Tuesday, May 31, 2005

WB woosh

Monday, May 30, 2005

taking a break fm operation Major Clean-Up/Clear-Out/Piss-Off. i am hot sweaty smelly after lugging two trolleys-full of books and shoes downstairs. somehow i still cant find space in my room to hide the remaining clutter tt's been lying outside the cupboards.

hockey girls!

hockey girls!
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after the big game.. tt's pearl next to me!:) pearl who has a damn lousy joke abt kidneys.

buddee familee
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Sunday, May 29, 2005

it's time to take a breather. a breather fm marking (in retrospect, i love to read the various essays and vandalise/doodle on them, the Creative essays at least:) really get to know the kids better thru their work), fm the politics in the stUffroom, fm the torturous long bus rides to sch each morning, fm the shitty cheena music the kiddos do a ridiculous dance to. but i know i will miss work; i will miss the kids. but i am Really glad for this time to catch up on sm things i havent paid enough attn to. feeling very wuss, cos i know friends who have been chionging work ever since exams were over, and they have yet to rest one bit!

Saturday, May 28, 2005

cheap thrill: got first in the 'A' div in the inter-schs new balance biathlon today. there were only 7 pple in this category la, including saus and i who sneakily participated. but we still got a kick when we found out the results. saus got third! lynn got second! raffles power. met a couple of familiar faces again today, nice! got a ride out fm mr soh in his cute jeep. osim tri is on the tip of everyone's tongues, i am Tempted! to us amateurs, the full tri is like Woah! a milestone. but still no road bike!.. :s hmm. after minusing off the coast of an ipod/creativesmth, camera, other sports equip, etc etc, i wont have enough $ to buy even the wheels

getting to sentosa today was q an adventure in itself. saus and i were spozed to cycle in, but saus's bike jammed near ghim moh! (after we had turned back fm a wrong route) so we hadta cut the roadtrip short and send the bikes back to jamin's place before cabbing down, half dead already, to tanjong. it was a bit of a spoiler, so early in the day, but i'm glad it happened. bet i wld have been cursing in the sweltering heat on the ride back if we had brought the bikes over in the first place:D

i am surprised tt i am still feeling a bit alive now, aft how shagged i was yesterday, after sch. it sucked. the last day of sch, i mean. i only got to see my classes for a few min. (but i was so touched when i stepped into M, and kids came up to me with letters and presents. i must admit tt with 5M being the classes i take later in the day, i am usu q q grumpy! but the kids have obviously forgiven me for my foul temper. thx, guys:) i wanted to make a 'if i have wronged anybody, please forgive me, etc...' speech to my classes on the last day of sch, but the pitiable attendance of the classes plus the cruelty (i understand tt there was a lot of pressure on friday) of the timetabling crew left me no option. too bad, will just drop a note nxt term. but i think tt tt's not v nice, to sm pple.

anw. i was posted to babysit other kiddy classes for the Whole day instead, and tt was So Boring and amazingly exhausting. i Hate it when the kiddos fight and come whining abt the injustice they have faced. piss off, resolve ur own petty quarrels! to top it off, i was ultra grumpy aft packing my cubicle and realising then tt i had a Ton to lug home, i didnt even want to play floorball. luckily jervis picked us up. more new faces on the court.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

i am Cheat champ. the kids still owe me recess;) it was fun/relaxing playing cards (pooh uno cards) with sm of them today. the class was extraordinarily peaceful today, since half of the class was away on hols or external programmes. but the spell was broken suddenly: a fight broke out Just as another teacher walked past. so imagine this ugly scene: a teacher sitting on the floor engrossed in her own card game while sm kids get into a tussle. i felt so paiseh. the kids i was playing with were v sweet and reassured me tt it really wasnt negligence on my part, and tt i shld just Relax and play on. (they said i looked like a kid who was going to get punished. yes, i'm just a kid too, forgive me.) but aiyah, once bitten, enough! didnt play with the other class, but walked ard and fought hard to stay awake. it was nice to have jereld play the violin. mm. i have just got closer to sm kids today, tmr's coming too soon:'( i hope we will stay in contact, it's gonna be fun tracing their steps as they grow up. at the same time, i will be moving on too.. 18's a funtabulous age to be.

..hockey seasons drew to an end this aftnn, amidst sm tears, lotsa brave smiles, and sincere hearty hoots of joy. girls lost nil-one, guys won 2-0. the adrenaline rush during the girls' match left me exhausted but the all-star? rafflesian team sure gave the vj boys a run for their money (but vjc played pretty well too!) rama and ru-ik of course deserve two claps on their backs. and rudy rocks! he must have been damn happy. mm. it was kinda mean of us girls to keep nitpicking on the star of the girls' opponent team. but aiyoh, she really was quite a papaya. but credit has got to be given for her skill and perserverence lar. but! raffles fought hard, and i am proud of them.

dinner with my teammates was Fun fun fun. again, the conversation steered towards our future, to studies and beyond. it was hilarious. :).

dreams dreams dreams..

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

finals is tmr, both guys and girls. it calls for this once again:

This Is Your Game

this is your game... i hope u win
i hope u win for your sake, not mine
because winning is nice
it's a good feeling, like the whole world is yours
but it passes, this feeling.
and what lasts is what u have learned
and what u learn abt is life
that's what HOCKEY is all abt... life.
the whole thing is played out in an aftnn
the happiness of life, the miseries, the joys, the heartbreaks.
there's no telling how u will do.
u might be a hero or u might be absolutely nothing
there just is no telling
too much depends on chances
on how the ball bounces.
i'm not talking abt the game, i'm talking abt life
but life is what the game's abt just as i said
because every game is life, and life is a game - a serious one
dead serious
but tt is what u do with serious things - u do ur best
u take what comes
u take what comes and u run with it
winning is fun sure, but winning is not the point
wanting to win is the point
not giving up is the point
never letting up the point
never letting anyone down is the point
play to win sure, but lose like a champion
because it's not winning tt counts
what counts is trying

i have read this umpteen times, and each time, i never fail to feel Inspired. i bet the team is damn psyched now, good! i am glad to have the chance to experience the thrills and spills of this yr's seasons, though fm a distance, thru pearl. slightly interesting (for the lack of a better word) how she saw me thru last yr's seasons. well, i just wanna see triumphant smiles tmr:) in the event tt *choy* the girls end up with less than they expect/dream of, i hope they have the strength to hold up till the leave the pitch. no tears! not in front of their opponents, but more imptly, not in front of their supporters!


i had a great time with the kids today. we did Nothing in class. oops. but i was Really tired out by the end of the day, and it was lovely to just sit back and i could stop yelling at the kids to quit yelling;) in class when john played his cello. he played canon in d too:) it was (cant find the word) to see the kids crowding ard tt huge instrument, touching it, demanding to try play it, and demanding their friend to play a piece for them. this is called Exposure, guys. (i have never touched a cello before.)

played bball and taught the kids how to play frisbee (fun!) after sch today. it was hilarious to have them relate how my suggestion to play games aft sch led to a string of handphones going off during other lessons as the kids fought to call home to ask for permission to stay back. jerald's mom was really sweet. she single-handedly prepared enough food for over 20 pple, for this 'party' tt jerald let slip over the phone just this morning. i hope tt kid finds his niche, soon! parents shld not have to go thru such frust/heartache over a kid's performance in sch.

i will miss the kids tons. i've got sm touching notes and lil gifts fm sm of them tt i can look at when i need Inspiration to do sm good. i am sure that i have learnt more abt myself, as well as other pple: the kids, my colleagues thru this shirt teaching stint. i wonder how much impact i have made in the lives of these kids, but i sure hope it's positive, if any. sm of the kids have written words of thanks, and they sound most sincere, and i am so glad to have done the slightest meaningful things for these young ones. They have filled my life these past 2 mths, and i thank them for the many things They have taught me. boo. the classes are dwindling as more kids leave for hols, and tmr's already the 2nd last day of sch. there hasnt been enough time for me to truely get to know each of them. may our contact not end immediately after friday. perhaps for once, it isnt TGIF. woosh?

a long day awaits. my timetable better allows me to spend time with my kids tmr.

Monday, May 23, 2005

sentosa frisbee sessions shld become a regular affair now tt so many of us are staying back in spore.

..abt today. it was kinda dreary. (tho i cant believe how incensed i was with nikhil for being late. i really hope he has gd news to share soon.) managed to get q a bit of reading done in borders before lunch, then went home for a very guilt ridden tut session (i kept dozing off.) but dinner was fun.

ahh. i havent finished marking the mystery stories yet! long long day tmr. (cancelled driving. i really wanna just quit learning. haiyah.) i bet the comp will crash on me as i prepare the results slips. but! i am looking forward (and the kids are too, they told me online, sweet! to lessons tmr. i hope they all experience sm fuzziness before we break off.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Funtabulous weekend i have had!

it all started on friday, i met pearl for dinner. i hope the Finals will be a blast for her; may sir field her till she actually feels like subbing out!;) i believe thursday will end in 'a blaze of glory'. because players like her fight so Hard, for the team, for the sch, for sir, and (as sir, nikhil, and siva so vehemently insist) for herself.

anw. i died of excitement on friday evening when kai, em, and especially mag (i was temporarily deafened) called to share the joy. kinda sweetbitter (more sweet than bitter, really) how after a few mths of frust, tension, etcetc, i have come a Big round to enter med. hope those who got bad news arent too upset:'( life just isnt too fair!

a big round.. i met fau-ziah today!!!:):) (it was Amazing how many pple i met in borders. didnt get down to reading at all aft one plus hour) and we bitched so much. haha. there are a lot of rich shits ard who lack the decency to share the finances tt a lot of other equally/more deserving students shld get. anw, we finally sat down aft an intense conversation (and tried v hard to read, but we kept breaking each other's concentration) and realised tt we are going to take the paths tt we once told each other we wld never take: those two Boring, Expected Paths tt everyone ard us Knew we were going to take since we were in sec sch. dammit, in a sense. but hey, we musnt gripe so much. if not, we are shits as well. it's really q funny though: she and i will (90% certainly?) do law and med respectively, and she will marry a doctor while i'll marry a lawyer. ?

more abt 412 girls. it was great fun at sentosa yesterday. despite the lack of sun for 75% of the time. frisbee was damn shi-o-k, though i was really winded each time. we are super lousy at vball la.

karaoked in kai's place (ok, i listened:) -my gdness! we sang RA-RA-Rasputin!! and the Winds of Change. cheryan was a musical influence man. was potato chips monster for a while before finally nodding off during the 2nd half of the arsenal/manutd match. packed up to kai's room to Sleep while the rest kept their eyes peeled, and stirred lazily each time they roared/groaned. then i eventually woke up freezing to find myself alone in the room-the rest had crashed downstairs or in kai's bro' room. then it was tennis with lulu at lenny's place, those courts are really v accessible!

went off to er-gu' place soon after, and rraa!! ge drove past me on the slope! but i made it in one piece, without sweating tt much (i was Dehydrated in fact) lunch was at hwa ting in orchard hotel. yumyum i tell u! it's the best dimsum i've ever eaten. very crunchy prawns. shelled prawns.

airplane sushi

airplane sushi
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takuya kimura!! wait. notice the arty-farty chopstick-terrorists? courtesy of Creative ugly:) (it was really q witty lar)


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the wuss who's afraid of getting burnt;)

high flyers at sentosa

high flyers at sentosa
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hon and sya!

hon and sya!
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woosh. tarbetians (me sya em hazwani [and kai..]) against the rest! boomboomboom filled with muscles and brains boomboomboom. haha.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

picked up shihao's p3 book in the 5M classroom just now! gave out a little shriek (or so the girls insist) of surprise when i saw his name, and excitedly msged shihao to confirm if he was fm 3G. it's amazing tt his book has been left lying ard in nyps for the past TEN years!

i didnt die after the 4 hours of lessons aft all. on the contrary, i had a lot of fun. 5N was all set to have a party nxt week, but sm of the pple up there threw a soaking blanket over us. >.< a bit ridiculous, i thought. ah, thoughts are dangerous when revealed. then again, i really surprised myself when i found myself walking to ask if such a happening activity was allowed. ..i'm becoming a stickler for rules man. ee.
but nevermind! we are having a Friendship Day anyway:) the kids will bring notes/little prezzies to thank those classmates who have done smth for them, and also to apologise to those they may have wronged, bullied, etc or simply squabbled with. woosh. i'm looking forward to a day of fuzziness:)

funny trespassers sign
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funny croc sign
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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

saturday beckons. hurry hurry, scurry over, weekend! and then time shld come to a stand still as i spend time with my favouritest people. No Rain please!!

today was another happy day. i wake up happy these days:)
i fell in love with the other class today. they sang songs with such gusto, i couldnt help but laugh out loud and implore them to sing over and over again although i knew tt they prolly cld be heard by all the classes ard us. they sang "my grandfather's clock"! they were really damn cute. 'TICK-TOCK!' in a kiddy chorus will win over the heart of the grumpiest teacher ok. aww. it was sweet to see the whole class united for once; it was great to to have everyone falling all over themselves, laughing With each other.

"17/5: i have fallen in like."

a chiong day tmr. 4 hours of lessons at one shot. i think i will Die. but i've gotta hang on, there's still tut and Then driving stacked back to back. no time again to run/swim:(

oh!! i am ultra proud of my kids! out of 8 fm ny going for a creative writing camp, 6 are from my classes! 5 are from one class, and i think tt's the most any class thruout all the centres. heehee. i Know tt credit comes 100% fm the kids, but again, there's tt inexplicable? (smwhat silly?) sense of pride:)

Saturday, May 14, 2005

bonjour monsieur.

dunno what sunny and jen thought of the movie, but it's one of my favourite movies to date. a very simple film, but it's interesting to peek into the lives of jews. (and how cool is it tt the movie is in Hebrew!?) i cried a bucket. (or wld jen say tt's an underestimate?;) but justifiably ok. i absolutely love the grandfather figure. :'s. look at the skies. he never had enough of the sky in his lifetime did he?;) of course, schlomi, being the main kter is awesome as well. all the yummy meals and very! yummy! star cakes he made are perhaps as amazing as his genius.

i'm suddenly aching to be a slob and go on a movie marathon. i still havent picked up where i left off for nightmarebeforexmas.

the xmas card i sent to kailun almost half a year ago finally made its way back to me this morning. realised tt we havent been in contact since before tt! maybe we can catch up this hols. woosh, my hockey capt who made a whole lot of difference tt season. :). opened the envelop and read the long msg i wrote, abt my life during the hols in brief. mm. tt all feels so distant. well uni life isnt so far away!

Friday, May 13, 2005

me and lau, nectarines.
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it's been ages (it seems) since the oz trip, and i am itching to go off on a trip again. anw, i still havent transferred all the photos in the computer yet, it's haiyah, so mafan, for a computer idiot. think i'll just preserve the cd tt jon, so kindly, burnt.

anw. was just thinking of laulau cos she msged me just now, but smhow i didnt get to meet up with her at dance nite. (which was nice. an ok kind of nice.) flrball before tt was Terrible. no, i was Terrible. but again, it was nice to be back, it was nice to be playing flrball:) with all the nice pple. what a shitty vocabulary i've got.

lotsa kids cried today. boohoo. sure hope sm of the woosh 'encouraging-motivational' mini-speeches got thru to them.

lunched with a bigger 'motley' (w/o -ve connotation. is there a proper word for it?) grp today at smu. then visited thompson plaza with mrs hoh and yih hui.. mrs hoh is so funky. cant believe tt she is fm mom/dad's generation. a lot of comments have been made abt the 2 of us having mother-daughter affinity. haha she sure is motherly, but in a funky way! she shared snippets of her life. interesting.

so tired. a lot of random thoughts.
tt dream just flashed past again. it's kinda been at the back of my mind actually. interesting/slightly disturbing? just odd at least. must study abt Dreams. so fun:)

Thursday, May 12, 2005

yups. the kiddos wrote those 'poems' in class today. it was very cool to see those kids tt usu hate writing begging me to let them bring the assignment home so tt they can write on All the kters they know.

today was such a cold and gloomy day! but tmr is Friday!

a full head of hissing nightmares
looks at people with a stony stare
almost never leaves her lair
when she was killed, her neck, out came a winged mare

the titan of Time,
he ate his children,
and he was responsible,
for Uranus' castration

of music, he's patron;
of Artemis, he's twin.
he protects social order
and overseas medicine.

when a message
Olympians send,
on this god
they depend.

powerful ruler
of the foamy deep
a three-pronged spear
he's known to keep

greatest of gods,
king of thunderbolts.
he lives like a lord,
whoever offends his gets a jolt!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

what a wonderful world this would be!

office politiks sucks. had a long tea with a motley-minus-the-negative-connotation-cos-these-pple-are-really-nice grp of pple. sat thru a lot of stories. tt left me kinda jaded. i really miss the comaraderie of the pe dept. sure hope work wont be full of janus-faced pple.

anw. i had two hours with tt lovely class today. felt particularly matronly (the fat connation included;) today as i read to the kids the pourqoui tales some of them wrote. the only time i remember being read a story was in primary one! the Huge books about sm mouse i think. i used to be asked to read to the class too:) a very warm fuzzy feeling as all of them were so attentive and well, adorable. i get such great vibes from this class, it's a pity i am feel so much less appreciated (haha, yes i Am petty) in the other class, and the kids there just seem much less.. people-oriented. eg: class A applauds each time i start on a new story by one of their friends, and they appreciate all their friends' work. but class B just doesnt give a damn. unless it's their work tt's being showcased. baad attitude right. but i know i am biased. shall work on tt these two weeks. Exactly Two weeks left! counting down.. i wanna just have fun in the remaining time i've got with them. Troy! bet they wld love it. but it's gonna be tricky editing the r(a) bits.. will they miss me?! (ok i am self centred)

learnt how to use a lot of new phrases along with the kids. will list the few i can rmb now, and hopefully i wont forget them too soon. (i obviously forgot them 8 yrs ago. then again, it only shows how not-useful/obscure such phrases are. but! they are fun. fun.)
-to throw a sop at Cerebus
-Augean stables
-procrustean bed
-cadmean victory
-patience of Penelope

oh and i am happy tt tt twit decided to cooperate with me today:D a cheap thrill of pride. but it's justified right. woosh. i hope he does amount to smth eventually, however much he is an eyesore right now.

enough abt lessons.. badmintoned aft sch for a short while, rraa, arm hurt again, so went to run. yikes. it felt Terrible running. with all tt extra weight. haha. a very different feel fm the times i used to run in sch.. i felt woo Good then, today, it was just so yuk, horrid stance, so much extra baggage (graphically: wobbling abt) just dragging me down. i swore just now to drag myself out for a run at least 3x a week from today onwards. may it contribute to less let-down during the intersch aquathlon saus and i sneakily signed up for. hoho. we miss belonging to a sch so much.

yay. heard tt buddy scored. or maybe he assisted a goal. nonetheless, i'm silly-ly proud of him again!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

marking erps now. falling asleep over the low-quality work. most of these kids dun show pride in their work. >.< blasted twit1 just now. told him he was scum. strong words eh. but he really is. i'll sacrifice and incur the wrath of parents if they are condone their kid's behaviour. less than 3 weeks of sch left anw. (woosh. -at low points like this.)

i am having a hangover fm the monday blues. obviously. haha. but i really am craning my neck, eagerly/desperately anticipating the weekend. a lot of things left undone. concerning my own friends. sorry tt i've left so many things hanging. i'll pick up the pieces asap, i promise. ok, i'll Try to do tt. it's daunting; i just wanna up and leave everyth as it is now, however messy it may be. cynicism has rubbed off, fm u as well, so dun u make me think tt i am an ugly person to think pessimistically smtimes.

at least lunch today with the girls beckons. but rraa. it's gonna pour, and i havent got an umbrella. it's gonna be a pain running sm errands.

rain. and umbrellas.. it was fun bashing thru the yishun neighbourhood with lulu on sunday, to get hold of squash racquets cos the rain was such a let down. squashed with jen too, it was vigorous. the one time i squashed in the past 4-5 years was during As with siva, ivan m and vicky boy. haha.

well. cant find the words to describe yesterday. not so shitty, but still shitty. will wait it out. hear fm me in 2/3 weeks time.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

timbiskup's stackpack!

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i have got tim biskup's vinyl toys for real! fm my 'oz friends'. dear afogato got it off ebay. i am very touched. :). there's always a touch of aust when i meet up with these 3 friends who lived/bore with me and my quirkiness. ilua.

watched interpreter with lulu today. kinda intriging during the course of the movie, but in retrospect, it's rather contrived, as kai and jon said.. 'contrived' does Not mean 'inane'! which dict did tt kid use?

was happy till dinner time. messed up and unduly complicated as usual. add on a barrage of pompous=portentous/pontifical? comments and i wish harder than ever tt the food wld arrive so tt everyone'll fall silent.

Friday, May 06, 2005

had a lovely talk with sir, yixin, wei, after a Very Shiok session of flrball today. (cramped in almost every part of my lower body. it was Ridiculous. must find out why i cramp so easily these days, every flrball and swimming. really cant cos i have got little salt in my diet.)

anw. it's great fun talking to sir, and so insightful. interesting how i seem to mention sir and 'how he has opened up my eyes and taught me a bit more about Life', however cliched and smwhat contrived it sounds, in almost every interview so far. he really has impacted my life, more than he possibly imagines;) he's very funky lar. the funkiest 'pe teacher' and hockey coach at the Very least.

harry belafonte!! coconut! haha. hung and i died laughing when sir was singing along with the funky songs.

TGIF! and i mean it wholeheartedly. this has been a short work week, but it's surely been a hectic and well, q gross, one. i've finally cleared the test papers. feeling very disappted tt the kids did so badly. i dun wanna give them their results.. they'll be so dejected:( but hopefully they will 'Wake Up [their] Idea!' -haha, thomas. and well, strive to write, and Speak better English. we are doing adverts with a greek theme in class now, it's q fun. i look back on all the fun activities i got to do as a kid, and it's very Wow, So Fun! less of such exciting activities as you grow older (OM was one of the highlights of sec sch, surely.) and jc life didnt hold much of such 'creative', ok, kiddy perhaps, activities..

woosh. another chiong week lies ahead. (shitty marking-gotta mark projects left over from Last Term >.<) and of course, there is one future-determining interview. woosh man. funny how sm friends are so happy to share their experiences with you, but sm worry tt they'll lose out by telling you sm things. but i understand, and i respect ur decision anyway. may all the deserving souls make the cut. ultra rich kids can just go study smwhere more happening lar huh.

Zzz.. poor jen's stuck in camp studying sea (haha, i sea.) traffic rules at this very moment. hang in there, girl. ilu! my naval officer:) ok, friend. it's been a while since we simply sat/splashed ard and caught up, but no worries, we go back such a long way.