Friday, March 04, 2005

i guess i am disappted with my results, despite repeatedly telling myself tt i ought to be happy with what i’ve got. i guess i am sore cos the not so gd grades really are reflective of the amt of effort and thinking i put into my scripts! funny how i always say tt "i know i will get ungraded for bio s" but, of course deep down i never stop hoping tt i’ll do better than right. (maybe it's the hypocritical rj syndrome at work. oh dear!) heh ok, u get what u give. So, enough grouches. i am content:) i will work hard for my schship apps. like hk said: no more procrastination!

anw, thx tons to ALL who wished me luck:) it was really heartwarming to have the walk to rj peppered with well wishes. also, it was v sweet of a couple of pple who called at the right moments. it was nice also to have had an intense chat-while-gobbling-down-a-lot-of-bread session at cartel. love the girls. hope everyone’s happy.

played a bit of flrball, then was so sian-ed, i went to catch hitch with sm pple fm 3f. funny. will smith rocks. VAL, KAI, JON will prolly start grinning when they get to smwhere in the middle: fat albert carries the polka dotted box of Krispy Kremes to confront hitch, and if tt wasn’t enough, they speak of Skydiving. woo.

wish i was back in oz heaven. but hey, i've got daomingsi to accompany me tonight:) thx, val. also, the simpson's jigsaw is enough to keep me occupied for the next few days, if not weeks! only got homer's torso and legs, as well as marge's dress done so far..


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