Thursday, March 31, 2005

the vocab worksheet created such an uproar in class today, cos it required the kids to find out the meaning of the word 'orgy'. which is now incidentally a taboo word in the classroom. i just couldnt stop laughing when they looked so traumatised/upset tt they were made to learn tt new word. my lousy lecture on how they shld be more mature and not shriek and squirm at some words lost its effects when i cldnt keep a straight face. man, tt class rocks:) ..the other class didnt even bother with the worksheet, so too bad; they seem to have a knack of killing fun.

gonna have a flrball workshop for the nanyang teachers tmr, shld be q fun? well, if not, there's always gd old vigourous rj to return to:) but gotta meet wong to see if hahaha i'll be swimming for woodlands grc.

oh oh oh! one of the highlights of the day: baked a choc cake in em's place. it's got to be the slackest cake-baking session Ever. but yumyum, the cake made me feel so much happier, aft tt dreary last lesson in sch. i love emily. and jo. nikhil also made me smile:) [aft my nerve-wrecking, clammy handed lesson on u-turning on the wet streets]


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