Saturday, November 27, 2004

saw this kid on the train. he suffers fm cri du chat:( the typical mewing cries, the small head, and distorted facial features. don’t most of the afflicted die at childbirth or shortly after? shit. i wonder if the kid cries cos he’s in discomfort. surely his mom must feel much worse, having to cope with a severely handicapped child, and the stares of strangers. be strong.

the beatels were damn groovy! had a fantabulous time last time with the fab four. they were amayzing. they sounded exactly like the original, the music was gd!

the set up last night was interesting: the audience lounged ard on mats on the grass in front of the stage by the waterfront. the atmosphere was warm and friendly, no jostling ard for the best view, no need to squeeze past pple’s legs to move abt. and u stand up and dance anytime u want.

weili and i got psyched up enough to join the human chain snaking through the crowd when the beatels played ob la di!! my favourite happy song! 'happy ever after in the market place!' then we rushed to the foot of the stage to join the dudes and dudettes fm UWC. but of course being a psychomotor moron, all i did was bounce ard. ahh! must become a lindyhopper!

i was v sad when the beatels first announced tt they were leaving. because they hadnt played THE song yet. then they got an encore, and played another rock song. and i thought, tt's it?:( BUT! then they played it!! hey jude! and the nanana-s went on FORever. :D

well. thank u sunny for the motivation. i will study hard for my last paper. might as well right. dun feel the heat of the exams anymore, but i know if i just continue playing like hell the next two days, and churn out halfbaked essays on monday, i will be :(. so! after a run (i will drag myself out with dad soon. havent run in so long, there's lotsa inertia!) and a short swim (jennie quah may fang:(! i refuse to swim there alone. in my new swim suit;)if weather permits, i will acquaint myself with funny chapters in campbell:)

chem s wasnt too too bad yest. yeah it might have felt like an rj prelim paper 3 if i hadnt gone in full of trepidation. thanks hongking! for sharing all tt woo overwhelming information with me. (really v v nice of u!) dun worry, u'll do fine!

I SAW MR EU!! at coffee bean behind borders! he's put on a bit of weight, but he looks much more relaxed (maybe it's the gd air conditioning;) and jovial now. he cldnt remember me:( though he remembered his last two batches in nyps through huanwu and hongyi. and he connected with the fact tt i belonged to the teletubbies era! hahaha. i still remember all the times we tortured him in math class, and even more so during AMEC. the guys fm 6N were atrocious!

and i stopped mrs Shan a few days ago on the overhead bridge. its been ten yrs since but she looks the same. and she says she recognises me. hmm.

HIGH! early in the morning. was kinda grumpy, having been woken up by an annoying brat who was wailing so damn loudly and for so damn long, all the neighbours who slept with the windows thrown open to welcome in the fine drizzle last night must be up already. BUT! thinking back on the activities, people, conversations, feelings, of the past few days, :):)!

Sunday, November 21, 2004

boohoo. i am most certainly sick. puffy eyes, swollen nose, a tongue too big for my mouth, and a constricted trachea. (not my oesophagus right.)

but i still managed to drag myself out to lunch at cantina. (its very near sch/ pau's house. think i walked past it with mo last time when we visited teak/tae's house. how are u mo:'(

anw. cantina is yumyum! i love tt place, so sun-shiny and rustic, with the friendliest waiters and chef:) and of course, yummilicious pizzas. and i even liked the pasta they cooked up for us, though the main courses arent fantatastic. forget the menu; the cook'll come up w more exciting things just for u. oh met clara and her family there too!

slept my aftnn away, hoping to sleep tt flu? (with glycoprotein H-spikes on its nuclear envelop?) virus away. but:0( -tt's my Red nose. then got a chem s panic attack and hit the library at 730 pm. its so nice and chilly and quiet inside at night! and they have mcmurray. now i know One new thing: what an aldol reaction is. so i will get my Merit or (hope and pray) Distinction, because i know what an aldol reaction is, but U dont. hah. but all the s pple prolly already knew tt for prelims when i hadnt even heard of mcmurray..

i think libraries shld open earlier. its so dumb and inefficient to start reading/work only aft lunch! and if they open early, i will always get the best seats in the house since everyone else will be still sleeping?;) ok and maybe they shld also stay open till later too for the other 90% of the world who sleep after 1030pm.

'my best friend's wedding' is on this coming thursday. love tt show too:D i think i like all julia roberts shows. so what if they are invariably soppy. bish.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

ate a hotdog while catching a bit of the buskers just now. but ive gotta say tt the funkiest busker in town today has got to be mrs pereira! her rock renditions of xmas songs won her q a bit of attention. the guitar club performed for most of the day just outside starbucks, to raise funds for vietnam! to see a groovy mrs pereira, it was q q wow:) i just had to call eric. and sunny, who didnt respond, as usu.

laulau: the spiderman is coloured and almost complete today!

q interesting day. (but baad for studying) talked to a few interesting pple. got to use what's left of my japanese with the couple fm osaka. [okaasan.. dooshite tegami wo moratteinai?:(] then steve came in fm across the glass in the evening(!), and told me abt his work.

heard of Bedd? its apparantly abt bluetooth and handphones. the idea is quite simple, really: u have a write-up abt urself, and a list of things u look for in other pple. and other pple have tt abt themselves too. then, by magical bluetooth powers, when u are in the radius of smone who matches ur criteria and vice versa, ur phone will beep. then u go make contact. funky eh. there are already 3000 pple in spore who have this software, but for a community_ software, tt not q enough pple is it? it's like ahbeng ahlian icq and possibly like the desperate hotlines, but with a touch of glam and tech.

today, it was my turn to help tourists take photos. v nice to have pple ask u to watch them smile in ur face.

anw. hahahhah. shit i just read what emily wrote. ROODS. love ya em. thx for giving me all the reasons to laugh. at him.

Friday, November 19, 2004

PEDRO TOCHAS. (not tachos;) go to but it's just a minisite to visit, unless u understand portuguese/spanish? (i want to learn spanish. perhaps inspired by 'for whom the bell tolls')

had such a lovely night out. cheered and laughed so damn hard with lau2 jen kai john. and john got roped in to be a Star in pedrotochas' play, as the hunchbacked fiend!! hahaha. wow. portugal pedro (who looks like robbie williams) is Amazing. a pity tt the last act is on sunday night. wld have loved to sit in the 'best seats in town' and laugh for a few more nights. kudos to the china girl who was so sporting!

watched this other guy fm canada who slowly, but surely got the crowd warmed up, with his firesticks juggling, on a unicycle. his biggest joke of the night was how one of his stunts reminds him of the festive season: 'the smell of roasted nuts':D

v high tonight. climbed up on ledges everywhere, to take pics with angels, pics of water fountains. and to jump and wave and scream like a lunatic at tourists on the hippos bus tours:)

happy. zonked.

wild at the fountain

identify the xmas trees we stopped at!;)


laulau kai john me jen outside paragon. we also took a pic like the one the track girls took 2 yrs back!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

:D tension's in the air! waiting for laulau to call me with good news. really hope i get a ticket to go with her and kai to.. sydney! shld have been more resolved this aftnn. if not, i wld have had my tix already..

gnnnmm. dead beat. i feel just like i had a xiong saturday morning trng. was intending to just get a dip in the pool this aft before jen came to play tennis! with me, but ended up with the old man giving me a swimming lesson, and chatting abt renwoaoyou and his daughters. i asked him to teach me the flip at the wall. but dang, i'll prolly have to wait till malcon decides to be more friendly.

physics wasnt too too bad after all! so paper 3 nxt week will be a killer right?:s haha. will worry abt tt later. its time for chem mcqs, so fun:D

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

:'(! i'm drowning in my Fears. bloody physics! i just cant understand the rubbish formulas! it's so amazing how i've gotten pretty decent grades the past two years. ahh. yes go ahead, laugh at the poor stressed out kiasu/see sporean student. wish me luck. (-such a flimsy word.)

on a lighter note! i dreamt of sir last night! he made me Cheen Ming Chin Chow. a whole Huge coleman filled w it. incidentally, it's the coleman tt we drag ard to out matches. anw sir was so damn proud of his chin chow recipe, which orignated fm his malaysian hometown.

he smsed me a few times. i vividly remember reading his smses and feeling same funny tingle as on the last two/three (real) occasions i got them. and one of them went: 'honhonhon.. call pearlyn.' hahaha. he also called and greeted me with another 'honhonhon..'. whatever else he said was so characteristic of him! hor.

in any case, it turned out tt sir had to go umpire sm hockey match. so he left the coleman in pearlyn's house, which in my dream was in springwood avenue. (i think tt is renyu's old address.) and ge was so obliging to go fetch it for me, it was a bit unbelievable. considering he just came home from camp with one weeks' worth of stinky uniform. ie: only one set;)


woke up laughing.

Monday, November 15, 2004

tired. and hungry. no prizes for guessing what i did again today. the evening swim was gross though. visibility was reduced by 80% compared to the fresh water in the morning. any longer, and the suspension of dead skin cells will precipitate.

But. Brown Eyes:) they better not turn out to be just coloured contacts! such lively light brown eyes are just interesting on an otherwise asian face. (jennie: tt's all.)

XMAS IS HERE! believe me. took in all the lights last night. WOW. the angels blowing their trumpets this year are a shadow of the baby cupids shooting arrows two years ago. (mm.) but orchard road and the marina side are still q q pretty!! i distinctly remember taking photos at every shopping centre along orchard road (on the paragon side, till we hit wisma) during track camp, with girls inc hazwanideefang2veldiesihan. woo! it was so damn fun. esp where we found ourselves trapped btwn wisma and the mrt station cos the gates were down. and of course at paragon where the toots had to peer into coffeeclub, and i was such a wet blanket.

wait! i dun understand: there is gonna be an iceskating rink in orchard?! must check it out. and! its buskers fest all over again! will catch the acts this friday night with jen and prolly the 412 girls: hello. make urselves free! and we can go eat at shatec! i enjoyed myself on the trip there, (the whole table standing up for one girl who needs the loo;) if im not wrong. dun understand how jennie cld have not liked it.

dinner at zambuka was gross. overpriced, surely. (but maybe tt's gd for the waiters/waitresses. they are recruiting help!) and not nice tasting. service was gd though. its not often tt u get served by and angmoh in spore right. and haha dad had this roundish young waiter sing him the bday song.

a chiong weeks lies ahead. with physics (help.) plonked smwhere in the middle. good luck to everyone. and me.

brainwave for a brilliant present for kailun. ok so ive been thinking abt for a while. but found the right stuff to add to it!

Friday, November 12, 2004

i cant feel my nose. must have sneezed 50 times since i got out of the pool. it’s the longest (in terms of time, not dist) i’ve swum/swam (help. i cant figure the grammar.) in a long time. kinda glad tt it was dao malcolm i was swimming with though, so i cld just keep swimming. i no longer scream (‘im drowning! i’m drowning!’) in my head when i do freestyle:) then malcolm waved goodbye to me. bet jen had a fit when she saw tt; i did;)

we laughed like hell speculating why malcolm was the only lifeguard who didn’t talk to us. and I came up with the billionaire answer: he’s too shy to talk to girls taller than him. damn evil, but it was so damn funny at tt pt in time. bet he’s a nice guy like the rest lar, just a lot milder.

feeling kinda psyched up to pick up running all over again. saw the hwachong (penny and patso) and chinese high x team crunching the gravel path round the yishun pond. ok maybe it is a mini reservoir after all. it looks much smaller than bedok r though. then later, when i was walking home fm 888, there was this guy carrying water pack, decked out in asics, running in the dark. prolly trng for sm long advanture race, wow. did i mention tt i will prolly join the odacians on this 24 hour race! po(c)k says we wont chiong, but hey we shld just give it our best shot! sounds fun in any case:)

Friday, November 05, 2004

cull the cats! haha. those animals kept me awake, feeling damn zombified now. its cold too. and there isnt much for breakfast. just a lot of chocolate things. ok i am swearing off chocolate for a while. perhaps for the first time, i feel tt too much of tt is just ugh.

milk chocolate or chocolate milk? i had goat's milk for breakfast. mm smelly but still nice in a weird way.

come let me relate the dream i had during my fitful sleep: was at someone's big house, prolly one of the 412 girls' since everyone ard me was a girl and i vaguely remember yunlei taking a pic for me and the monkeys. yes monkeys. well there was a happy and carnival-like atmosphere in tt brightly lit house, and it wasnt raining; we were prolly celebrating the end of exams or smone's bday. and to top it off, we had to have this circus element right. so halfway through all the eating and photo-taking and mahjong, three monkeys wearing purple caps came walking into the driveway. and of course i was damn intrigued. (apparantly the monkeys led their owner, a wizened old man in purple (he had a gold stringy thing on his cap, not unlike the things u find holding curtains to edges of windows) to the house.)

i ran out to look at the monkeys and my heart was beating faster and i was kinda stiff, as is usual when i face big and potentially dangerous animals. the monkeys were up to my knees at most when they stand tall. i had to stick my hand out to touch the cute things. they were really ugly. i'll whack whoever calls me a monkey next time. and suddenly the first monkey (shit. i have the impression tt he was called mo. -which reminds me of the time mag3 did some graffiti abt smone loving mo-nkeys. haha.) jumped up and clung onto me. yar lar i was petrified but i obviously didnt let on, and certainly didnt waste the photographic moment, thx yun;) then i spent the whole aftnn with the monkeys. the other girls disappeared. and dad appeared and asked me what i was doing in ge's room.

the stupid cats.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

hadta resist the temptation to pull off my (already sodding wet) shoes to splash ard in the (clear) water in the walkway near home. suddenly thought abt ms may tan. i dun think i ever told her how much i respected her. i hope she knows tt anw. // i remember how she made me stand in the sink in science lab one day to wash my feet because i was running ard school barefoot again. and she warned me not to take off my shoes again. // she made me sit next to hannah, and took me aside to tell me tt she was certain i cld help hannah. and of course she was even more certain tt hannah wld help me become less disruptive in class by teaching me how to hold my tongue. haha. // i am sure there were a few more incidences when she lectured me. but i really cant remember why. maybe i chose to forget all tt.

this week has been a blur. had two attacks of food poisoning, but im otherwise still q alive. boycotted the pool, and hence swimming, for one day yesterday because the indie music was really getting on my nerves. but will be back there tmr aft they have been so kind as to offer to turn it down and even let us play our own songs;)

gp today was q painful. considering tt i did the essay before and fared q q ok but i cldnt remember much of it. fervently hoping tt it will not do me in. i remember how devastated ge was when he got his A level results (yes i went w him to collect them!:) w his gp grade so ugly.

ge is having such a shit (boring) time in camp, i wish they wld just let him out. im living in two rooms at the moment; his room is always so much more comfy than mine!

cant wait for deepavali. and hari raya. and.. xmas:) is another romantic flick like love actually coming up? i really cant wait;)