Monday, March 21, 2005

i love the kiddos. the pesky noisy bunch of them. they remind me a lot a lot of how we were last time. i really admire the teachers we had then.. i almost Died shouting 'rule no. 1' over and over again to get them to shut up.. only for 5 secs, then the classroom regains the atmosphere of the rowdiest wetmarket. i make just one statement, and 5 pple will interrupt me. but i love tt energy:)

gave back test papers today.. one of boys cried. it was very interesting to watch how the others react.. i almost melted when a bunch of them starting singing 'always look on the bright side...' very loudly, and the crying boy still tried to hit this nice friend, who was comforting him, in the balls. aww. anw, there is this guy tt looks exactly like zhui. but speaks so differently. i saw a clarissa too. and a lloyd. i wonder which one of them was a honlyn..

anw, ProblemKid A gave me a bit of hell this morning. but i guess it was very wrong of me to have gone into class with a precoonceived impression of him. then again, he really cant shut up. but he is so damn smart! was marking his essay just now, and it was impressive. i am so glad ProblemKid B didnt come today; tt class was a joy, really. the kids started out polite, raising their hands and waiting, albeit impatiently, for me to call on them whenever they wanted to add their $1 worth (which was on average, at 2 min intervals for each of the vocal ones) they continued to raise their hands but at sm points in time, their hands were permanently up and they were permanently talking. but hey, 'rule no 1!' (focus ur energies on the speaker..omm...) rocks.

OH!! i realised tt i still remember the sch song, and i still stumble over the fast bit, and so do ALL the other kids. haha. and i remember how we used to say the pledge in chinese now. i think tt feeling of almost-nostalgia wld have been more magical if i was at the old campus.. the new campus looks too commercial! but i know i can grow to love it. OH!! it was also so damn cute to see the kids do their zao3 cao1. so so cute! got chinamama influence one! haha. even cuter when they do it in hong2zi4 and browns.

and OH!!! mrs lesley ong is back at nyps! i cldnt recognise her at first, what with her long hair, and she much rounder now (looking good!) it's a very weird feeling talking to her now as a colleague, cos she was such a motherly figure to me.. i remember how she used to talk to me abt adjusting to the new environment, my grades, etc.. i remember her standing in front of mark lee (how is he now man!?) and i when we were sitting in the right side of the classroom tt was on the 4th flr, but there was a quarangle just outside, and i never saw the other 2 classrooms cos 4L was the first to be reached, and of couse 4N was no-girls' land. mm. i always say tt i didnt like p4.. u know what, i retract tt statement. i kinda miss it. i miss the smallness and oldness of things. i had shittier hair can u believe it. i dun miss tt though. and oh! mrs may yeo and ms tan (the damn scary ss teacher) and mr pang and of mr ting are all still there. and of course, who can ever replace mrs tang?!:) she's still as fierce. the new principal is impressice though, damn dynamic, reminds me a bit of carmee lim who's gotta be the most energetic principal ever. woo what a shitload of rambling.


this is janet's work. i was so damn impressed i tell u. anw, they are riddles. guess what each poem is talking abt. i like the second one a lot..

A sin of which Eve partook
An orb; God's weed. (-i think this word isnt well chosen, but heck, i wld never write so well!)
It speaks of rosy flesh,
It speaks of seeded womb.
O! the original sin.

The path the beauty queen partakes
Once per eight years, a perfect fate
Sign of Satan is thou not
The Viturian Man tells it all

The chalice and the blade
Seemingly one
Enemy of the Chursh
Oh where is it?

The source of evil
The temptation's mother
Strangling through a velvet glove

2)pentacle, anyone who read da vinci code will know lar. but hey! tt means She and sm of the class has read it!
3)erm eiffel tower? shit, i dunno. i only know tt it's got to do with.. france?
4)GE officer. haha. private joke. she wrote this riddle in class when i told them how to do compo corrections.


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