Sunday, January 30, 2005

“the rest of those who have gone before us cannot steady the unrest of those to follow.”

vroom vroom. rode pillion on imran’s motorbike just now. it was only ard the carpark but i was exhilarated. while i loved the adrenaline rush on the bike, i understand why ge and dad will Never let me ride on one.. i was so tense clutching this knob in frnt of the bike so hard i wont be surprised if my fingers have been imprinted in the metal. but it was so damn fun!

got 6th at ntu surf and sweat, missed a rip curl prize(?) by one place! but stil happy:) it was damn fun surfing! it was tricky maneuvering ard the bends, but damn fun cos u move so much faster than u expect; its just faster when u are on the board urself than watching others struggle. kneeling on the board and digging into the water felt damn gd. i managed to gain on sm of the other girls on the run aft tt, but still i Walked. kick me. haha. but hey, sau and i ended with a blast, and did q decently lar. next race: No slacking!

sad. cant join siva on vert marathon. will be in aust then:( it was fun to catch up a bit on sat though. hyan wei jane denise yxin and i represented our batch to play the j1s. and dammit, we lost! but i will be consoled: sir played for them. and hey, our grp dynamics rocks, it was so easy playing with them, and of course so damn fun. i was extremely tired out, and so were the other girls, but hey, we fought on gallantly!:)

mm. the rest of the last week flashed by before i knew it. well, i had my fair share of fun, but a few times, bad feelings hit me hard in the stomach. one predominant bad feeling is tt of being left behind in the rat race. i haven’t done schship applications! and i want an sch ship so badly. but being a bloody slacker i haven’t gotten down to do them.

moaning and groaning abt it isn’t gonna help. (i have been doing this for weeks; sorry to those who have tahaned my whining.) rraa. i wish i wld win the big sweep. sporean hopeful loser.

last day of work tmr. and my BTT. better pass. the two things topmost on my agenda: (1) schship apps. (2) driving lessons. of course as always, there are many many other things i want to accomplish:) will try not to ‘talk big only’!
anw. i caught ‘finding forrester’ on tv last night (explains why i was so tired out this morn.) it was v v nice. v similar to good will hunting, but more subtle in trying to evoke emotions in the viewer i felt. or maybe i was just tired. but had tt mmmmm feeling at the end of the show. i wish forrester didn’t die -just a bimbotic aside. anw. i loved this version of ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ and ‘what a wonderful world’ by Isreal Kamakawiwo’ole. isn’t his name just amazing.

i want to find this song SO SO badly! and the letter tt jamal wrote to forrester, tt forrester read out. hell. i cant find it anywhere on the web.

caught alfie with shiming on wed. ahh. i can die for jude law’s accent. i swear i will visit london one day, if i dun study there.. and on the topic of movies: ‘ray charles’ is the show i must i must catch with fau-ziah:)

Monday, January 17, 2005

two things i forgot to mention:

(1) quote of the day: "so that ... i can SCRATCH you!" -kevin low, on being asked why his nails were long(-er than usual.)

(2) twenty- and thirty- smths still play with innocent lethargic lizards lying on the cold cold floor in the hall. trying to trap one btwn shoe soles and scaring it till its tail fell off wasnt enough, a giantess;) had to trample on it, without realising it of course. somehow, the dead lizard still had the power to cause a dignified teacher (the xhui lookalike!!:) to shriek mutedly.

itimi dickson! it was awesome to be sitting amongst thousands of passionate fans roaring at our national team to do us proud. Majulah Singapura hasn’t been heard sung in gusto (and the tempo was so fast it made me laugh) in a long time. but it was distasteful –and utterly disgraceful, as wan said- tt our supporters taunted the horribly outnumbered indons.. ugly finger-pointing and name calling aside, there weren’t clashes, thank gdness. when i left the stadium immediately aft the match, before the prize presentation, the guys, sm of them almost jogging, alongside with me on the already crowded pavements were mostly indonesians escaping before any brawls broke out. but renji said tt lotsa pple clapped for the indo team ultimately, so tt’s nice:) i guess i wld rather watch a band play than watch a live match with all the ugliness ard. but i enjoyed the experience:) –the last time i caught professional footballers play was in the woodlands stadium, when Woodlands Wellington was first formed! those were the 105 days with sheila sharin and haikel man.

anw. today was a slack day in sch, for me tt is. just took height and weight for the classes, listened to the pearls briefing and settled other housekeeping details. found out tt i know many of the j1 arts girls, so it was a joy taking their class. reflected on this lousy logic of mine and concluded tt i had better learn to be more confident with stony impassive strange boys and girls. for no reason, i was initially intimidated by the prospects of having to take a j2 boys' class for Fitness Management, but mr low was nice and helped me. it turned out tt the boys’ classes were friendly and cooperative:) weixian and i discovered how to use one machine in the weight room today-it’s now my favourite machine (the only other nice on is the oscillator thing)- it’s the one tt sortsa lets u ‘swim’.. the ‘swim bench’.

it's nice to see Buddy more often these days. he is so terribly funny. set. we will catch the nxt electrico performance together!:)

yay. shopped at j8 with mjing, spent $ faster than i ever earned any and emptied out my wallet in a short while. but it was fun. i was happy. happy even before i met mjing at j8. because. it’s such a stupid reason, but i’m happy anw:) maybe the right word to use is ‘glad’.

just flipped thru ge's nsman magazine, will coerce him into applying for a safra membership if he doesnt get one automatically. hoping to do sport climbing 1 one of these sundays! sunny, ili, game?

Saturday, January 15, 2005

electrico-live! i died more than 3 times this evening. first time was when electrico sang 'i want u'. then i died many times over when david sang 'i believe in a thing called love' song by the darkness (I think it’s the same song). his voice was so damn woo! i just died. lastly, i was sure i died when they played ‘studman’. AHH! wish fuzz or weili was with me! the only person i saw there was tt nice v brown canoeist girl:) i was so damn high aft tt i must have looked quite a goon almost skipping down orchard road and beaming to myself. AHH! the long wait for electrico to play was worth every minute! slantboy was so cute with his guitar!

well mph bookfair was not bad, picked up a couple of books, saw a couple of teachers there too. the only bad thing was tt the books were on the floor, so everyone, inc fau-ziah and i, gets a neckache poring over hundreds of books.

haha. just got a tiny peek into army life with jen complaining abt cleaning up her bunks for hours to remove every speck of dust and every hair cell, and weili just letting me listen to the the guys (shengrong and terence in particular) shrieking as they run along catching a cockroach or beetle with a bucket.


friday-flr-balled with the teachers yest, was on the teachers’ team for the first part, trashed the students, cheap thrill. found out tt mr wong and i can connect pretty well:) playing against sir is as terrifying as ever, but of course fun and funny! had a brilliant time. it was also nice to have the girls and mr victor and renji come back!

guess what guess what. siva is Ray or smth fm walawala’s friday nights’ jig! ahh! cant wait to go down nxt friday with the pe dept to watch him sing! so cool! haha. i hope they wont disband so early!! Siva’s band and electrico are playing this evening at cine! now tt hyan has told me tt rgs O night was actually last sat and not tonight like i thought:( I can go watch!:D

had one pissing j2 class yest. thought tt they wld be psyched up for a simple game of capt’s ball (which class wldnt be?!) but NO. this sluggish class walked thru the game. i was damn frust. luckily the other class was exciting:) and ladder drills with peishan at wan’s lesson was fun, with my fave pe class. but am looking forward to the doubled workload starting nxt week when the j1s start hitting the track!

ohoh. lost my phone in the grass yest and panicked. 2 band boys were nice to comb the indoor gym for me, and later sweet desmondo and ronald combed the rest of the sports with me. am so glad for them, for i certainly wld have given up and gone back to play flrball despondently had they not insisted i looked for a while more. had 24 missed calls fm desmond’s phone in my attempt to locate the beep-once-s fm my phone.

desmondo’s such great company. helped carry out hockey trials with him in the hot-hot-sun, and he was simply hilarious to talk to:)

Thursday, January 13, 2005

zonked. even though i only took one class today, and we jsut played handball. i miss the netball courts in the old campus so so badly. having the canteen overlooking the netball courts and track is such a brilliant layout. now pple play games in ulu places so u cant just join in when u happen to chance on them. chancing on pple is so rare these days with the bloody big campus. i miss pple fm my batch. hope everyones happy.

went with jieming to collect indo-spore tiger cup tix just now. yay, will get to meet up sm pple this weekend during the game!:)wish there was going to be goreng-pisang wielding pple though;) but ili just got me thinking abt the possibility of us getting caught in one of the clashes with indo supporters.. mm.

bought my first toto ticket fm this guy in orchard this aftnn, will learn how to match the numbers.. i remember how excited mr ho was every time he explained abt gambling during math lessons. sadly i forgot how u go abt winning toto. like i told the pe tchers and jieming: i hope the handicapped guy who sold the tickets will not be able to finish selling his tickets.. and WIN the lottery with the tickets left over. i wish i wish.

anw. peishan, wan, siva and i spent 3 hours out of sch today, running siva's errands to settle the rugby jerseys (with canterbury! i want!) and buy wheels for sir. lunched in lucky plaza, at a chicken rice stall which took siva Forever to find. reminiscent of the times in rgs when a few prefects would go out to eat chicken rice in the tiny corner shop lot in far east.

i need to start using my brain again soon. feeling stupid aft the engine stalled after sch ended.. (the intellectual part stalled even before exams. i think [haha] tt studying for the As doesnt require as much 'intellect' as it requires stamina and memory.

ahhh. i just saw jennie's photos of her short hair. it's so damn short! shorter than emtok's hair in pri 4! but nvm, her pinkness will shine thru the short hair and camou uniform.

oh! there is cedele in junction 8! tried sm almond semolina (whatever tt is) cake just now.. the raspberry kirsh still wins everyth else hands down. will become a regular customer there if time alows!:) BUT BUT! i asked for ice water and the guy gave me a cup with lipstick print on it! eeeew.


Wednesday, January 12, 2005

cold and clammy hands. ahh! i shook hands with him, and of all times, i had to have cold clammy hands then cos i was freezing after the swim. having cold and clammy hands wasnt enough. i had to send the sms intended for jennie to him - the sms abt him. i am never going back there to swim, much less rock climb:( mention ‘cold and clammy’ in my face in the next week and i will pummel u with my strong, warm and dry Fists. ahh. haha.

in retrospect, it's actually quite quite funny:) i am always boo-boo-ing like this. first it was the bimbotic msg to kai’s jon. now it is this air-head msg to Brown Eyes. of course i often send wrong msges other pple. (i msged sunny abt sunny just last night). but ahh, it’s usu not embarrassing. it’s fun to share these embarrassing moment though. today, i had mag and ili to scream with me as i cursed for an eternity before getting down to try save my Face with a weak excuse.

is it a rafflesian thing to think too much? tt’s one of the many things tt popped up in my intellectual:D conversation with mag.

had a nice talk, though certainly not long enough, with mag while eating the famous? indian food fm the northpoint food court. it was q yummy. am glad tt mag allowed me to know abt her. i feel like a terrible friend, not knowing so much abt her life though i always wondered. love her tons. man, friends i made in sec sch will stick w me thru life!

wonder how jen is doing. wish she was here to listen to me squeal in anguish abt my boo-boos. had a gd and extremely tiring time tennis-ing with hazwani before mag finally turned up, woo!:):)

dead beat.
but happy:)

Monday, January 10, 2005

happy:) and of course this song leaves me wanting to 'get the monkey on my back'.

blue suede shoes - carl perkins

well, it's one for the money,
two for the show,
three to get ready,
now go, cat, go.

but don't you step on my blue suede shoes.
you can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes.

well, you can knock me down,
step in my face,
slander my name
all over the place.

do anything that you wanna do, but uh-uh,
honey, lay off of my shoes
don't you step on my blue suede shoes.
you can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes.

you can burn my house,
steal my car,
drink my liquor
from an old fruit jar.

do anything that you wanna do, but uh-uh,
honey, lay off of my shoes
don't you step on my blue suede shoes.
you can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes.

blue, blue, blue suede shoes


did u know. the 'blue suede shoes' refer to combat boots tt US soldiers wore. and in the crowded mess hall, they often told their fellow soldiers not to step on them.

the rugby boys are v sweet:) they wanted to do weights but tt isn’t allowed in the new weights room without teacher’s supervision at the moment, so firas smhow stopped me and i promptly agreed to read my book while the boys heaved and grunted in frnt of me. and then i got choc milk and kinderbueno fm firas and this guy i always see but whose name i never caught, and they all said ‘thank u’ so nicely:D ok i am blowing it up a tad, but hey! the ruggers were so friendly, to a relief teacher who didn’t have anyth to do aft sch hours.

maybe the reason why i readily agreed to stay back was because i had a Brilliant PE class at 1500hrs. the girls were from 2S03A and 2S03D. man, they were so xiao-on. all each class needs is a few on pple, and everyone will enjoy the lesson. even warm-up was brisk. then we hopped up the big and small steps, waved our arms like crazy while shouting out our names (so tt the two classes will get to know each other) did other ache-inducing-if-done-in-greater-intensity conditioning, during which the girls all counted out loud. then we ended of with a bang. with burpees actually. shouting numbers with each jump and stretching out of arms was liberating. it was such a lovely feeling to have slightly sweaty girls all ard u, and everyone’s laughing loudly and seemingly having fun. (i hope they truly did enjoy the lesson:) i hope i will take this class for the rest of this month.

i realize tt i am more comfortable giving instruction without a peer or smone slightly older watching me. found it just a lil weird when peishan was ard, cos she is how cool-she is always in control:) and i felt more like her student than her college:p

oh! went out with the rest of the dept, all 11 of us, to thompson plaza for lunch and pantry-grocery shopping. yeah, pe teaching is kinda relaxing. guess tt only applies to reliefs though.. the other teachers look buried in admin work!

jennie’s in safti already. mm. will tennis and swim with sunny and ili in two days time, jen’s absence will be felt i bet. haha. miss ya, girl!

Saturday, January 08, 2005

zonked fm 412 chalet, though i slept thru ju-on: refused to tramatise myself for a 2nd time. the shrieks fm em and lau were blood curdling though. yay. it was nice to huddle in the tiny bedroom, and just talk. and laugh. and then sing sya a bday song w gusto as she arrived. happy tt jo and ivan were there too. i now see the judo boys in new light, and am glad.

sunny and i have learnt to roller blade! we bladed down to the obs sch for kids to find sunny's instructor and back, not strong enough to blade down to safra with all our barangbarang. i was a bit more garang (how to spell) and so fell down a lot more then sunny. like 8 times. embarrassingly sometimes, but hey, i can roller blade. will get a pair of blades slightly later, its a gd investment, but i think i wld much prefer to blade with a friend instead of alone. its a lil unlike biking..

got tt hollow feeling again. (no i am not hungry. btw, the thai food yun catered was damn good.) maybe i am just tired. it is not nice feeling tired cos i think i am more vulnerable to :( thoughts then. but its nice if there is a comfy bed and good weather.

woo. love the 412 girls tons. may we all be happy always.

Friday, January 07, 2005

woo. its been an entertaining week, despite the fact tt i only had one day of work. once again, i cant wait to work. on tues, when i was Ms Tan to rj 'kids', all i did was run. mass pe is terribly boring. but hey, the pe dept is v funny -of course SIR is still the most amusing- and v warm and friendly. the new teachers are spunky too, siva and peis(h)an. it was of course also v nice to have tons of j3s visiting:) guess tt was the last day in a long time tt i get to play handball with the j3 guys. oh. i will prolly be taking j1 boys. i think. so i will let them play soccer, on the D prolly, since the green green field still cant be used:( and i will learn how to control the ball!:D

spent one fantabulous day at safra with jen sunny ili qianli, tennis-ed and swam. saw my tsunami guy:D and wow, fah-mi, tt goon who turned out to be malay as ili's man-hunting instincts told her, so we will go back to safra, for Her sake;) but jen and qianli wont be available for games/swims anymore!:'(

yay. sunny and i are off to learn how to roller blade fm jen. and then.. its 412 chalet!:):)

happy bday, sheila. and sya!

Saturday, January 01, 2005

YUK. fauziah and i screamed at a lot of assh-hooole-s last night. idiots who kept spraying shit foam into our faces and our ears. we were so worked up the f word came out so easily, even after we sorta cooled down after watching fockers, it is a bit funny in retrospect. but i still insist tt the foam sprays are bloody gross and they shld be Banned. if it didn’t rain, cleaning up wld have been a bitch. but if the many indian men who sprayed at us were the cleaners having their bit of fun, hah!

v glad tt i dragged myself out of bed yest evening and took a slow refreshing walk to justin’s place, its so near wps, it’s lovely! tt is one v neat and clean bacholor’s pad;) then we got bored cos I was there so early, he gave me a car ride ard woodlands, making many pitstops to drop off clothes for tsunami victims, soft toys for kids in batam, and making donations at the ATM machine. wow right, tt’s my generous pri 1 classmate for u. was spozed to go catch electrico with jiahui and fuzz, but we ended up walking ard boring old orchard again. but of course i had good company, so tt makes up for everyth. i will scream if i have to go there today or tmr. sudden adversion towards tt part of town, even borders doesn’t appeal today.

mo called just before midnight, i wish all the happiness and strength to see him through the new year away fm home! really hate to hear him feeling :(. worst thing is tt i cant seem to help. well. Happy new year, mo.