Wednesday, August 31, 2005

flrball medness.

M1 flrball friendlies today, aft sm bustling ard to get sticks and posts. the turnout was unexpectedly overwhelming:) with pple bickering to get on court. fun, fun, fun!! looks like flrball sessions aft sch will become a weekly affair. woosh. flrball is such! a Wonderful game; it's such an everyone game. sch is starting to look very enjoyable.

feeling rather lifeless now though, having not eaten for manymany hours prior to dinner. will wait for the warmth of hot food to spread:)

is 'hello' all u want/have to say? quick, spring me a surprise visit!:) kid tng na.

shoot me. i have left so many people behind. or did i fail to keep up with them? same thing; it'll take ren2 he2 di4 li4 tian1 shi2, plus a lot more effort on my part to catch up with friends i've let slip.

Monday, August 29, 2005

satanic smiley fries satanic smiley fries!

bit into these faces with a vengence with em, iantankaizhi and kaexian. wedges were yummier, but these fries are so funky, no? the unhealthy food we devoured at swensens -ahh! going to have another go at dessert!:D and ebrews negated all the effort we put into the few hours of tennis in the hot hot sun today. but. shiokshiok!

came home in time for dinner (!!), but not before i fed the two dongdongs and installed their new toy: a wheel! time to exercise. may u two be too tired out to propagate. got food and woodshavings fm yauhong today.. i am still v touched:)

woosh. if only sch was like this everyday.. a few hours of lectures (mag and i swear to sit right in front and be more constructive in future) and then games and Then a loong slow aftnn of bumming ard amidst tons of Hilarity.

mom's :( again. may she be more receptive to the two dong-dongs and let them cheer her up:)

Sunday, August 28, 2005

EEEEeeee. yauhong!! a very nice smelling Rambo:D

smelly raincoat! the raincoat really stank! em looks damn cute la.

go denim! my fellow cowboy!

harry potter! potter zhongyang.

simpson clown what'shisname!?

DND was a blast.

before i go into the intricate details of the night which includes cowboys hats, big wigs, harry potter, afro'70s guy, the simpson's clown, bruce lee, and rambo, as well as the first prize to the lucky draw, and Hamsters, i have to exclaim abt the >100 bikes i saw along bkt timah road and old woodlands road this morning! saw this entourage consisting of abt 40 bikes, how cool is that!?

ok, here are two additions to my family: [photo of them to be inserted once i figure out how to revive the lao-kok-kok camera]
they are currently unnamed since the suggestions from yauhong and isaac, esp isaac, arent particularly suitable. imagine me going: hello Horny (the male) hello Bitch (the female) in front of my family. a few thoughts abt these two dong-dongs, starting with the most significant ones:

1) am So Touched:):) hamsters leh! from my counsellor!! the trouble he went to to pick them out, get a cage and the barangbarang including food, and then wrapping the whole cage up (not forgetting to poke holes in the paper of course:) and lugging it to the hotel. (where the poor things were subjected to such trauma-loud music, vibrations, all in darkness, and possible at a shortage of oxygen. but. they are hardy creatures, i'd bet.) aw, what a present! thankyouthankyou.

2) they are damn cute! while i am normally lukewarm to all critters besides wombats and tiny pigs, and of course babies, i think i have fallen in deep like with my hamsters. nobody can hate them, them being so tiny and all. esp when they wipe their faces.

3) am kinda worried. ok, i'll admit, Very worried, abt the lack of family planning. lotsa horror stories abt dads and/or moms eating up the tiny pink hairless babes, and Even more horror stories abt the alarming rate of reproduction. Two hamsters are cute; imagine a Mass of fur squirming and squeaking eeks! as it is now, yauhong's pretty sure tt they are prepube. i will be at a loss in a few weeks/months? time. -i really know nuts abt animals eh.

4) hell, they are Damn Noisy! woke me up a few times last night with their frolicking. mom and dad are going to scream if they can here the scratching and squeaks thru the door and airconditioning. i have the most brilliant idea to keep the nocturnal hamsters in tune with My circadian rhythm: put a lamp next to them at night so they will doze, and cover them in the day so they can frolick all they want in privacy. hah.

5) the kiddos next door are going to hound mom to let them play with these two dong-dongs. the hamsters are hardy, but the kiddos are stronger than u would have guessed. i dun wanna come home to suffocated hamsters and crying kiddos. -I was ultra traumatised when the first and last pet (hamster too, but big and smelly) died abt 8 years ago.

6) i don't ever want these two to die. yes, i am a Worrier. but sm idiots last night told me tt these dwarf hamsters naturally have a short lifespan -oh, hence the accerlated propagation?- boohoo. think mum just threw the hamster down the rubbish chute the last time. but burying it seems.. i should shut off negative thoughts:)

so these are my many thoughts as i Stare at the two hungry hamsters scuffling (so cute!) in the woodshavings.
the rest of DND rocked too. met up with audry and ian -my fellow cowboy- in town first, and took the first photos of ian and i in our hats. more phototaking once we entered the lobby of grand copthorne. snapped tons with very excitingly dressed pple, made lotsa exclamations, laughed lots. man, everyone looked damn good!! check the rest of the photos out here:
  • DND'05

  • must go buy toto already: i won membership with haach worth damn a lot of money. (woah, it's q the perfect sum to gear up for the road) feeling kinda bad for taking it cos the ticket was actually jeremy's, which ended up with zhenjin, and then me a few minutes before the prize the was announced. :D

    supped with captain planet at 2am at glutton's bay. yummilicious charkwayteow. the guys were hilarious on the drive there (8 of us in one four seater car..) and hello!! after supp, jiawei drove into ONCOMING traffic near the fourlane road near fullerton! the other drivers must have thought we were a bunch of Drunks. was kinda zonked though, and ended up crashing daryl's place with y-emily till morn, and smhow dragged myself, my bag, a stiff huge hat, denim jacket, two long toy guns, and a hamster cage home without losing smth along the way.

    a glorious sunday lies ahead.

    Saturday, August 27, 2005

    nikhil: fashion consultant.

    wore nikhil's hat down to town, and coupled with the earrings he picked out, i drew enough attn to get us a freebie from Guess.. we were actually Hoping that it wld be a watch! costing >$170 smmore. Ha!

    roamed ard looking for smth to get my counsellor, and finally settled for smth perhaps practical, but otherwise very Boring. i am still toying with the idea of getting goldfish for him; the only consideration being the trauma tt the fish will be subjected to in transit to a stable fishbowl. Hmm.

    had a fair share of fun these coupla days, mag's been Wonderful, love her! i swam too: the damn pro ah-beng:) patiently taught me to Glide, but i have yet mastered it.. but i Will practise hard, wait and see! tennised too, with 3 new friends: audry ian and kaisian, and xinquan.. fun, fun. i hope i get to play with them again soon!

    dineshkumar is q hilarious. highly huggable too. the first anat tutorial was q q fun, despite the Freezer of a room. tutorials beat lectures hands down! 232 (242?) students crammed into uncomfy seats isnt too conducive for learning.

    so this week seems to have Zoomed past. already it's saturday, and laulau is leaving today!!:'( a thousand :( for not being able to send her off. i Have to collect my laptop Today before 1100. how rigid?? first flrball skills prac in a 1.5 hours: woosh! i want to get into the Groove of smth.. sm activity tt will shape my life a bit, give it more discipline.

    banana pancakes!

    gonna be late for flrball!

    Sunday, August 21, 2005

    the weekend with the Family was nice. inevitably peppered with boredom here and there, and frustration as dad loses his way ard spore again and Again. but it's good to catch up on reading (another funny nick hornby book:) and accumulate sleep. but but not good when u realise tt classmates prolly spent their time more constructively, reading more intellectual material. i shld catch up with them soon. which reminds me tt i want to buy a vroomvroom new pair of shoes!!

    visited laochek in the hospital yest. i love listening to him talk. so cheery! esp after the nurse came in and told us tt he could be discharged- whoops, and i mean Loud whoops, of joy fm all of them in the room when the news was broken. laochek really hates the hospital.

    100g of chocolate a day makes/keeps one happy, methinks. chocolate doesnt have to be shared, hah! but i wonder if i will suffer fm an overdose of stimulants.

    dinner at Longhouse today was shiokshiok. goreng pisang, cempedek, tapioca, sweet potato and green/mung beans makes a Good Mood too. eat tons with equally bursting-but-still-greedy family members for full effect. these has got to be the yummiest fritters in spore, can fight with niangao ones from Sri Tebrau mkt.

    short day tmr. it's frightening sometimes, to have too much time on my hands. it means that i should be doing something. but i'm still feeling kinda disorientated. i bravely elbow my way into week 3 of school, which still doesnt feel like school.

    i wonder how jen dear is coping with the cold on Mount Bromo. (or Bomoh?)

    Thursday, August 18, 2005

    community first aid practical sessions for the past two days have been a respite fm lectures. (ok, ok, we havent even hit 10 lectures yet, i know.)

    the grp i was doing infant cpr with was hopeLessly confused with Tongue(/Thumb)-Jaw-Lift and Head-Tilt-Chin-Lift, and we still burst (burse?? yes, there Must be a present tense for burst!) out laughing each time smone mentions either term.

    but. the worse case of UNcontrollable laughter hit ME during adult cpr. the guyincharge made a few inane comments, and had sm pretty bad grammar and pronunciation, here and there which i didnt, and don't think warranted any laughter. but! pple all ard kept Making Eyes and Funny Faces, as if there were private jokes whizzing ard. suddenly, smhow, i really don't know how, or Why, i had The Attack: shaking shoulders, streaming tears, muffled hysteria. i ran off fm the middle of the grp-man, i was in the first row in front of the guy!- but there were no pillars to hide behind, so i had to hide behind suriya to Laugh Out Loud, which i really had to do; anymore silent convulsion and i would have collasped and Horrors of Horrors!-> that guy would have to perform cpr on me.

    i am Most Remorseful for having laughed. so hard. at him. thankfully, he wasnt my cpr tester today:D i passed. so did everyone else. but still, i must thank my tester for letting me see the checklist as i went thru the motions. (wrongly)

    it's been a long time since i last laughed so hard, and so tortourously uncontrollably. doctor chan kim seng's lectures used to have such effects on me too.


    well, sent sunny off early in the morning yesterday; the first 858 was Packed-what are so many pple, woodlanders, going to the airport for early in the morning? jumped off the bus into blinding darkness when it stopped for the guard to board to inspect, thinking that we must finally have reached Terminal 1. how suspicious i must have looked. kinda surreal to watch sunny enter the boarding zone.. sun ma-ma, sun pa-pa, bu yao tai xiang lian sun yi! sunny's onto Exciting things, woosh!

    time to get comfy, Zzz...

    tgif! but shite! cant flrball again! finally getting my surety to sign the agreement, failing which i will not be awarded the degree of MBBS. assuming tt i get thru the (new, yes new.) exam system.


    HMM. addendum at 2330:
    wei just called.. and got me thinking twice abt nus flrball.. RRAA. i really want to improve ball and game sense,-i have so much to work on la- get fit, get into the groove of a Team sport.. butbutbut. prospects of trng 3X a week, potentially the only M1 person there-i am such a groupie-, till 9pm, with me not staying on campus, sucks. it's wrong to think so, but: there are lotsa other things i wanna do too: Dive! Comm Serve!-yeah, the gap in my sch life- Windsurf! maybe Sail! and of course, Bike!!! if only i had a roadie; clear path then. haha i never cease to gripe eh.

    Wednesday, August 17, 2005

    3F at essential brew aug'05woosh. 3F! read what sangsang wrote.. boohoo. i miss u all. i miss u. i love u.

    Tuesday, August 16, 2005

    anywhere is - enya

    I walk the maze of moments
    but everywhere I turn to
    begins a new beginning
    but never finds a finish
    I walk to the horizon
    and there I find another
    it all seems so surprising
    and then I find that I know

    You go there you're gone forever
    I go there I'll lose my way
    if we stay here we're not together
    Anywhere is

    The moon upon the ocean
    is swept around in motion
    but without ever knowing
    the reason for its flowing
    in motion on the ocean
    the moon still keeps on moving
    the waves still keep on waving
    and I still keep on going

    I wonder if the stars sign
    the life that is to be mine
    and would they let their light shine
    enough for me to follow
    I look up to the heavens
    but night has clouded over
    no spark of constellation
    no Vela no Orion

    The shells upon the warm sands
    have taken from their own lands
    the echo of their story
    but all I hear are low sounds
    as pillow words are weaving
    and willow waves are leaving
    but should I be believing

    To leave the thread of all time
    and let it make a dark line
    in hopes that I can still find
    the way back to the moment
    I took the turn and turned to
    begin a new beginning
    still looking for the answer
    I cannot find the finish

    It's either this or that way
    it's one way or the other
    it should be one direction
    it could be on reflection
    the turn I have just taken
    the turn that I was making
    I might be just beginning
    I might be near the end.


    many goodbyes.

    went to send off jennie, who's out there sailing on battleship 209, on vast dark waters, to Darwin. got to tour part of the ship, woah! all the midshipmen looked so smart in their uniform, inc thaimhoew shane jamin roger and more. i love the men in white too. and jen looked Great of course. anyhow, the looong wait (in the glaring sun) for the ship to draw in it's anchor, and retract the ladder leading to solid ground was worth it:

    all the men stood at attention high up on the deck, facing us (jen fought not to laugh, i bet, when sunny and i were up to antics several metres down below on the pier/wharf?) until the ship Finally started rolling out. then! they all took off their hats (?) and waved them, albeit smwhat mechanically. what a sight!!! so many hats! so many smart looking cadets! and when the ship went -poooore-, How Cool it was!! sunny and i jogged to the end of the pier and continued waving (ok, we got to rest while the cadets had to keep waving. mechanically.) till the ship was definitely on it's way to Down Under.

    byebye! i hope they wont get seasick. and tt they get sufficient rest, and lotsa R&R. and tt they will come back Safe, and happy with a cert proclaiming tt they have done their first equatorial crossing!

    (and hello! the army shld teach their soldiers to respect the privacy of civilians.)

    sunny IS leaving tmr. lotsa farewell meals in the recent weeks.. funny how farewells are such a big deal when sm of the pple who turn up are pple u wouldnt otherwise have met in the next one year or so anyway. but. farewells are impt. memories are impt, u know? seeing the pple tt form ur past experiences, and shaped ur life to a certain extent.. well, sm friends are onto a Brand New chapter, and i wish them well. :). Be Happy.

    yeah, ur bags are packed and u are ready to go. (more or less?)
    so i will wait for u.
    i am not so good at waiting for pple who have left.
    but i don't have much of a choice anyway.

    i hate farewells at the airport.

    Monday, August 15, 2005

    i really ought to be writing farewell notes to the beloveds who are leaving. but here i am digging thru shoeboxes of photos, and online photologs, reminising. (and procrstinating, as usual.) i realise tt these beloveds i am talking abt have gone thru the past 7 years with me, more or less.. at least i've known them since rgs days. funny how i keep telling pple ard me tt i hold rjc a whole lot dearer; i thought tt rgs really didnt hold tt much memories smhow, but sm photos, and letters, remind me otherwise. :).

    let me dedicate the next few lines to one big beloved: Sunny. i am Really glad for rj, for 3F, for we only became close in jc..

    maaaann.. i cant find the words tt will give my thoughts and emotions enough credit;) ilu. ilu. ilu, sunny!!

    shall Focus now.


    just dinnered with jen at imperial treasure la(lalalala!)mianxiaobao in marina square. BA-BOOM!-it's more exciting than crystal jade, no doubt abt tt. let me ramble on abt the things jennie ordered. since my mind is pretty much a blank now. (why?)

    1) cold salted duck. it actually tasted good. 'actually' because i woke up this morning Hating ducks cos some squawking ugly white things attacked me in my nightmare last night. (subsequently, all these evil ducks died -food poisoning- and they were rotting in a lake. (in bordeaux, of all places) and eeeeeek!-i was swimming in tt lake!)

    2) smoked salmon with cheese and wasabi in sm springy dough wrap and covered with almond slices! Happening food! good tt jen didnt really like it, so i had more;)

    3) lamian with pork ribs, which i initially didnt want either, (wah i sound terribly picky-tt is not the case at all lor!:D) cos i expected a dry boney piece tt cld very well have been sawed fm the cadavers in the anat lab heehee. but! the ribs came succulent (oily?) and pink, and relatively boneless.

    4) pot stickers (i am Serious, sm angmohs call gyoza by this ugly direct translation.)

    5) smelly xiaolongbaos. (go crystal jade for this one dish pls.)

    6) banana and red bean in egg-smth balls were dessert.. was waay too full to appreciate tt though;)


    speaking of anat lab.. now tt's one thing i look forward to in school!:) wish there was still dissection instead of merely Viewing and Prodding. more stories of cadavers tt looks like roast beef/ rendang/ bakwa next time. i've got a nice tutorial grp, woosh.


    dinnered at essential brew with 3F last night. farewell dinner of sorts. it was ultra comfy, the second level of essential brew. brownies are a must-have. the other food was.. ... but! what mattered most was the company of course. 17 of us turned up, woosh. i love them all. the dynamics among us remains pretty much the same. we could very well have lessons in TS14 tmr! shite. (fat) wishes tt uni has been a nightmare, and i will wake up to a xiaobaicai uniform tmr.


    zoomzoomzoom. mag thinks i will get tyroid like this-having 5 million thoughts buzzing in my head at the same time, and trying to be 5 million places at the same time too.


    Zzz.. :). am looking forward to having sunny crashing lectures tmr (ivan came today!:) and lunch with the 412 babes, and a tour of the ship jen is sailing away on!

    Thursday, August 11, 2005

    school sucks, u know. so where are my roses?

    :'( i've been terribly grumpy; i am really lucky to have buddies who have put up with me and my moodswings, and fought hard not to get infected. :).

    visited ikea with mag saus and nikhil, came away with lotsa stuff for nikhil's room, hurrah. cabbed back to campus, and aft dropping the rest off, i was eventually alone in the cab, exploring the roads ard school. i kinda liked tt long and winding road where motorcyclists, inc my taxidriver, used to hell-ride, until the driver told me abt his friend and wife who died trying out their new bike on tt road. Community First Aid might have come in a tad handy then.

    dropped in on ge and oli in the library aft tt. Woah, was my response when i saw a classmate poring over Thick textbooks. i checked out Anatomy and Physiology for Dummies. it's embarrassing to be caught reading tt in the med lib. anw, dont waste ur time with tt book, if anyone even considered it hoho. go read Guyton, as friendly seniors recommended. school is starting to feel homey.

    flrball trials today, nice senior Xuan took me under her wings for a few minutes-she must have been wondering if i was really a hockey girl. nonetheless it was refreshing to feel the adrenaline rush of the past washing over me, albeit just for a fleeting moment.

    chanced on weili outside the sports hall, and whined abt the impending trials. like he did two years ago, he wished me luck. :). his well wishes always make me feel better.

    a long wait in the dark for 95 to take me to buona vista. a not-long-not-short train ride, a tiring climb up tt overhead bridge, and finally home to a coldish dinner.

    some things don't change.

    but the other things?

    pass it on - the coral (kinda run-on, this song. )

    Every day I recognise
    What's deceased and what's alive
    But don't repeat what I just said
    Until boulders turn to lead
    Then all the tales will be told
    Whilst you and I are in the cold
    But don't think this is the end
    Cos it's just begun my friend
    And when it's done
    And all this is gone
    Just find a feeling pass it on

    For every tear cried in shame
    There'll be someone else to blame
    And every crime that I commit
    There'll be a punishment to fit
    But I'd accept what's coming round
    If I could only lose this sound
    That's been ringing in my ears
    And tormenting me for years

    When it's done
    And all of this is gone
    Just find a feeling pass it on

    Tuesday, August 09, 2005

    zonked. finally ran and swam, aft a long time, so it seems. more zonked because of squeezing with throngs of pple in city hall though. it was Hell after the (lousy) fireworks, of which emily and i only caught a bit of (lu missed them all) fm a pretty lousy location, though the policemen there were nice. i worried for a moment abt a stampede breaking out, when Angry men started yelling. rraa. i hate crowds. sticky grumpy pple squashed in a stuffy place with nowhere to go.

    what happened to lovelylovely fireworks tt got me, and those ard me, so High the last few times?

    rumourmongers.. piss off! those who Know, let it out. enough cocked eyebrows. (even if they are on a cute guy haha.)

    loonng day ahead. hell, i cant sleep now despite me wanting very much to not knock out during lects tmr. funny how i was just feeling so zonked.

    am done with hornby's How To Be Good, quite quite nice! interesting how the doctor-narrator sees being a doctor as smth tt can negate sm of her sins. am finished the Lovely Bones too. very Nice! waay more engaging than Time Traveller's Wife. interesting, yet a tad creepy though: dead pple peeking at the living.. then again, Heaven is depicted so prettily!
    let go..

    i want a milo dinosaur (chilled, but without ice-it just Hinders the ingestion of milo powder) Now.

    Monday, August 08, 2005

    first day of school was ..Boring. i remember how trying it is to 1) stay awake, 2) pay attention, during a (boring) lecture. eeks. sat with mag and nikhil though, and had sm laughs, ("is he [the lecturer] speaking english?"; "he might as well speak chinese; more pple will understand.") but tt didnt sustain me long enough. first aid theory lessons left me surprisingly squeamish, uh-oh.

    finally visited borders again aft a hiatus. lovelylovely place. didnt find the cookbook tt i wanted, but woah, got ambushed by (and ambushed) a couple of pple. bumped into thomas again! and immie!

    ate at borders bistro: portobellomushroomsandcheese, yumyum! salamipizza, yumyum too! just too bad tt one leaves that place Stinking to the high heavens. i would complain abt the service too, but since the boss was decent enough to give us a 20% discount for having our food delayed, i will not say more. in any case, it was Hilarious when the boss came over to ask if we wanted more bread; ge was picking up crumbs fm the table and eating them! (recall that time sm of the ghimmohlunchclub had lunch there, and when we whipped out markers to draw on the mahjong sheets that bordersbistro uses to line their tables, we got tsktsked by the waitress! >.< )

    lingerie shopping (oli looking for a present) with olive and ge was.. weird. ended up lounging on the sofa with ge since i was so zonked. eeks. i wont make my boyfriend (hypothetically la.) shop with me unless he really Wants to; it's so torturous.

    cocoabutter lipbalm! -mo was right: there IS chocolate lip balm after all. ..i am so sorry for cutting mo off today. but i absolutely HATE it when there is Lousy reception, and we hafta strain our ears to catch what the other is saying over the phone. forgeddit man; i rather fry my brains working on ESP than listen to long pauses and static.

    oh! MY KNEE IS FIXED!! cracked it climbing off an escalator, and suddenly it just stopped hurting. i was so relieved, i cld have fallen to the ground and kissed the steps. time to hit the track; no more excuses!

    Sunday, August 07, 2005

    all of us at costa sands

    was chided more than a few times by nikhil for being terribly foul-mouthed. Operation Demure hasnt been effected eh?

    my pet Peeve: Waiting. it's fine if i've got a gd book to while time, but definitely Not ok if i am just mooning ard-such a waste of time, which will become a very precious commodity once again, i predict. uh-oh: i kinda relish being late myself, these days. (i dun feel missed anw!:'( haha.)

    anyhow, aft a wonderful lazy aftnn at andrewf's club, together with saus with whom i must have sm ESP;), (it was q fun-ny picking out clothes for andrew too.) it was great to see the hockers again last night.. as usu, there was sm gender, and racial, haha!, divide while we ate, but no matter, tt's just kteristic of our batch la. dinner, courtesy of chethan's mom, was q yummy, and even more so if we take into consideration the pains nikhil and siva took to transport it to us: the curry spilled all over the back seat of the cab! it was q a sight to see the guys wiping down the seats and rubber mats for the genial taxidriver.

    escaped the sleepover by bugging ge to pick me up.. realised to my Horror tt i am evolving into a Recluse who doesnt like to spend the night prattling with friends. dammit, it's the 4th? stayover in the last Two months tt i've backed out of in this fashion. ok, the knee was really bothering me last night-wld have been most cantankerous if i had to shift ard any more- and hello, where were the other girls? but on the other occasions.. i think i was just.. gortuck. (like dad. god help me.)

    so as i bemoaned my shrinking social circle, (relative to others' rapidly boom-expanding ones) ge helped me analyse the situation. -i love car rides home with him at night! we came to a few plausible explanations why my acquaintances dun become any more than tt these days. will share the theories sm other time. the tut kid beckons! (payday, phew.)

    note to self: cherish my old friends: girlfriends, and smmore. i have neglected a lot of them. so much for Big plans to catch up with many many pple during the long break!

    twist and shout!
    the knee brings a whole new meaning to this phrase.

    addendum, 9pm:
    went to 5* to eat, yumyum. was half expecting to see a jimny in the carpark, but ended up bumping into thomas instead! brown eyes!:) it's gd to finally see smone who's familiar but not in that/this? circle. i have been seeing only rafflesians or medmen these coupla weeks!

    sch officially starts tmr. am thankful for the national day holiday right after day1. redandwhiteandfireworks!

    Friday, August 05, 2005

    ouch. am hurting considerably today. face-plunged Loudly yesterday, which prolly explains why my head is limited to a 90degree range of motion.

    but! wb with em, jason and allen (they are FOS, really:D) was Fun yesterday, despite the cold. (brr.. chattering teeth and purple fingers+toes esp when fandi kept asking to jack up the speed) after much hoo-ha, it was finally these 4 of us who went with the nus wb club. (kudos to them for very decent organisation!)

    we went out with fandi and saleem this time though mahmut was there too. fandi is damn PRO! -he started wb when he was only 12! he did sm wayang flips and jumps and spins in his demo.. very Woah. he taught me to bunny hop! and sorta surf the wake. woosh-swoosh.

    the knee is q q screwed up now boohoo. shall sleep instead of voltaren-ing.

    rag is tmr.. whilst sm of my og is staying over in campus (am not feeling guilty, cos there really isnt much work to be done; am just missing their company and prattle a little;) i shall catch shuteye, and Psyche Up for hockey chalet tmr night!

    Wednesday, August 03, 2005

    'think happy thoughts!' :). it's unhealthy to be pissed off!

    and here are photos we took yesterday!

    popeye at tampinespopeye flaggers at tampines, eagerly anticipating the arrival of the float. we are looking so Radiant, no?

    smile!heehee. yes, this is my first picture with a stranger, -thx to tzeyeong!- stop laughing. if anyone sees this guy on campus, tell me! don't tell liwei, who must be thinking bad thoughts abt me by now;)


    ke garisan! (haz and sya: how to spell?) i bought this q q funky adidas bag on impulse today, despite it being waay too small for smone who has half her house in her bag most of the time. it was Love at first sight! i bet yilin, rosh and kit will swoon over it too. sprinters unite! woah, it's been eons since i last ran 100% -all out. i imagine hamstrings, and more, ripping.

    rraa!! ge thought my bag was an imitation! and then on knowing tt it was Original, estimated its cost to be less than half the price i paid!

    haha, superficiality in full swing these few days!

    Tuesday, August 02, 2005

    hide and seek - imogen heap

    Where are we? What the hell is going on?
    The dust has only just begun to fall,
    Crop circles in the carpet, sinking, feeling.
    Spin me round again and rub my eyes.
    This can't be happening.
    When busy streets a mess with people would stop to hold their heads heavy.

    Hide and seek.
    Trains and sewing machines.
    All those years they were here first.

    Oily marks appear on walls
    Where pleasure moments hung before.
    The takeover, the sweeping insensitivity of this
    still alive.

    Hide and seek.
    Trains and sewing machines. (Oh, you won't catch me around here)
    Blood and tears,
    They were here first.

    Mmm, what you say?
    Mm, that you only meant well? Well, of course you did.
    Mmm, what you say?
    Mm, that it's all for the best? Ah off course it is.
    Mmm, what you say?
    Mm, that it’s just what we need? And you decided this.
    Mmm what you say?
    What did she say?

    Ransom notes keep falling out your mouth.
    Mid-sweet talk, newspaper word cut-outs.
    Speak no feeling, no I dont believe you.
    You don't care a bit. You don't care a bit.

    Ransom notes keep falling out your mouth.
    Mid-sweet talk, newspaper word cut-outs.
    Speak no feeling, no I don't believe you.
    You don't care a bit. You don't care a bit.

    You don't care a bit.
    You don't care a bit.
    You don't care a bit.
    You don't care a bit.
    You don't care a bit.


    loneliness strikes.
    ironic tt i was in good company for most of today, and was q q chatty.
    i miss the ghosts of yesterday.

    Monday, August 01, 2005

    12 of us squeezed into a 7-seater Odyssey to get to marcus' house. (5 of us managed to fit into the 2 seats at the back!) compare pool-ing and mahjong-ing, and discovering-funky-songs (in my case; thx marcus!) to inaugration, this is Living It Up! woosh, tt's popeye for u. flag day tmr.. shld be fun, with the og!