Monday, November 28, 2005

STOP! smell the roses. reminisce. gosh, how much i miss you all! :'(
take a walk with me again, 3F.


breakdown - jack johnson

i hope this old train breaks down
then i could take a walk around
see what there is to see
time is just a melody
all the people in the street
walk as fast as their feet can take them
i just roam through town
and though my windows got a view
the frame i'm looking through
seems to have no concern for me now
so for now

i need this
old train to breakdown
oh please just
let me please breakdown

this engine screams out loud
sayin the beat gonna crawl westbound
so i dont even make a sound
cause its gonna sting me when i leave this town
all the people in the street
that i'll never get to meet
if these tracks dont bend somehow
and i got no time
that i got to get to
where i dont need to be
so i

i need this
old train to breakdown
oh please just
let me please breakdown
i need this
old train to breakdown
oh please just
let me please breakdown
i wanna break on down
but i cant stop now
let me break on down

but you cant stop nothing
if you got no control
of the thoughts in your mind
that you kept in, you know
you dont know nothing
but you dont need to know
the wisdoms in the trees
not the glass windows
you cant stop wishing
if you dont let go
but things that you find
and you lose, and you know
you keep on rolling
put the moment on hold
the frames too bright
so put the blinds down low

i need this
old train to breakdown
oh please just
let me please breakdown
i need this
old train to breakdown
oh please just
let me please breakdown
i wanna break on down
but i cant stop now

Friday, November 25, 2005

buahlonglong-ed for too long already! this weekend is my last stab at getting studying for the exams done properly, eeks. got chided q a bit for being horribly unfocused, and i am q disgusted with the lack of self motivation.. i have been enjoying the snippets of studying though! chionging through revision tutorials with efficient profs gives me a (false?) sense of security.

dinner (late) tonight was introduced to us by su-su. as usual, the food was cholestrol-laden, but oh-so-very-yummy! authentic claypot rice at the shady/sleazy smith street hawker centre on the 2nd storey. wahh shiok. it was worth the sweat i worked myself into trying to look for the rest of the family.

spent the major part of the aftnn walking ard and then slouching ard eating arty-farty foods at tcc which really ought to be better ventilated/aircooled, but was q q high! maybe simply cos it's a friday. albeit it being The friday just before cas. and company was hhappyfying yauhong. away with sore throats and stuffed noses! getwellsoon!

had a happy Green Day yest, just for bean, whose bday was yest, and whose 2nd fave colour is green. (yes, the 3stanis all wore green ok.) lotsa photos coming soon. :D. lotsa laughter as we snapped away. we also caught 15, the acclaimed short film by royston tan. most impressive!

obs recall!! for the rj and pj pple who went for the '03 year end course! at al azhar! really am very excited abt catching with these pple who in that short 9 days forged rather tight bonds as we went through sm trials (albeit tailored?) together. woosh. listen to the rhythm of the falling rain. may the on gang all be there!

a couple of things here and there tt got me thinking a bit but am too zonked now to assimilate thoughts. better save energy to focus on reading, digesting, and absorbing tmr. wooshh..

then the fire fades away
most of everyday
is full of tired excuses
but it's too hard to say
i wish it were simple
but we give up easily

on comes the panic light
holding on with fingers
and feelings alike
but the time has come
to move along

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

freezing my ass off in my room, without the air-conditioning on. sniffling loud enough to wake a very soundly sleeping dad, but enjoying the refreshing weather very much. though i had Big Plans to head out for a long run this morning, i find myself getting warm and comfy in my room and having a huge breakfast. fat is when i have trouble hunching too much cos rolls of un-loculated? adipose stops me. wah lao!

when i'm 64, how?

need to get to school, (i vroomvroom drove to school yesterday!!) stay awake for 3 hours of lectures, and more hours of studying! must have the discipline not to have too long a lunch today, though i did enjoy yummilicious but so sleepyfying curry rice yesterday. ugly has a very fat knee. :(. but all will be well by the time ..Windsurfing starts! yeah, finally finally getting down to a course, Three years since i had Big Plans to. no good. must accomplish more of what i set out to do.

woosh. gonna jump in the cold cold shower.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

just for the record, the xmas lights this year are Damn Ugly. yeah, if only it snowed here.. aint a white xmas in the least, what with all the red lights. no a synthetic ice-skiting rink either, aw!

anw. after a Very painfully lonely saturday, my sunday was happyfied.. no need to 'Pine' for my love today, woosh. caught 'Prime' along the way, not too bad a movie, with a rather bittersweet :'( ending! the guy was so Hot, to-die-for, hoho. and of course, if i look anything like uma thurman when I am 37, phweet.

had pretty authentic burmese food for dinner at inle, this budget makan place in penin. the food calls for an acquired (dried shrimp) taste, methinks. Boom, nonetheless.

dad and i squinted into a darkened window and saw tt the price tag hanging on the bag tt caught my eye said: $1,770. wah! i need tuition lobang. any woodlanders?

rraa. rather unfortunately, dad lost his way Twice on the way home, so what was spozed to be a 30/40 minute car ride took over an hour. fishcake. sense-of-direction had better not be a heritable trait.

time, and information too, is like sand, trickling. trickling away too quickly. 'study' vs 'mug'. doesnt really matter which now.. i just need to start the engine before it is waay too late!

Friday, November 18, 2005

BOOM. i have eaten So Much these coupla days. lesion in my ventromedial nucleus of hypothalamus. (wah lao.)

or maybe i need food to fill up that hole.. a lousy excuse, but still. :D.

:'(, cos my landmark upped and translocated to some point in the vast open seas of malaysia this aftnn. eeks i am damn dehhh. but. rraa, imu. :D.

anyways. PDP is cool beans. yesterday, the 7 of us visited 2 more patients, and thankfully, this time round, both of them were happy old uncles who were so happyfying! -they both wished well, and one of them even gave us advice on how to be good med students. and gave us a mini tutorial: 'the doctor tell me, so now i tell you.'

but the best thing abt PDP is how it is very much like a 1000 piece collage jigsaw puzzle.. there are so many tiny pictures u have to squint at, then slowly piece the small details together, then suddenly, u take a step back, and realise that the tiny aggregations of pieces actually all link together.

ok. that was a very lousy analogy. but essentially, there is new found passion/impetus to study. woosh.

OH. we had PROF RAJ for prac today! wow. all the lucky shits who have him permanently had better appreciate him fully.

off to casuarina for roti prata supp with jennie!! BOOM.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

'we all grow up drinking our urine.'
-another quote fm the most quotable lecturer, prof gopa-lo-krish-nan-ko!

and we also musnt forget:
'the moment the sperm meets the egg.. life will be beautiful forever after.'

and 'SIZE DOES MATTER.' flashed across the screen as he taught us male repro.


bish. a loooonnnggg and draaaaaggggy week in school. trying to study. realising that my brain is a sieve. uh-oh.

and i have eyebags. from sleeping too much!!! been sleeping by 10 pm most nights this week, only to wake up with dark circles in the white goggle patches. i've been dreaming q a lot though. HMM.

but there are always distractions in the library. and i had my fair share of (stifled) laughs that drew much animosity, but most times i was too caught up silencing myself to notice that, or running too fast through the shelves of old periodicles (with mag-woman) to care. a sneaky expedition to visit my 'landmark' was q dumb, but ok, q funny.

'high-strung' isnt such an obscure term right?? pudgey and i must have pissed sm pple off squibbling abt this, and laughing/wheezing so loudly, but heck it: these pple really shldnt have been there in the first place; shoo! return to the business/law/arts library and let me have my cubicle to myself!

oh. visited patients yesterday, and will get to talk to more tmr.. a coupla thoughts abt this part of the curriculum, but i shall expound on the more serious things another time.

rraa! rainy rainy night. i am well-fed and almost comfortably settled down at home, and very happily replying to most happyfying mails fm the most happyfying pple.

but. at the same time: RRAA! i want a hug! haha. the word i was looking for is indeed 'Pine'.

hwah. it's almost december. too fast!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

xhui L.O.V.E hon

i L.O.V.E xhui. :).

Saturday, November 12, 2005

i want to make fishcake out of all the kiddos who are so uncute when they are bobbing in front of u however u swerve, and the chinamen who smhow cannot swim 50m laps, but must do 25m laps across the deepest part of the pool. RRAA!! stomped out of the pool in huff aft 15 min of craning my neck to avoid obstacles in the murky water, to raised eyebrows of the swimming instructor who has been there since I was one of the kiddos irritating the hell out of those who just want to be allowed to swim in a straight line; he didnt put out the lane buoys! :(

so. i will go to the pool Early in the morning. before dead skin cells precipitate out of murky water. before all the kiddos and chinamen come out to play.

thought i wld at least have dinner at honjin to look forward to, but No! we are not going after all.

but ok, the alternative dinner plans sound q good too.

so i shall stop being a bitch.

happy bday papa.


adios ayer - jose padilla

Thinking of tomorrow
With the sunset in your eyes
I feel everything and sorrow
So I have to say goodbye

Didn't think that we would love like this
I never thought that I would care
Slowly now I read the writing
It can free us if we dare

If there is
New love
New ways
New changes in our lives
Those times will last forever

'i am the fundus of the uterus, and these are my fallopian tubes.' (flaps arms)
'antiversion, antiflexion!'

two highly ticklish lectures early in the morning. the first consisted of lotsa drawings of the body cavities that smhow ended up looking like :( sad faces. the second involved cute ole gopal personifying the uterus, and likening filled bladders peeking out of the pelvic brim to the sun rising over the horizon.

otherwise, a lazy lazy friday.
(un)timely zombiefied entry into the house just as the clock struck midnight.
met only with a quiet 'mm, so late tonight.'
i reckon he thought i had been studying damn hard.

a stagnant weekend awaits.
but a family weekend, i guess.

again, i found/find myself wishing so damn hard, but oh-so vainfully, that we were back in OZ, where/when all was rosy and our lives were still relatively unplanned, and everyth was q q dynamic, full of colour, screams and laughter. and we werr all spinningspinning high above the ground.

it's wonderful to fall asleep with friends, knowing that u will rub out sleepiness fm ur eyes to see the people u love, the people who bear with ur idiosyncracies, who make u laugh. and a lovely day will ensue.

snap back into the present in sticky stifling spore. -u know it's bad when even sentosa doesnt incite that much excitement.

his face fell, and my heart turned cold and then it squeezed most sour-ly, like a lemon. (haha.) but it all turned out to be a big joke, (on me, but i'm cool with that.) so phew. :).

Thursday, November 10, 2005

happy midweek.

the days, the evenings, are starting to Zoom by again. (feel them swoosh past my ears.) which means that i am busy, which is good. :). bad how there is never time/ i never have energy to do Anyth once i get home.

how long one week is is relative. (yuk, ugly-looking sentence.) last friday took forever to come, then it was over too soon, and Another friday is on its way now. woosh.

lectures the past two days have seen a decline in attendance, which must be an indication of the impending exams. (time is relative though.) shifting ard in my first class seats next to brother suriya -since mag-woman has been happily sleeping in- aching for the next pee break, all seems a familiar routine already. madly flipping thru textbooks and notes trying to considate information tt was dished out during lectures seems almost routine too. (see, time Is relative.)

i like tutorials. i like tutors who pressure us to think. haha. "c'mon, u can do better than that!"

spinning towards the dizzy edge of a week?

it is happyfying to bump into dineshkumar. even though he Still cant rmb my name. >.<

Sunday, November 06, 2005

wooshswoosh. learning the single wake jump: anticipation, (+a bit of fear, what a wuss!) exhiliration, uncertainty, (+hope) and then a goofy grin, and it's anticipation all over again.

the fear of falling. creeps up on u unwittingly. having fallen doesnt eradicate the fear.

some say you have to fall to learn how to fly
some day we may understand just the reason why
some day

hen desu.
kid tng.

anyways, wow!:

just like heaven - (the cure) /katie melua -subtle difference in lyrics noted.

"show me how you do that trick
the one that makes me scream" he said
"the one that makes me laugh" he said
and threw his arms around my neck
"show me how you do it
and i promise you i promise that
i'll run away with you
i'll run away with you"

spinning on that dizzy edge
i kissed his face and i kissed his head
and dreamed of all the different ways i had
to make him glow

"why are you so far away?" he said
"why won't you ever know that i'm in love with you
that i'm in love with you"

soft and only
lost and lonely
strange as angels
dancing in the deepest oceans
twisting in the water
you're just like a dream

daylight licked me into shape
i must have been asleep for days
and moving lips to breathe his name
i opened up my eyes
and found myself alone alone
alone above the raging sea
that stole the only boy i loved
and drowned him deep inside of me

soft and only
lost and lonely
just like heaven



fux. RABS kicks in.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

come with me Friday, don't say maybe!

yeah, no doubt (haha) friday was good! staked out a cozy hideout; boy, we could bum there forevermore.

thanks to the two girls for bearing with my jitters/ sharing my highs this long week. ilu! the 3stans have done a good job holding their horses, aw! no doubts abt it, 'weloveanatomy'.

i need to laugh and when the sun is out
i've got something I can laugh about

Thursday, November 03, 2005

:s to be frank, i dread gatherings with this side of the family. my heart goes cold when i see the faces that register no emotion.

ge tried allaying my fears with scientific talk. but still.

fux. didnt help that the day started with tension in the car. i cant read maps; my spacial perception sucks, dammit! but ge was most forgiving. thankyou. (anyways, i still havent driven since i passed. inertia, humji.)

and so. i am most unenthusiatic abt gatherings today. back out, shall i?

lupbrup. the rain clouds'd better blow away soon.

but. anticipation of friday psyches me up:D
it has been a loonng week!

selamat hari raya.
glad to know tt raihan is still very alive, just a few km away!

thankyou, yemily! for cheering me up immensely.
'pine.' what a word!

still, i 'pine'.

touched but unaffected by words.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

WAH! auntie's food is SHIOK as always!!

ge fetched me home (i'm spoilt!) rather early today, and we caught the first whiff of rendang, ayam chilli merah and sambal goreng 10m away. burnt my tongue and throat, ouch, as i gobbled. but. so damn shiok.

the most heartwarming, yummilicious, indian and malay food come fm the neighbours i have had since i was born. great tt indian auntie moved with us, while sheila didnt go too far away for uncle din to send food to us every year. everyone has grown up, (haikel has morphed fm the fair round little boy to an aloof, cool mat! sharin has a girlfriend hoho. sheila is working already. i have ah-lian hair.) but i am still 'che-che' to the littler ones, mom is always 'mummy' to them, and the food tastes the same. aw, woodlanders.

had a lovely dinner with mom and dad at ramenramen last night too, after a shiok lunch at sugu's..

Happy Meals.

i hope ugly regains his mobility soon! and his appetite too, of course.

it's a happy holiday tmr, but TGIAF anyways! i am Bursting, (impatiently) waiting for friday to come!