Monday, March 21, 2005

also met fumika-chan and okaasan today. walked ard orchard with fumika, almost in silence. cos my jap sucks Big Time now:( and she never was comfy with speaking in english, but hey her english is so damn gd now, after tt NINE mth homestay in adelaide! the silence was comfy though.. think we are used it, ever since i was in sec 2 and stayed at her place for a week. a supre huge dinner (sea urchin again, i always ask myself why i order tt when my food arrives) at angus steakhouse again.. with okaasan too. yikes, we were staring out at the streets a lot, but again, tt silence was so comfortable. really hope my plans to visit them in sapporo in june will materialise! with otoosan posted back to japan, i guess out hisashiburi meetings will be spaced out much more!

purikura wo totta. kawaii! hontoni:) futari katagurushikatta kedo, saigo no pozu ga kawaii desu. we didnt have glittery shit all over, but the purikura still ended up jappo enough lar. ureshii. nippon he ikitayin da!

yikes. i just discovered letters to fumika, hongking, david, mag under a pile of clothes. letters tt never made it to them. i retrospect, i sound Totally stupid in them. ..i wonder what's in the green card nikhil has with him! was really touched to see it though.

generally on a high. only sad when i remember tt i dun have work tmr cos the kiddos have house prac:( boo. haha.


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