Thursday, March 03, 2005

cant decide if i am high cos of the endorphins fm vigorously exercising aft a 3 week period of slacking big time and eating tons of gd food:) (damn. alfie said tt i look much fatter than before cny) or if i am just gan cheong-ing. abt the release of results of course. funny how we only panic moments before receiving the result slip, although the die has been cast ages ago. well, at least i will have the 412 girls to accompany me tmr! girls, if i haven’t called you, sorry, too flustered. 1130 café cartel junction 8. will be so damn happy to see u guys:)

anw. i passed my swim trial! 33:00 for 30 laps of breaststroke. is tt fast or what. i honestly dunno. but it was impressive enough to gain me a stalker. one of the time keepers, this old man freaked me out big time. yishun is a damn dark place . lucky stephanie, my new friend, walked me all the way to the station. damn the biathlon organizers. will feedback. oh, met kay, fah mi and the rest tonight too:)

damn. will not be relief teaching physics after all. cos of the cluster expedition to mt ophir on friday with odac. well, it’s prolly worth it. anw, i will get to teach pe again during the good friday week! cant wait. but cant help but feel guilty tt my pay is meager and irregular. after blowing a bomb on the aussie trip, i am so poor!

went back to sch today, it was nice. lousy buddy never seems excited to see me though:( haha. but it’s so him to be like tt. pearl looks much happier! -great!:) i really miss talking to her a lot a lot.

oh. harvard interview went ok. i want to kill myself for not telling meipin more abt myself, as in deep dark ..ok, not so secret, stuff. but oh well. so typical of me right. one or two pple get to enter? ahh! i want. but now, i just hafta worry abt tmr i guess. then again, why worry now! let my heart skip just One bit tmr when i open up tt piece of paper. i will concentrate on my mozaic jigsaw puzzle now. it's hard. but tt is the challenge! and it is of the simpsons after all:)

i miss val, kai, and ugly very very much. haha ok, ugly is jon. no, wait, jon is ugly. i am really sorry tt i said he looked like an avocado. i dunno how it all started, but it always makes me laugh when we (ok, me more than val) tekan poor jon chan.


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