Monday, February 28, 2005

bloody missed the flight home. all 4 of us took it for granted that our flight was at 6pm when it was actually at 5pm. it's the 2nd time we've missed a flight this trip. waited for a horrid 3 hours, praying tt we cld get on the next flight. too bad, i'm back in desiree's apartment now.

the rest are watching vcds and videos and what not. wish i could have an extended holiday with no worries. but.

am now furiously calling rabiah, wondering why a hp isnt switched on on a sunday night, wishing tt the harvard interview could be quickly arranged to be done over the phone or online. the deadline for the alumni to send in my interview notes is 1 March but the earliest i can reach singapore is tuesday afternoon. unless i rush to the airport at 5 am tmr and pay over S$1000. erm. cant decide if it's worth it. i want to give harvard a shot.

dad was surprisingly sweet. no grumbling. told me not to cry, and said tt he only thought it would be a waste if i let up a good opportunity to pursue a brilliant future, and told me to get a ticket home at any price. and he knows tt this is the SECOND flight we missed. pa's so wow right.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

back in sydney. at desiree's new place, on the 51th storey, nice. no longer tt frightened of heights.

went to wet and wild yesterday, it was ok la.

going to chiong last min shopping with what little cash i have left. tired out; woke up at 330 this morn!:(

Thursday, February 24, 2005

well. spent another couple of hours fighting the waves with jon, this time at surfers' paradise. the waves today have been the craziest of the 4 beach visits, and it is kinda scary how the suction into the sea is so strong. got thrown around in the water, somersaulted again, but got bad abrasions this time:( but it was still fun. i feel this energy whenever i am fighting the waves..

anw, we hit harbourtown in the afternoon, and went crazy shopping. broke! but happy.

dinner was not so nice, at some chief's flame grilled burger place just near australia fair. but i am Stuffed with chips and wedges. tired out. had lotsa laughs:)

wish we had brought meteor garden to watch! did i mention tt we went crazy (jon included) over tt show and marathoned thru 13 or so episodes in sydney? i miss daomingsi.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

only sky divers know why the birds sing.

chilling on my own in Trekkers (this backpackers hostel small but kinda cozy) while the rest are off to club till what, 5 am in the morn, though kai jon and val will prolly be back earlier. the new korean girls are cooking up smth scrumptious, i'm feeling hungry again though we had a good jap meal at australia fair just now. food has been expensive. but good stuff la.

anw. i SKY-DIVED! it was cool. jumped off the tiny plane 12000 feet or more above grd, and had one whole minute of free fall. it was LIFE. i tandem-jumped with bryan, (his cigarette mixed with sweat smells strangely good btw.) who's had 37 years of sky-diving, and he never tires of it.

visited Dreamworld today, took all the rides including Tower of Terror and Great Drop and The Claw. took the claw four times. loved it. laughed like hell on it. nikhil would have loved it; he would have been so proud of me cos i was so garang-the claw's much much more exciting than the viking! the Tower and the Drop were not very heart stopping either, though still fun la. i guess sky diving took much kick out of every other exciting ride. i must try bungee. maybe on friday;)

i love the company i've got. kai and val, are great, smth i have known since 412 days. and jon as well. he makes us laugh lots.

mm. more abt gold coast.. we are staying in Southport, abt 10 min drive to surfers paradise, so it's pretty convenient though i would much rather live IN surfers paradise. the four of us were TWO minutes late for the flight fm sydney to gold coast on mon, so we ended up paying an extra $50 and taking the next flight. desiree drove us back to strathfield to pick up jon's $ and we made it safely to gold coast just 2 hours off schedule. hit the beach, did sm shopping, then it was time to rest hard for sky-dive:)

tt's abt all tt's happened this week...

last week...

we visited blue mountains: it was too cold. and weather was too fuzzy to do the scenery justice. also visited QVB and oxford street of course. had a Brilliant dinner in Meat and Wine Co. with jon's aunt and family and friends. shiok, despite the rain.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

visited Manly Beach today. the water was Freezing cold, but it was heavenly to have the waves come crashing down on u as u paddle like hell to try ride them. i wish we had a boogie/body board though. shiok!! the water was salty, as expected, but it didnt irritate our mucous membranes as the sentosa waters do. it was a Lovely shade of green. and the glorious white sand was the an-cho kind, you know. after lazing around on the beach and freezing twice over in the cold cold delicious water, we went shopping! lotsa surf shops, most of them with crazy sales. if only my banker was here. i bought a pair of Funky ascics shoes though. wah! from Hype. they were going for A$179 in the shops in town, but only cost slightly less than half of that in Manly. i went crazy, but refrained fm buying the 5000 shoes i wanted. erm. that pair of shoes Is actually Q ugly though. but heck. they are 'so cute'. hope that model hasn't arrived in spore yet.

went to the national park near manly in the morning, the view was good. will post pictures later.

watched 3 or 4 episodes of meteor garden last night till 3 am. jon (with whom i have once again declared war with) was most intrigued and agitated by the show. haha. will continue the marathon tonight, after desiree's fun friends go home-had dinner with all of them at home tonight. nice.

reading bill bryson now. finished 'eleven minutes' by coelho. hmm. kinda disturbing, cant help but feel tt coelho's perverted. and then wondering if i am. shit.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

hello:) sydney has been quite fun. visited the sydney harbour bridge, the opera house, and chinatown yest, and hunter valley today. i guess the thing tt impressed me the most was the weather. absolutely bright and cheery, but breezy as well, so no sweat! eating good stuff on grass patches/fields and then lounging ard is Life man.

anw. yest was just a typical city tour, saw much of the bustling life, but was still intrigued by the slower pace of life, and how the people knew how to relax, even in the middle of the city: just lie down during the lunch break and have a nap/tan. saw this girl in a bikini lying down in a grass patch while this guy sat near by in tie and shiny leather shoes. cool eh.

today was more relaxed, with jon driving us up to hunter valley where we tasted wine, bought wine, tasted cheese, bought Tons of cheese. we packed a picnic lunch for today, but ended up buying 4 types of cheese to go along with tt. i oozed cheese. i wasnt the only who felt tt our lunch was surreal: good food tt just happened to come our way, in the loveliest setting. heaven looks somewhat like that i think.

the company has been brilliant, everyone's jovial all the time :)

its off to manly tmr! **boo world!! it's valerie interrupting .. to drag hon out to buy fruits!!!! *nagnagnag **

Saturday, February 12, 2005

cny has been fun. its been a mad rush visiting family and friends, interspersed with moments of Intense Boredom, yes Intense boredom. but otherwise, it's been a v typical spent-in-spore/jb cny. the amount of rich foods got to me this year though, was down for two meals with the runs after drinking (possibly purposely tainted) lassi at banana leaf apollo. 'purposely tainted' possibly cos susu was so demanding and tortured the poor indian waiter (he looked nepalese). but hey man, the food rocks. we all came out reeking of curries and oil, and on the way to the carpark, i had to nearly run to the toilet cos my stomach was on fire, but it's worth it.

while cny is time to see the rest of the family whom u may meet only once a year if there are no weddings or funerals, (choy) and it's quite nice to just talk about everything or nothing. one of the most meaningful parts of cny is paying respects to the elders in the family; it's Terrible how some old folks have it tough:( it's already sad seeing old men and old ladies selling tissues normally, it's especially wrong tt they hafta do tt during festive periods.

i was really glad to have left the family visits early. i am still haunted by the fear tt struck me in the lift. i have a horrible feeling tt i wont be lucky. i am afraid. another motivation to branch out into neuroscience or psychology i guess. rraa.

ok, worries aside for the next two weeks! am off to sydney/brisbane tmr morning. i am kinda excited, but tt nagging worry will be at the back of my mind thruout of course. funny eh, how i worry that she worries. i hope that the four of us will have a whale of a time, and take back with us happy memories. i sure am looking forward to two weeks of fun with 3 lovely people, a lot of glorious weather, other lovely pple, and a truckload of fulfilling activities.

hyan me alina. showing off the million paperclips we won off the rest of the table playing blackjack at em's place. i think tt was after hyan and matthias both flicked paperclips into their glasses of softdrinks.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

xin nian kuai le:) 'happy new year' just doesnt seem have as much punch. of course, u must continue with all the other nice sounding phrases tt renji n pui? will get tired of saying as more pple lao yu sheng. my favourite is still 'wan shi ru yi'. cos it would be so brilliant if everything really went our way.

mo called (to say happy new year.) it's really nice to hear fm him. we talked for only 15 min, but i guess knowing when to say bye and put the phone down is impt, before there is nothing else to say and the silences become longer. i wish he wld pop by spore next month! :) maybe, maybe, maybe.

anw. it was especially nice to hear from him cos i was just thinking of him yesterday: went to watch hotel rwanda with mjing and hyan -it was a good show, more about it later- i went off to the toilet first, then i tried to find my seats in the dark. but hell, in bugis, the rows arent labelled with glo-in-the-dark! so i could only wish that the two girls would spot me. then i suddenly realised that movie in this theatre had started. and there weren't black people. so. finally mjing spotted me. in the next theater. now that was reminescent of that first star wars movie.

anw. hotel rwanda is the first show tt left me still crying like a goon After i walked out of the cinema. but it was really heart wrenching, all those orphans. the last scene especially, after paul and tetiana find their nieces and were so happy and u know that two more kids have a shot at a brighter future, good for them. but what abt all the Other kids ard them? how do u suppose they felt, when Their relatives didnt come to pick them up and swing them around in the air? the same feelings were prolly experienced by the adults in the hotel when the names of the families to be evacuated were read out.

oh. i was damn pissed off with the bloody Dog that got onto the bus when the rwandan kiddos couldnt. i Hated that dog then, with an intensity that took myself by surprise.

paul was such a Good Man. i hope he is happy now. and all the other tutsis and hutu refugees. mm, many of the kids are prolly around my age now, or slightly younger? damn the hutus. cheers to hutu rebels, was v swayed towards them smhow. guess i hafta realise tt the movie's kinda skewed. but u know what, i dun hate the hutus as much as i hate the rest of the world who was too selfish to help. rraa. :'(

Saturday, February 05, 2005

bad day alone today. but heck, came home and played the ancient blink songs. laughed like hell listening to this song. the guys just sound drunk. it's so cute how they drag the last words in each line. oh, oh! a g-irl! dancing with mysel-elf! oh, oh, oh, oh! reckon anyone else wld ever ask me to dance?

dancing with myself - blink 182

From the walls of Tokyo
down in London town's a go-go
with the record selection
and the mirror's reflection
I'll be dancing with myself

when there's no one else in sight
in a crowded, lonely night
I wait so long for my love vibration
and I'm dancing with myself


Friday, February 04, 2005

i had a very pleasant evening:) alternated between flrball and badminton, and sitting in a pool of sweat whining abt my aching legs. dinner in s11 wasn’t extraordinary, (hey, ge and the other 2 drs had a $646 truffle dinner while i was stealing ice fm renji’s bandung and eating cheena-dave’s complimentary char-kway after i gave up on my oily beehoon. actually, the interesting thing abt dinner was How we got there fm sch.. six of us piled into dave’s van! it was v cosy, and the company wld have been great for a road trip; was kinda disappted tt j8 was so close to sch. i hope to make friday flrball sessions a fixed weekly affair! and of course the rest must too!

was glad to be back in sch with a purpose although it’s such a pain having to resend my cornell apps, alfie and ms lee were v kind:) teachers in general are v nice pple. haha. i know i used to bitch abt some teachers (but hey, not so much in jc right! and especially not anymore:) but RRAA. got chased out, rudely, of the staff room just now just cos i was in the pe attire. hyan said tt i shld have said tt i was an ex-Teacher and not an ex-Student. but still, there was no need to be unfriendly. oh. overheard sensei speaking to this guy whose jap was so fluent, he's gotta be a native speaker! wish i cld speak as parapara as he did! haha guess i will hafta scout around for a japanese school soon, kinda excited. hoho, and i AM so going to start lindy hop lessons!:D if the next job i get isnt too taxing la.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

i miss school so damn badly. ultimate withdrawal symptoms: u've got ur bag all packed with extra pe kits and towels and u are ALL set to chiong to sch to do smth exciting. then u catch urself: everyone else is bloody working or in army or on holiday. the j2s are cool, but hell, i cant do without my batchmates. miss u all.

spent some time last night at cedele, again, hope sang sang stays happy and tt irritating micheal? will get booted out haha, discussing with lau, kai and jon the itinerary for the aussie trip. uh-oh. we are trying to cap the budget at $2000, but tt is my entire savings acct and more. really dun want to use dad's money (not like the money in the bank acct isnt actually his) esp since I am the one having fun in the midst of the cny rush.

i miss the new years of yesteryears, those tt we spent in sentosa, with the Entire family. ge and i wld be the earliest there, and run off to 7-11 to buy the things-u-throw-on-the-floor-and-they-wld-go-'pop!' as well as other funky toys. then i would be stuck making new year decorations for the house till the other cousins came by, and we would just run around and play. for a while, our favourite game was to wait in ambush for cars to drive the house, then we wld pelt them with the little pop-pop things. of course we would be stuffing our faces with steam boat in between. oh oh! then there would be looong firecrackers! the neighbours wld take turns to set theirs off, and there wld be a competition of sorts as we listened or looked at the fire crackers/mini fire works go off. wow.

of course the subsequent new years in genting were fun too:) with fantastic weather to go running (i Will exercise this yr too! if i want to complete the bi, i have lotsa work cut out for me man) and fantastic weather to have steamboat too of course. breakfasts in genting were always v fun; mom and i would be the only ones awake, and we wld have brought all the funky appliances like sandwich machines and hotpans, so tt we could make even pancakes:)

oh well. off to make lapis. 1.5 hrs of sitting in front of the ovne. but it's worth it man.