bingquan was my nyps (NOT lyps) student, hoho! boy, was he brave on the canopy walk! he snucked up from behind (as my knees were wobbling on the ropes) without saying Hello in case i fell off in shock, but later attempted to bump me off one of the tracks, tsktsk! i cussed in front of an innocent little boy.

my legs go weak
my legs go weak

qianli falling
even spiderman falls

while the spiderwomen hang on effortlessly

undaunted over the abyss

wah damn high!
up the 25m wall outdoors

free stylin'
coming down = my fave part of rock climbing

qianli climbing
qianli spreadeagled

hon catching her breath aft overhang

horrified hon and qianli
see the man stepping off? i asked to be Pushed off.

horrified hon and jen
construction workers.

chionged sm laps with jen after all that adreneline/climbing (with tall dark hunky haha! boys) and knocked out cold the moment i reached home.

i need to get my room in order.

xmas wasnt a bitch. i was/am one.

thanks to beloveds who accomodated my sullenness, whines, screeches (and poundings) just because i was feeling frust, for no good reason. (a bad bout of tennis isnt allowed to spoil a whole day!)

i have been BAD this xmas.
unfriendly. foul-mouthed. bad-tempered/Grumpy. inconsiderate. dissatisfied.
boy, my new year resolutions are aplenty.


xmas eve shopping w ge and oli was a nightmare, what with the frenzied crowd. but bumping into other wandering souls was.. nice. the feeling of emptiness swelled but reading in moonriver cafe was most therapeutic. then dinner/ walkabout/ stayover jen was.. comfortable. :).
xmas day itself was.. nice too what with the cute kiddo and Sugar-the-dog at lunch, and a chingchiangchiang movie outing followed by a quest for The Xmas Feel! which ended excitingly with us catching the last bus/train just in time. happyfying.
1 year 24 hours later, a dear friend again sends the sweetest xmas wishes. thank you.

laulau is right? (boy, it is SO wonderful to see her, and mjing, again. ..2006 in a coupla days' time. we're losing the -teen in our age. hell!)

Sunday, December 25, 2005

/_\ at the esplanade

big xmas tree at raffles city

i sat alone in curry favor for while reading my book, thinking about the mushrooms we've had here. in that cushiony corner. and the walks we took, dear.

Friday, December 23, 2005

yes, fridays are q a letdown, after a week of funnn.
blow wind blow.
how does the wind change direction? more pertinent: how do i change direction on the sfboard? i dun get the physics of wsf.

walked ard with sya, (missed fau-zi-ah bad) and saw the pretty parts of spore thru the eyes of one who dreams of home.

i'm dreaming of home...
this song triggered the boohoo that lasted the rest of the movie joyeux noel (merry xmas) and still stirs the heart as i listen to the recording done by our very own fluotist.
perhaps i thought too much during the film. then again, its only right to make my mind/heart work harder. also, i must learn to express my thoughts better besides just shouting out loud that WAR IS F-ED UP and mumbling abt poor soldier boys and how all men are the same; the enemy is like you and me.

a bunch of us caught liwei carolling at fullerton, where acoustics are great. but liwei's eyebrows stole the limelight. i received xmas cards, that made me :), thankyouall, and hair conditioner that made me cringe and laugh at the same time. but yemily and i laughed hardest at theboyinrednotpurpleundies.

we met again the next morning, for my second treetop walk. which shall be the last. frankly, i didnt like the thick air that hung heavily on us, and the monotony of the greenery, though we saw a tiny snake! and the crunch of gravel beneath our shoes was quite therapeutic, though sitting on the treetopwalk itself was most refreshing. i really enjoyed the brief moment of lounging on aileen's couch reading as the phantom of the opera piano pieces were being played live by itkz, and occasionally graced by alvin's singing. more talk of darkness..

haha, the look of wonderment in sivakanthan's face as the savvyness of the borrowing machines in the library overwhelmed him.
'welcome to the chocolate factory.'

my god. the weekend had better hold some surprises. because suddenly, i feel the xmas air squeezing out of me.

happy hikers
i'll shout it fm the mountain top (chibaboom!) i want the world to know..

snake in macR

Monday, December 19, 2005

i havent had tt much fun cycling before!
correction, i havent had tt much fun with smone else cycling before! because techincally, i didnt cycle at all - i rode pillon on itkz's bike instead. bicycle: a non-motorised vehicle, mind.

to be honest, i was petrified. getting bumped very hard on my already bruised bum without being able to see obstacles up ahead left me feeling q q vulnerable. i laughed so hard (masking my nervousness?) my tummy hurt, and i gripped itkz so hard, his tummy must hurt too. because itkz's proprioception wasnt honed initially, i was swung into a pillar at a bus stop, and collapsed on the floor laughing, to the amusement of an angmoh couple. later, we both collapsed on the floor despite itkz's gallant attempts to keep us on the path down the treacherous mountain down 6th avenue. the rider suffered a few scrapes, while the passenger escaped unscathed.

although it was painful abandoning our bicycle diaries so quickly, we decided that it was a safer bet for me to take the bus while itkz huffed and puffed up the slope unburdened. not fair how yemily had a much much smoother ride! ..because her legs arent '40% of her body mass' hence displacing the cg of the entire set-up, >.<

baad photo but this is the hardy bike that saw us to 6th avenue.

rickshaw ah-pek
the rickshaw ah-pek

moose girl
rou the moose girl. we got used to seeing her in her horns.. at the kopitiam!

XLB (xiaolongbao!) with other 3stanis was cheapcheap and of some standard: juicy! of course the rest got a taste of the yummilicious cookies we made in itkz's big cheery kitchen in place of our big plans to run. YUMMY.

cookies by ian and hon

daylight licks me into shape.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

windsurfing is q q fun! just too bad there wasnt no wind these two days.
but some injuries incurred, boo: sprained little toe; it is fatter than it normally is. (yes i have warped little toes.)
manymanymany bruises lining my shins and knees; i look badly abused.

ate tons with ugly and chethan after each wsf session; carl's jr is satisfying, happyfying. to top it up, after max brennering on sat night, ugly and i chanced on a lovely jazz band at the esplanade. local band! which sang lovely xmas songs too. nicenice.

singapore IS so very pretty!

hon's dare
i got dared to jump into the fountain/pond in front of marina mandarin. wasnt garung enough to go swimming though.

jon hon bad hair
bad hairs.

ugly ugliest
ugly's leg and ugliest's pudgey arm! boo.

broken orange fence. WOW! the lead singer sure had a good voice. but she really mustnt speak in between songs.. ditsy! but she was very cute precisely cos of her speeches. :).

Friday, December 16, 2005

from 'full of love girl' to 'full of shit girl'.
em dear has seen me through this phase of my growing up with the bestest of wishes, countless *hUgs*, and her ever listening ears. thank you, girl. ilu.

it was so christmassy in town tonight. to fill up that hole in my heart perhaps.
you know, dear, i miss you. such irony. i am sorry!

i know that it is gonna be xmas when momoboy swings by for a visit.

i know that it really is xmas when i receive renyu's card. i must i must get down to writing cards.

this xmas, i will be thinking of you, dear. no regrets. we had our moments. i love you.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

GELATISSIMO!! has come to town!! u'd better scream and shout cos it is just so damn shiok.

hazelnut americanchocolate pistachio pannacotta honeymalttoffee mango.
itkz and i whacked six scoops, and got highhhh on the bestest gelato. it is heavenly here, as it was in OZ. laulau! will go wild.

so six Generous scoops of Gorgeous Glorious orGasmic Gelato helped make my day a very Good one. so what if all that negated the effects of the jog to the botanical gardens, and the loonnggg walk back, this morning. it sure made up for the baaddd King Kong! the most painfully long-drawn movie ever. do NOT waste precious 3 hours watching it!

thanks to itkz for a happyfying day, for bearing with my whines about bad hair, fat, tired legs, stupid boys, gross slugs in lousy long movies, and of course, for sharing the gelato highhh; laughing insanely, exclaiming repeatedly, high-fiving, while going up and down the escalators slurping glorious flavours is the way to enjoy good icecream.

6 scoops

ian gelato

a productive day of xmas shopping too! chingchiangchiang bought more presents with jen in the evening.. died after just a short shopping stint with her though. dead tired! boo. anw, i saw jen's sword, how cool!

so sad tt i do not have an iSqueeze nor uZap. i shall just stretch well and go to sleep with a full tummy. mom's lotusrootandpeanut soup warms my heart.

what a twist to a day tt started bad with ugly thoughts, after a night of fitful sleep and fretting. i hope u had a good day too. really.


'ask ian to lend you his.'
or 'alvin; he has a bag full of them.'

yeah, i need them all.
i am just selFISH la dammit.

well on a happier note,
one good thing came out of today: pride and prejudice with chunying and chunchi. keira knightly is dropdeadgorgeous! the movie was quite quite funny. and the dances are so.. fun! bouncesandswishes. woosh.

bumped into happyfying threesome itkz in his gross bum shirt, xinquan, aud, and weili hoho. the wonders of a small city with little things to do, few places to go. people make me :).

some make me :'( though.
the weekend is approaching, and i am losing it.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

i miss my chibaboom hair. at least i had hair to speak of! now i have BORING hair tt is tufty, almost inexistent, oh dear.

plus a fever and rash that had better disappear with antihistamines; no waayy am i coming down with dengue - tt wld be as amazing as big d and i striking 4d!

but am feeling loved anyway. meeting the cousins for a movie tonight, though i doubt i can make it to lunch with nikhil now. i miss talking to that gautaum. we've drifted, my bad.

random happyfying photos

frisbee retrieval
mo-mo retrieving the frisbee relaxedly after the other boys scrambled amongst the thorny bushes!

all of us
all of us.

red-eyed monsters.

bean liwei ian yem hon hi5!
em and hon killed the poseurs image.

ok too many photos to put up, too many stories to share.

in short: i had tons of funn with the 3stans the last 2D1N. woosh. i love these happyfying guys.

see flickr and bean's for photos, and the others for more accounts.

i miss you all already! haha!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

max brenner's
us at max brenner's on thursday. liwei joined us after that, only to collapse at the foot of a pillar from fatigue. failed shopping spree that day, save a pair of cutesey shoes, haha! but we made up for that failed attempt the next day when the three of us plus shopping queen aileen, minus mo2-mo3, went crazy at (yes, yemily,) es-pi-reet. we all died of exhaustion.

missed out on action in spore on saturday as i trudged all the way to pontian for hiong's wedding. dad drove me to a rediscovered Traditional bakery; hot chewy peanut and coconut buns.. yummilicious. then of course we had to da-pao the famous hengheng da-mee for oli to try, just before the wedding dinner.

the wedding dinner was ching-chiang man. what with kampong aunties and uncles belting out oldies on the karaoke, making our heads throb. dinner was in Shangrilla (yes, spelt like that.) which is the most atas place in pontian. the shangrilla is no hotel, but a cramped, low ceilinged, three storeyed restaurent that can amazing fit over 400 people per level, barely. food came kampong-styled, in Huge servings, and was of quality ok. well service was as good as it got.. chop-chop, but Beware of what gets into ur glass. ice water gets topped up with sprite, cognac with chinese tea.

speaking of cognac, let me introduce the Pontian Cocktail:
so this auntie comes by with martell, and asks if u want some. (she asks you throughout the night even if u have declined 15 times before.) u nod. she pours out a hearty volume into ur glass. THEN. she whips out a bottle of mineral water and proceeds to chug water into ur cognac till ur glass is full. maannn. but the crunch is when another auntie comes by with chinese tea refills, and mistakes ur diluted drink for tea.

more laughs/shrieks/slaps when i got food on me, and when ge spilt sprite, which i very stealth-ly dodged with my 'schumacher' (haha.) reflexes, only to get my butt soaked when i sat back down on the wet chair.

so the few hours of dinner, which took manymany hours of travelling, was quite ching-chiang after all. it was nice to see the cousins again. :).

i missed this though:
my naval officer
gosh, jen. i am so proud of you!

ok bean, here goes:

Rules of the game:
1. post 5 weird/random stuff about yourself
2. at the end, list the names of 5 people who you want next to do this, and leave a "you are tagged" comment and tell them to read your blog for rules"

1. brushing my teeth makes me happy. very happy. i hate having a chalky feeling in my mouth.
2. when i see very many ants crawling ard in a domestic setting, my hair stands on end. eek! i might shriek. i might shriek silently. but i am grossed out anyway. esp if i have to squash them and they become GOOEY. (cringe.)
3. despite my ah-beng swagger and other chor-lor features, i used to engage in demure activities. like origami and cross stitching (!!) well the only thing tt keeps me seated for hours on end now wld hafta be books and jigsaw puzzles.
4. i get highh on coffee smells. i get ultra jittery and sensitive to noises and thingsthatmovetoofast when i drink coffee. and of course i pee alotalotalot of coffee scented pee then. haha u didnt want to know that right.
5. sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night to eat and then go back to sleep. snickers and bread are the two best tummywarmers.

ok, sangsang, hazwani, jen, ugly, tzeyeong. u all are tagged.

Friday, December 09, 2005

it looks like it is a paiseh thing to use the uzap..
zap em

hon did NOT pee in her pants
yes, i so peed in my shorts while my fats were being violently jiggled.

this is what happens when u uzap too much.
em was zapped till she collapsed

holding in the pee? no actually. but the story shall stay within 3stan.

fatherly alvin
lelong-lelong, father figure for sale.

[has] been unavoidably detained by the world.
expect [me] when u see [me].

wish this would suffice, in various situations.

as i spoke to binbin that day, a part of me died.

was secretly relieved that she let things go simply at that moment. but i wasnt surprised when she called up later that night. am touched. rraa. i am itching to return to play. to go for camp. but at the same time, i know under all the layers of 'shld i' 'shld i not' and 'do i want' 'do i not want's, i dont want to. even though seasons are just a month away. (i am warped!)

so. half a year of flrball is over. i havent improved significantly, but i have had fun, and i am thankful for the sense of purpose flrball gave me, and i am glad to have got to know the team. i truly love the game.

thank you, jupitans.

Monday, December 05, 2005

photowhores, we are!

tons of fun today. FRS was just an excuse for the Tans to meet up and go crazy aft a bit of work.
we have the attention span of severely sleep deficient souls, not quite like Great Souls like leonardodavinci winstonchurchhill mosestanshengqi though.

prof shek is funkaay. zoomzoomzoom. awfully decent of her to throw in a treat:D

dessert came, very painfully for liwei: after a lot of swerving, and missing a turn, we finally made it to guthrie house in one piece. (bean is a road bim! haha. attention deficient!)

MMMBOP!! DUUBOP!! we sang and jigged? to teenyboppy songs of yesteryears. think backsideboys and spicegirls too. eeks!

koocheekoochee, yeahyeah!
koocheekoochee, yeahyeah! itkz looking coyy.

i didnt laugh
trying to gek say here. liwei our c-pop star!

six girls
saus babe, our guest for the day. i will miss u, babe. :'(

ian and girls
i swear i really didnt touch itkz's face! he must feel violated anyways. >.<

Sunday, December 04, 2005

heehee. so delayed but. so happyfying!


gatsby ad
gatsby ad. 'chibaboom hair.'

UG triangle Pelvic Triangle
UG and Pelvic Triangles.

behind the triangles.

hon matrix

shiok! the past coupla days have been a blast. severely eye bagged, ironically After the exams, but feeling quite quite highhh.

happily, despically, skipped FRS after signing in, to take in the lupbrups of the pool with the luxury of time for once in a long time. then joined the rest of the FRS grp (tans only) who happily siamed the seminar too. tried very hard to be hardworking and discuss our project, but ended up deviating every minute, mostly thanks to rouan's wealth of stories. haha! but dun we all love her dramamama action-packed tales!

vroomedvroomed on suriya's bike (gd way to tan man, with the breeze running thru your.. helmut! haha.) to catch potter together with alvin and esther, with happyfying confectionaries to munch on, while the rest caught gruesome sawII eeks. alvin was most tactful when we were shopping, advising me against a pair of shorts because they wld make me (/my fat ass) look like Popiah. i think he meant Bak Zhang. either way, rawrr!!! to alvintankahheng! >.< haha.

ok, sm pictures of some of my funky fellow 3stanis:
alvin and liwei flanking the star: rou an. :).

arab boy and bean
the bday girl q while back, with the 'S'yed harun who pangseiied our anat grp for early lab sessions, boo!

camera man liwei

anw. then i finally had pepper lunch for dinner (not funny.) with hhappyfying counsellor. (however weird saus finds this way of addressing yauhong:D) disappted! or maybe i just cant cook, boo.

and later the next day, after a lot of time on the comp trying to catalogue songs, and a bit of sleep, popped by the pool with my potential woodlands exercise buddy. only to negate all effects of exercise with a huugggeeee lunch with jieming the goat at tonkichi (or tonkatsu?) again! his treat this time, haha! the treat was the impetus for us to meet; the goat thinks so well of me!>.<

obs gathering was shi-o-ku of course, with almost 20 of us gathering at azhar, only to meet Other pple including keatloon! jingli! !!. haha. and woodlands-crippler and jj-hockey-boy. smhow conversations flew across the the tables and 3 hours zoomed by like 30 min. so Nice talking and laughing loudly over godzillas, (and tongkatali teh ais) nasi/beehoon/kwayteow goreng pattayas and pratas, with Alive people who are leading rather different lives now, but who can quite *click. even we were just talking kok, it felt good alright. anw, phweet! the pj girls are hot stuff!

ok i am rambling once again abt Things I Have Done and People I Have Met. but i am happyfied. so share the joy. ...!!

well done, marathoners!! gosh. kinda wish i was fit enough to take on the fortytwopointtwo. next year, with saus babe! crossed fingers!

happy bday, ugly! :).

Thursday, December 01, 2005

feeling Like Crap physically. pounding headache, result of more than just a sleep debt methinks, but choy! and a locked knee, %#$!

but. was 99% percent happified today! what with mother highhhs with the 3stanis about holiday plans, discovering kids' haven in the peads ward, and essentially just laughing tons at the antics of our dearest rou-an hahaha. kinda looking forward to school again tmr! these pple sustain my highhhhnes everytime. :).

also, met up with pearl!! with a simple purpose we founded for ourselves, we ended up covering q a lot of ground in 6 hours. but so shiok when we found what we were looking for. aching feet, dulled senses otherwise, but so wonderful catching up, listening to her opinions/views. i like the quiet of greatworldcity, though it is a tad too inaccessible. boo, take care in thailand, while bringing warmth to hearts there, and opening your own eyes and heart to more of the world. i will settle my Nightmare Before Christmas. wish me bravery.


running on a highhh generated by swapping songs with big darryl with whom i share So Many favourite songs with it's really very crazy! all the obscure random songs, gosh.

my alarm clock is set to ring in less than 3.5 hours. yikes. eyebags in white goggles patches as itkz points out each time!

missed u, thought of u, prayed damn hard for u (to Who or What i also dont know. but still, idea there!) to be well and happy. cos u deserve all that, and better. well, looks like i hafta pray harder!