Friday, September 30, 2005

i heard 'Pregnated?' and so i responded with a rather loud 'Piss Off!', and kicked the air for added effect. he was actually asking me nicely if i had 'Prac later?'. haha. but really, u cant fault me for imagining that word cos the pple who truly appreciated my outfit today were indian guys suriya and dineshkumar haha. (ok, and saus dear, nita, etc.) chinese boys prolly thought it 'awful' as iantankaizhi did. but.

Zzz..! was brimming with Energy after the teabreak with the anat grp-after effects of sipping fm everybody's coffee spins tt dineshkumar treated us to at spinelli's. was buzzing with too much caffeine on a rather empty stomach, too unfocused to get Anyth done:(


interfac netball was q a blast. the other team got whooped; our players are how pro, plucking balls out of the air, and the sharpshooters were how cool! i am a big fan of violet now. and of course, of mag, as always. shiokshiok. i wasnt too butterfingery woosh:D

the weekend ahead is rather crammed. tiredtired. ..i really need to study.
shuddup, i am not interested in snide comments abt muggers. when u see me at the library, arent u are there too. so! and there is Nothing wrong with studying. the library is the only place i can study, so be nice, dun kill it.

i want a room in pgp!

Thursday, September 29, 2005


peanutbuttercornflecked monsters.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

TGIAF. 'thank god it's almost friday'. haha!

yeah, midweek, and my neck is stretched long as i pine for the weekend. why, i wonder, for there doesnt seem to be Time to look forward to. it's just the idea of WeekEnds i guess.. it seems more alright to waste away after games, enjoy long meals, and doze a lot a lot. it is Not alright to do all that everyday!

drowningdrowning in blood, and getting all tangled up with the upper and lower limbs.
but. i am quite enjoying the pressure fm my peerswhoknoweverything cos woosh they psyched me up enough to really Want to squeeze time out to readreadread, and save myself.

:) payday. -ipod nano costs is taken care of! (butbut. this month's allowance has been completely depleted with nothing to show for it. where did the $ go! my tummy, i suspect.) despite the hole in pocket in future, i am really quite glad that psle is in just 2 weeks' time, so that tuition with delwyn will finally come to an end. taking >1.5 hours to travel to his place 1x/2x a week induces more than just carsickness. kids like him who actually already know everyth shld taper off assignments before exams, just like for competitions haha, and relax. i worry tt these kiddos will burn out!

hongking and manymany ox-bridge pple are departing tonight.. (i touch my heart and say tt:) i have no regrets tt i am not flying off too. my nxt 5 years and beyond are mapped out already, and every day, i feel just a tad more positive abt the way things are going. :). (besides the 70%tobefamilyphysiciansshit!!) i will explore europe in my own time man! and visit the manymany pple chasing their dreams out there. be good, take care, have fun!

smth else to look forward to tmr. tgiaf, really!

shit. high-induced verbosity -> regrets/embarrassment.

Monday, September 26, 2005

there are too many sad pple lately. hurry, 'grab a pillow', like i told momoboy last night; i am grabbing mine tightly.

the human spirit is to grow strong by conflict; we are all tough enough to take a few tumbles and bounce back stronger!

thx mag-Woman, for being happyfying with all the surprise treats, and the meal/snack times shared with me:D

Sunday, September 25, 2005


jen was impressed with the 4 little china dolls, em was smitten by johnny-depp lookalike in the giant wheel, and i went wild during the rope skipping segment of ..QUIDAM! it was q q magical, definitely breathtaking, what with the incredible flexibility, strength, and dexterity the performers exhibited. but. something seemed to be missing. the punch tt wld have blown me off my feet just wasnt there. i sure hope we didnt miss anyth during the tech glitch! then again, i dun think i deserved the incomplete act, cos my attitude was q q shameful-i actually dozed off during the slower, quieter acts! these performers sure warrant rapt attention for all the effort they've put in.


my lethargy is appalling-woke up aft 8 hours of sleep feeling like i hadnt slept a wink. uh-oh. again, i panic and wonder if there is anyth wrong with my glucose metabolism hoho. i've played hard these two days, but definitely not hard enough to feel so lazy! may the Energizer Bunny lurking in me show up again after lessons each day.

anw! it's been q a funtabulous long weekend.. kailun and i froze our asses off watching cinderella man -too cringe-inducing!- and then we more than warmed up running along kallang river fm the esplanade -prettypretty!. tried to run to the national stadium, but it was elusive. i wish there were lockers smwhere there; no kailun to carry my barang nxt time! yeah, it sure doesnt feel like we've havnt met up before this week.. more catching up to do next year!

sat's trng included initiation- icebreakers with the guys' team were q terok, but the seniors sure seemed to have fun seeing the freshies smear peanutbutter all over our faces, and plaster cornflakes over that. (yum.) i bought my stick!:) hockey sticks have so much more Oomph..

got roped in to play tennis for FMS.. mok must be the most gentlemanly mixed doubles partner! zero pressure; he was most patient though i cldnt serve for nuts and hit crazy flying balls tt wld have embarrassed me even back in rgs. what happened to the little bit of prowness dvped during lessons under lenny!? but. we won:D

calls fm 2 friends overseas. man, dun i Suck at phone conversations. thx for calling again anw:)

i've been rambling (sorta in point form, like jiahui, haha!) abt almost Everyth i have been doing. kinda worried abt losing it when i get older. mm.

off to catch shuteye. (i really must Not doze during tuition!)

Friday, September 23, 2005

i am so tired! i sure havent had proper rest the past coupla days what with nightmares (!!) hunger pangs (brownies!) and bursting bladders interrupting my sleep.

tonight, my third rib Hurts. cant decide if it's just a bruise (no signs of biliverin/bilirubin?) or if it's as dramamama as the fall i took one rainy day at the TS toilets in rj last year. then again, pain is most intense in the dead of the night, so i shall just quit whining and go to sleep.

anyhow, i had a lot of fun at jo's place just now! laughed tons. em yun and jo are a deadly hilarious mix. i love them all. well, jo's off to uk tmr.. one more trip down to the airport; i wish i was going to Receive beloveds instead of sending them off.

tgif again (already)? the weeks are flying by!
guilt pangs abt studies strike hard. apart fm sporadic efforts to stay very awake during lectures and illustriously take down lotsa notes (which i dun refer to aft tt:( ) i havent been trying half as hard as i promised myself. i need to know when to put a cap to 'fun' activities, not to say tt studying aint fun-it is, la, cos i am feeling a bit imbalanced now, having the other activities govern my waking hours while studying is just smth i do when there is nothing else to fill my time with. tsktsk!

no worries, i am feeling q psyched now to catch up with the rest next week:)

sentosa-ed with the ac gang on tues; it's q different without the 412 babes.
tennised with haz and josh yest morning too. there is smth in josh i cant q reach, hmm.

sleep beckons loudly. maann. i feel hypoglycaemic.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

zoomzoomzoom, too much action. too many highs lately, most of which i cant attribute reasons to. contrived? i doubt, but still. 0_o

i need some quiet time. yikes, zoomzoomzoom, the weekend will come and go too soon.

i have been Happy as of late, nice!

am very Happy tonight with good reason. i finally met up with kailun! i am so Glad we overcame the inertia to meet. turns out that we can talk aft all, haha. talked comfortably over liquid foods, but surely the river was a much prettier place! kailun's views were refreshing, yet so kailun-ish - i wasnt surprised, but was still very intrigued, and impressed, of course.

woosh-induced/ing hug!:)

may u be happier!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

funky town.

i love my hometown! it's been Ages since i last jogged ard the neighbourhood. (the fullstop shld be placed three words earlier.) and boy, did the run today rekindle sm psyche for running! discovered the loveliest place in woodlands: a vast, and i mean Vast, expanse of grassland! where buffoloes dont roam, contrary to popular belief that woodlands is agricultural. but where kiddos Fly Kites, (c.f tt time buddy and i flew a kite ard the school track!:) and guys Fly Model Airplanes (has everyone already heard me rant abt my ingenious idea for a proposal!?) and of course there are other kiddos rolling ard on the grass, blowing soap bubbles at joggers, playing with remote control cars on the tarred path, and sm old men dig ard in the mud for earthworms to use as bait smwhere else!


smwhere else not too far fm home too, (actually just 3 blocks away haha) i made another discovery: there are funky exercise machines adapted fm the gym machines being fully utilized by the neighbours. there are simple versions of bench presses, supported pullup machines, and even the oscillator! all built to withstand the outdoors. a brilliant way to get everyone psyched up abt keeping fit.

more cakes fm cedele. linked to me outgrowing Yet another pair of pants? yikes! but dinner beckons:(

happy zhong qiu jie! does david still insist tt this is the chinese version of v-day? haha!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

woke up bursting with happiness splilled over from last night. my friends are so happifying. i LOVE.

learnt how to shoot during trng today. i hit slapshots like i am playing golf.
my index finger simply refuses to stay tucked in behind the stick!
i am so lost on court!! :(
manymany things to learn. trng smhow didnt feel intensive, but i was so so winded aft the game. (with the guys) woosh to more trngs? if only the evening ones didnt end so late.

met fau-ziah in the aftnn!! now, that was THE highlight of my day of course. kinda pooped now, having flipflopped fm borders (loveliest mtg point:) to raffles hosp to have fishandchips, Laughing and Shouting along the way as we picked up where we left off. some things just dont change:) ok, i may be more caustic now, but i still love fauzd hoho. wallowing in self-pity has never been funnier. mann. i think the next time we have a long talk will be next summer! but. no worries. 'some things just dont change'!

ipod nanos are sold out in the apple shop!
the new crumpler laptop cases are so funky! limegreen!
i am feeling tech savvvvyy maaann.

Friday, September 16, 2005


i am Highhhh. (and high-ness is damn infectious!) amazing, considering i had a disastrous driving lesson in the evening, tt tore me away fm flrball medness before i got into the groove of the games. driving lesson on the last day of sch: maannn!!:s to top it up, my tibial anterior

(dineshkumar: 'tibialis ANTERIOR' suggests that this muscle lies..?
suriya, with conviction: ..lateral!! to the tibia!)

cramped up.

but! i survived that. and here i am having !! conversations with lovely friends. old friends, new friends, woosh i feel like i've known u almost forever at least i feel like we can talk forever. mac msger still serves it's purpose!

ipod nano, here i come!!! anyone wants an ipod nano for $340? look for me or hazwani!

list of non-eeeyer terms of food inspired endearments, original and not so-original ones included:
'sao bao'
'my little mochi'
'strawberry pookie' - ok, this is the most hairstanding of the lot.

eeks i Still havent bathed. traces of cadaver juice on my neck and face. -KKK: killkevinkok!- hamster pee on my pants. sweat (not just mine) fm the short flrball game. but! i havnt been so active on msn since forever. feels nice to pound on the keyboard at high frequency, with my pudgy fingers.

pudge. >.< but doesnt the word 'pudge' just sound.. cute.

lots more thoughts but pudgy fingers are tired. and the right words are elusive.

mm.. i missed u even before u left!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

i was born to love you! -freddie mercury/queen
born! to love u! born! to love u!

what a song. it's just fantabulous that it's the closing song for Pride, which stars.. Takuya Kimura!! playing.. Ice Hockey!! kakoii ne!! i will definitely make the effort to come home early every monday and tuesday.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

i reek of cadaver. (it's been 6+ hrs since we left the lab.)

got c. juice on my forearms, but so did iantankaizhi, haha! besides a mindnumbing prac, (anterior superior iliac spines are damn chio!) post school activities at home sure makes today feel like a Friday!

u know smth big is happening soon when u suddenly have 10 pomelos looming ard the hamster cage, boxes of mooncakes waiting to be shared, and neighbours coming by with gifts consisting of more of the aforementioned items. it's decadent to bite into whole mooncakes, but tt seems like the only way to eat those chocolate-balley ones fm raffles hotel tt olivia so Loves. my tastes are less exquisite; the yummiest mooncakes are still the very crusty brown zhulongbings fm old bakeries yum.

update on the hamsters: they are two very violent eating/shitting squeaking dongdongs who have sharpened their teeth on the metal grills of their cage, and they certainly do not waste any opportunity to show u how much harder they can chomp on ur fingers now. poor bitch/hon/bibi is missing a tuft of fur. tsktsk.

lectures sucked Big time today. rraa. 'fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase.' tt seems like the only phrase i learnt today. hey, i can say fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase faster than the lecturer can ok. big words seem to get lost in transition between the ear and the brain a lot more easily. though Dr Yoda sure did a good job with protoporphyrin IX. Dr Yoda is NUS' version of pheeseeks tutor 'Margaret' Chan.

doesnt help that for the past two days, i have been feeling at least 0.5cm shorter. my legs havent felt so tight before! majorly regretting not stretching like hell before and aft the run. finally did my 'easy run' today after many reminders from suriya. am feeling perfectly alright now:) hope permanent damage hasnt been done to my height!

am Willing friday to come. quick. wont be flrballing again though:'( tt's it la.. bet i wont be going back to play for q a long time. but Mid-Sem Break starts then!! woosh. i dun Need a break, in fact i think i have yet settled into the routine of school, but bring it on. fun beckons?:)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

AHM kickstarted my day man. feeling very alive, aft 21km.

16km is more accurate though..
i ran the first 15km quite quite hard before the calves cramped like Hell. i smhow hung on till 16km, then i gave in and cooled down by happily walking all of the rest of the distance:D jianbang said tt the last 5km was purely mental.. i really hafta work much harder than on tt!! but woah, i am more than content right now: 16km WithOut stopping is no mean feat to me! and tt in just over 1.5 hours somemore!;) many thanks to the stranger who paced me till i crashed. i must have seemed rude cos 1) i looked straight ahead throughout the 12km he was running on my right side cos my neck hurt, and still hurts, crazily, fm wb. 2) i cldnt say very much before my breathing threatened to go haywire. but! that was one nice running companion.

saus and i missed our 5.45am flagoff. cos i am Toilet Queen, and had to inspect the makeshift loos, outside which was a thronging crowd anxiously waiting an eternity to pee. so we flagged off in a testosterone charged pack. eeks haha.

rubbed shoulders with lotsa equally sweaty slippery pple, but no matter, for the route was damn pretty! sheare's bridge, and later, the sun rise along the beach/river! it was initially a pain weaving thru the keng-ing army boys (who later overtook me as i walked boohoo) but it became sort of like a game weaving thru and then meeting my running companion/s further up, esp going up the bridge haha. marktan will say tt i am 'damn competitive sia!' also met a coupla pple along the way, like the 3 m2s jianbang victor and.. HanBoon! and other army boys who seemed to be enjoying themselves despite all the gripes prior to the run.

while i was cramping up, keng-ster ge happily skipped his 6km run and had breakfast at carl's junior!! well i got a burger too, so. :).

the full 21km w/o stopping next year!:D good ole saus accomplished tt this year. well done! thanks to saus-dad too, for having sent us to the padang at an unearthly hour. (we woke up at 4.30am!)

a lovely sunday morning compensates for the shitty saturday. (though i did meet jen!:)

i found the happy song that was used in project soma's video!

empty decorations - indecisive

I wake in the dark
With showers of life
Moments of emptiness around
Floating away
No other hope
Reality brings me

Into the ground
What can I do
What can I say
I need a place to hide away
Just for a while, just for a smile
Just for a life I used to know

Every song was filled with
Words of love and not with anger
What if they go
What if they leave me far behind

'Cause I don't wanna be alone.. (woah uh oh!)
Living life for on my own (woah uh oh!)
I don't want to live my life in isolation
Filled with empty decorations
'Cause I want to be with people that I know

Who would do the things I do (woah uh oh!)
Making all my dreams come true (woah uh oh!)
I don't recognize the shadows at my door
Though I've seen them all before
Because the only thing I really want..
Is to be with you....

look at the sky, it looks back at me
I can't hear the silent melodies
I know that i'm here yet i am lost
Blown in confusion by the breeze
Hiding my face, crying alone
I need to find my way back home
Back to the place, the wonderful days
Living the life i used to know

Where every smile
Was born out of a love and of sincerity
And every tear of everflowing joy

Friday, September 09, 2005

wooshswoosh. a lovely friday.

wakeboarding with m2s was quite a lot of fun, what with wrestling to get men overboard and other antics.

daniel way overworked his kidneys man, downing 5! cans of 100plus.
yauhong was damn pro with all his wooshswoosh jumps!
isaac will be a pro in 3 mths time la.
sel has cool hair when she's up in the water;)

aftersun lotions (and plasters:) are musthaves for post-wb.

caught Be With Me in the evening; support local productions! seriously, we entered the theatre knowing next to nothing abt the show. but. draggy as it was initially, the show turned out pretty good with one of the 3 short stories having a woah surprise element, and being quite quite touching.

dinner/supp at la(lala!)mianxiaolongbao was satisfying, worth the long wait. we shld have a Speak Dialect Campaign before we lose all our roots! ("once a china man, always a china man?" 0_o)

my counsellor rocks:)

btw, kino sells this Anatomy Colouring Book by Kaplan. such an apt gift for a classmate who has his/her bday smack in the middle of CAs.

Zzz. concussed.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

another dose of flrball medness ended the short school week -we are finally getting beyond revision of A level stuff and learning new things! eeks? but it's nice to feel my brain slowly cranking up- nicely. the first few games were very intense; my team -21 yr olds? and saus babe- was damn pro!;) after 2-3 hours we sorta died out, but still, the sudden short bursts were most satisfying. i wish i didnt have tuition/ tiresome driving lessons everytime we play; it's such a Pain travelling across the island, esp when there is smth fun to keep me back in sch.

a pretty exciting long weekend lies ahead: jen is coming back on sat!!:) with a luggage full of red rock! be nice, invite me to watch vcds with u, and we will share the munchies. and hey, it's MAF at hwachong again.. funny how mo and russellpeireira spring to mind, when maf is so much more abt other things and other pple. and, the flagoff for AHM is at 5.45 am on sunday morning. !!. why are all the shirts for runs this month so (f)ugly. but pple who have long abandoned plans to keep fit deserve only ugly shirts cos they dont show these events enough respect.

Zzz.. i'm crashing at 10pm again. mann.. 1.5 hours of driving knocks me out without fail each time. though the new instructor today was a friendly old grandpa-ish kter, who was most encouraging; he said i am stable behind the wheel! hoho! but i yelped pathetically while swerving in the s-course. throbbing headache.

WB tmr beckons! wish ivan and zhenjin were going too though, how nice if we had a fleet of boats all go out together.
and if i'm psyched up enough, as my counsellor is, i will finally learn how to windsurf too!
and hey! diving plans sounds so good, i really hope it doesnt all fall to pieces.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

corpse bride
tim burton again!

'a grave misunderstanding'
'mr bonejangles'

funky songs.


  • corpse bride
  • Woah. Damn Cool!

    and there she goes..

    sya flew off tonight; the sending-off party is the largest i've seen since 2 plus years ago. (airport farewells..:() now tt's one less beloved 412 babe to look forward to meeting at sentosa outings, speaking of which, i wish there wld be one soon. but then the absences will be felt most deeply.

    feeling more zoned out then ever listening to slow songs, reading myself to sleep. it's time to cast out the novels and make textbooks my bedtime stories. today's long sit at 'honlyn square' in borders was therapeutic. met a nice filipina. enjoyed the talk, in rather hushed tones, with saus; i wish u happiness, babe. :).

    wishing tt i was holed up in my room on campus now with the rain pouring down in sheets outside.. it was like that in linda-tok!'s room this aftnn. cozycozy. and yes, i want to be eating banana pancakes, 'cos it's raining outside, and it is the weekend.

    not very coherent, but this song by enya is.. so serene:

    Let the rain fall down
    everywhere around you
    give into it now
    let the day surround you
    you don't need a reason
    let the rain go on and on


    Friday, September 02, 2005

    friday, i'm not in love. :'(

    why is that after almost every friday anat lab session, i feel like my brain has been pickled in formaldehyde?

    chatted with sunny at 6am, :). i am happy tt she is well. jen sure sounds like she is living it up in darwin too. well, my life back here in sunny spore aint going too bad la. but my brain still feels pickled..

    was damn frustrated during the mindnumbing, heavily-accented lecture this morning, but mag's serenity infected me, and kept me subdued. unleased the pent-up energy during lunch by laughing lots with the girls, and had a pleasant anat lesson, as usual. -dineshkumar is so huggable. poor mag ingested a tiny piece of cadaver, by accident of course. i love my cannibalistic friend.

    as the clock struck three, we trickled out of the lab, and whatever energy left in me fizzled. ie: a stoned, grumpy Hon emerged. ate tons with em and mag, trying to trick my brain into believing tt my passivity was due to hypoglycemia, but aft 2 hours of bumming in the canteen, i was still zonked. thank god for nikhil, my friday angel, for he sent me home. though i have horrid blisters fm all that walking, i am at peace, and am very happy for him. :). and spending a placid friday evening with mom doesnt seem like such a bad idea. (i shld get off the comp soon.)

    whatever happened to friday flrball fever tt used to sustain me thru the week? if only the mount sinai campus still belonged to me, to us. battling the evening (and morning too) crowd kills my passion for any activity man.

    fridays are when u are spozed to feel most in love, or as i prefer it, in like.

    sabishii.. anata mo?
    nani/dare wo kangaiteiru no?

    ashita ga aru sa.

    Thursday, September 01, 2005


    spent abt an hour teaching ian simple jap phrases; he learns very quickly! am psyched up to take up a course, now tt my jap has degenerated to a trickling of basic sentences with little content and zero grammatical acrobatics.

    5 of us trooped over to ian's place (prettypretty!) after a heavy lunch of BK and manymany subway cookies to watch.. Nightmare Before Xmas!! finally, after more than a year since i painstakingly obtained the dvd, i finally finished watching the movie. xinquan and em knocked out cold for a while, while i dozed a little, but we all enjoyed it nonetheless:) ..sandy claws!!

    so sch officially lasted abt 1h15 min today -shiok!- and time actually seemed to pass very quickly during PBL. everyone was spontaneous, possibly dying to get the session over and done with. and tt was effective; i learnt in the most vague of terms how panadol works, and abt back aches. sir was wrong abt my 'slipped disc' in j1:)

    finally put my running shoes to use aft a long break: covered a painfully hilly 5km with saus, ian and kaesian in the morning. doubt i can tahan the 21km next weekend! hope we'll get together for more runs cos i no longer feel the oomph running alone, and will stop and walk once i feel the slightest discomfort. so wuss. anw. the route we took along the periphery of campus was q q pretty, with suspicious looking labs scattered ard!

    mightily zonked. need shuteye badly!

    yeah, happy teachers' day.