Thursday, March 31, 2005

the vocab worksheet created such an uproar in class today, cos it required the kids to find out the meaning of the word 'orgy'. which is now incidentally a taboo word in the classroom. i just couldnt stop laughing when they looked so traumatised/upset tt they were made to learn tt new word. my lousy lecture on how they shld be more mature and not shriek and squirm at some words lost its effects when i cldnt keep a straight face. man, tt class rocks:) ..the other class didnt even bother with the worksheet, so too bad; they seem to have a knack of killing fun.

gonna have a flrball workshop for the nanyang teachers tmr, shld be q fun? well, if not, there's always gd old vigourous rj to return to:) but gotta meet wong to see if hahaha i'll be swimming for woodlands grc.

oh oh oh! one of the highlights of the day: baked a choc cake in em's place. it's got to be the slackest cake-baking session Ever. but yumyum, the cake made me feel so much happier, aft tt dreary last lesson in sch. i love emily. and jo. nikhil also made me smile:) [aft my nerve-wrecking, clammy handed lesson on u-turning on the wet streets]

spore bi 2005 c

Originally uploaded by honlyn.
hoho, the results of bi are out. so i did it under 2 hours aft all (only 3 min behind sau, the system has got to be screwed.) but tt's noth to be proud of, seeing tt the last girl didnt take That long to come in. poor steph tho! she got d/qed but she really did finish the run, even puked:( got a bunch of v ugly photos yet again, (really terrible running postures) but this pic is how cool! see all the freestylists in the backgrd;)

just got lobang with joyce and friend for the bintan tri at the end of may. i wanna just go and relax at the resort, it sounds so damn fun, it being an internat event and all. i am so not cut out for all these vigourous activities lar, unfit! unmotivated! it just seems Fun;) and tt isnt really enough to keep me going is it.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

'oxen' is a female 'ox'.

hahahaha. it was terrible of me to have laughed out loud when jasper was justifying why he put 'oxen was' instead of 'oxen were'.

feeling q terrible for blasting the two classes for sorely lacking presentation skills. but hey, they are really quite sucky save for bryan seethor. am so glad he got a chance to speak before i ended the day feeling so disappted/frust. i guess they just werent given enough chance to speak sorta formally to a large audience these two years. but hell, seeing how verbose and animated they usually are, it really is shocking to discover tt they actually have bad body lang, poor voice projection, etc. (i swore to change all tt. hoho;) wish me luck.)

was a tiny bit disappted with the lack of creativity in their presentations; most of seemed to follow a set layout.. maybe it's just smth they were taught earlier on. but! sm of the drawings and improvisations were damn funny. hahaha. i am so going to keep their mahjong sheets! (no more huge inferior quality butcher sheets!) i think my expectations of these p5 kids is kinda high, but still within reach i bet. these kids are bright! well, more or less..:)

saw a different side to a few guys today, am really impressed with a few of them who were obviously struggling to grasp all the new things,(wah, very cute) and those who tried to get the rest of the class to just shut up for their other friends who were speaking. aww. also saw ugly sides of sm kiddos who discriminated others (and of course there are always the sweet ones who offer their friendships so gdnaturedly:) and were basically, assholes. But. there is still hope for them! haha bet almost everyone was obnoxious in at least sm instances. so there. grow up kiddos! ..but dun forget neverland!:)

yikes. on reflection, i think i was really grumpy today. threw a marker across the classroom cos they were throwing things ard, and tt did scare sm of them. i only hope they dont hate me for all my harsh words.

just got a msg fm azi asking if i wanted to go to mongolia for u know, comm service and stuff (shit , what's the word?) but it's in may. i wld love to go. i think i need to get thrown out of my comfort zone, and start thinking a lot more for/about others. i always say i wanna do this and tt, but hell, i'm still stuck here, and i havent done anyth meaningful for any cause. sure, i may grovel and say tt it's all because dad's overly concerned abt my safety all the time, but hmm. if i really wanted smth.. maybe it's worth the tension-at-home just for tt few mths. well, enough airy-fairy talk till the nxt opportunity knocks. (i shld just go look for it eh)

and i am so damn glad azi's back not any later, and is safe fm tt earthquake. i wonder how kun gu and the rest of the family are!:s read jyh howe's poems abt various tragedies, am impressed by how clear he is abt all these. i think i knew nuts abt what went on in the world when i was in nyps. then again, i still dun read the papers much, so i still know nuts.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

very happy to have met val kai jon for lunch today:) but.. the magic is lost, smwhat. we (me inc) arent 100% there, as is usu the case with most gatherings, i know, esp with us all busy with work and other committments >.<.. but hey, tt we enjoyed a relaxed meal is smth to be grateful for. i am:)!

also finally got the skydive video and photos! kudos to jon and his hightech gadgets. screened the skydive for all at home to watch, u shld have seen the look on dad's face. think he was trying hard not to grin as i gave a running commentary, and got ultra excited before i (in the video) took the plunge. haha. man, i hope desmond francis or jon can get me tt lobang to jump in marina bay!!

rraa. i am looking forward to seeing the kids again tmr, but worried abt the portfolio tt they have yet to churn out! i will be doing grammar with them tmr, bet they'll hate it. i myself cant wait to start proper on myths, the dressing up, story-telling, and all! i am so glad for this chance to relive my pri sch days, which i really didnt make tt much out off, me having been kinda anti-social and grouchy when i first transfered;)

on the wish list, but oh so untouchable there, before the term ends at least: a laptopbag! from youknowwhere! it's crazy to have a laptop and have it permanently placed on my desk (on top of the simpson's jigsaw;) at home. it'll be lovely to have it at work. funny, i havent heard music in this staffroom yet. i enjoyed the old(er) songs tt sir and ms tan play.

it's good to see two familiar faces in the papers early on a sunday morn. mag3 and vickyboy both look refreshed, happy!:)

discovered bluegrass and reggae, even found the ub40/bob marley song we heard in gloria jean's where i had my disapptingly un-nice carrot cake, and we fought over red rock.

sunshine reggae

gimme, gimme, gimme just a little smile,
that's all i ask of you
gimme, gimme, gimme just a little smile,
we've got a message for you.

sunshine, sunshine reggae,
don't worry, don't hurry, take it easy.
sunshine, sunshine reggae
let the good vibes get a long stronger.

gimme gimme, gimme just a little smile,
that's all i ask of you - is that too much?
gimme, gimme, gimme just a little smile,
we've got a message for you.

join the sunshine, sunshine reggae
let the good vibes get along stronger.
sunshine, sunshine reggae,
don't worry, don't hurry, take it easy.

sunshine, sunshine reggae,
let the good vibes get along stronger, get a long stronger.
let the good vibes get along stronger,
let the good vibes get along stronger....

Saturday, March 26, 2005

goodness! i might actually become a jonjonsson fan. check this out: he is so funny! i was higly tickled by sm of the answers he gave to the hundreds of comments made. and.. for want of a better word, he sounds so: Nice!

fruts. enough swooning;) but wow! dammit, he sounds intellectual, witty, etc too. hoho. shit he sounds like The guy i want to talk to.. for the rest of my life. but so do 5000000 other pple. wah, very paiseh. bet em and hazwani will have a big kick laughing at my vulnerabilities. v happy for hazwani and her double degree btw!:)

i find tt i have lost tt competitive streak in me, or at least sm mentally strength tt usu sees me thru though phys activity. the race was rough for me, what with my mucus membranes working overtime, but i think i still had it in me to actually Run after the unfriendly swim, but i didnt.. dilly-dallied at transit area, jogged a little and actually Went To The Toilet halfway thru the race, then started on my series of jogs and looonng periods of walking..:( watched tons of pple overtake me (and i am spozed to be catching up on the run! >.<) tt feeling of 'uh-oh' sucks, but it was hard to stay with the pack, and after a while, i gave up and got used to it. so sai4 right. i even walked in the Last one km! but ok, i finished it albeit with an indecent timing over 2 hours, and realised tt i actually enjoyed the whole experience after all.. lotsa friendly pple along the way who encourage u, whether with words, or merely pacing u, yeah tt's what it's all abt:) saus zoomed past on the run and finshed it just just under 2 hours!:)

anw. the swim was shitty cos a lot of us detoured, because the boats are positioned most without insight-damn dumb, and we hadta swim a Lot more to get back on track. but some of the pack just took a short cut.. !!. i was tempted too, seriously;) but no! if i cant clock a decent time, at least i can say i did it fairly right:D

i feel neighbourly today:) met this guy who looked damn familiar on my run. then talked to him at bedok interchange when we were having lunch, and we both realised tt we've been neighbours for 7 years! but are are both absolutely certain tt we know each other outside of woodlands.. maybe it'll strike me later. also said hello to 4/5 pple on the way fm the station, which is q surprising cos the neighbours here are q q kortuck.

oh! woke up this morn and tried to shower/wash up, but. there was no water! immediately started to wonder if msia/spore suddenly fought over gd friday, with the terrible traffic jam at the causeway igniting more sparks among the commonfolk. ridiculous i know, but still, it was only 0530 ok. i had to brush my teeth out of my tiny waterbottle. was puzzled till dad told me tt mom had kicked the water pipe last night by accident, and broke it. cartoon.

happy:) but the fever's looming again. a drug tt makes smone feel feverish will make a good tool for interrogation (been reading too many mystery essays by the kids;). the alternating hot flushes and chills and general floaty woozy feeling is just Gross. it's grossness can compete with the tingly chills tt u get aft vigorous exercise, u know, tt pukey sensation? off to bed, am looking forward to having orh ni, tt so-teochew dessert:) tonight.

watched finding nverland with olive and ge last night, it's very big-fish-like, nice. but big fish is still more magical:)


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

yikes i have a sore throat. fm yelling at the little shits. but aw, they are so cute and funny. i much prefered the noisier class.. at least they made me feel wanted:) i talked to them abt greek myths today (yes, the concept unit handouts are still the same!) and i surprised myself with the stories i could remember and tell (i really really suck at telling stories) man. mythology is so cool! got a couple of guys up to share what they had read, was appalled by some of their presentation skills though.. tt's smth they have gotta work on, besides their etiquette!

lectured one class today, boy, it was painful to see them almost squirming under the sacarsm. but they deserved it ok! i spoke with all sincerity; all i want is for them to realise tt perhaps other pple may have insightful comments too, but they will only find out if this is true if they bother to Listen. then again, i agree with mr victor tt we musn't repress them! they grow older, their hands jump out less readily, and they begin to mumble instead of shouting out their thoughts, and they will end up with a deathly silent lecture hall or tutorial room. tt sucks, but it happens, and smtimes even the few who always voice out start feeling the pressure to shut up too. ;)haha, hey i do, smtimes, ok!

the kiddos are going for a science trail tmr, i wish i cld go with them, and discover more abt them! esp outside the classroom. guess i'll hafta work harder next week. man, i am so looking forward to the rest of the term:) well.. it's only my 2nd day of work, but hey, it's gd to be positive;)

blower's daughter - damien rice

And so it is..
Just like you said it would be
Life goes easy on me
Most of the time
And so it is
The shorter story
No love, no glory
No hero in her sky

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

well. em and i have embarked on a nypsgep98 round up project. i've got the more sinang job of just sending invites to 43 of the guys 'emily tok/ta' has smhow found email addresses of. now it's just up to each and every one of them to respond! shihao and i have always (ok, at least the cny, ora, or xmas period) talked abt having a nanyang reunion, and sadly, because of our lack of energy (we have initiative ok) we havent had a Big one ever. so, maybe, hopefully, we cld get smth up and going before the big shots fly off or the guys get too set in their army routine. after all, gep has got to be one of the sharpest turning points in my life, and the others' too. and nanyang, well, i know the imptance of qin2shen4duan1pu3, and i know how to do the eye massage, and say the pledge in chinese.

went to get sm sea breeze (or is it land breeze in the day?) at east coast today. it's been so long since i last went but yikes i miss aust!!

Monday, March 21, 2005

also met fumika-chan and okaasan today. walked ard orchard with fumika, almost in silence. cos my jap sucks Big Time now:( and she never was comfy with speaking in english, but hey her english is so damn gd now, after tt NINE mth homestay in adelaide! the silence was comfy though.. think we are used it, ever since i was in sec 2 and stayed at her place for a week. a supre huge dinner (sea urchin again, i always ask myself why i order tt when my food arrives) at angus steakhouse again.. with okaasan too. yikes, we were staring out at the streets a lot, but again, tt silence was so comfortable. really hope my plans to visit them in sapporo in june will materialise! with otoosan posted back to japan, i guess out hisashiburi meetings will be spaced out much more!

purikura wo totta. kawaii! hontoni:) futari katagurushikatta kedo, saigo no pozu ga kawaii desu. we didnt have glittery shit all over, but the purikura still ended up jappo enough lar. ureshii. nippon he ikitayin da!

yikes. i just discovered letters to fumika, hongking, david, mag under a pile of clothes. letters tt never made it to them. i retrospect, i sound Totally stupid in them. ..i wonder what's in the green card nikhil has with him! was really touched to see it though.

generally on a high. only sad when i remember tt i dun have work tmr cos the kiddos have house prac:( boo. haha.

i love the kiddos. the pesky noisy bunch of them. they remind me a lot a lot of how we were last time. i really admire the teachers we had then.. i almost Died shouting 'rule no. 1' over and over again to get them to shut up.. only for 5 secs, then the classroom regains the atmosphere of the rowdiest wetmarket. i make just one statement, and 5 pple will interrupt me. but i love tt energy:)

gave back test papers today.. one of boys cried. it was very interesting to watch how the others react.. i almost melted when a bunch of them starting singing 'always look on the bright side...' very loudly, and the crying boy still tried to hit this nice friend, who was comforting him, in the balls. aww. anw, there is this guy tt looks exactly like zhui. but speaks so differently. i saw a clarissa too. and a lloyd. i wonder which one of them was a honlyn..

anw, ProblemKid A gave me a bit of hell this morning. but i guess it was very wrong of me to have gone into class with a precoonceived impression of him. then again, he really cant shut up. but he is so damn smart! was marking his essay just now, and it was impressive. i am so glad ProblemKid B didnt come today; tt class was a joy, really. the kids started out polite, raising their hands and waiting, albeit impatiently, for me to call on them whenever they wanted to add their $1 worth (which was on average, at 2 min intervals for each of the vocal ones) they continued to raise their hands but at sm points in time, their hands were permanently up and they were permanently talking. but hey, 'rule no 1!' (focus ur energies on the speaker..omm...) rocks.

OH!! i realised tt i still remember the sch song, and i still stumble over the fast bit, and so do ALL the other kids. haha. and i remember how we used to say the pledge in chinese now. i think tt feeling of almost-nostalgia wld have been more magical if i was at the old campus.. the new campus looks too commercial! but i know i can grow to love it. OH!! it was also so damn cute to see the kids do their zao3 cao1. so so cute! got chinamama influence one! haha. even cuter when they do it in hong2zi4 and browns.

and OH!!! mrs lesley ong is back at nyps! i cldnt recognise her at first, what with her long hair, and she much rounder now (looking good!) it's a very weird feeling talking to her now as a colleague, cos she was such a motherly figure to me.. i remember how she used to talk to me abt adjusting to the new environment, my grades, etc.. i remember her standing in front of mark lee (how is he now man!?) and i when we were sitting in the right side of the classroom tt was on the 4th flr, but there was a quarangle just outside, and i never saw the other 2 classrooms cos 4L was the first to be reached, and of couse 4N was no-girls' land. mm. i always say tt i didnt like p4.. u know what, i retract tt statement. i kinda miss it. i miss the smallness and oldness of things. i had shittier hair can u believe it. i dun miss tt though. and oh! mrs may yeo and ms tan (the damn scary ss teacher) and mr pang and of mr ting are all still there. and of course, who can ever replace mrs tang?!:) she's still as fierce. the new principal is impressice though, damn dynamic, reminds me a bit of carmee lim who's gotta be the most energetic principal ever. woo what a shitload of rambling.


this is janet's work. i was so damn impressed i tell u. anw, they are riddles. guess what each poem is talking abt. i like the second one a lot..

A sin of which Eve partook
An orb; God's weed. (-i think this word isnt well chosen, but heck, i wld never write so well!)
It speaks of rosy flesh,
It speaks of seeded womb.
O! the original sin.

The path the beauty queen partakes
Once per eight years, a perfect fate
Sign of Satan is thou not
The Viturian Man tells it all

The chalice and the blade
Seemingly one
Enemy of the Chursh
Oh where is it?

The source of evil
The temptation's mother
Strangling through a velvet glove

2)pentacle, anyone who read da vinci code will know lar. but hey! tt means She and sm of the class has read it!
3)erm eiffel tower? shit, i dunno. i only know tt it's got to do with.. france?
4)GE officer. haha. private joke. she wrote this riddle in class when i told them how to do compo corrections.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

hello folks. i havent been up to much, still jobless, so tt explains the lack of drive, perhaps. but ive got a teaching assignment at nyps, GEP english. yikes, i hope the tiny terrors will take to me, and tt i will conduct myself not embarrassingly, without freezing mid-sentence and forgetting the rest of the pt i had to make (if i had any in the first place) especially if the inspectors are visiting. i hope to love my job, and to keep it! i remember shi lao shi, tt sweet fencing chinese releif teacher we got in 113, and i remember her fondly. i hope my super juniors in ny will share the same sentiments abt me.

well, i climbed mount ophir with rjc odac and sec sch kids fm the cluster. of course it was great to reach the summit, and feel like u are on top of the world, well nearly. (esp when the j3s broke off to sit on tt far-off rock, so we missed the grp photo with the banner:() but i was overly worried most of the time, tt i wld slip and fall and knock myself unconscious, or worse still, scrape my knees (sau, legs!;) i guess my fears were unfounded, cos i am still here typing after having Sprinted down the bloody mountain with the army boys and power-mdm janet after we summitted. pok was really nice and gentlemanly, and climbed up and down patiently wih me. but aft we got past the technical parts of the descend ie: the ropes and ladders on the nearly vertical rock surfaces, they got the brilliant idea tt chionging down wld be fun. of course i had to chiong with them;p it was fun lar.. anw, i didnt have much of a choice aft a while.. i cld either A) chiong and worry tt i wld slp and fall and knock myself unconscious on the next step/jump i take, but at least the rest can rescue me there and then, or B) i cld go at my own pace, and slip and fall and have V only coming by 45 min later to save me.

but! the race down to base camp was worth fraying sm of my nerves.. we plunged into the cold cold river. it was Heavenly! my feet swelled and turned red fm the cold, but it was so damn shiok. the only lousy thing was tt there were shitty pple washing themselves upstream with soap man, talk abt water pollution. also, imagine the poor folks downstream who might be collecting water for dinner! ..aft everyone got chance to soak (by then my fingers and toes were wrinkly) it started to rain. like hell. luckily i got to change out into dry clothes and with my goretex, the best invention by saf perhaps, i was comfy man. the rest werent so lucky, they were sopping wet thruout dinner, but it was damn fun trying to hold up the tarp of the service tent, squatting/sitting on wet backpacks of sm poor soul and having dinner. the tent i shared with the female teachers started to flood though, so it was project dry-up for a while. the 4 of us manage to squeeze in and sleep q q dry for the rest of the night though. save poor sau who was still damp fm the river!

then the next morning, it was another speedy descend to the resort with the odacians and janet, so tt we cld enjoy, finally, a shower, before the teams came down. it was kinda amazing though, the Swarms of mosquitoes who were lurking ard to make breakfast out of us, cos we were the first juicy flesh tt made it through them. but heck, we got to shower, and go to yongpeng for seafood and icecream in comfort!

yeah, ok, i had this much to say abt ophir then;) but i think tt this first trekking trip might very well be my last.. i kinda prefer other forms of the outdoors;p but who knows, odac has already made me 'assoc memeber', i might just have enough to go on another trip with them:) thx guys, u really made the climb so much easier for me!

Life has been pretty much _____-a boring straight line. otherwise. of course not physically, (uh-oh;) but it just seems to require effort when i :) these days. but life is still good:) so yes, i will go out and have sm fun. sure hope to catch sunny and jen! and the other 412 girls,. boohoo, i am so sad i missed the beach outing!

oh and hoho. i have just One more episode to bring liuxinghuayuan1 to a close. i Need to meet val soon!! and i want to go to taiwan!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

happy. a msg fm a funny friend can really make ur day seem so much prettier:) better still, my israel kamakawio'ole song file isnt corrupted after all.

the black guys at the back of qvb! they sing hawaiian.

somewhere over the rainbow/ what a wonderful world - israel kamakawio'ole

Ooooo oooooo oooooo

somewhere over the rainbow
way up high
and the dreams that you dreamed of
once in a lullaby ii ii iii
somewhere over the rainbow
blue birds fly
and the dreams that you dreamed of
dreams really do come true ooh ooooh

someday i'll wish upon a star
wake up where the clouds are far behind me ee ee eeh
where trouble melts like lemon drops
high above the chimney tops thats where you'll find me oh
somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly
and the dream that you dare to,why, oh why can't i? i iiii

well i see trees of green and
red roses too,
i'll watch them bloom for me and you
and i think to myself
what a wonderful world

well i see skies of blue and i see clouds of white
and the brightness of day
i like the dark and i think to myself
what a wonderful world

the colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky
are also on the faces of people passing by
i see friends shaking hands
saying, "how do you do?"
they're really saying, "i...i love you"

i hear babies cry and i watch them grow,
they'll learn much more
than we'll know
and i think to myself
what a wonderful world (w)oohoorld

someday i'll wish upon a star,
wake up where the clouds are far behind me
where trouble melts like lemon drops
high above the chimney top that's where you'll find me
oh, somewhere over the rainbow way up high
and the dream that you dare to, why, oh why can't i? i hiii ?

Ooooo oooooo oooooo

Sunday, March 06, 2005

dinner at bumbu, smwhere in the ‘malay holland v’ was pretty good. tt indo-thai fusion food tasted especially good.. cos Vincent Ng (weng1 qing1 hai3) was at the table next to ours! the restaurant was otherwise quiet/empty! was in full view of him, ok i wld have been, if i had dared to look up and Stared. so paiseh how dad started talking Loudly abt him and his knee surgery. but boy, wengqinghai sounded very Nice. ahh. so paiseh how i am swooning over an actor. (who is cute and has a woah bod.) i think i am catching up with the teenage boppy stuff only now, in my last year as a –teen-ager.

oh. i fixed myself baked beans and toast:) and added on luncheon meat yest, and settled down to a night of daomingsi:) of course i wish the three of them were here to groan and shriek with me. then i finally knocked out after midnight, and after lotsa daomingsi. not smart, considering i had to drag myself to kallang early this morn..

well, xphyisique has got to be the worst race i’ve had so far. not in terms of my team’s results, but the bad weather, the quite poor organization, and most imptly, the unfit me, were what spoilt the event. i was a big wuss jumping fm the bridge into the river though. i was stunned for a second and my legs refused to step forward into air when it was my turn to jump. so much for skydive. but i did jump lar of course. hope no one noticed my hesitation:D

oh. yesterday was q nice though i was ultra grumpy in the morning. thx to jen yun em for meeting me for lunch. yummy thai express (ive been craving spicy and sour stuff for days!) then the movie Closer. -till now, yun and i dun get the purpose of the film. educate us, please.- after the movie, we had cake at nydc. i never felt more guilty eating ONE piece of cake. between six of us. (met sunny and ad) the waitress had a big problem with us ordering just ONE thing at a time. kinda funny how she was so disturbed. but too bad, they ran out of the other TWO things we wanted to eat!

going in to dad’s office tmr. eeks.


Friday, March 04, 2005

i guess i am disappted with my results, despite repeatedly telling myself tt i ought to be happy with what i’ve got. i guess i am sore cos the not so gd grades really are reflective of the amt of effort and thinking i put into my scripts! funny how i always say tt "i know i will get ungraded for bio s" but, of course deep down i never stop hoping tt i’ll do better than right. (maybe it's the hypocritical rj syndrome at work. oh dear!) heh ok, u get what u give. So, enough grouches. i am content:) i will work hard for my schship apps. like hk said: no more procrastination!

anw, thx tons to ALL who wished me luck:) it was really heartwarming to have the walk to rj peppered with well wishes. also, it was v sweet of a couple of pple who called at the right moments. it was nice also to have had an intense chat-while-gobbling-down-a-lot-of-bread session at cartel. love the girls. hope everyone’s happy.

played a bit of flrball, then was so sian-ed, i went to catch hitch with sm pple fm 3f. funny. will smith rocks. VAL, KAI, JON will prolly start grinning when they get to smwhere in the middle: fat albert carries the polka dotted box of Krispy Kremes to confront hitch, and if tt wasn’t enough, they speak of Skydiving. woo.

wish i was back in oz heaven. but hey, i've got daomingsi to accompany me tonight:) thx, val. also, the simpson's jigsaw is enough to keep me occupied for the next few days, if not weeks! only got homer's torso and legs, as well as marge's dress done so far..

Thursday, March 03, 2005

the double deckered bed tt me and val shared. sorry if i rocked the bed, and for the times i jumped of the bed and landed so loudly on the wooden floor, on my toilet trips. i think the hairy thing hanging fm the right is the mozzy net, which we didnt use. oh, our room was PINK btw! i was lucky to have the fan, while the rest boiled in the heat when the sun reached far inside in the Early mornings. yes, tt is the raffles pe tshirt tt made very comfy pjs for the 3 of us. see also the little yellow flower tt surprised me as i read mr rumpole and had lotsa toast one morning while the rest were still lost in dreamland, with the sun bugging them to wake up.

well, a boring close up on the four of us on the last (cant remember if it was the Intended last day, or the Final last;) day. this is the sofa bed tt val and i made our bed for two nights, while getting our legs tangled up with kai's and jon's. think the one in desiree's old apartment was a different one.. dun remember it being so fuzzy. oh, t jon's shirt is so cool! its says: LIFEGUARD. bondi beach patrol. i want. oh. which reminds me tt i better get my ripcord shirt back.

us at the entrance of trekkers, our home for 5 nights. there is this distinctive smell in trekkers tt i wont ever forget. it smells vaguely of toast and maple syrup. funny how i suddenly remember tt we locked ourselves out of the room one day. georgie was a lovely host. connect 4 was how we whiled away sm time. scrabble wasnt enjoyed as much. we didnt interact tt much w the other residents, but heck. it was still nice and cosy.

ripped a few pics off val's blog just for the heck of it. well, here's us boardng the plane after an eventful week in gold coast, going back to sydney. the one flight without our parents pushing us tt we didnt miss. after the plane took to air, we wished we could jump off. relive sky dive. this time, solo.

cant decide if i am high cos of the endorphins fm vigorously exercising aft a 3 week period of slacking big time and eating tons of gd food:) (damn. alfie said tt i look much fatter than before cny) or if i am just gan cheong-ing. abt the release of results of course. funny how we only panic moments before receiving the result slip, although the die has been cast ages ago. well, at least i will have the 412 girls to accompany me tmr! girls, if i haven’t called you, sorry, too flustered. 1130 café cartel junction 8. will be so damn happy to see u guys:)

anw. i passed my swim trial! 33:00 for 30 laps of breaststroke. is tt fast or what. i honestly dunno. but it was impressive enough to gain me a stalker. one of the time keepers, this old man freaked me out big time. yishun is a damn dark place . lucky stephanie, my new friend, walked me all the way to the station. damn the biathlon organizers. will feedback. oh, met kay, fah mi and the rest tonight too:)

damn. will not be relief teaching physics after all. cos of the cluster expedition to mt ophir on friday with odac. well, it’s prolly worth it. anw, i will get to teach pe again during the good friday week! cant wait. but cant help but feel guilty tt my pay is meager and irregular. after blowing a bomb on the aussie trip, i am so poor!

went back to sch today, it was nice. lousy buddy never seems excited to see me though:( haha. but it’s so him to be like tt. pearl looks much happier! -great!:) i really miss talking to her a lot a lot.

oh. harvard interview went ok. i want to kill myself for not telling meipin more abt myself, as in deep dark ..ok, not so secret, stuff. but oh well. so typical of me right. one or two pple get to enter? ahh! i want. but now, i just hafta worry abt tmr i guess. then again, why worry now! let my heart skip just One bit tmr when i open up tt piece of paper. i will concentrate on my mozaic jigsaw puzzle now. it's hard. but tt is the challenge! and it is of the simpsons after all:)

i miss val, kai, and ugly very very much. haha ok, ugly is jon. no, wait, jon is ugly. i am really sorry tt i said he looked like an avocado. i dunno how it all started, but it always makes me laugh when we (ok, me more than val) tekan poor jon chan.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

i think this angsty guy is called 'sticky'

helper toy!

ahh. so damn cute right. i went crazy over the vinyl toys in this shop along oxford st. really really really wanted to buy all 6 of these totem toys, but no $ :'( jon insisted tt i buy the 'vinyl kills' book instead. well, i want EVERYTH to do with these toys. will go hunting for these toys sm time soon! i've only seen the ugly tofu heads ard in spore. tim biskup's site: ahh!!:)