Monday, October 31, 2005


it sure feels like i will have happy mondays, happy everydays forevermore. hoho.

jumped out of bed grinning, knowing tt this wld be a fantabulous day. my bestest friends were bursting with more joy and love when i saw them today. i love u all. :). mag-woman's bent on letting the cat out of the bag but she wont get her way, while yemily just looked like a cheshire cat. jumping ard, hugging, and spinning ard was so woosh-inducing. or was that woosh-inducED?!

a new song for xhui and i, and it is natkingcole's 'L-O-V-E'.. (our other songs wld hafta be 'strangers in the night' -on the lastdayofschool last year, and 'accidentallyinlove'! ..all love songs, HMM. :D.)

"V is Very Very *pregnant pause* Extraordinary!
..E is even more than anyone that you adore!"

what a tough song to sing, but oh-so-lovely to shout out, with xhui and mag-woman. (no one else seemed interested in the happyfying song!)

to add on, flrball medness was a Blast. i havent played so hard, so happily, before. gosh, thank you all psyched up folks, for the fun today. for sharing my joy with each shot that pleasantly surprised me.

happy hols. am q looking fwd to trng tmr.. was how psyched on saturday!
happy deepavali. yummilicious curries and sweetmeats.

'breaking fast' with malay friends, yummy as always.

oh. boo. the male hamster died today.
pining for the babe tt was always attacking it?
or is it another case of lead poisoning fm gnawing at the painted metal bars of the cage?
this time, ge cleared the body before i came home. poor ge.
ominous, this isnt!
we will miss u, the tiny little one whom we worried over because u ate little, and cracked sunflower seeds for because u had difficulty cracking them urself with ur tinybutsharp canbitemebutcannotbitesunflowerseeds teeth.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

wow! what a night! haha. happiness is having a lovely dinner with ur family, enjoying every single morsel of it, and tt is just the beginning of a happy night. (my vocab is still limited, sunny!)

ate at curry favor, a lovely place, wonderful curry, wow! strolled down to window shop at raffles city, ended up yelping when ge tried the ipamper on me, while dad sure looked like he enjoyed it. (maaaannnn. go check out the igallop. it's got to be the most ridiculous, dubious, 'muscle toning' gadget ever. followed closely by this itummyfatjiggler which taitais surprisingly have no qualms trying out despite the most obscene jiggles they are subjected to.) and then dad disappeared into a bookstore, only to emerge with a chubby baby in tow: a rather distant relative, oh so cute he liked me.

5 scoops of icecream btwn the two of us (since poor mom's teeth were aching, and dad just pangseiied us for the kiddo) acting cute and doing a little wayang jig along the sidewalk, dressed in sports apparel, who can quite believe a) his occupation b) tt he is getting married. haha!


what a week to look forward to, woosh.

resolved to be less verbose fm now! :D

finally caught up with sunny, online. i realise how much i miss her, her sensible remarks tt wld smtimes jolt me back to reality when i am frivilous, but tt will mostly set me groaning and laughing, and of cos, i miss the crazy, (giggly!! heehee) side of her too. many many stories, both of us have to share. how lovely it wld be if i cld just zip down to jurong and sleep over, :). ilu.

'i think i miss you.' vs 'i miss you.'
there is a difference. i knew it a moment ago, but now:

i miss you, in any case.

i always have, since.. ?.

i swim to let the lupbrup of the water wash out my thoughts, till the space in my head becomes a refreshing swirl of clear blue water, so that it becomes easier for me to probe at the space in my heart. that is q q filled with fuzz now, :).


the stopwatch beeps feverishly. in a 100m race, u just cant hold back. smtimes u cant just run ur own race. sorry that u were in lane 8 for a 400m race. run with me, another time, somewhere else.

i hope what mag-woman says is right, that there is a biological explanation for that niggling feeling beneath all the wooziness. rraa.

no time for what-ifs, for that's all behind now. dun look too far forward cos then the feeling of the groundrushinguptome chokes, and the runawaybridesyndrome strikes and then i will never get enough of quiettime. relish the moment, woosh? woosh!

my hhappyfying:) counsellor is how damn garang! xx

Friday, October 28, 2005

oh what a (fri)day!

3stans (my anat grpmates) are most happyfying.

aft bobbing up and down with iantankaizhi?, in anticipation, during the last half hour of anat prac, we were finally on our way to iantankaizhi's place. kenneth most kindly drove two batches of us over - we truly appreciated the (bumpy haha) ride! esp since he found himself at gleneagles instead of nuh on the way to pick the rest of us up.

chocolatepeanutbutter waffles fm ghim moh, thanks to suriya and rou-an, although less oozy than before, yum still!

time flew as we lazed ard in semi-darkness, sharing stories, secrets, and perhaps 'hey-hey's, a word bean has subtly influenced all of us to use. gdness, moses shocked me the most!:D em tripped over her 2.5, while the girls oohed and ahhed over alvin's sewing. may mingjun find her chinaman hunk.

felt like i was coming down with sniffles, scratchy throat and whatnot, but religious infusion of water through the evening kept liwei and i in rather good shape. shall sleep off the rest of the bugs.

guys heehee. liwei sure doesnt look ill!

really, what a (fri)day!

lessons shld always start at 9 am.
jogged (halfheartedly), swam (in coldcold water), and then after 2 hours of lect, swam again. nice to feel tired/lazy in the evening. nicer still to laze ard with beloveds.

more friday evenings with 3stans!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

come with me Friday, don't say maybe.

pretty spaced out in the aftnn/evening. think it's the lack of oxygen in that side of the library! (handstands might just save my brain hypoxia.) anyways, today has been the most unconstructive aftnn. fruts. yes, fruts. >.< not a gd feeling aft playing the past coupla days! but woosh, did this week just Fly by or what! i didnt even have time to look forward to Friday.

'this is the life you chose.' -kok, on listening to me whinge abt the gloom and smthsittingonmychest feeling tt the abdomen induces. yeah. 21-yr-olds!

received hk's pcard, :).
happy bday, sangsang. roses!

pitterpatter. sleepyfying. it'd better not rain most untime-ly the next three days!
eeks! lightning just licked my window sills!!


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

i Passed my Driving retest, haha! yeah, managed to get a retest 5 days after my first attempt, shiok. was secretly celebrating already, aft i cleared the s-course. it's time to get past dad's test! sorry i didnt (want to) tell anybody. but i did Spread the Joy after tt, woosh!

spontaneous, coincidentally celebratory dinner at hanabi with ugly was so shiok! very yummy, unlimited, yummy, healthy feeling jap food. to think i was secretly thinking tt we wld 50% of what's on the menu. dunno if Embarrassing Toilet stories put me off the food;) was ultra pampered this evening, haha!

happy meetups to look forward to this weekend and next week, with the manymany holidays, woosh!

trying to 'get a life' with mag-woman, ending up trekking in the downpour, visiting the cutest bunnies ever, has made this week all the more exciting.


Monday, October 24, 2005


tragic, the drowning incident at new balance corporate triathlon. it is just Wrong for such a sad thing to happen, at a happy, healthy event where everyone's spirits are high as they relish the warmth of the sun and feel the satisfaction of competing in such race, and completing it, along with other like-minded people.

didnt the other swimmers see you struggle? they would have stopped to help, i am sure. tt's the spirit of such events!


it was great seeing all the guys -choking machismo haha- ultra psyched up during flrball (cos of the FAs? i think we take tests just a tad too seriously. roving eyes tsktsk.) kinda infectious; it actually felt like it was Friday! but eek, the knee is stuck again. ('idiopatic' or 'congenital' as the jock would say. haha!)

left early and went amy-the-hairdresser hunting, with mag-woman, but ended up eating, and talking abt more serious matters instead. i wish the gloom washes over my dearest friend soon!

the committment phobe lashes out as more troubled friends make contact. be happy. be happyfying.

vroomvroommmm.. the rush of last week dissipates. as we enter week 11 of semester 1.

oh. incidentally, we have a CFB of a lecturer, who is grumpy regardless of what day it is. shutting out late comers is not Too unreasonable, perhaps, but i think she ought to check her condesending tone. and of course, realise tt she doesnt need to repeat facts 5 times on average to get her point across. i guess she is a nice person. but. it's so easy to bitch when she shuts us off (/out, haha) so coldly.

guess what i need/want to dissipate the slight tinge of monday blues. 'sabishii?'

Sunday, October 23, 2005

yeah, meet me at the grumpy owl.

m5's playhouse pdtion was fantabulous! i loved the magical element, what with omnipresent ian matthews, oompalooliloolins. the video clips were most refreshing too, and of course, kudos to the actors for dvping their k'ters so well.

m1 dancers were damn pro too la, bringing the house down with bangra fever. phweet!

just too bad the atmosphere wasnt anyth like the playhouses i described in my personal statement for medsch.

sat for another 2 hours aft playhouse, watching flight plan. now, tt's one movie tt i seem to have just seen, but not Watched, getwhatimean? essentially it wasnt a bad show, but there wasnt any oomph to make it impressionable? either. when is the next xmas-y show coming out!?

xiaohunhun, daytona is quite shiok, haha. running up kerbs is no issue.

saturday nights are too short!

anw. Yikes. i swore tt i wld sit down to study by 5pm today. but. lookatthetime. and longlong dinner farfaraway with the family beckons in a while. am not psyched up to study.. i want to get back out in the sun!

'sunbeam, stop tugging me'

Friday, October 21, 2005

tons of well-wishes, advice, chocolate, and a hug and p-plate thankyouyauhong!! :) even, and a most confident instructor (yes, mr tok was so nice.) but, FISHCAKE!, i still Failed. immediate failure immediately on starting! ran up the kerb in the s-course for the first time, and all hope was lost. the kerb! kok is so not going to let me hear the last of kerbs, boo.

i realise how dumb it was to get jitters before the test. i actually felt like i was entering an impt/intimidating-interview room! the test is actually very cheyy.. over in a matter of a few minutes, whether or not u land urself an immediate failure; it was so frustrating to continue with the test knowing that i had failed already! i had a gd mind to scare my tester (this kancheong, gnarly, yes gnarly like an old tree!, old man with a nostrils tt can compete with gopal hoho) and just vroomvroom speed like hell on the roads outside so his nostrils will beat g's.

but i dun feel bad, (just feeling miserly cos i have already spent a Bomb on driving -all that tuition! $.$) so no worries! and hurray, at least this marks a hiatus to looong journeys to driving lessons, (next test is after xmas, passing'd better not be one of my new year resolutions!) and the start of more free time, woosh.

thanks tons, to those who have bore with my gripes abt driving all this while, and who have been most encouraging, and soothing. my pbl/anat grp rocks my socks, just too bad i didnt charm the socks off my tester. and thanks to other friends fm herethereeverywhere.. it was a small test, but u all made me feel so loved, hoho!

happy friday! i Love!

stamp chopped.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

it's been a long time since i last flopped onto ge's bed, and talked/screamed/whined/bitched, half into the pillow. did all of the aforementioned; i have a Baad Bellyache, and i want Laxatives, but ge is lousily unresourceful! (but his bed is ohsocomfy.) and all the fruits in the world are only starting to ferment.

rraahaha! (sound word expressing Pent Up Feelings tt smhow leave me a tad good-humouredly exasperated) i cant believe tt he and oli actually analysed my 'sadandlonely' 'plight'! behind my back! tsktsk.. AM I THAT INTIMIDATING!? >.<

where is my adam-sandler(-cum-takuya-kimura) who will sing to me abt what he will do when i am sad, when my knees click, when my tummy aches, when i am Cold, when the kitchen sink is full. grow old with me.

imbalanced, i sound. (not 'vulnerable', as i shld. haha!)
FOS, i am.
rraa! diarrhea one day, Pent Up the next.

well, (only*) midweek (already*), hang in there! zoomzoomzoom.

how timely.
a lovely lovely song, one of my all time favourites btw.

somebody - depeche mode


i want somebody to share
share the rest of my life
share my innermost thoughts
know my intimate details
someone who'll stand by my side
and give me support
and in return
she'll get my support
she will listen to me
when I want to speak
about the world we live in
and life in general
though my views may be wrong
they may even be perverted
she will hear me out
and won't easily be converted
to my way of thinking
in fact she'll often disagree
but at the end of it all
she will understand me

i want somebody who cares
for me passionately
with every thought and with every breath
someone who'll help me see things
in a different light
all the things I detest
i will almost like
i don't want to be tied
to anyone's strings
i'm carefully trying to steer clear
of those things
but when I'm asleep
i want somebody
who will put their arms around me
and kiss me tenderly
though things like this
make me sick
in a case like this
i'll get away with it

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

:'( she was still very alive this morning. and mom complained abt her making a lot of noise rolling ard in her vroomvroom ferrari of a hamster-car this aftnn. and now, there she goes.. down the chute.

down the chute. how cold and frigid. but dad was proactive and disposed of the cold rigid (yes, she was really dead, not just unconscious. no pulse!) body before i could gather my wits enough to chungkol a tiny hole 6 inches deep in the soil downstairs. or to put her into a ziplock bag to bring to school for a proper burial with mourners. (em was most horrified with this suggestion to carry a body 'on the train!?' 'on the bus!?')

funny how i was thinking tt pan-tang pple might not be too pleased to see the biscuits, offered at the blood drive, placed on white paper plates, the way sweets and peanuts are laid out at every table at funerals. ok, kinda far fetched, but that could very well have been an omen.

.. as mag and i shared a bit of Life by donating 500ml of fresh blood, a little bit of me (ok, the hamster) died. (anyway, it was Nice donating blood-my first time! so 'be nice to me.' haha- we shld all donate blood! esp med students. it's sorta related to our profession anyways. no loss to you, but that one more transfusion that you made possible might very well impact a patient q a bit. even if u have un-rare blood type!)

alright. i shall admit at this point tt i am not that attached to the hamsters. (i will miss you, though.) they have really grown on me though; it's become a habit to water and feed them first thing in the morning, and to check on them again when i get home. and to stare at them tirelessly run on the wheel, nibble at seeds, was quite quite therapeutic i think they have grown onto ge even more though. his 'so sad' sounded so.. disconsolate. we will take good care of the remaining hamster la. :).


Sunday, October 16, 2005

i learnt a few new things today! i learnt..

1) that holding ur car keys -the thing tt beeps when u press to un/lock the doors- to ur head increases the range of the IR rays. i don't know the mech behind that, but a simple expt proved it!

2) about arcade games. i am such a mountain tortoise. haha.

3) that cockroaches BUZZ. hoho! ok, they don't. but maybe they might. in any case, i wasn't the one who thought so! really.

anw i watched corpse bride at last, and enjoyed it q a lot. definitely nicer than nightmarebeforexmas. it was uglily cute, and q q funny. funnier still was having a kiddo Shriek when s/he saw Ugly walk by, haha!

in short, a lovely, lazy -a tad too lazy though- rainy rainy sunday. may the subsequent weekends be blazing hot after the washout today!

catching up with jen over a chingchiang,eh?it'sover? dinner yielded interesting stories too;) tsktsk! keeping things fm me!

woosh. am all psyched up for the new week. many Things To Do.

and the weekend goes up in flames, too quickly.
it's nice, not a wuss thing, to be warm:) i ruined a wonderfully warm sweater with icecream though. time to show off my laundering skills.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

lonelily, (a word borrowed off saus babe) i spent my saturDay.

yeah, even felt kinda detached at flrball, smhow. no good! thanks to muni and sheryl for guiding me though. they are so patient, so strong.

the library was too cold, too quiet, too sleepyfying.

then lonelily, i munched on my mildy happyfying sandwich and penned a letter to hongking-kun, on the back of a cookie bag. but before i filled every inch of the bag with scribbles, i was lonely no more, as my hhappyfying counsellor came by for 12 inches of bread and q a bit of talk. :).

and half the weekend flashes by.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

'Focus, Hon!'

i'll grab my pillow.

oh man. friday is here already. zoomzoom. the week is flying by, sweeping me, arms and legs flailing, along.

miscommunication, misinterpretation at home. OH MAN! pls do not arrow in on one small slip of the tongue and miss the main point, tt i love and respect you!

cryptic eh. i just have lousy eng-lish.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

dare, courtesy of yemily: walk up to the guy selling tulip hearts for the children's cancer foundation and squeal 'aw, all for meee?!'

pensive on the journey home. concluded tt it is only filial to comply, more imptly, to comply without gripes. but. but. that feeling of someonesittingonyourchest just wont go away despite how much i psycho myself.

it seems whimsical, and immature, to you, the ways i try to add sparks to my life, but share the joy with me? perhaps i dont share enough. being furtive, telling half truths, aint thrilling. but why drag a soggy blanket over myself?

i want a few spins on the gmax now.

funny how i want to be babied smwhat by sm pple (haha!) but wish i was hard enough to rebel fm the one who loves me most.

a generally gloomy day, but sm small things made me :), so i shall look back on those things.
anw, TGIAF. sm things to look forward to over the weekend? baadd. mag-woman and i must get down to proper studying soon!

SUBLIMINAL! is the word. :).

alright - supergrass

We are young, we run green
Keep our teeth nice and clean
See our friends, see the sights
Feel alright!!

Got some cash, bought some wheels
Took it out, 'cross some fields
Lost control, hit a wall
But we're alright

Are we like you?
I can't be sure
On the scene as she turns
We are strange in our worlds

But we are young, we've gone green
We've got teeth nice and clean
See our friends, see the sights
Feel alright!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

woke up this morning, and three distinct thoughts struck me as i was brushing my teeth:
1) the word i was looking for to describe stealth influences is 'subversive', not 'sublimal' (anw, i just checked the trusty and discovered that both words are Wrong. xhui is right, medsch degrades ur eng-lish.)
2) the funky hockey guy in the train was the umpire of our seasons' matches
3) the maroon 5 song goes 'girl with the broken smile'

..i had little trivial questions left unanswered yesterday, and my subconscious must have dug deep into the recesses of my brain to turn out these little bits of info. (no wonder i woke up feeling tired.) how cool it wld be if i went to sleep with a 'Nobel Prize question' ie: what causes hypertension?, and woke up with the solution.

my day stalled early in the morning with a steaming, squashy bus ride to school, but saus babe restarted it by throwing my jersey at me across/over a lot of pple. i stared in wide-eyed wonderment as the ball of cloth disintegrated and landed two seats short of me, just as the lecturer caught sight of it, that flying object. convulsed with laughter, but no one else ard me found it that funny.

laughter is another thing besides ice cream, fondue, and banana crumble, that must be shared.

'suo gan' ost empire of the sun. what a lullaby.

Monday, October 10, 2005

carried a howling yangyang (my kiddo of a neighbour who is q q heavy) home as i chanced on him near the coffeeshop crying his heart out cos his mom's hands were too full to carry him.

a fuzzy feeling spread over my tummy/heart? as the kid's sniffles died away just next to my ear, leaving me with a slightly sticky cheek eeks haha.

sya started my day right with her sms, aww!:) and we will look forward to a pingponging conversation tmr. shall recruit sm 412 babes before calling her, cos we all miss u!

40 year old virgin is no show for decent girls to watch hoho. i caught myself laughing smtimes though, but i bet yauhong was stifling most of his laughs, at unrefined humour!

explored an ulu shopping centre in town, interesting. the numerous doors and corridors reminded me smwhat of the H. W. Wells Company in Tom Holt's books. how cool it wld have been if we disappeared into the world of mustard. or found a scrap of the magic carpets tt wld fly us anywhere.

centred pretty much on one conversation topic for the rest of the evening; i have just suddenly decided tt 'the chase' isnt as 'exciting' as ge said, but Tiring, more like it.

rraa. i am finding a lot of things Tiring tonight. 'Tiring' journeys is a lousy excuse to stay on campus though; dad just isnt open to change. i cant find it in myself to do things without his blessings!

tiring how the same old arguments keep surfacing. i am half wishing tt there arent gonna be hols, just so we wont fight again abt my holiday plans. shoot me.

'happyfy' my tuesday, please. i am gonna wean off chocolates, (in my bid to become a healthier person with whiter teeth haha) so i shall find happiness withIN, woosh.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

"air hookin' madness." watched game highlights while guzzling homemade chocolate fondue (heavenly happyfying food. i want to share it with a lot of pple.) at the jupitans bbq tonight. oohed and ahhed at the breathtaking shots, and got q psyched, a little like the hockers did back in the geog room.. (i miss u all!)

i have new bbq tricks-cheese prawns! besides my famous banana-and-marshmellows which raihan (man, how are u!) loved! which i havent made in a loonng time.

i feel quiet when i'm with the jupitans. but! they are a nice bunch of girls. :). while i may smtimes have doubts abt the committment i chose to make, deep down i am Glad to belong to the team, to the happy colourful k'ters who share the same passion for a good game. i must stop leaving trngs early.

anw! it was nice lazily lunching with ugly avocado, ok, jon, :). plans to frisbee, windsurf, and dive! must make all these happen, spontaneously or not.

aargh. i havent returned mo's call yet. rraa. lagging (internet?) phone calls are such a pain. i think i wld be 10x happier with crystal clear connection. plans to catch up face2face over xmas sounds good. i hope u arent feeling too lonely!:(

feeling oddly mellow. maybe i am just sleep deprived.
wait. i know why: i am such a lousy friend. forgetting departure times, forgetting bdays, pangseiing, or simply not having enough time. forgive!

Friday, October 07, 2005

wrinkly brown dates that look like gangrenous toes.. mag was so freaked she refused to eat any of the dates today aft a most refreshing lect. (no orthopedics for me!) and ugly-the-wuss sounded q shocked too:) (shld i go to sentosa tmr in btwn flrball trng and bbq!, and burn my whole weekend playing when i initially had Big plans to study??)

anw! i feel Loved! today. haha! 3 squishes, chocolate, a phone call, and nice-ness all ard. thank you, and you, and you!
being stared at just kills a hug. but still, 'idea there!' :).

my counsellor is highly happyfying. as are saus-babe and yemily la!:) and of course, mag who eerily increasingly says stuff/dresses/acts the same way i do, hoho!

dr hebeiping is actually not bad at all for anat prac! he spoke so slowly initially i kept finishing up his sentences in my head as he hemmed and hawed. actually, i Screamed the closing words to each sentence. the kiasu syndrome sure kicked in as i listened to kaur droning onandon to her group sitting just one cadaver away; they prolly learnt 3x as fast as we did! but. hebeiping showed his prowness on intent questioning fm us. so while we miss dineshkumar who speaks without full stops and commas fridays are still going to be q fun it seems!

thoughts pingponging all over the place, as usual.

(i was very :( just now actually. 3 handicapped buskers sitting barely 20m fm each other. the happy friday crowd tripping past them. rraaa!)

(fauziah is leaving on her jetplane tonight. mm.)

iantankaizhi: stop being sIAN-nish!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

quick, say it again! i will not interrupt nor put words in your mouth. killing myself for shooting my mouth off.

Maybe. so goofy!

anyway, soccer with an unround ball with the jupitans (the flrballers) was.. q interesting la. bbq at winnie's house this sat ought get the team more bonded, good. and a ramly burger oozing with mayo (yuks! i realise i have developed aversion to mayo on everyth else except a very good burger.) at 10pm was q q happyfying aft a 75%-shitty day. it feels like i truly Lived for just a few minutes today. but tt's enough to warm me up.

squished, and got squished by saus 4 times yesterday. they were solid bear hugs, but smhow not completely satisfying. smone taller and pudgier (u are not pudgey enough, babe.) wld come in handy.

i am not making sense. sleep is engulfing me. ahhh. but i just ate and so i will have nightmares. so steer away fm a Grumpy Hon tmr.

school looks kinda bleak this week. but. surprises lurk, i hope.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

i opened ur note and laughed out loud, as u prolly expected. tt's one of the bestest way to kickstart my day in a lect hall in school.

hongking-kun! this is a bit delayed, but i am ultra touched by ur letter. (if u even have time to read this!) i will drop a snail mail soon, i promise. :). got drips and draps of things to say jotted down on a serviette. haha! many thankyous and notsofew sorries. meantime, kiwotsukette!

my happyfying friends. who truly care. thank you. thank you for holding on.

nothing like you and i - the perishers

We spent some time
together walking
Spent some time just talking
about who we were
You held my hand so
very tightly
And told me what we
could be dreaming of

There’s nothing like you and I

We spent some time
together drinking
Spent some time just thinking
about days of joy
As our hearts started
beating faster
I recalled your laughter
from long ago

There’s nothing like you and I

We spent some time
together crying
Spent some time just trying
to let each other go
I held your hand so
very tightly
And told you what I would be
dreaming of

There’s nothing like you and I
So why do I even try?
There’s nothing like you and I


4 hrs of trng today.. sure didnt feel like it. was damn frust in the middle cos i cldnt (and still cant!) do the cheat(?) pass. rraa. thx alex, jo and muni for patiently explaining and encouraging me. i will scratch the floor at home and fling the ball ard the room if i have to. had sm good moments too of course. warming up, we are.

the med library is cool and quiet on a saturday aftnn. most condusive for.. long power naps. met fur there, it was nice talking to her. i rmb fondly the times we sat near the timekeepers' stand near the starting line/ longjump pit at the RI track prattling. :). didnt 200m x 10 just kill our butts.

anw, i think cool quiet places leave u feeling rather zoned out. serene, but oddly antisocial. but haha! i didnt have a sad and lonely dinner tonight, though i was 5% tempted to. i am so glad for rambles with iantankaizhi over burgers and undercooked, unsalted fries. a happyfying sizzling banana crumble topped it all off. happy weight.

i can feel hari raya in the air. the annual pasar malam at the huge field has started. yumm. am missing auntie's ayam merah,

i dont feel tt xmas is approaching yet.. funny, cos i have been feeling xmas in my toes almost right aft the june hols each year! xmas this year.. just seems So far away! it will be magical in any case.. i hope:)

Zzz. brek-fast tmr with lulu!

i have been pangseiing pple, unintentionally most of the time; (sorry!) i need an organiser-the handphone calendar isnt Visual enough. and my timetable is just grubby haha.