Saturday, March 19, 2005

hello folks. i havent been up to much, still jobless, so tt explains the lack of drive, perhaps. but ive got a teaching assignment at nyps, GEP english. yikes, i hope the tiny terrors will take to me, and tt i will conduct myself not embarrassingly, without freezing mid-sentence and forgetting the rest of the pt i had to make (if i had any in the first place) especially if the inspectors are visiting. i hope to love my job, and to keep it! i remember shi lao shi, tt sweet fencing chinese releif teacher we got in 113, and i remember her fondly. i hope my super juniors in ny will share the same sentiments abt me.

well, i climbed mount ophir with rjc odac and sec sch kids fm the cluster. of course it was great to reach the summit, and feel like u are on top of the world, well nearly. (esp when the j3s broke off to sit on tt far-off rock, so we missed the grp photo with the banner:() but i was overly worried most of the time, tt i wld slip and fall and knock myself unconscious, or worse still, scrape my knees (sau, legs!;) i guess my fears were unfounded, cos i am still here typing after having Sprinted down the bloody mountain with the army boys and power-mdm janet after we summitted. pok was really nice and gentlemanly, and climbed up and down patiently wih me. but aft we got past the technical parts of the descend ie: the ropes and ladders on the nearly vertical rock surfaces, they got the brilliant idea tt chionging down wld be fun. of course i had to chiong with them;p it was fun lar.. anw, i didnt have much of a choice aft a while.. i cld either A) chiong and worry tt i wld slp and fall and knock myself unconscious on the next step/jump i take, but at least the rest can rescue me there and then, or B) i cld go at my own pace, and slip and fall and have V only coming by 45 min later to save me.

but! the race down to base camp was worth fraying sm of my nerves.. we plunged into the cold cold river. it was Heavenly! my feet swelled and turned red fm the cold, but it was so damn shiok. the only lousy thing was tt there were shitty pple washing themselves upstream with soap man, talk abt water pollution. also, imagine the poor folks downstream who might be collecting water for dinner! ..aft everyone got chance to soak (by then my fingers and toes were wrinkly) it started to rain. like hell. luckily i got to change out into dry clothes and with my goretex, the best invention by saf perhaps, i was comfy man. the rest werent so lucky, they were sopping wet thruout dinner, but it was damn fun trying to hold up the tarp of the service tent, squatting/sitting on wet backpacks of sm poor soul and having dinner. the tent i shared with the female teachers started to flood though, so it was project dry-up for a while. the 4 of us manage to squeeze in and sleep q q dry for the rest of the night though. save poor sau who was still damp fm the river!

then the next morning, it was another speedy descend to the resort with the odacians and janet, so tt we cld enjoy, finally, a shower, before the teams came down. it was kinda amazing though, the Swarms of mosquitoes who were lurking ard to make breakfast out of us, cos we were the first juicy flesh tt made it through them. but heck, we got to shower, and go to yongpeng for seafood and icecream in comfort!

yeah, ok, i had this much to say abt ophir then;) but i think tt this first trekking trip might very well be my last.. i kinda prefer other forms of the outdoors;p but who knows, odac has already made me 'assoc memeber', i might just have enough to go on another trip with them:) thx guys, u really made the climb so much easier for me!

Life has been pretty much _____-a boring straight line. otherwise. of course not physically, (uh-oh;) but it just seems to require effort when i :) these days. but life is still good:) so yes, i will go out and have sm fun. sure hope to catch sunny and jen! and the other 412 girls,. boohoo, i am so sad i missed the beach outing!

oh and hoho. i have just One more episode to bring liuxinghuayuan1 to a close. i Need to meet val soon!! and i want to go to taiwan!


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