Sunday, March 06, 2005

dinner at bumbu, smwhere in the ‘malay holland v’ was pretty good. tt indo-thai fusion food tasted especially good.. cos Vincent Ng (weng1 qing1 hai3) was at the table next to ours! the restaurant was otherwise quiet/empty! was in full view of him, ok i wld have been, if i had dared to look up and Stared. so paiseh how dad started talking Loudly abt him and his knee surgery. but boy, wengqinghai sounded very Nice. ahh. so paiseh how i am swooning over an actor. (who is cute and has a woah bod.) i think i am catching up with the teenage boppy stuff only now, in my last year as a –teen-ager.

oh. i fixed myself baked beans and toast:) and added on luncheon meat yest, and settled down to a night of daomingsi:) of course i wish the three of them were here to groan and shriek with me. then i finally knocked out after midnight, and after lotsa daomingsi. not smart, considering i had to drag myself to kallang early this morn..

well, xphyisique has got to be the worst race i’ve had so far. not in terms of my team’s results, but the bad weather, the quite poor organization, and most imptly, the unfit me, were what spoilt the event. i was a big wuss jumping fm the bridge into the river though. i was stunned for a second and my legs refused to step forward into air when it was my turn to jump. so much for skydive. but i did jump lar of course. hope no one noticed my hesitation:D

oh. yesterday was q nice though i was ultra grumpy in the morning. thx to jen yun em for meeting me for lunch. yummy thai express (ive been craving spicy and sour stuff for days!) then the movie Closer. -till now, yun and i dun get the purpose of the film. educate us, please.- after the movie, we had cake at nydc. i never felt more guilty eating ONE piece of cake. between six of us. (met sunny and ad) the waitress had a big problem with us ordering just ONE thing at a time. kinda funny how she was so disturbed. but too bad, they ran out of the other TWO things we wanted to eat!

going in to dad’s office tmr. eeks.



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