Thursday, April 28, 2005

yesterday was cool. heh. broke a mirror early in the morning, got puke on my feet first thing at school, but the rest of the day turned out pretty beuatifully. a couple of surprises (a shock, perhaps?) and lotsa well wishes tt negated the effects of tt broken -reflection?- mirror. the kiddos were cute, the tchers brought me out to lunch, girls won 2-0. mom cooked tons, it was nice to eat with oli; she's so cute. ah-yin gave birth to a baby boy.

but of course the biggest surprise came at night. WOW. tt's abt all i can say even aft so long. it's most heartmelting. thx, lulu:)

today was cool too. (rraa! p5 language!) mrs hoh got me a bday cake, and the usu gang sang yet another song. was stuck in the staff lounge with mrs hoh and thomas for Hours after school, grading the cwp. it was hell. but we finally got to play badminton. mr patrick lau was my partner. i died. the game was so intense; everyone was a Professional. i enjoyed the exchanges with marie much more. then it was another ride on jyoji's bike to smu for dinner. cheemin and thomas sent me home this time. so paiseh to have cheemin drive across the island! but i had to rush the med essay, and i think they cld tell tt i was distracted during dinner.

i had such a big kick teaching 5N today. scissors-paper-stone-d with juanda, told him tt if i won, he wld hafta go back to his and stay silent. i prayed very hard, and stoned his scissors, and the guys broke out in applause. because they thought i was so cool. it was Hilarious. gave canxiang a spelling test: yikes we have work cut out. talked to gordon for a Long time, i hope i knocked a bit of sense into him. chitun and canxiang (yes, canxiang!) fought. a very violent tussle, and canxiang cried. wah. i was a bit worried at first, but managed to get them to make peace v diplomatically. (very proud of myself;)

i had the biggest kick giving them a sex ed lecture. the girls had just got free gifts after that famous p5 talk, and the class was in chaos when i entered. the guys were Really ignorant, and asked the most interesting questions. i walked out of the classroom thrice at the beginning of the lesson because i just cldnt keep myself fm laughing. told them tt i walked out cos i was angry tt they were so noisy. anw. after a lot of stammering and pregnant pauses during which i racked my brains to give the most scientific and simple explanations to their numerous questions, (sm of the kids stuck fingers in their ears the whole time) sm of them finally realised tt there wasnt anyth 'eeeyer!' abt growing up. hahaha. man, i remember ms cleo chan scolding the guys for their immaturity.. we were all lined up outside the classroom, and boy, wasnt she incensed. i hope this kids will remember me for this contrived version of the facts of life.

i love those kids.

Monday, April 25, 2005

takuya fever. kakoii ne! for the hundredth time: watashino takuya-kun wa doko desuka? (when is 'watakushi' used?) nippon e sagasu no tameni ikimasu! i bet my grammar is all wrong, but so what. he can speak english! haha. laulau just passed me liuxinghuayuan two nights ago.. but i now think tt tt's too ah lian. i rather be kawaii and watch kakkoii nihonjin/otokonohito.

the new coke commercial is nice.

i learnt to vertical park today. easy peasy. haha. but i stalled 3 times in a row on one slope after tt.
a lot of random thoughts. i am so tired. it is week 6 already. it's only monday. i cant wait for the long weekends ahead.

seasons start TMR. man, woosh to pearl. she had better Score. :). faith! she had tons of tt in me.. and boy, did it make a lot of difference. ilu, pearl. i also hope to see buddy score again. haha. of course, raffles hockey will ultimately set the pitch ablaze. it's crazy how i am still so psyched up abt hockey.

happy bday, april. we are now hoping tt yin2 will give birth on wednesday. woosh. another niece/nephew! what with caleb/carrot, this one has got to be called Radish!:)

Sunday, April 24, 2005

the lonely goat herd - sound of music

High on a hill was a lonely goatherd, lay odl lay odl lay hee hoo
Loud was the voice of the lonely goatherd, lay odl lay odl loo
Folks in a town that was quite remote heard
Lay odl lay odl lay hee hoo
Lusty and clear from the goatherd's throat heard
Lay odl lay odl loo...

Ho ho lady odlee ho, ho ho lady odl lay
Ho ho lady odl lee ho, lady odl lee ho lay

A prince on a bridge of a castle moat heard
Lay odl lay odl lay hee hoo
Men on a road with a load to tote heard
Lay odl lay odl loo
Men in the midst of a table d'hote heard
Lay odl lay odl lay hee hoo
Men drinking beer with a foam afloat heard
Lady odl lay odl loo...

Ho ho, lady odlee ho, ho ho lady odl lay
Ho ho lady odl lee ho, lady odl lee ho lay

One little girl in a pale pink coat heard
Lay odl lay odl lay hee hoo
She yodeled back to the lonely goatherd, lay odl lay odl loo
Soon her mama with a gleaming gloat heard
Lay odl lay odl lay hee hoo
What a duet for a girl and goatherd, lay odl aly odl loo
Hm hm hm hmm, odl lay hee, odl lay hee hee, odl lay hee

Ho ho, lady odlee ho, ho ho lady odl lay
Ho ho lady odl lee ho, lady odl lee ho lay

One little girl in a pale pink coat heard,
Lay odl lay odl lay hoo hoo
She yodeled back to the lonely goatherd, lay odl lay odl loo
Soon her mama with a gleaming gloat heard
Lay odl lay odl lay hm hm
What a duet for a girl and goatherd, lay odl lay odl loo

Happy are they lady ho lady lee ho, ho lady ho lady lady ho
Soon the duet will become a trio, lady odl lay odl loo
Odl lay hee....odl lay hee...odl lay hee hee
Odl lay hee odl lay hee odl lay, hoo!

ate more than half the chocAlate (canxiang never fails to amaze:) cake, but heck, it's My cake after all, and i stayed up just so i cld cut it tonight. a bit off, but nevermind. it was a nice cake. and i am happy. thx, mom.

had a lovely time in thai express with em mag ivan, after eating for one hr plus? we got damn high. convulsed with laughter.
yun sent us there! she's how cool;)

dammit. cwp submission deadline is tmr. i havent graded any of them yet. shld have camped in sch over the weekend!

i am tired out. but woah, i enjoyed the evening a lot. a light kaya toast snack with sunny, then dinner of boney cake with her, kai, lau and jen was a blast. (still wishing i acknowledged the guy in red when he caught me staring at him haha. so paiseh.) the sound of music was nice! the songs are replaying in my head now. the set was pretty:) the kids were cute. esp gretl. aww!

max brennered with jen and kai after the musical ended. (i want cinnamon bun.) so i have been awfully loaded with choc the whole day. splitting headache may be attributed to tt sticky supper. met mingkai, it was surprisingly nice to talk to him after so long.

hockey was fun too.. kinda. haha. i died in the sun. j3s were to play without subs for 50min straight, but like i said, i died. was the first to sub after yelling at denise to save me. then suddenly, the game was over before i knew it. well, gallant attempt by the old girls (and sir, who scored tt one goal to bring the score to one-all.) to hold back the junior team, and of course we had a few shots on goal!:) a bit disappted tt the junior team didnt 'whack us upside down' because the season starts on Tuesday after all. hockey fever isnt getting to me, i wish it was.

med essay tmr. will meet lotsa pple. woo. yikes, i've gotta rush my portfolio. keep reminding me.

adieu to you and you and you. Zzz.

Friday, April 22, 2005

rode pillion on jyoji's scrambler today!! i am still feeling damn high. haha. when i stuck my head fm behind tall tall mr llama, out into the wind, it felt almost like skydive, just tt the whoosh is horzontal u know. the rest all got a big kick out of my high-ness. anw. i got a ride fm llama fm nanyang to casuarina for roti prata, and a visit to fannwong's house, while cheemin and thomas took the car, and arrived much later;) then llama very kindly sent me home! yes, i know how dangerous it is to ride on a motorbike, not to mention a bike (and 'driver'?) with high cg. but it was so Fun. i was grinning (ok, i was actually grimacing in the first half a minute aft leaving the sch gates;) all the way on both trips, lucky the (new!) helmut covered my face. anw. the scrambler is so tall, we are at the same level as the passengers on buses! and pple in cars can only see below our chest level (the r.a.f.f.l.e.s on my shirt) i think. haha. woah! so fun.

broke my habit of friday flrball in rj today.. flrballed in nanyang pri instead, with the usual gang, and sm kiddos. i was torn btwn the 2 places, even walked out of nyps already, but headed back cos i left my shoebag behind. it was still fun nonetheless. no side boards, but still fun. we played in the sun. haha. till it rained, then we continued up in the hall with the sticky floor. then tried learning backhand for racquet games; thomas again kindly taught me, while we played mini-tennis. which isnt so mini when i cant control my backhand. then aft we were exhausted and crouching in the dark in frnt of the pe store, llama played the ny schsong by just blowing into clasped hands!!

anw. today was exhausting. woke up at four to mark the essays. marked till almost midnight the day before. eeks. the kiddos have essay test on monday.. which means another round of writing 51 x 1/2 pages of comments. and i have rraa portfolios to go thru By monday. ( i didnt bring them home. oops.) but it feels so good when i look at tt pile of work tt i've scribbled on like sm chinese medium. rushed thru the lessons with the less exciting class, and then i just died. funny how flrball revived me;)

talking abt flrball. my date with hung last night yielded no new sticks:( i am horribly disappted. But we will get one real Soon i hope! also cut my hair last night, no more shitty stump at last:) the hair-cutter was ..:D q cute. the 'make u a funky girl in two months' time' comment was funny.

eyes barely open now. Zzz.. testimonial match tmr! and sound of music!!! and dinner with sm girls before tt! and supp at maxbrenner's after! life. gotta remember to get my portfolio ready. i've got a bit to bitch abt getting part of it, but heck, it's a happy night. no worries, man!:)

happy earth day. happry bday, xiz.

Monday, April 18, 2005

orange balls.

pingponged with three other 'young 'uns' after sch today. damn fun. the last time i played table tennis was at austin hills, years ago! anw, thomas was damn patient and taught me everyth fm scratch. am kinda proud of myself, i wasnt so much a psychomotor moron i thought i wld show up as:D yikes looks like i'm learning to be haolian. haha. turned out tt marie and thomas were both pri sch table tennis players! zhai. jyoji too!

..we pingponged in the old science lab, where i can still picture ms jo chang teaching us.. the other table tennis trng room is what used to be the old gep resource room on the third flr.. where mjing, kenny, dunnowho and i worked on the gep website. (yes, i used to be one of the more it-savvy kids!!) the old block where the three classes spent our three years still... Smells The Same. acrid, ammonia, etc. walked past the girls' toilet and remembered the time shihao barged into it. for sm reason i cant really remember. visited the eco garden too, the pond is so tiny, i cant believe i fell into it once. it used to be a thriving community, with pond skaters, water snails, water hyacinths, and lotsalotsa tadpoles, but there is Nothing left now! just one muddy puddle.. i think i bored the rest with my: 'oh yes! That used to be where... 's.. anw. we then played bball (i suck big time) with kiddos. well, not so fun, but bearable, considering how i nver really enjoyed this game.

the school is beau-ti-ful in the evenings. liang2 feng1 xi2 xi2.. we talked of plans to stay over one night. how cool if it happens:) anw, aft the staff room was locked and all, we finally went off for dinner in coro, jyoji on his scrambler-i must ride on it one time before i leave!- and the rest of us bundled in cheemin's car with yet another kid we adopted for a meal. nice. mr llama is a damn gd story teller! everyone's just so humourous:)

seriously.. what do llamas eat? and what is tt cartoon movie where the main kter was transformed fm a prince to a llama?

tmr is an impt day, i Must impress. rraa. is a* kinda pushing it a bit too much to ask for a reply by 1may, or for us to buy ourselves a reassurance for a thousand bucks?

Sunday, April 17, 2005

m.u.s.l.i. bars.

i miss talking to u. it feels smwhat odd now, no? but still, i laughed. :).

"pulsars: are neutron stars which emit EM radiation from its magnetic axis with which its spin axis may not be aligned so as the pulsar spins, its beam of EM radiation sweeps. at first when they (jocelyn bell and her mentor) found this consistent pulse they thought it was some ET intelligenceso it was called "LGM"-little green men. so cute right. but this is the most glam kind of pulsar i think=P" -sunny.

well before sunny laboriously explained it to me, 'pulsar' just sounded like smth wavy, pretty and luminous. and associated with the colour black. hoho.

onto a Brilliant Monday. i still have 4 appraisals to write. shoot me, for i cant even remember how tt one girl looks like! how reliable can my comments be. but hey, aft-sch plans will see me thru the day:)

the sound of music next weekend!? sure hope we can get tix. love ya tons, jen.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

met many old friends today, and what's most amazing is tt everyone isnt in a rush for once, and lingered ard chatting, whether at the entrance of the mrt station, or in tt hk dessert shop at lido where hk and i had not-so-hk but still yummy dessert. met eugene just as he was walking into the station as i was walking out. and then.. lloyd walked past us (he cldnt recognise us) the second of mini nanyang reunions for me:) sure hope we will pull off a mega one! these are the old friends we showed our pettiest, most childish sides to. and i believe we will still click aft all these years, inc those who used to swear tt they were immortal enemies.

had a nice talk with hk.. he is going to cambridge!! ahh!! so happy for him:)
then my dear fellow-birthdayer and matthew came by. we grouched a bit abt schships and then i heard more exciting stories abt the army. this time, i got a more 'intellectual'/'scientific' pov. maybe it's just the way sx delivers them u know. anyhow, it was entertaining:)

happy. weekends shld be like this. bumping into old friends, saying hi-bye isnt q enough, sitting ard prattling on a cool evening just feels so.. nice.

i'll make 'nice' a taboo word fm now.


buddy on stage
Originally uploaded by honlyn.
it's such a lousy photo, but hey, tt's Buddy and his band! trust me, they look much better life, and they sound good too;) too bad, didnt catch ru-ik in action too.

Friday, April 15, 2005

friday, i'm in love.

as lulu wld testify, i am damn highhhh tonight:) it's been a Funtabulous day i tell u.

started out with sports day.. seriously, it was boring, even though i got to run in the teachers' race. but hey, the kiddos looked like they had fun, and tt's what matters!:) post sports day was Fun. we roasted in the sun while waiting for the bus to pick us and the equipment back to sch, and started getting restless and experimented with hula hoops and spongy balls; we were just fooling ard like kids. including mr woo:)-gentleman! ..back in sch, we packed up the pe store, played with more pe equip, then finally made our way to nydc for lunch at 3pm with the nanyang pe dept. nice. laughed lots. was very comfy with them. funny how the guys showed so much interest in the softtoys (esp mr llama!;) and how thomas cldnt identify the animals. :D

then went to flrball in rj, and of course tt was fun though my lunch kept coming up. the highlight of tonight was watching Buddy perform!! ivan said tt he felt like fahyik's father because he was so excited as well, and took photos and video of him on stage. it's the same kind of prideful feeling i have, which is a bit ridiculous when u realise tt i am especially concerned abt Buddy simply because by luck, i was matched to be his buddy by ivan and denise last yr. but i thank luck for tt. cos Buddy is really a wonderful person:) i am an ultra big fan of his!:D bet girls are all swooning over his band too;) i am very impressed with joel and david, for having managed such a meaningful event so well!

lime juice with sir and the rest was nice too. learnt a bit more abt sir:):) i hope i get to go waterfalls with him and the rest!

till the next funtastic friday.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

oof. longlong sch day, only had 10 min to wolf my lunch down (or is it wolf down my lunch? confused.) but it was fun cos i finally had a friendly talk with mr woo:) i wish the sch was nicer and invited the RTs down to sports day in a kinder manner. no pay for tmr, but i dun see why i shldnt go down! besides, i'm looking forward to After sports' day.. lunch with sm teachers-bday lunch for thomas, then Floorball and Frisbee! hahaha.

anw. today was particularly harrowing cos i was worrying half the time if i had gotten into trouble for smth tt i did not do. but it boiled down to 'ignorance is bliss' and i am getting out of the mess (really really none of my business actually) scott free. i just hafta evaluate 51 students by tmr morning!! and hello, although i have a lot of things to say abt each of them, what my comments cant be tt credible right, i having known them only 4 weeks.. wow time has flown by!!

went for gms schship interview (which explains the severe black dress. haha. it's hilarious how jd always comments on the colours i wear.) just now, and it was funny how i felt it was wrong not to have felt nervous.. the interviewers were So Nice! really funny and kind:) one of them asked me all the funky questions. like who my fave pop star was. i was stunned. told them tt i used to adore blink. but no longer.. and so proceeded to make him ask me why no longer. and they were most tickled by my interest in oldies.

haha. i am feeling so fat. pls, two salesgirls have already approached me to take slimming pills. >.< i feel the pain for pple who stumble over their words and try to tell me tt i look good round. it really is q funny;)

i remember how fau-ziah and i kept singing the sugar cane lines; we cldnt figure out what the song meant. HOW ARE U, DOD?!!

imitation of life - r.e.m.

Charades, pop skill
Water hyacinth, named by a poet
Imitation of life.
Like a koi in a frozen pond.
Like a goldfish in a bowl.
I don't want to hear you cry.

Thats sugarcane that tasted good.
Thats cinnamon, thats Hollywood.
C'mon, c'mon no one can see you try.

You want the greatest thing
The greatest thing since bread came sliced.
You've got it all, you've got it sized.
Like a Friday fashion show teenager
Freezing in the corner
Trying to look like you don't try.

Thats sugarcane that tasted good.
Thats cinnamon, thats Hollywood.
C'mon, c'mon no one can see you try.

No one can see you cry.

That sugar cane that tasted good.
That freezing rain, that's what you could.
C'mon, c'mon on no one can see you cry.

This sugarcane
This lemonade
This hurricane, I'm not afraid.
C'mon, c'mon no one can see you cry.

This lightning storm
This tidal wave
This avalanche, I'm not afraid.
C'mon, c'mon no one can see me cry.

That sugar cane that tasted good.
That's who you are, that's what you could.
C'mon, c'mon on no one can see you cry.

That sugar cane that tasted good.
That's who you are, that's what you could.
C'mon, c'mon on no one can see you cry.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

i made chongkiang cry today. ripped his worksheet cos he still hadnt started on it even though everyone else in class was done. guess i wasnt level headed after a rather long day. but tt's no excuse to take it out on a little guy, is it?

while he may have deserved it, (he deserves a thrashing of sm sort lar to learn to control tt mouth) i hope he doesnt take it too hard. and i really hope he starts Doing work in class in future. i apologised. and made him apologise. and then we shook hands. but tt limp hand in mine didnt show any conviction. sure hope things'll be back to normal (almost) tmr. he's a great kid, really.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

wonderful sunday. :). had a lovely time at the inaugural Love Club meeting. i tennised with the two ivans at the kallang tennis courts while mag played in a netball carn. we all pengsan-ed by noon. but it was fun! i think my tennis has improved, if only just slightly:)

it turned out tt mag was playing for shalini's family team. and what luck!: all four of us got invited to her house for a very yummy lunch:)'s just shiok how everyth fell into place today. i am So glad the ivans called in the morning and made me rush down to kallang last minute. bet i wld have been lonesome at home, and very grouchy otherwise. hoho.

even tut with lynn now seems to fly by;)

Saturday, April 09, 2005

wonderful today:) on a high ever since i woke up. haha. met lulu for lunch, xiaolongbao finally! and just words just kept tumbling out. then caught 'the pacifier' with sunny ting and jen. it turned out to be nice and not as slapstick as i thought i wld be! i think seth is very cute. (so unlike the seth i know!) and of course peter pan-da is too.

aww, i really hope to visit nepal and n.india with gautaum one day!:)

saw a lot of hockey players in town, and felt very old and clumsy. seasons are approaching, and though i really cant imagine playing thru another season, i wish i was back in sch, training for my team/sch, with an aim in mind.

tungturutungtungtung.. under pressure!
pressure pushing down on me, pushing down on u...

woo. it's been a while since i woke up in such! a good mood. haha. i just leapt (vs. leaped) out of bed and attacked the garlic+onion macadamia nuts (yumyum!) er gu sent over last night while i was concussed..

went to bed a bit miserable cos i was so! fatigued. haha, threw up my dinner after chionging flrball. gdness, i havent exercised so much in so long. it was so! damn! fun:) cramped up in Both calves last night, so Wuss i know. but eh, wan said it was just cos i was low on Na and K. haha. she's as nice as ever and helped me stretch (very effectively) at the expense of dirtying her shirt big time. my shirt's in a mess too, what with sir and his dirty hands!

just realised tt i will get into trouble on monday. cos i left tt letter in sch. and i have no intention of going All the way there to get it. oh dear. i hope she will be understanding!

but! it's the weekend! will chiong the marking tmr, and just oof, slack today:)

Friday, April 08, 2005

got my first parent's letter today. feeling a bit indignant.

scanned through the pourqoui stories tt the kids wrote 2 days ago. some of them are so brilliant! but, again, that kid didnt impress. i'll prolly get another letter.

but hey, the other kids have made my day:) aww.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

breathe - midge ure

With every waking breath I breathe
I see what life has dealt to me
With every sadness I deny
I feel a chance inside me die

Give me a taste of something new
To touch, to hold, to pull me through
Send me a guiding light that shines
Across this darkened life of mine

Breathe some soul in me
Breathe your gift of love to me
Breathe your life to lay ‘fore me
Breathe to make me breathe

For every man who built a home
A paper promise for his own
He fights against an open flow
Of lies and failures we all know

To those who have and who have not
How can you live with what you’ve got
Give me a touch of something sure
I could be happy ever more

Breathe some soul in me
Breathe your gift of love to me
Breathe your life to lay ‘fore me
Breathe to make me breathe
Breathe your honesty to me
Breathe your innocence to me
Breathe your word and set me free
Breathe to make me breathe

This life prepares the strangest things
The dreams we dream of, what life brings
The highest highs can turn around
To sow love’s seeds on stony ground


thx guys, for ur gifts of love to me. :).
'chin up!' i'm upbeat, man. sure hope u are too.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

i have always said tt i want to embrace challenges, to be thrown out of my comfort zone, so tt i can shake up my complacencies, etc. now i say tt all tt is bullshit. this has got to be the most bitter taste of failure in my short life so far, and it's enough to make me wish tt no one else will ever feel this way. true, my threshold for such negative feelings may be low, what with my comfy life with things running smoothly in every facet of life; whatever mess just seems to sort itself up eventually, perhaps even without my interference, but it is really difficult to stay afloat after being struck several times in a row, at the same tender spot.

u think of the many times pple tell u how they envy the perfect parts of ur life, and u think of how u realised each time tt u are indeed extremely lucky. but perhaps u take it too much for granted? u brush it off (too nonchalently), and go on trying to 'shake up ur complacencies'. and now u realise tt tt's bullshit. u arent as strong as u like to think u are. but guess what. it's fair to feel weak too. with everyth so g.damn uncertain. when everyth was so certain just a short while ago.

the world is conspiring. not in the way the alchemist says the world conspires. and not the whole world like he said either, but enough of the world is conspiring to make u feel small and miserable.

so break out of it?

Saturday, April 02, 2005

qing ming shi jie yu fen fen. i cant remember what the lines following tt are. anw, it was the first time we sau mu in the rain. kinda made everyth seem very unreal. then again, i could never grasp what it was exactly tt we were all gathered at the (what's tt place called? it's not a cemetery.) for. paying respects, uh-huh. but when we hold the incense and bai-bai, what are we spozed to be thinking?

was so damn lethargic the whole day, just ate and slept most of the aftnn away in sentosa. (the jb one) dad subtly hinted tt i was ultra antisocial oops.

oh, went down to the pool last night, but ended up being time keeper. had fun though, almost slipping a couple of times while trying to catch up with the guys swimming. haha. the rest there were very friendly, it was so easy prattling. i'll try to go down consistently. but it seems like they already know tt i wont. hoho.

Friday, April 01, 2005

my future is so f-ed up. got rejected even by psc. my god. on waiting list for brown. rraa. worried shitless abt everyth now. thx, lulu:) thx, david:) a lot of silence (and static?), but i was actually comfy with tt, and hope u werent thinking too much abt what to say. or abt the phone bill haha.


1,650/23,000. i just didnt hit jackpot eh.